Economic Independence- A Key to Resisting Tyranny

If you are dependent on someone else for anything that sustains your life, you will do almost anything that person tells you to do to support yourself or your family. In National Socialist Germany, one of the methods the government in power would obtain compliance was through food rations. If they found out someone in the area wasn’t complying with a certain order, the National Socialists would deny everyone food rations and tell them the food rations would be reinstated when their neighbor was in compliance. This made enforcement of tyranny much simpler than if they had to be everywhere and see everything.

If we wish to remain free, we have to be able to have multiple channels of self sufficiency. One of those is food storage and emergency preparedness.

Watch our interview with the author of 7 Prep steps about mistakes people make in food storage and how economic independence can make us more free from government intrusion


2 Responses

  1. This is so wrong! Controlling the people by destroying food and animals that we need. Forcing vacinnes by tactics like job control!!

  2. Democrats have convinced people that landlords—many of whom live paycheck to paycheck—are the enemies.

    The CDC is pure evil. Everything they have done is to ensure that landowners default and owe the big banks. Covid-19 is a communist attempt to kill the middle class.

    Once the landowners default, the big banks will swoop in and buy all of the land.

    That is what is happening, right now, in the country.

    The big banks are colluding with the government to ensure that they own everything.

    This is how communism works.

    There last few months that there are large groups buying large numbers of homes in Utah.

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