Church Donation to Communist Linked NAACP

Dr. Scott Bradley and Defending Utah discuss The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints multi million dollar donation to the communist linked NAACP.


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  1. I am and 80 year old active member of the church. I was an active John Birch Society Chapter leader in the 60’s. Of course, we were active in exposing the the NAACP affiliation with Communism, along with their marches and riots; and how they were able to change the laws, resulting is a huge step toward turning our government into a Communist/Socialist regime. While the NAACP claimed they were non-violent, by subterfuge, their marches became riots and violent protests. When the Church announced they were going to partnership with the NAACP, I could not believe it. I kept thinking of all the work we did to expose Communism, all the talks by Ezra Taft Benson and other leaders, plus Davis O McKay’s messages against Communism, and how he said there was nothing more important, as members of the the Church, than to be involved in saving the Constitution from Communism. I think Ezra Taft Benson would, as the saying goes, “turn over in his grave,”

    1. The communists have learned that they cannot attack the church from the outside and it has to be infiltrated from within. I am a Catholic and know this first hand as well. They have been infiltrating the Catholic Church since the 1870’s. In fact, if you want a good read on how they did it and the history there, I just read Infiltration by Dr. Taylor Marshall. You may see some similarities on how they have infiltrated your church as well.

    2. I joined the church in 1964 when President McKay was the prophet. That was when prophets did their job and warned the people about secret combinations (communism, sra) not donate millions and billions to support the great and abominable. You’re right. I miss those true leaders.

    3. I was Bircher too… when I joined the Church Birchers were allowed to use Church facilities to hold meetings but then were disallowed… years later we find out the Church allowed use of Welfare Square for shipping guns for that deal of guns for drugs with Ollie North and he and the Bushes were heroes in Utah.

      Hypocrisy much???

  2. The LDS Church is a 501-c-3 entity… and therefore, under federal government control. It’s not just concerned about preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It does not want to lose its tax-exemption. Too much money involved!

  3. The comments apparently come from individuals who have seen and heard a lot from Church leaders regarding communism. I once heard (or read) President McKay say that the greatest threat in the world today is communism. Has that changed? Have our leaders responded to the comments from knowledgeable people regarding the Church’s donation to the NAACP? The Church would be wise to comment and clarify for Church members in view of these recent comments.

  4. What is your take on President Nelson promoting the injection, which isn’t a vaccination? Also, the church donated $20M
    to UNICEF to accelerate vaccines?

    Please contact me. I moved to Utah from San Francisco. I am an entrepreneur who has worked worldwide for over 40 years. I have extensive exposure to information re: your agenda. 801-358-1235

  5. Have any of you that are concerned about these donations called the church and asked what their thinking is? It’s all well and good for you to question it and have a conversation, but perhaps you should go right to the source and ask rather than speculate. Just sayin.

    1. Everyone that we know that has reached out for comment on this has received a “no comment”

      1. I wonder if the leadership knows there is a growing concern within the membership about buying off Communist sympathizing organizations and baby killers.

    2. The Church is far from being a transparent organization. The standard reply to any question, even from a member, is to talk to your local Bishop/Stake Pres. about your concerns. If you do that, your membership record will likely get tagged.

    3. Yes, my wife sent an email that included about a dozen articles which summarized the systemic child abuse that is allowed to continue within UNICEF to our bishop in June of 2021. After reviewing it, he thought it held sufficient merit to forward to our stake president. Our stake president reviewed it and thought it had sufficient merit to forward to our Area Presidency. We learned from an email sent to our Bishop that the Area Presidency though there was sufficient merit in the information to forward it to church headquarters. This is the process that church leaders have said we need to follow. What have we heard back from leadership in Salt Lake City after 6 months? Absolutely nothing.
      It should come as no surprise to church leadership that when they elect to allocate significant member donations to groups and activities that members have concerns about and then refuse to respond to inquiries that church members will seek local organizations to donate their money to and cease to give donations to a large bureaucracy that refuses to answer simple requests for clarification. We still believe very much in principles taught by the church but our consciences won’t allow us to donate another dollar to the church’s humanitarian aid fund. It’s very sad because I think the church does a lot of good in the world too.

  6. The church is no longer able to convert people of European or of Hispanic descent because of church history and the internet. That leaves only poor black people left to convert and then tithe. I’m afraid these donations are all about perceived growth, optics and money.

  7. Historically speaking, Communistic/Socialistic style of “control” is to pit various cultures against each other, and those doing the most “dirty work” for them get wiped out when it’s all over, after being used and abused, because the ones who did their “dirty work” for them can no longer be trusted–they might turn against their owners and use the same tactics against their owners as they had already done for their owners. Usually that includes those with darker skin color. Surprised, but I see the NAACP partnership the same as reaching out to the good Muslims and others….when the slave owners have had enough and start wiping their slaves out (which is starting with BG’s, et. al., huge GMO-food and vaxx “experiments” in Africa and beyond), perhaps this is the Lord’s way to “be there” for them when they need somebody to turn to, as they wake up to their awful situation like the rest of us are doing, which would also be a way of “gathering Israel” and preparing the world for the ending visitation. True, past history and current history aside–have had conversations with several “awake” African-Americans, and they’re not being fooled for one minute, neither by the MSM, nor by those of same color breaking the laws of man and God–even calling on our local police and telling them they’ve got their back no matter what hits our town in the future, and to keep doing their job the same way they’ve been doing it. Maybe with the partnership, it gives a chance for repentance of the past. Satan is obviously messing with our heads the past 20 months, on fast track every single day–gotta slow down and think while prayerfully watching it all. A passing question I’ve had is how will we be able to tell if a last-day plague is from God against the wicked to prepare for the 2nd Coming, or just being man-made destruction against the righteous to prepare for the NWO—LOL! Guess it doesn’t matter–we roll with the punches either way! Lots of historical lies still un-exposed, without consequences to the guilty (that’s the part that’s disgusting to me–never any consequences even WITH the evidence and convictions), which has gone on for many decades, and we’ve managed to get through it, and be stronger–faith, hope, and charity to all.

  8. PS: Can’t remember the name of it, but there’s a video with retired military members talking in a fireside, with Elder Boyd K. Packer, who made the statement that those who gave any wrongful orders during a war are the ones to be held accountable by the Lord, not the ones who carried out the orders–in response to those who left the Church out of guilt for what they’d done during the war in taking orders, etc., and inviting them to come back. Also, could it also be a way to wake up the “wokes” if partnering with the NAACP with education, self-reliance, etc., is a step for them, the NAACP, to be reaching out to those being misled into current violence in the streets and waking them up/repenting, just because the NAACP would be following a “higher law,” promoting God’s laws instead of man’s/Communism’s laws. Time will tell.

  9. It seems to me that Dr. Bradley and Defend Utah needs to teach correct princeables rather trying to lead the Church.

  10. If we believe that a Prophet leads us in these latter days, there is God behind what is being done. It may look different than what has been done before, but we do not see the big picture. Without understanding the purpose and reasons behind decisions made, we can at least pray to gain a testimony of it or at least to increase our faith that God’s got it. God’s ways are greater than our ways. Perhaps some of what is happening is related to God’s command in the Doctrine and Covenants to the early Saints that were being persecuted and driven. In verse 14 of section 98 He said to “be not afraid of your enemies”; He talks about trying us and proving us; He talks about renouncing war and proclaiming peace and seeking diligently to turn hearts of childrens and fathers to each other. He states that He would that people repent and forsake sin and wicked ways. Perhaps this is being offered to those who do not understand, as of yet. Time will tell, and we only are responsible for our development of faith and trust in what God wills, thought we may not understand. There may be a greater plan than we can see or comprehend at this time.

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