REACTION – First Presidency Says COVID Vaccine “Safe & Effective”

On August 12th 2021 the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released a statement on the COVID vaccine/gene therapy stating that the therapy was “safe and effective” and that government leaders’ destruction of the Constitution in response to the fake pandemic was “wise and thoughtful”. Defending Utah members got together to discuss the change in doctrine and its possible implications.

Defending Utah’s official response to the First Presidency’s proclamation follows:

Though Defending Utah is both nonpartisan as well as non-denominational, many of our members, viewers, and readers are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Church is also the predominant church in the state of Utah, the state that our organization focuses its attention the most on.

Today, August 12, 2021, The First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints issued a statement that, among other things, stated that the COVID vaccine was both “safe AND effective” and that government leaders’ response to the fake pandemic has been “wise and thoughtful.”

This is significant if for no other reason than the Church has now made the position that the vaccine/gene therapy is safe and effective, the official doctrine of the Church. This can no longer be dismissed as the personal feelings of a few leaders. At the Church’s official newsroom, we find an article entitled “Approaching Mormon Doctrine” which states,
“With divine inspiration, the First Presidency (the prophet and his two counselors) and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (the second-highest governing body of the Church) counsel together to establish doctrine that is consistently proclaimed in official Church publications. This doctrine resides in the four “standard works” of scripture (the Holy Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price), official declarations and proclamations, and the Articles of Faith.”

We have never been shy about the fact that our world view is shaped by our belief in the restored Gospel and the teachings found in the Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price. We have also never shied in our difference with the Church when they condemned the Bundy’s defending the Hammonds in Idaho, when the Church supported violating property rights by supporting legislation violating business and property owners right of freedom of association, or the Church’s sponsorship of the United Nations anti-family conference in August of 2019. We also have not been shy in opposing their support of the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation and GAVI, and we are not shy in our disagreement with today’s announcement.

As we’ve covered ad nauseum, the actions of government leaders regarding the fake pandemic have not only been unwise, but indisputably illegal, and the idea that the vaccines are “proven safe and effective” is simply laughable by any reasonable definition of the words “proven,” “safe,” or “effective.”

To now put members of the Church who sustain these men as prophets, seers, and revelators in a position of either violating their conscience or being accused of apostasy is extremely disheartening. Setting church members in this position to be compliant against their personal revelation or personal beliefs will cause many to lose faith in the calling of these men as leaders and possibly in the Gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ. We believe this is far more dangerous than any perceived threats caused by the fake pandemic or any other disease.

It is our sincere prayer that individuals who face this dilemma will stay true to their faith in our Savior and consistent principles found in his revelations. It is also our sincere prayer that the local ecclesiastical leaders, especially those who find today’s statement of the First Presidency to be in contradiction of the revelations, will refrain from gaslighting or shaming these faithful members into submission. Please, instead, give honest consideration to these individuals.

In the 1990s, a purge occurred where faithful, believing members were excommunicated or disfellowshipped for “sins” like homeschooling, preparedness, and remaining faithful to the teachings of the then current President of the Church Ezra Taft Benson regarding liberty. In the 1930s, German Latter-day Saint, Helmuth Hübener, was excommunicated for speaking out against the National Socialists. If any of our viewers see friends or family members similarly disciplined for disagreeing with the new doctrine established today, we hope you will remember the above examples. Please understand that not all church discipline is deserved or appropriate. We, at Defending Utah, have compassion and will refrain from judgement against anyone treated in a similar way today.

We pray for God’s wisdom to rest upon leaders of all churches and upon all of us that we may repent of our sins and align our will with His.

Defending Utah


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  1. This is our test. How do we remain loyal to covenants revealed to Joseph Smith and at the same time object and resist policies that are not in our best interests?

    “The Blood Tribunal” is a timely read. I plan on remaining loyal to what I promised. But I will be working to continue to educate myself and anyone who will listen. We don’t have all the answers, but in time we will figure it out.

    We follow the Prophet by being obedient to the Lord, not necessarily to man. Remember, there are many that will try to use your religion to try to make you obey their precepts. Be wise.

    Also, keep in mind that they have also really focused on personal revelation. I suspect it is so that we can know when they are speaking to us and when they are speaking to the political establishment.

    I suspect there is enormous political pressure on the Church to take certain stances. I desperately wish the Church would take a stand. We all know they have the resources.

    However, it isn’t their mission. Their mission is to bring the saving ordinances of the gospel to the world. It is up to us (Elders in Israel) to make that possible. That means we have to make the stand and change the political environment so that statements like this are unnecessary.

    This may mean working out of the mainstream, and taking arrows for (from our leaders even). But we must do so patiently and with purpose. In time it will get sorted.

    Be true to the light that is inside you. Do not worship the Prophet or the Apostles. They will receive according to their faithfulness as will we.

    Don’t get me wrong, I feel hurt, betrayed and confused (even a little angry). But these will be times that will try our souls. We need to rally around the Church, by refusing to comply with these mandates and exposing these mRNA treatments for what they are.

    Once we are successful, then these things will very likely go away.

    1. Amen thank you so much!! My thought process as well.. why it’s important to band and unite with like minded awakened brothers and sisters!! The spirit spoke to me when I read your comments Especially “ keep in mind that they have also really focused on personal revelation. I suspect it is so that we can know when they are speaking to us and when they are speaking to the political establishment.”.. I’m copying this whole comment and share that thought process with people

      1. Jason – Your response is very insightful. Would it be possible to contact you via FB messenger or email or some other mode and have a conversation? I would love to hear more of what you have to say. I am actively trying to connect with members who aren’t sleeping. I need more insights as I was inactive for many years and re-entered the church in 2009. I appreciate your response. 🙂

    2. Well stated. I share your dismay but like the view they were speaking to the political establishment. I know there is substantial inaccuracies in the statement. Particularly abou safe and effective vaccine.

        1. Not perfect perhaps. But, they have a responsibility to not lie to us. Jesus Christ would not lie, would He? They are supposed to be giving us His words. I do not trust them anymore.

          They are in error, deceived and deceiving the flock!

          1. I agree. I’m still on board and I still believe the gospel is true. This is definitely very discouraging. I never thought I would see this day. I don’t wear a mask… Ever! And I will never get the vaccine. My study shows it is not safe, it is not effective and it will not protect anyone from anything. This whole thing is extremely puzzling to me. But, I’ve made covenants and I will keep them. I still love the Lord and will still stand up and fight. I just wish we wouldn’t have followed along, gone along, acted like all was well. What’s wrong with taking a stand?

        2. Only Jesus- THAT IS A HORRIFIC LIE – and it is a Slap in The Face of The ENTIRE PLAN of Salvation and Exaltation. Adam and Eve became “perfect” in their Generations. Enoch was perfect and perfected an entire city of people so they could be lifted with their homes and land into a Heavenly Realm by being Translated– and that before those that refused to hear The Gospel of Christ were left to be destroyed. And The man left behind to Re-Start Humanity — NOAH was perfect in his generation. So was Moses. So was The Brother of Jared – So was Peter after he was converted unto The Lord- So was the Three Nephites and The Entire Generation who sat at the feet of The Resurrected Lord in The Land of Bountiful when He went to see the survivors destroyed at the time of His Crucifixion. STOP this LIE of Satan that only Jesus was perfect. He was perfect differently than others by never needing to Repent. But the outcome the finished product PERFECTION is the meat & potatoes of The LAW of Christ and The Restored Kingdom of God and what will be the natural fruit of men and women after the 1st SCOURGE.
          Please for Heaven’s Sake STOP saying what feeds Satan’s PLAN and join The Lord who Commanded “BE YE PERFECT” and means that with every Command is a Path to Reach that Blessing
          Now that is NOT really what you want to do. So STOP doing it.

    3. This was a great post. I’m still trying to figure out if the 1st presdcy are speaking here as a prophet (1st Pres to protect health of Church members), physician (Pres. Nelson to gain favor of the medical establishment) or politicians (Pres. Oaks to the anti-religious freedom coalition)? It’s hard to believe the 1st prsdcy could speak from naivete about either the wickedness of the men they call “wise and thoughtful”, or the secret combination that created this virus and are using it along with the governmental agencies and media/social media to trump up the numbers in order to create fake fear about the dangers and the widespread nature of the virus (what happened to the flu in 2020?) in order to move forward their New World Order”. Because I believe these men are prophets seers revelators, and yet I know most of what they have said in this email is demonstrably not true, I have to believe they must be using “stratagem” as was done quite often in the Book of Mormon (or Abraham to preserve his own life by calling Sarah his sister, or the Prophet Elijah who deceived the Philistines to lead them to Samaria. Do a search of the word stratagem on the church website. Captain Moroni stated that it was not a sin to use stratagem in war, even to employ deceit, decoys, trickery. In this case the enemy is the Secret Combination and the church is in war seeking to thwart their attempt to destroy both God’s church and people. By the 1st presdcy giving tribute to Caesar, and flattering these evil men who created the vaccine in order to destroy freedom, and calling an unapproved vaccine “proven to be safe and effective” (when it is still being prescribed under emergency use authorization specifically because it has NOT yet been proven safe and effective), and then these evil men still suppressing knowledge and use of a cure/preventative that HAS proven effective (called HCQ) that has been actively attacked by govt, media and doctors. The tip off that this is a political stratagem of the 1st presdcy to protect the Church from being attacked by the NWO and not a revelation about how to protect our own health, it that if the prophet were receiving this as a revelation by God to protect our health, the Lord would never had let the church go back to normal without masks and social distancing when government let up on the vaccination thing and require it again after govt decided to make it an issue again. The Church is following the government, and perhaps this revelation will aid in keeping the government from destroying the church, not Covid destroying the saints.

      1. Wow this is a great comment about stratagem. Really well thought out. It is a war they declared and that stratagem idea is a great one! The members that have not been sitting idle worshiping at the altar of “all is well in Zion”, but are actively seeking personal revelation and trying to actively exercise faith by trying to “Hear Him” certainly can be privy in seeing this stratagem idea. That is an extremely hopeful possibility! Thank you for sharing!

    4. The olive harvest.

      I agree with you that the letter was all lies. God’s words are never lies.

      Even the elect are deceived.

      Look at this!

      The tree is being shaken.

      I will continue in the church, scriptures, temple, wearing my garments, but I will trust only Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. There is a danger in placing any man before them. No jab here, it is a lie.

    5. We need to be careful in “interpreting” the First Presidency’s message here. Read it again…
      1) They did NOT say that all government leaders and health professionals are wise and thoughtful. Rather, that we should follow the advice of those who ARE wise and thoughtful. This is wise counsel for all of us as we clearly know that many are neither wise nor thoughtful.
      2) They didn’t specifically refer to the Covid 19 shot here and that is what it is… a shot and not a vaccine.
      3) In the original letter, I remember seeing the words “safe and effective” in quotation marks… meaning that these are someone else’s words.

      I agree that the Church is under a lot of pressure from political leaders. I remember reading how our very own government has been actively trying to destroy our Church for decades.

      I also agree that they have emphasized personal revelation more than anything else in the last few years. President Nelson said that we don’t have to wonder who to trust, we can know for ourselves! The Lord can help us to know what is best for our body and family.

      Therefore, I am neither troubled nor angry about this letter. I’ve received personal revelation for myself and my family regarding this shot. It’s not needed for us. I’ve also received inspiration as well that there is a reason behind why they wrote this, even if I don’t understand why. Trust it and move forward.

      I will continue to sustain the prophet and apostles and continue to rely on personal revelation, for as President Nelson said that in the coming days, we will not survive spiritually without being able to do so. With people either leaving the church over this or being troubled by this… we can see clearly why this is so necessary.

      1. Hello Jennifer,

        You rank right up there with St. Jude, the patron saint of lost causes. You make a valiant attempt to get the 1st pres off the hook for their August 12 missive, but if things continue to unravel, you are fighting a lost cause. It takes a leap of faith or a heavy dose of cognitive dissonance to convince oneself the vaccines they refer to are not the covid-19 vaccines and that the wise leaders are not the heads of state with their incessant drumbeat of compliance aimed at the vax deniers. The 1st pres’y all stuck their necks out on this one and they will be justly rewarded.

        I am happy you have not gotten the vax and I hope you and the rest of us will be able to resist the pressure that will continue to come our way, from Russell Nelson down to the person in fast meeting chastising us for our lack of faith in the miracle of mRNA and the spike protein now invading the bloodstream of hundreds of millions, due in part to the Church’s $20mm donation to the vax effort. (Pay your tithing but maybe think twice about adding some in for humanitarian efforts. After all, Pfizer is making billions.)

  2. This is not promoted as Church doctrine or revelation. It is a suggestion. Pres. Nelson has always affirmed that we need to rely on personal revelation for ourselves and this article in no way challenges that counsel. As an RN I chose not to be vaccinated, based on my studies and listening to both sides, but I have never made it a matter of prayer. This article has changed that. I support the brethren and my testimony is not affected. This is a faith where moral agency is held as fundamental doctrine. They are not commanding us to get the shot, it is a suggestion.

    1. It is now official church doctrine that the vaccine is “safe and effective”, according to the church’s definition of church doctrine

    2. I agree with you that the letter was all lies. God’s words are never lies.

      Even the elect are deceived.

      Look at this!

      The tree is being shaken.

      I will continue in the church, scriptures, temple, wearing my garments, but I will trust only Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. There is a danger in placing any man before them. No jab here, it is a lie.

    3. So whatever happened to the gift of discernment? I take it they have none if they’re totally unaware of the fraud and lies involved in the depopulation and enslavement plot being enacted by the world’s Gadiantons.

  3. Thank you for your bold and truthful statements! As for me and my house, we will stay with the good ship, Zion. We will remain faithful and prayerful. First presidency statement is disturbing.

  4. This has been very difficult to read, I want to trust our church leaders but my faith is in God and Savior. No one can claim its safe and effective when it has not gone through any clinical trials, we are the trial. I’m still processing the statements. I see this experience as an attack on our freedoms and a way to condition us to be compliant even when nothing said makes sense. That’s called gaslighting. I pray for light and knowledge from God and our Savior for peace, protection and courage. I am firm believer in agency/liberty/freedom and am ready to fight to preserve mankind’s right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. I will continue in prayer.

        1. Hello Judy, I imagine by now you know what the Salamander letter is, and actually it was not any old salamander but a white one. An unfortunate exwecise in first presidency and apostolic error. I understand the lone voice against spending tens of thousands of dollars on the murderous Mark Hoffman’s faked ancient historical documents was Bruce McConkie. Hinckley was one who was taken in and Oaks counseled with Hoffman the very day that Hoffman set the bombs to kill Gary Sheets and one other. Hmm, discernment of spirits? I guess this was one of the gifts of the spirit Oaks did not have.

    1. I agree with you that the letter was all lies. God’s words are never lies.

      Even the elect are deceived.

      Look at this!

      The tree is being shaken.

      I will continue in the church, scriptures, temple, wearing my garments, but I will trust only Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. There is a danger in placing any man before them. No jab here, it is a lie.

  5. Thank you for this perspective. I’ve been thinking about this for 24 hours. I will stay true to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  6. “Sometimes from behind the pulpit, in our classrooms, in our Council meetings and in our church publications we hear, read or witness things that do not square with the truth. This is especially true where freedom is involved. Now do not let this serve as an excuse for your own wrong-doing. The Lord is letting the wheat and the tares mature before he fully purges the Church. He is also testing you to see if you will be misled. The devil is trying to deceive the very elect.“

    – Ezra Taft Benson

    (‘Our Immediate Responsibility’; BYU Devotional, October 25, 1966)

    1. enough to give everyone enough cognitive dissonance to keep them between two opinions… really thwarting the freedom movement

    2. I never considered that church leaders were those who would most need to be purged due to their extreme lying and misleading of the Latter-day Saints, upholding and funding the secret combinations led by the devil.

      1. Exactly what Moroni was saying:
        23 Wherefore, O ye Gentiles, it is wisdom in God that these things should be shown unto you, that thereby ye may repent of your sins, and suffer not that these murderous combinations shall get above you, which are built up to get power and gain—and the work, yea, even the work of destruction come upon you, yea, even the sword of the justice of the Eternal God shall fall upon you, to your overthrow and destruction if ye shall suffer these things to be.
        24 Wherefore, the Lord commandeth you, when ye shall see these things come among you that ye shall awake to a sense of your awful situation, because of this secret combination which shall be among you; or wo be unto it, because of the blood of them who have been slain; for they cry from the dust for vengeance upon it, and also upon those who built it up.
        25 For it cometh to pass that whoso buildeth it up seeketh to overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations, and countries; and it bringeth to pass the destruction of all people, for it is built up by the devil, who is the father of all lies; even that same liar who beguiled our first parents, yea, even that same liar who hath caused man to commit murder from the beginning; who hath hardened the hearts of men that they have murdered the prophets, and stoned them, and cast them out from the beginning.

    3. Tim: I am looking forward to seeing the Lord purge these Liars from their positions! I cannot abide by Liars, and that is all that these Men are, is just Liars with their grimy hands on tremendous amounts of money. In the Lord’s Eternal timeline, they are just Petty Criminals that have gotten their dirty feet in the door. And I hope and pray that the Lord will one day REAL, REAL soon slam that door in their faces for good! I will never set foot in that church until it is cleansed. And to think of the loss of potentially Millions of Good people out there that are searching for the Truth, to see that these men as they really are, just Petty Criminals and Liars, well the loss may be staggering! I think even the loss on one good individual is heartbreaking to the Lord. I think and I urge others to pray that these men be dealt with like Alma the Younger and the sons of Mosiah, or King Lamoni.

      1. Personally, I do not believe them. I do not know that they are criminals, but they have lied. The vaccines are not “Safe”

        I think they may be caring about what man thinks instead of standing up for the truth.

        i agree that millions of good people will perish or get sick. They will have to answer to God in the end here. So will we. This could haunt the church for a long time.

        The question is if we have our own testimony of the gospel even if the leaders go astray? What do we want to be able to tell jesus when we see him face to face?

        That we just simply quit when this evil happened to us? Or that we did our best to overcome it?

        Pray for us, pray for the missionaries safety, pray for people who are standing up to bring the truth of what is going on right now. Pray for all the children of God on the whole earth to be victorious over this evil.

    4. I just read that talk again … the paragraphs directly after this quote is:

      Keep Your Eye on the Prophet

      Let me give you a crucial key to help you avoid being deceived. It is this – learn to keep your eye on the Prophet. He is the Lord’s mouthpiece and the only man who can speak for the Lord today. Let his inspired counsel take precedence. Let his inspired words be a basis for evaluating the counsel of all lesser authorities. Then live close to the spirit so you may know the truth of all things.

      All men are entitled to inspiration, but only one man is the Lords mouthpiece. Some lesser men have in the past, and will in the future, use their offices unrighteously. Some will, ignorantly or otherwise, use it to promote false counsel; some will use it to lead the unwary astray; some will use it to persuade us that all is well in Zion; some will use it to cover and excuse their ignorance. Keep your eye on the Prophet – for the Lord will never permit his Prophet to lead this Church astray.

      This is the word of the Lord to us today regarding the President of the Church:

      “Wherefore, meaning the church, thou shalt give heed unto all his words and commandments which he shall give unto you as he receiveth them, walking in all holiness before me;

      For his words ye shall receive, as if from mine own mouth, in all patience and faith,” (D&C 21:4-5.)

      1. @mjb You stated:

        This is the word of the Lord to us today regarding the President of the Church:

        “Wherefore, meaning the church, thou shalt give heed unto all his words and commandments which he shall give unto you as he receiveth them, walking in all holiness before me;

        For his words ye shall receive, as if from mine own mouth, in all patience and faith,” (D&C 21:4-5.)

        If you go back and read that whole section again, you will notice that the Lord is speaking to JOSEPH SMITH, not every president of the church thereafter. Verses 1 – 8 are very specifically referring to Joseph. The church self-servingly “wrest(s) the scriptures and do(es) not understand them.” when it attempts to conflate the promises given to Joseph with successive church presidents. It’s simply not true.

        We have had many wise, even prophetic, voices among church presidents, but they are not of the same stature as Joseph, and they are not entitled to the promises that were given to Joseph.

        D&C 28:2 makes clear that Joseph could be trusted to bring forth revelation because he “receiveth them even as Moses”. That method of receiving is orders of magnitude greater than mere “inspiration”. That is a communication channel that cannot be passed along from one man to another, as the church would have you believe, only God does that and even then it requires much effort and sacrifice on the part of the one chosen.

      2. So are you saying he does want us to be vaccinated
        I did read somewhere where it mentions keeping the temple work going
        So my thoughts are :-
        If we’re vaccinated there’s a chance to bide time and carry on with the temple work that needs doing
        If we’re not we are in danger of the govenment squeezing us into a corner to be terminated and no chance to do the lords work
        So we have more time and can walk freely with the other vaccinated instead of being forced into a corner
        Already Italy has said you cannot work without vaccination and if caught s large fine put on you
        I listened to nurses and drs and a funeral director who are whistle blowing on killing on purpose unvaccinated and building holding prisons next to crematoriums

        1. Hi Dan,

          I am not sure what you mean by this question. As safe as a car can be. There are never any guarantees. I do not purposely drive it into a pole if someone tells me to.

    5. I agree with you that the letter was all lies. God’s words are never lies.

      Even the elect are deceived.

      Look at this!

      The tree is being shaken.

      I will continue in the church, scriptures, temple, wearing my garments, but I will trust only Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. There is a danger in placing any man before them. No jab here, it is a lie.

    6. And immediately following this paragraph? “Keep your eye on the Prophet”
      Sometimes from behind the pulpit, in our classrooms, in our Council meetings and in our church publications we hear, read or witness things that do not square with the truth. This is especially true where freedom is involved. Now do not let this serve as an excuse for your own wrong-doing. The Lord is letting the wheat and the tares mature before he fully purges the Church. He is also testing you to see if you will be misled. The devil is trying to deceive the very elect.

      Keep Your Eye on the Prophet
      Let me give you a crucial key to help you avoid being deceived. It is this – learn to keep your eye on the Prophet. He is the Lord’s mouthpiece and the only man who can speak for the Lord today. Let his inspired counsel take precedence. Let his inspired words be a basis for evaluating the counsel of all lesser authorities. Then live close to the spirit so you may know the truth of all things.

      All men are entitled to inspiration, but only one man is the Lords mouthpiece. Some lesser men have in the past, and will in the future, use their offices unrighteously. Some will, ignorantly or otherwise, use it to promote false counsel; some will use it to lead the unwary astray; some will use it to persuade us that all is well in Zion; some will use it to cover and excuse their ignorance. Keep your eye on the Prophet – for the Lord will never permit his Prophet to lead this Church astray.

  7. Martin Luther took the position that no one stood between God and himself….

    now it seems LDS have dropped back to the position of the Catholic church where the priest and pope stood between a person and God.

    to LDS people there is a belief and as the DC says if you are cut off from Church your heavenly blessings are also removed… so the LDS leaders own your eternal life. That’s a master/servant relationship.

    1. For me nothing has changed: do not put trust in the arm of the flesh. Scripture makes that principle abundantly clear. Personal discernment is all any of us have to rely on at this point.

    2. I agree with you that the letter was all lies. God’s words are never lies.

      Even the elect are deceived.

      Look at this!

      The tree is being shaken.

      I will continue in the church, scriptures, temple, wearing my garments, but I will trust only Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. There is a danger in placing any man before them. No jab here, it is a lie.

  8. Our current leaders deny the scriptures because they deny the existence of secret combinations that seek to overthrow the liberty of all lands. Simple as that. Instead they are actively supporting the Gadiantons, publishing and repeating their lies constantly including in Deseret News and KSL, and pushing all church members to cooperate fully with and become part of the Great Reset totalitarian system being established by Satan-worshiping eugenicists.

    There is something obviously incredibly wrong here.

    The church is way, way off from where it should be in supporting freedom, free agency, and truth, and opposing lies, and all the evils associated with communism.

    At this point I doubt they should be given tithing money if they’re going to hand millions to fund genocide with the bogus jabs, and promote the Gadianton globalists’ lies constantly.

    Ezra Taft Benson is rolling in his grave. He was the last church leader who supported liberty rather than the anti-family communist totalitarianism of the UN, and who taught what’s in the Book of Mormon about secret combinations led by the devil (which is the UN, Great Reset, etc – as taught accurately by Benson).

    You can’t argue that the current leaders just don’t know. There’s no excuse not to know, and no excuse to so thoroughly mislead everyone and uphold Satan’s system.

    1. Excellent Steven!
      Here is the church letter with its Lies shown:

      Here is the church letter Analyzed:

      Dear Brothers and Sisters:

      We find ourselves fighting a war against the ravages of COVID-19 and its variants, an unrelenting pandemic. [LIE!] We want to do all we can to limit the spread of these viruses. [Viruses cannot be stopped, they die out in time]. We know that protection from the diseases they cause can only be achieved by immunizing a very high percentage of the population. [LIE!]

      To limit exposure to these viruses, we urge the use of face masks in public meetings whenever social distancing is not possible. [LIE!!] To provide personal protection from such severe infections, we urge individuals to be vaccinated. [Take the POISON mRNA shot!] Available vaccines have proven to be both safe and effective. [A Gigantic LIE!!!]

      We can win this war if everyone will follow the wise and thoughtful recommendations of medical experts and government leaders. [Another Gigantically Huge LIE!!!] [The Known and Documented Plan is to Exterminate 80% of Humanity, and Nelson KNOWS that!!!] Please know of our sincere love and great concern for all of God’s children. [What an Insidious LIE!!!]

      The First Presidency
      Russell M. Nelson
      Dallin H. Oaks
      Henry B. Eyring

      ***This MAN is a LIAR and a Fallen Prophet!!! I will Never have anything to do with that church, (which is just a Business), unless it is cleaned out from the corruption of Mr. Nelson and his co-Criminals.

      Steve Nelson
      ***Thank God I am NO relation to this man!!! For this man has NO Faith in God!

    2. I think they used humanitarian directed funds for the vax support. Keep paying your tithing, that’s still a commandment, just do not give any more under the heading of Humanitarian.

  9. Contradiction of truth splits the current church in 3 ways.

    In the Aug 12, 2021 official signed statement from the First Presidency about the “war” with a virus, we were not told to follow Jesus Christ or the many health guidelines within the scriptures including the Word of Wisdom’s statements on health. We were not encouraged to use our faith in the Priesthood and bless and heal each other. We were told to “Follow the wise and thoughtful recommendations of medical experts and government leaders”. We were also told that the “Available vaccines have proven to be both safe and effective”.

    Gods dealings with men using contradictions of fact is not new. i.e.
    – Adam & Eve in the Garden
    – Abraham’s promise to have numerous posterities in spite of no children for decades.
    – Then Abraham’s promise to have a son in spite of his wife’s age.
    – Abraham’s commandment to sacrifice his son in spite of the above promises.
    – Please respond with how many more can we name?

    Contradiction of truth splits the current church in 3 ways.
    1. Members who are currently naive to the evils of the world and the medical profession will blindly follow the living prophet. Their choices are good intentioned and righteous. The consequences may kill them and they will be out of this world before the other 2nd Coming events cleans the earth.
    2. Members who are faithful to the Lord and their covenants, but are not naive to the evils of the pharmaceutical industry and the depth of contamination of our world government and most government leadership. Although they will not leave their activity and positions in building the church and the Lords Kingdom, they will opt out of compliance to vaccine mandates in every way possible.
    3. Many fence sitters and previously active saints will, without personal revelation, see this First Presidency statement as a contradiction to other truths and a sign that this is a fallen prophet. In light of the frequently repeated confirmation that the Lord will never allow his Prophet to lead the church astray, these members will withhold their tithing and participation or even leave the church and become antagonists.

    1. I should have added an important word.
      Contradiction of truth splits (cleanses) the current church in 3 ways.

    2. Frankly, my position is simple. I Will Not Abide by Liars. Which is what these Men are. Because of these Men and their Love of Satan, untold Millions of Good People will now never find the True Gospel. Unless God takes Action directly, I for one will NEVER set foot in that church again. They stole my livelihood away years ago and made me poor and now they stole the True Gospel that my family and my fathers for generations have lived and died for. I cannot and Will Not abide by Liars!

      1. Yes, they have lied to us. “Safe?”

        But they are old and will not be there forever. I do not know that they love Satan, but are deceived and have desired to please men and not God at this point. The blood of many people will be on their hands because of this.

        Try to remember the good things and the true things. Things will probably change and the truth will win out here. The True Gospel is still there, they will be accountable to the Lord in the end.

        So will we. Be faithful and not bitter. God and Jesus Christ will handle this.

        I know how you feel, I can hardly stand to see their faces without discust. At this point my spirit is grieving this betryal. Jesus understands that!

    3. I perceive a fourth split.

      There will be some of us that will choose to place willing faith and trust in the Prophet and allow for this cell therapy–even though their own wisdom, thoughtful and measured consideration presently screams against the act in revulsion. Moses’s raised staff comes to mind.

      However, this particular portion will not act until they are able to find genuine peace with the decision, maintained constantly from a place of choice, willing to fully accept the consequences.

      We’re in the middle of it now, brothers and sisters. Let’s be very cautious in how we judge each another (including the Brethren, *especially* the Prophet) in this very difficult decision put upon us. Please please, let us increase our prayer and fasting on their behalf–and our own.

      Don’t lose courage!

  10. Very disappointed in church leaders. They are completely misguided on this subject and been against their wicked promotion of vaccinations for years. Unfortunately they are now hitting an all time high supporting works of darkness (just take a wee peek at all the lawsuits won and levied on BigPharma for proof), with an unproven experimental dangerous vaccine, that is not even a vaccine. This will not bode well for the church in years to come. This stance is destructive of the trust people give to the brethren. Its now more common than ever to hear the phrase “Follow the Brethren!” look back to the origins of this instruction, it was offered not as a command, but rather casually as counsel to an individual having problems with the brethren. It may seem to give a false assurance that God would never let the leaders of his church lead the members astray.(Like the leaders of the Jews with Jesus and Catholic leaders with Martin Luthor and Galileo) Joseph never taught this false doctrine and ‘Follow the Brethren’ is not scripture. Joseph taught us to Get the Spirit and let it teach us the truth of what our leaders preach. Without Him we all; Followers and Leaders alike, will go astray.

    Joseph Smith appeared to Brigham Young in a dream at winter quarters in Nebraska. In the dream he stated that the members were to learn to follow the spirit, so they would not be led astray. ”

    Just look at what is happening to the Fundamentalist who ‘Follow their Leaders’ without the assistance of the Holy Spirit. There are reasons that both the leaders of the Church and the members may like it. When we think about it several problems come to light. This doctrine gives leaders more power, authority, and responsibility over their fellow man than perhaps they should have, and makes them much less accountable to the membership. Instead they are only accountable to God and the members are freed from the responsibility of seeking the humility necessary to obtain confirmation of the Holy Spirit on the directions their Church leaders give.

    Perhaps a more correct way of giving this instruction would be to say,”Follow the Church leaders as they follow the Holy Spirit of God.” This instruction tells the saints that they are responsible for their own salvation, their own relationship with the Lord and at least partially responsible for keeping their leaders close to the Lord. We cannot expect to draw close to the Lord while abandoning our God given rights and responsibilities.

    ****ONE of the most outstanding things about Joseph Smith as a religious leader which set him apart from all the other religious leaders of his day was that he repeatedly instructed members that if they had any doubts about his instructions and teachings, they should pray and ask the Lord. Joseph never instructed the members to simply “Follow the Brethren” In fact he stated that blind following of leaders was a sure way to bring about the destruction of the Lord’s Church.

    Follow the Brethren is much too conveniently self-serving for the leaders of the Church. How history would have been changed if this doctrine had been obeyed by Moses, David, Abinadi, Alma, Christ, Peter, Paul, Luther, Joan of Arc, Galileo, Joseph Smith, Thoreau, Gandhi, and Martin Luthor King. None of these obeyed or followed their leaders. THEY OBEY GOD AND THEIR HEARTS. History does not support the notion that governing councils of men in either religious or political forums can be completely trusted to do what is right, or recognize and follow men of God, nor obey the laws of God and man. The most graphic case is that of Christ and the Sanhedrin, but then there was Martin Luther and the Catholic church, Galileo and the same, much earlier, there was Abinadi and King Noah’s Priests. Leading councils or quorums have the greatest investment in the status quo. They never profit (monetarily or socially) from acceptance of the truly wise and inspired who bring with them new ways, a call to repentance, and the winds of change.

    ********The foolishness of ‘Follow the Brethren’ thinking is the reason the Lord didn’t say,”I will send you brethren and they will teach you all things…”. Or “If any of you lack wisdom let him ask the brethren.” Nor “And if you ask with a sincere heart, with real intent, having faith in Christ, the brethren will tell you it’s true. And from the brethren ye may know the truth of all things.” (Revised Moroni.) The inadequacy of ‘follow the Brethren’ is one good reason that Joseph always taught that if we ever have doubts about the actions or teachings of him or any other member of the Church, we might ask God and gain a confirmation from the Lord for ourselves. Why is it that this hasn’t been suggested now? Could it be that such a prayer would reveal the true intentions of God; that such action would destroy support for the late suppression of innovative thinking?

    The Lord has given us free agency. We are to take this responsibility to seek the Lord and to do good.This search, while allowing some group interaction and leadership, is ultimately an individual effort. Turning over any portion of this responsibility to any other party is an abdication of our God-given gift, a violation of the intention of God.

    ****The following is Brigham Young’s vision of Joseph Smith at Winter Quarters in 1847

    The Manuscript History of Brigham Young records the following account of this experience:

    Joseph stepped toward me, and looking very earnestly, yet pleasantly said, “Tell the people to be humble and faithful, and be sure to keep the spirit of the Lord and it will lead them right. Be careful and not turn away the small voice; it will teach you what to do and where to go; it will yield the fruits of the kingdom. Tell the brethren to keep their hearts open to conviction, so that when the Holy Ghost comes to them, their hearts will be ready to receive it. They can tell the Spirit of the Lord from all other spirits; it will whisper peace and joy to their souls; it will take malice, hatred, strife and all evil from their hearts; and their whole desire will be to do good, bring forth righteousness and build up the kingdom of God. Tell the brethren if they will follow the spirit of the Lord they will go right. Be sure to tell the people to keep the Spirit of the Lord; and if they will, they will find themselves just as they were organized by our Father in Heaven before they came into the world. Our Father in Heaven organized the human family, but they are all disorganized and in great confusion.2

    Sources: “Brigham Young’s vision of Joseph Smith”. Manuscript History of Brigham Young. 1847. 56.

    1. Excellent thoughts BD. Never knew about that “Follow the Brethren” thing. I am poor today because of LIES told by LSD leaders. But do you think they will ever make Restitution for what they stole? NEVER!
      Here is the church letter Analyzed:

      Dear Brothers and Sisters:

      We find ourselves fighting a war against the ravages of COVID-19 and its variants, an unrelenting pandemic. [LIE!] We want to do all we can to limit the spread of these viruses. [Viruses cannot be stopped, they die out in time]. We know that protection from the diseases they cause can only be achieved by immunizing a very high percentage of the population. [LIE!]

      To limit exposure to these viruses, we urge the use of face masks in public meetings whenever social distancing is not possible. [LIE!!] To provide personal protection from such severe infections, we urge individuals to be vaccinated. [Take the POISON mRNA shot!] Available vaccines have proven to be both safe and effective. [A Gigantic LIE!!!]

      We can win this war if everyone will follow the wise and thoughtful recommendations of medical experts and government leaders. [Another Gigantically Huge LIE!!!] [The Known and Documented Plan is to Exterminate 80% of Humanity, and Nelson KNOWS that!!!] Please know of our sincere love and great concern for all of God’s children. [What an Insidious LIE!!!]

      The First Presidency
      Russell M. Nelson
      Dallin H. Oaks
      Henry B. Eyring

      ***This MAN is a LIAR and a Fallen Prophet!!! I will Never have anything to do with that church, (which is just a Business), unless it is cleaned out from the corruption of Mr. Nelson and his co-Criminals.

      Steve Nelson
      ***Thank God I am NO relation to this man!!! For this man has NO Faith in God!

    2. Unfortunately the leadership has been compromised and captured as much as Washington D.C.. They can not even tell the truth.

      “Safe?” D&C 84:45 “The word of the Lord is truth”.

      But they are old and will not be there forever. I do not know that they love Satan, but are deceived and have desired to please men and not God at this point. The blood of many people will be on their hands because of this.

      Try to remember the good things and the true things. Things will probably change and the truth will win out here. The True Gospel is still there, they will be accountable to the Lord in the end. This will haunt the church forever!

      So will we. Be faithful and not bitter. God and Jesus Christ will handle this.

      I know how you feel, I can hardly stand to see their faces without discust. At this point my spirit is grieving this betryal. Jesus understands that!

      I agree BD. Follow God and the Holy Ghost. Be true to keep a temple recommend if you can. Keep the covenants made in the temple. If we are turned away because we will not get vaccinated, then we must still be as faithful as we can.

    3. Good points, BD. Just think: if the saints had always followed the prophet, wouldn’t we all be Catholic now? Joseph Smith would have been in no need of the Sacred Grove, and there would have been no need for a restoration or first vision.

  11. I’ve been a temple worker for 7 yrs. A text was sent out to all temple workers yesterday Fri 13th that all temple workers must now wear masks when serving in the temple and again we were strongly encouraged to get the COVID vaccine. I called my shift coordinator to let her know I would not be serving in the temple until masks were optional again. I ended up texting her because her phone sent me right to leave a message. I was polite but left no doubt that I will not be back until optional masking.

    I will NOT support evil plans of conspiring men no matter what decision is made by church leaders. We all will have to answer for our decisions.

    1. Yes, they have lied to us. “Safe?”

      The blood of many people will be on their hands because of this.

      Try to remember the good things and the true things. Things will probably change and the truth will win out here. The True Gospel is still there, they will be accountable to the Lord in the end.

      So will we. Be faithful and not bitter. God and Jesus Christ will handle this.

      I know how you feel, I can hardly stand to see their faces without discust. At this point my spirit is grieving this betryal. Jesus understands that!

    2. And we know that in Satanic rituals participants wear masks, and stand 6 feet apart. How disheartening it is to now see this become part of our temple worship. Satan must surely be laughing.

    3. Ann, bravo.

      At this point I won’t be surprised to see the church enthusiastically support Covid death camps for the unvaccinated, and the new one world religion being created, and the plant to have government replace parents and raise children.

  12. I liked your answer.
    In fact, we have many more examples in the scriptures of what would be contradictions to the laws of God and the laws of men. You quoted Abraham who was commanded by the Lord to sacrifice his son Isaac. I could also quote Nephi in killing Laban, he might be evil, but he was drunk and passed out, and it would be cold-blooded murder. I could also cite other sacrifices that took place, such as Alma and Amulek when they let women and children burn to death without doing anything or reaching out to stop; Alma’s justification was that God’s justice would fall harder on the heads of the wicked and that the Lord would save those people. The Lord always finds a way to save His own regardless of their situation. This example could fit very well with people who will take the vaccine or who have already taken it out of ignorance, blind obedience or even knowing the risks, from the moment that the servant of the Lord gives a plan, it must be followed, obeyed.
    Another example we could cite the Savior himself when he says give Caesar what belongs to Caesar and give God what belongs to God. When the editor quotes the brother who was excommunicated for going against the National Socialist party, this scripture fits very well. The law of the land was not to speak up, it was to obey every command, and we as church members obey the laws of the land. Remember, twelfth article of faith: We believe in being a subject to bkings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in cobeying, honoring, and sustaining the dlaw. If the government gives us the right to speak up, okay, we can speak up, but if the government doesn’t give us that right, we don’t have to. I know, it’s hard, it seems unfair, but the Lord promises us that any suffering we’ve gone through here that wasn’t our fault will be rewarded in heaven.
    Of course, no one who knows that there really are secret combinations, who knows that most of these organizations that the Church donates fund abortion, or class divisions, or fund communism and socialism in different countries, is angry or confused by all this.
    But we must remember that the Lord knows best, he knows that if the Church openly opposes any of these things there will be heavy persecution against the Church, and now is not the time for these things to happen.
    If the Lord tells us, kill your son, would we obey him like Abraham or would we just ignore or run away?
    What we cannot do at this point is act as if the prophet had not received the authority from God to say what he said. If we go against it, we are falling into apostasy, and when we go against God’s servants, we are going against God.

    1. There is a problem with that. A prophet should never lie to the sheep, to their destruction. They made enough of a statement by just choosing it for themselves.

      Yes, they have lied to us. “Safe?”

      D&C 84:45 “The word of the Lord is truth….”

      A prophet who does not tell the truth is false. Maybe their test would be to stand up to the communists.

      Today the jab, next is to deny Christ. That is where this is headed.

    2. When Abraham went out to kill his son at God’s command, the angel stayed Abraham’s hand and he didn’t actually do Isaac any harm. So I doubt that story is analogous to “faithfully” taking the vax and getting an adverse effect or even death.

  13. I’ve been a temple worker for 7 yrs. A text was sent out to all temple workers yesterday Fri 13th that all temple workers must now wear masks when serving in the temple and again we were strongly encouraged to get the COVID vaccine. I called my shift coordinator to let her know I would not be serving in the temple until masks were optional again. I ended up texting her because her phone sent me right to leave a message. I was polite but left no doubt that I will not be back until optional masking. Also I’m a retired RN who worked as a nurse for 35 yrs. I will not be getting the vaccine. This is NOT medical advice, I’m not a doctor, just my decision.

    I will NOT support evil plans of conspiring men no matter what decision is made by church leaders. We all will have to answer for our decisions.

    1. Hi Ann,

      My problem with the leaders is that they have lied to us. “Safe?”

      I agree with you completely.

      But they are old and will not be there forever. They have desired to please men and not God at this point. The blood of many people will be on their hands because of this.

      Try to remember the good things and the true things. Things will probably change and the truth will win out here. The True Gospel is still there, they will be accountable to the Lord in the end.

      So will we. Be faithful and not bitter. God and Jesus Christ will handle this.

      I know how you feel, I can hardly stand to see their faces without discust. At this point my spirit is grieving this betryal. Jesus understands that!

  14. My feelings are that although this is a very “politically correct” letter their instructions to us were using the verb “urge!” Think of how other verb choices would have changed their instructions.: For example, replace “urge” with any of these other verbs to see a big difference in their expectation: “we” insist; “we” require; “we” demand; “we” command; “we” plead; “we” commend; “we” exort; or “we” entreat. In my opinion they left the choice to vaccinate up to us!

    1. clearly, but they unitedly declared the vaccine was safe and effective and that what the government has done in response to the fake pandemic is good. We never claimed they required the vaxx

    2. I still think “urge” is a pretty strong word. I think “entreat” is much less insistent than “urge.” But this does not change their declaration that the vax is safe and effective, two promises which are becoming more and more demonstrably false by each passing day.

      Why did they even find it necessary to address the issue? Was some government agency figuratively pointing a gun at Nelson’s head to endorse the vax or else? Why haven’t other major Christian denominations done similarly?

  15. The original message last January ended with telling us that individuals are responsible for their own decision on the matter, which our Bishopric counselor repeated. And even though that was enough for me to continue prayerful listening to truth and facts being exposed, along with several others in our Ward/Stake, nevertheless, was frustrating with us non-participants being treated like criminals by words and actions from fellow members, as well as non-members, because we had chosen not to follow the MSM crowd, so to speak. After prayer and fasting yesterday and today, was reminded, after reading the above, about those who criticized the Brethren for not mentioning Y2K in their Oct. conference talks (because Y2K was to introduce the end of the world, as per MSM), and Pres. Hinckley’s reply was that, “We did talk about it, but you have to have ears to hear our messages because too many of the enemy are also watching and listening to every word we say to use for their personal intentions.” (paraphrased, but close) Had decided the earlier announcement in January, with media coverage, was because the Brethren are required to do a lot of worldwide traveling, which takes the focus off of them by having it done (have not seen/heard of any 2nd one). And also could be protecting us a little longer from being targeted for another mob persecution since Christianity has to be wiped out in order for the enemy to succeed. A BYU speech by Elder Brockbank in March 1974 states that the previous year, March 1973, Pres. Harold B. Lee stated in the Manti Temple that the D&C 1:35-36 had now been fulfilled, and this was in 1973 for crying out loud!! We must be very careful on what we do because withholding service in our callings, or withholding anything that belongs to Heavenly Father, only allows Satan to win because we’d be doing exactly what he wants us to do–quit and/or bad mouth. Above comment–keep our covenants regardless. How come we haven’t heard what we heard 2x last year–everybody turn in prayer and fasting…and a friend said an interesting comment–maybe it’s been said and been censored, and we just don’t know it. Let’s do worldwide prayer and fasting again, only keep doing it until there’s a change from where we’re headed currently, like the righteous Nephites and Lamanites did!!

  16. Here is the church letter Analyzed:

    Dear Brothers and Sisters:

    We find ourselves fighting a war against the ravages of COVID-19 and its variants, an unrelenting pandemic. [LIE!] We want to do all we can to limit the spread of these viruses. [Viruses cannot be stopped, they die out in time]. We know that protection from the diseases they cause can only be achieved by immunizing a very high percentage of the population. [LIE!]

    To limit exposure to these viruses, we urge the use of face masks in public meetings whenever social distancing is not possible. [LIE!!] To provide personal protection from such severe infections, we urge individuals to be vaccinated. [Take the POISON mRNA shot!] Available vaccines have proven to be both safe and effective. [A Gigantic LIE!!!]

    We can win this war if everyone will follow the wise and thoughtful recommendations of medical experts and government leaders. [Another Gigantically Huge LIE!!!] [The Known and Documented Plan is to Exterminate 80% of Humanity, and Nelson KNOWS that!!!] Please know of our sincere love and great concern for all of God’s children. [What an Insidious LIE!!!]

    The First Presidency
    Russell M. Nelson
    Dallin H. Oaks
    Henry B. Eyring

    ***This MAN is a LIAR and a Fallen Prophet!!! I will Never have anything to do with that church, (which is just a Business), unless it is cleaned out from the corruption of Mr. Nelson and his co-Criminals.

    Steve Nelson
    ***Thank God I am NO relation to this man!!! For this man has NO Faith in God!

  17. I’d like to point out that as Latter Day Saints we are supposed to believe in Revelation, both personal and church wide. We are also supposed to believe in Prayer and answers to such prayers, both personal and church wide. We are also supposed to be the kind of folks who believe in Miracles, angles, and the ministering of angles and on and on of God’s superior ways of communicating with his children.

    Therefore may I suggest that as a group of believing Saints, that we should all Pray for Mr. Nelson, and his Co-Criminals to Experience an “Alma the Younger” type of experience, and Right Away!!! before history’s pointing judgment finger rightly points out that Mr. Nelson and his Cohorts are nothing different than Hitler, Mao, and Stalin. All of which never killed anybody themselves, but got others to do it, and to do it to themselves.

    As historians look back on this time period, and if Direct Corrective Action does not Immediately take place, they will rightly say, “Well Nelson was just like Hitler.”

    So lets all ask God to get this fixed before the Church becomes the laughing stock of all the world and also Hated by all the world.

    Think of it, if Mr. Nelson and his Co-Criminals could actually receive such an experience and then be revived after 3 days, what a faith building experience that would be for all of us and the entire world!!! And what Powerful voices theirs could be in the fight for Freedom!!!

    I humbly offer this suggestion to everyone to do with it as you feel prompted.
    Steven D. Nelson

  18. We also have to remember that some things are said and/or done that take time to reveal what was the reason behind it–like the change over to home study with the Come, Follow Me manual 15 months before the 2020 event (refuse to call it the same as MSM calls it) which allowed us all to be prepared, physically more than mentally, for the mighty change. Tons of miracles recorded in Church history when all the Saints turned in prayer and fasting–let’s do it!

  19. Many here seem to deeply trust a former prophet, Ezra Taft Benson. Here’s what he taught about how we should respond when the living prophet says something with which we disagree:

    “The learned may feel the prophet is only inspired when he agrees with them, otherwise the prophet is just giving his opinion—speaking as a man. The rich may feel they have no need to take counsel of a lowly prophet. …

    … The prophet will not necessarily be popular with the world or the worldly.

    As a prophet reveals the truth it divides the people. The honest in heart heed his words but the unrighteous either ignore the prophet or fight him. When the prophet points out the sins of the world, the worldly either want to close the mouth of the prophet, or else act as if the prophet didn’t exist, rather than repent of their sins. Popularity is never a test of truth. Many a prophet has been killed or cast out. As we come closer to the Lord’s second coming you can expect that as the people of the world become more wicked, the prophet will be less popular with them.”
    (“Fourteen Fundamentals in Following the Prophet,” 3–4, 6; italics removed from original. As quoted in “Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Ezra Taft Benson”)

  20. This has been an excellent informative discussion full of respect and consideration on everybody’s part. Impressive

  21. The problem is that the leadership of the church has become corporatist in nature; that can happen when you have a 100 billion dollar reserve to protect. As corporatists, they have become hypersensitive to criticism and that shows in their policies. Look at their positions regarding LGBT, BLM, and Covid; they are embracing positions which are designed to minimize criticism. That’s it. The basic restored doctrines are true; the priesthood authority to administer the kingdom is legitimate. But these policies are not good; they are corporatist in nature and will not end well for the church.

  22. Brethren and Sisters whom I love,

    Think beyond your natural ability and think with loyalty! This is a war similar to the war in heaven. There are tactics in war for the greater good. President Trump and President Nelson know the big picture and are working to save as many of us in the kingdom of God as possible both temporally and spiritually.

    For now the work must go forward and America and the church must survive and perform it’s mission to gather Israel and prepare the world for the Second Coming of our Savior Jesus Christ. For Trump the world temporally must survive. For President Nelson, “…no unhallowed hand shall stop the work!”

    Wars have casualties but you will soon see that the casualties we have experienced as a consequence of these men’s sacrifices are far less and have less far reaching consequences than we would have had had these leaders not been willing to take the unpopular stand they are taking presently.

    Respect and love and no evil speaking of the Lord’s anointed is a covenant and we must keep it. Do not criticize what you do not understand but dig your feet deeper into prayer and scripture study and personal revelation and I testify that you will have a personal revelation as to why these men have had to take the unpopular stands they are now taking. Remember Abraham said Sarah was his sister, and the plates were not in the bean barrel and Moroni sent out spies! This is war! Which side are you on?

    Your sister and friend in the Gospel

    1. BS!
      Trump though a great man, (and I prayed for him to become our President over 20 years ago), is also a man of PRIDE! He let his PRIDE get in the way and allowed that Lying Little Weasel, Fauci, Bamboozle him! Yes, the Great Donald Trump was suckered big time by that Lying Cowering Rotten little Squid!

      And as for Mr. Nelson, he is NOT a Prophet of God but a Lying Globalist Mouthpiece that works for Satan!

      Steve Nelson
      *And again I say, Thank God I am NO Relation to that Judas!

  23. I too am deeply concerned over this message. However, I deeply love my Heavenly Father and my Savior, Jesus Christ. I love and revere our leaders. Now is not the time for division, attacks and hatred, but rather increased sincere prayer. We must pray for guidance and understanding. Pray for light, knowledge, direction, and our leaders. In time, truth will come to light. Darkness will give way. Tests are there to teach and strengthen us. I don’t know why this has been allowed to happen but clearly hateful rebellious words do not bring God’s love into our hearts. Contention is what the adversary wants. Let’s be patient and show forth increased love and prayers for all our brothers and sisters during this Earthly war of words.

  24. OK, so now I’ve gotten to the end of everyone’s comments and I’ll put in a post script to what I said earlier in the thread.

    My research had been deep and left me convinced there was no way I would take this so-called vaccination. (side note: I had Covid last winter which was truly miserable, yet, even with co-morbidities, I obviously lived to tell this tale–and on a ridiculous scale MOST PEOPLE DO ‘survive’ this virus.)

    Within an hour of reading the email last week, my mom called and really laid it on thick that I need to follow the prophet etc…. . I realize her words were utterly out of a mother’s love and concern, yet I was left with an unfamiliar feeling of coercion, not the unadulterated agency I have always experienced simultaneous with breathing. I’m not sure if it is the “American” in me, or the “Child of God” that I am that leaves me so independently minded; I simply cannot really fathom the thought of not having liberty to choose what happens inside my own body. I have *always* known to unequivocally choose for myself–and have managed to stay in a good place with myself, my fellow man, and the world on the whole for 52 years!

    However, the worst of all of it, I was now at odds with the prophet for the first time in my life. It gutted me. Truly gutted me.

    I prayed first, and then spent a lot of time Saturday trying to understand how it could possibly be imaginable to even *consider* this idea contrary to all that my research and life experience seemed to prove. Rather than going deeper into similar research that would continue to confirm what I knew to be true…I needed to allow my research to broaden and see if I could find anything that could help me see something I wasn’t aware of yet.

    I now understand better why many people (including my personal physician and my husband’s neurologist) think it is a good idea to take this injection. I was able to uncover a different point of view; eventually I began to see light in this dark, troublesome tunnel imposed upon us. My hesitancy and sickened stomach is not gone, yet I have been given more fulsome and rounded ideas to think over and continue to consider.

    We all know that secret combinations are rampart throughout our world, nation, state, and even our cities and towns. Even with this broader perspective I have gathered these last few days, none of that secretive, sorrowful work is lost on me–the Gadianton’s are definitely amongst us. Yet, isn’t the Lord able to formulate all things for our good, able to do miraculous things? From my experience He continues to, repeatedly.

    I mentioned before that perhaps this is our opportunity to exhibit faith like the children of Israel did, or did not, when Moses raised his staff with the coiled snake.

    I don’t know yet what I will finally decide, yet either way I remain in my agency of choice.

    1. Sharla;
      Nobody needs to follow a Lying Judas. No matter what Title he claims. I think Mr. Nelson will soon be removed and replaced by a Real Man of God. And Mr. Nelson and his Co-Criminals will face the judgment bar of God in their turn. I personally wouldn’t mind being there. And hear how far his $20 Million of silver got him. (My how inflation can really add up aint it)

      Good day Shala!

      And by the way, if you want to know how it really happened there in: “The First Civilization of Earth.” Take a look at my newest eBook of that Title at: Smashwords DOT com. That book took me two years of research and writing to get the story down right. I hope Father Adam and all my Ancestors really loved the story that I wrote about them.

      Steve Nelson

    2. I agree with you that the letter was all lies. God’s words are never lies.

      Even the elect are deceived.

      Look at this!

      The tree is being shaken.

      I will continue in the church, scriptures, temple, wearing my garments, but I will trust only Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. There is a danger in placing any man before them. No jab here, it is a lie.

    3. Was the letter from the first presidency? Where is the signed copy of it?

      Does it testify if Jesus Christ or edify?

  25. If any member of my family, who believes that these Criminals are Prophets, get this poison injected into them because of their word, and they are damaged in any way shape or form, including death, I will hold that man: Russell M. Nelson, Personally Responsible for any said injury! And though no court in the land will ever find them guilty, I will be there at the judgment bar of God to personally accuse and denounce them before God for the Murderers they are! I will Not rest in any afterlife until these JUDASES face Justice!

    Further; no amount of Temple ceremonies that they do will ever cleanse their garments from the Blood and Sins of this generation!

    I think that this is only reasonable, and any thinking person who has a family member maimed or killed because of these Liars should do the same as me! I welcome any and all who would stand with me at the bar of God and join in their condemnation.

    Steve Nelson
    *Thank God I am No relation to that man!

    1. I think the church has been hijacked. I can not even stand to look at their pictures. I have such deep feelings of betrayal.

      However, I will continue to march on in the gospel, without the jab.

      Take a look at this:

      The tree is being shaken.

      I will continue in the church, scriptures, temple, wearing my garments, but I will trust only Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. There is a danger in placing any man before them. No jab here, it is a lie.

  26. These comments blow me away. I am not trying to flame but I genuinely want to understand.

    Forgive me, I could be wrong because I don’t frequent this site, but when the Q15 came out with the exclusionary policy in 2015 against kids with same sex parents did the same outrage exist on this site? Why did none of you stand up against that? Could it be that because the vaccine does not fit your current worldview or political affiliation, you think the Q15 are misled? Why did no one question them when they reversed the 2015 policy just 3 years later? And what about the Priesthood ban in 1978 being dissolved? I was not alive then but did the same questioning exist when that came out? How is the vaccine any different? ​

    I am currently not a member of the LDS church but to me, the hypocrisy that exists here is baffling. If the vaccine is causing you to question church leadership and you are only realizing it now, then the church IS in a lot of trouble and will continue to decline. The Q15 have historically done far worse things with much more significant harm.

    1. NakuNaru,

      I have a strong testimony of the church. This is not normal at all!

      Previous leaders have all been faithful and truthful. The vaccine agenda and the people behind it, communists, genocidal maniacs, satanic and evil that it has nothing to do with political affiliation. It is about humanity, survival, and freedom around the world. This is about life and death for the whole world, worldwide genocide. That is how the vaccine is different.

      The church does not command that we take the vaccine, but urge it. What is so upsetting is that so much evidence exists that it can kill and maim and we are seeing them say something else. What you are seeing here are members trying to figure this out.

      Actually, I was not aware of the other issues. This also may be reversed, I do not know. I hope. True, things have been reversed in the past. I truly do not understand that myself.

      Perhaps as the leaders journey, just like in our own personal journeys, we make mistakes, take stock of those mistakes, correct the mistakes and move on. Maybe that is the whole answer here. That Heavenly Father corrects us and our leaders in time and using the same process.

      What is so upsetting here is that time to understand is and do the correct things could be running out for humanity, if this is really world wide genocide.

      Basically, we are taught that the leaders cannot fail or mislead us. If we question or disagree with what the truth is, we need to seek it and get our own answers. To even disagree with the leadership can put us in danger of being disfellowshipped or excommunicated.

      The leadership may be looking at the way things have been for years, because for the last 20 years vaccines have been safer than this last 6 months (13,000) dead and over 500,000 adverse effects VAERS. They may have not looked into things as much as they should have, went on past experiences, or are only exposed to certain easy to access viewpoints.

      Heavenly Father can take care of his own church. If leaders or church members offend or are doing wrong things we can learn from it, not get bitter, be devoted to God no matter what. maybe we are all supposed to learn something from this painful experience.

      We are used to peace and safety, which now even the whole world is not feeling. We feel danger and fear and are trying to navigate through it. Just as all humankind are. God will have no problem sorting this all out, we may, but this is not a surprise to God. He will also sort this all out in His church. Maybe it will be like “Make the Church Better Again”.

      We are all praying for his guidance through this, no matter what. What is important is to search the scriptures, pray and do our best, and be ready to meet Him when He comes, even if you are not a member of this church. The time for choosing to be on God’s side against all evil is here. There is no setting on the fence.

  27. Russell Nelson’s definition of “safe, proven and effective “
    Breakdown of vaccine deaths and injuries in the US according to VAERS as of August 8th.
    571,830 Total Reports of adverse effects*
    * note: Only between 1-10% of adverse events are reported in VAERS
    0 – 17 YEARS OLD:
    ▪️21 Deaths
    ▪️200 Life Threating
    ▪️71 Permanently Disabled

    18 – 29 YEARS OLD:
    ▪️108 Deaths
    ▪️726 Life Threating
    ▪️919 Permanently Disabled

    30 – 49 YEARS OLD
    ▪️447 Deaths
    ▪️2,565 Life Threating
    ▪️3,395 Permanently Disabled

    50 – 64 YEARS OLD
    ▪️1,141 Deaths
    ▪️2,676 Life Threating
    ▪️3,015 Permanently Disabled

    65 + YEARS OLD
    ▪️6,203 Deaths
    ▪️3,599 Life Threating
    ▪️2,923 Permanently Disabled

    ▪️4,872 Deaths
    ▪️3,373 Life Threating
    ▪️5,721 Permanently Disabled
    ▪️DEATHS: 12,791
    ▪️LIFE THREATENING: 13,140
    ▪️ANAPHYLAXIS: 5,282
    ▪️BELL’S PALSY: 4,461
    ▪️MISCARRIAGES: 1,505
    ▪️HEART ATTACKS: 5,590
    ▪️SEVERE ALLERGY: 24,305
    ▪️SHINGLES: 6,784

  28. Peace be with each of you as we are collectively struggling in this whirlwind.

    Please consider refraining from repeated public declarations of fallen prophethood, etc. Consider, if you will, there may be nuances in the chosen words of these public statements that you can perceive—when your mind and heart are peaceful. Please be utterly cautious.

    We all need to figure out how to strongly follow the prophet. We need this practice NOW—we surely are in the middle of difficulty. Please continue on in prayer and fasting, let’s help one another. Let’s repent of all our varied sins and be sanctified in Christ.

    Let’s all meet together back in the place we began. Courage!

  29. 8/22/2021
    Last night a thought occurred to me in somewhat of a dream. As we know from the B of M account, just before Jesus arrived in the America’s, through great earth quakes and land masses sinking, the greater part of the people pf the America’s were killed, those most evil.

    So, the idea occurred to me; Could it be, or What If, the Lord, not wanting to get his nice new Temples destroyed, has allowed a known Liar (Nelson), (The Judas of our day), to again Lie to the people so that in our day a Greater part of the people who are Evil, Mormons included, will be wiped out without destroying all these nice Temples.

    See my eBook: The Creator’s Sentinel So, Yes, I say wiped out, in favor of a More Righteous people, soon to come to Earth, who will use these Temples to reclaim their dead!

    This is just a thought that occurred to me in the early morning hours of Sunday 8/22/2021 All we have to do to meet these people from another world is to “Stay Alive”! Against all odds, STAY ALIVE!

    1. Hi Steve,

      Jodi Stoddard has presented the different harvests.

      The pressure we are now facing is a “shaking of the olive tree” .

      There is a purpose to this, so I agree with you, there has got to be a reason. We must trust Heavenly Father’s purpose. We must be resolved to be ready with our oil to meet the savior, no matter what we see around us.

  30. It is too bad this comment section has devolved into a dialogue Steven Nelson and Judy Ward, but I would like to get a comment in edgewise. With all the enemies of the LDS Church in Utah, there will be a strong motivation among many in that state to show that the vax is neither safe nor effective, and that it is quite the opposite. And what better way to make the 1st presidency look really bad than with statistics coming out of Utah demonstrating that those who followed the prophet and took the shot either got sick and were hospitalized or died or, alternatively, experienced a significant adverse effect from the vax. If these negative results ensue, Nelson, Oaks and Eyring will look really bad. If Israel, probably the most vaxxed country in the world, is any indication, the 1st presidency’s credibility is in jeopardy.

    1. Glad you got a comment in. Time will tell. As it stands yes, Israel’s hospital cases are mostly the vaxxed.

      The presidency should have done more research. The VAERS shows so many adverse effects, including death. More in 6 months than 20 years combined. Not safe, not effective since the vax is failing. They should have just stuck to their personal decisions.

      The enemies of the church will find fault no matter what.

      The presidency is citing the worldly script. I feel they have erred and been deceived by the world. D&C 93:23-25 The worldly narrative/script is not the truth.

      Time will tell for sure. Their creditibility will be what they have caused themselves. Too bad.

      I would love it if the vax did not cause harm at all! But, too many have died and been injured to expect otherwise. The harm is the TRUTH. NOT SAFE.

    2. As I wrote above, “If Israel, probably the most vaxxed country in the world, is any indication, the 1st presidency’s credibility is in jeopardy.” Here is a link to an article about what is currently happening there. Among numerous nuggets, “Israel reported 9831 new cases on Tuesday, a hairbreadth away from the worst daily figure ever recorded in the country – at the peak of the third wave.” Also, “After vaccinating nearly the entire country, now Israel is facing a major disaster.” How bad will it get in Israel and how bad will it get in the USA before major backlash arises against the 1st pres and their statement of safe and effective, etc.? Here’s the link.

  31. Defending Utah, get on this quick! Breaking Video:

    For most Americans it’s already too late! WAKE UP NOW while there is still time!!!
    See the Video of Ph.D. Doctor Sean Brooks Calling Out School Board Over Deadly COVID Jabs

    *Some time ago Food Scientist, Mike Adams, said he thought that the mass death wave would happen this winter. But Dr. Brooks has correctly said that the Mass Death will happen much sooner! AND The UNVACINATED will be BLAMED!!!!!
    ***If YOU have taken 1 shot of the mRNA Poison, Dr. Judy Mikovits Ph.D. has said, that you may have a slim chance to survive! (If you don’t take ANYMORE of this POISON!!!)
    Listen to what General Mormon had to say:
    “O ye fair ones,” Mormon lamented, as he reflected upon the destruction of his people. “How could ye have departed from the ways of the Lord! … how could ye have rejected that Jesus, who stood with open arms to receive you! Behold,” he mourned, “if ye had not done this, ye would not have fallen. But behold, ye are fallen, and I mourn your loss” (Mormon 6:17–18).
    ***This is Americans TODAY and Western Civilization as well!

    *Subsequently my mournful comment: That Man, that Liar in Salt Lake City, Russell M. Nelson, will be known throughout All Time, as the JUDAS that gave the Kiss of Death to an Entire Civilization!
    God Help Us!

    Steve Nelson

  32. Folks here is a copy of an AFFIDAVIT anyone can copy and use: (Just arrange it nicely)

    I hereby declare that I, ___________________________________, withhold my consent and I thereby am exempted from any and all vaccinations on the grounds that such is contrary to my personal beliefs and also the
    UN Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights
    19 October 2005 Article 6 – Consent

    1. Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information. The consent should, where appropriate, be express and may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without disadvantage or prejudice.

    2. Scientific research should only be carried out with the prior, free, express and informed consent of the person concerned. The information should be adequate, provided in a comprehensible form and should include modalities for withdrawal of consent. Consent may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without any disadvantage or prejudice. Exceptions to this principle should be made only in accordance with ethical and legal standards adopted by States, consistent with the principles and provisions set out in this Declaration, in particular in Article 27, and international human rights law.

    3. In appropriate cases of research carried out on a group of persons or a community, additional agreement of the legal representatives of the group or community concerned may be sought. In no case should a collective community agreement or the consent of a community leader or other authority substitute for an individual’s informed consent.

    The Nuremberg Code Outlaws Forced Medical Procedures, Which INCLUDES Mandatory Vaccinations (1947)
    (Relevant sections emboldened)
    1. The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision. This latter element requires that before the acceptance of an affirmative decision by the experimental subject there should be made known to him the nature,
    duration, and purpose of the experiment; the method and means by which it is to be conducted; all inconveniences and hazards reasonably to be expected; and the effects upon his health or person which may possibly come from his participation in the experiment.

    The duty and responsibility for ascertaining the quality of the consent rests upon each individual who initiates, directs, or engages in the experiment. It is a personal duty and responsibility which may not be delegated to another with impunity.

    2. The experiment should be such as to yield fruitful results for the good of society, unprocurable by other methods or means of study, and not random and unnecessary in nature.

    3. The experiment should be so designed and based on the results of animal experimentation and a knowledge of the natural history of the disease or other problem under study that the anticipated results justify the performance of the experiment.

    4. The experiment should be so conducted as to avoid all unnecessary physical and mental suffering and injury.

    5. No experiment should be conducted where there is an a priori reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur; except, perhaps, in those experiments where the experimental physicians also serve as subjects.

    6. The degree of risk to be taken should never exceed that determined by the humanitarian importance of the problem to be solved by the experiment.

    7. Proper preparations should be made and adequate facilities provided to protect the experimental subject against even remote possibilities of injury, disability or death.

    8. The experiment should be conducted only by scientifically qualified persons. The highest degree of skill and care should be required through all stages of the experiment of those who conduct or engage in the experiment.
    9. During the course of the experiment the human subject should be at liberty to bring the experiment to an end if he has reached the physical or mental state where continuation of the experiment seems to him to be impossible.

    10. During the course of the experiment the scientist in charge must be prepared to terminate the experiment at any stage, if he has probable cause to believe, in the exercise of the good faith, superior skill and careful judgment required of him, that a continuation of the experiment is likely to result in injury, disability, or death to the experimental subject.


    Any institution, school or medical authority, which tries to enforce the vaccination of children or anyone else, is in violation of the laws of the United States, and may be subject to prosecution.

    Amendment 14 of the United States Constitution:
    “No state shall make or impose any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of the citizens of the United States, nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property.”
    Amendment 4 of the United States Constitution:
    “The right of the people to be secure in their persons shall not be violated.”

    DAY OF __________________, 20_____.




  33. I read through hundreds of the comments made on the Churches FB page, and only a handful mentioned the Word of Wisdom (improving our immune system) or faith in Christ (that he has power to heal and protect us) as a way to protect them from this disease. NOT ONE comment I read mentioned the Priesthood power of God in dealing with this “war against the ravages of COVID-19.”
    When D&C 89 was originally given, it was received by the Saints, pretty much how people here are receiving this recent message by The First Presidency. Some were using it to shame, pressure, or guilt others into obeying the revelation. It was creating the same divisiveness that we can read in many of comments section in FB. The revelation originally started with verse 4 (you might want to reread D&C 89, starting with this verse). I heard that the Prophet latter added what are now the first 3 verses as part of the italicized introduction, to explain to members that it was given “not by commandment or constraint.” It remained that way until 1876, when in the new edition of D&C, the 3 verses were moved from the introduction into the revelation.
    My point is that we should not use this message to berate others, or use it to have a sense of superiority (pride), as the members originally did with D&C 89. There are many differing viewpoints from medical professionals and government leaders – which adds to the confusion. Whether you believe it or not, there is a lot of censorship by the media and big tech that makes it difficult to know the “facts.”
    My advice is to be open to both sides, talk to your doctor and others interested in your well-being. After you “study it out in your mind; then you must ask [God] if it be right…” (D&C 9:8). Have faith that the Holy Spirit can give you direction and comfort, trust in the Lord, and no matter what answer is given, continue to rely on the promises of God that can come through a Priesthood blessing. Above all else, have love towards one another.

  34. Do not oppose the First Presidency and the Twelve. I know they are not fallen. They are pure and great disciples of Jesus Christ! They see more than you can see. For example when Joseph Smith urged Hauns to leave his mill and come follow them, Hauns disobeyed because he had a right to own and control property. He couldn’t see what Joseph Smith could see. He paid the price for disobedience. Today if you could see what the Prophet and the Apostles can see you would know that what they are doing is for your good and for the safety of the whole Church world wide. The Church is not strong enough to tweak the tail of the beast for if they did the beast would make literal warfare with the Church in every nation. The Beast has control of every nation on earth, especially our nation. When the Lord is ready Babylon will fall and great shall be the fall thereof. The time is now for all to follow the leaders of Christ’s Church and the Holy Spirit and if we don’t we will not stand.

  35. There is a time to lie and a time to kill. We shouldn’t lie needlessly, but if telling a lie will save us from evil wickedness then tell a lie. If killing will save the life of an innocent person then kill. If you could see what the Prophet can see you would lie, lie, lie !!!!!!!!

  36. I have decided that Heavenly Father has this covered if there is an error here, He will deal with it. My only concern is to maintain and take care of my temple worthiness and hope to be ready to meet Jesus.

    Time will tell.

    However, no jab for me, because can be deadly and harmful.

    1. D & C 84:65-73
      65. And these signs shall follow them that believe—
      66. In my name they shall do many wonderful works;
      67. In my name they shall cast out devils;
      68. In my name they shall heal the sick;
      69. In my name they shall open the eyes of the blind, and unstop the ears of the deaf;
      70. And the tongue of the dumb shall speak;
      *** 71. And if any man shall administer poison unto them it shall not hurt them;****
      72. And the poison of a serpent shall not have power to harm them.
      73. But a commandment I give unto them, that they shall not boast boast themselves of these things, neither speak them before the world; for these things are given unto you for your profit and for salvation.
      Here are my feeling on Covid 19 and getting shots. I believe there are several reasons why the prophets are encouraging us to get the shot.
      1. To appease the criminal deep state and prevent persecution.
      2. To help us not be kept from doing many necessary things like buy, sell, travel and congregate, etc.
      3. To test our faith to see if we will follow the prophets.
      4 To test us to see if we follow the prompting of the Spirit and learn for ourselves what is right.
      5. To see if we really know what’s going on as far as the Secret Combination is concerned.
      If we have real faith in Jesus Christ I do not believe getting the shot will hurt us. I have no doubt that this whole Covid 19 charade is of the devil to take us captive. We each need personal inspiration as to what is right for us.
      6. I do not believe that the corrupt CDC, the government, the news media and the medical community are telling the truth, nor do I believe that many people are dying from Covid 19, there are so many lies. Masks do not protect us unless the Lord protects us for following the council of the Prophet.
      7. Since it is a world wide church our Prophets have to be concerned what other governments are doing and demanding of their people.
      8. I think our corrupt governments are really going to get tough on us and the Church so getting the shot is also the right thing to do to appease them. To buy time and to test us.
      I have no doubt that the prophets knows all of the lies and evils associated with this evil conspiracy and what’s going to happen in the future.
      Best wishe, kind regards – Marvin

      1. Fine, but can’t they just stay out of it without promoting falsehood? Just leave it alone. Why must they be cheerleaders for falsehoods? If things continue apace, and if the narrative of safe and effective becomes “unsafe and ineffective,” Nelson et. al. will totally lose credibility and he and the others with him will need to be moved from their place.

        1. Mark,

          I agree that it would have been better to leave it alone. If this continues the communists will eventually tell us to denounce Jesus Christ. Should we just cross our fingers and do that too?

      2. This reminds me of Jesus being tempted by Satan. It feels like the same thing to me. It makes me feel like I am on a pinnacle of the temple and am being told to jump because someone has told me it is safe, when in reality it is not. God has the power to keep it from harming, but I do not feel like I want to test God.

        Matthew 4:1-11
        New King James Version
        Satan Tempts Jesus

        5 Then the devil took Him up into the holy city, set Him on the pinnacle of the temple, 6 and said to Him, “If You are the Son of God, throw Yourself down. For it is written:

        ‘He shall give His angels charge over you,’


        ‘In their hands they shall bear you up,
        Lest you dash your foot against a stone.’ ”

        7 Jesus said to him, “It is written again, ‘You shall not [a]tempt the Lord your God.’ ”

        There could be a possibility that Heavenly Father can save persons who submit to the shots, but are we tempting God if we do submit?

        We may buy a little time, but the next jab? I am looking at the people behind this. What happens if this is unchecked and goes on. This is leading to denouncing Jesus Christ because these communist, marxist, satanist are “Godless” and hate God. Are members going to go along with that too? They are still pushing to get the jab to the children down to 5 years old!

        They are planning “Green Zones” to put people into camps and HR6666 where they can separate families and take away your home and children from you. Bill Gates also wants to depopulate the world “if we do a really good job with the vaccines and Planned Parenthood.

        What if This is the “Mark of the Beast”? There are so many references to 6. “6 feet apart and masked”. The patent W02020060606 see the following link.

        I am not willing to take the “Mark of the Beast” that the world is pushing. This fits so much of the criteria for the “Mark”, the whole world, rich and poor, great and small, cannot buy or sell. If it is not the “Mark” it is a forerunner. What SCREAMS out to me are the TRUE EVIL MOTIVATIONS of this whole vaccination purpose!

        Look at Bill Gates, (Who the church leaders have funded). His objective is to dull down or even destroy a person’s spiritual connection with God, because we are fanatics. This is like they are trying to take your very soul.

        The leaders may be deceived by what these people are, they hide behind the appearance of being good, but deep down are tools of destruction. We know by the scriptures that even the “very elect” can be deceived.

        I agree Steven, no Prophet has ever told us to do something that could harm ourselves.

        D&C 93 Out of our “Come Follow Me” lesson book

        24 And truth is knowledge of things as they are, and as they were, and as they are to come;

        25 And whatsoever is more or less than this is the spirit of that wicked one who was a liar from the beginning.

        26 The Spirit of truth is of God. I am the Spirit of truth, and John bore record of me, saying: He received a fulness of truth, yea, even of all truth;

        God has allowed this, there is a purpose. I have always been able to sustain the presidency, but this feels different, it makes my spirit grieve, cringe, and I feel a danger in following their urging that i cannot shake. That is not how the previous prophets made me feel. Everything in my soul is screaming DANGER. My spirit is screaming NO.

  37. For the first time in Human history, a Man, who is supposed to be a Prophet of God turns to being a Liar! Father Adam was Not a Liar. Noah was Not a Liar. Isaiah was Not a Liar. Joseph Smith was Not a Liar. Brigham Young was Not a Liar. Ezra, Spencer, on and on and on… But now we have a Man who has used his office and his calling to Lie and advocate that people should take Poison in order to please God.

    I think its absolutely Unprecedented in human history that we now have a Liar calling himself a Prophet of God! There is Absolutely No Way he can get around the Fact that He Is a Liar!

    Taking Poison is Never the answer. No job is worth taking Poison for. No Man calling himself a Prophet, is worth taking Poison for. Jesus would not ask You to take Poison to please him, Satan would and does. That is always Satan’s plan.

    You go ahead and take the Poison. If you do, its only a matter of time 6 months to 5 years and You Will Die horribly and painfully. That’s NOT the will of God or of Jesus!

    *The first thing that will happen to you if You take the Poison is You will be Sterilized!
    **The next thing you will get when you take the Poison is Your Genetic structure will be Altered, You will be nothing more than a GMO Product. You will No Longer be Human, and I might add, Unqualified to meet Jesus when he comes!
    ***Next your Immune system given to you from God will be destroyed in favor of a Man Made immune system which protects you from Nothing!
    ****Also you will almost immediately begin Blood Clotting, from microscopic in size to larger and larger till you are paralyzed and or die!
    *****Also there are things called Spike Proteins in the Poison, and these teach your body to make more Spike Proteins, and these things by the millions will systematically attack your organs such as Heart, brain and Lungs… (ever heard of Mad Cow Disease?)…on and on, until you Die.
    ******If you survive 3 years to 5 years, shedding disease everywhere you go onto others where ever you go, one or more of thousands of diseases, such as AIDS, will Hunt You Down!
    For what its worth, I’d like to see if You can survive for just 6 months without a working Immune system!
    Go ahead, Stupid Punk, Make My Day!

    Listen to this 3 minute address:

    1. This is just something to work through. I am not understanding these feelings and the choice we choose will determine what kind of future we face.

      I personally will not take the injection and may face hardship like a concentration camp. Perhaps this is to buy us time, or overcome poison, it is hard to say. So, in that respect perhaps this letter is just “wartime optics” to buy time. They may see the danger, like in past Germany, and know that standing up is to perish. Perhaps, and I do hope so that the priesthood will be able to heal the church members. That would be great!

      I also choose not to leave the church, offended or not, because something can always offend us. I have also saw friends leave and really get bitter and fight against the church. I will stay, have made my choice about the injection not to take it. This is really a hard test. May we all pass it regardless what we think. Be in prayer, search scriptures, seek revelation and no matter what stick to the church. I have a difference of opinion about the jab, when I consider the “hinge point”, unprecidented things happening in the church like President Nelson said. Those words sit well with me. This jab thing is just different.

  38. Although the vaccine makers are exempt from liability, i suspect those institutions that required their people to get vaxxed, e.g. certain hospitals, the NFL, etc. will be sued. No longer will the latenight commercials be about mesothelioma; they will be taking cases for people injured by the vax. Not sure where that leaves the church because, although encouraged to get vaxxed, it is not a condition of membership or of good standing, i.e. temple recommend, so the church should escape liability. Interestingly, my area seventy (a true covid Nazi if there ever was one) wanted to bus people from the churches to get vaxxed. SLC got wind of this and shut it down. (This from very credible sources.) I’m sure the lawyers saw the risk. It’s okay to “urge” perhaps, but to directly facilitate and especially to “require” could push an organization into a position of liability. $30 billion for mesothelioma may be chicken feed by comparison to covid liability. Expect to see the first lawyer commercial within a year.

    1. What good is a Lawsuit after you’re dead? Take the advise given to me and I pass it on freely: NO Job is worth taking poison for! You can always get another Job, you can’t get another life! I have been fired from so many jobs over the years and it doesn’t faze me anymore. I was fired from a Dominoes Pizza and then learned later that the manager was arrested for drugs. I was fired from ARC Mobile Home parks and a few months later the whole company went belly up. I was recently fired from a really good job in Brigham City because the Owners were actually looking for a new husband for their spoiled daughter. And the reviews of the place as found on the internet show that many people have had trouble with her and the place. Her own former husband who was the maintenance man there said to me; that he put up with her ad her father for 20 years and couldn’t take it any more! They wanted to keep all the money in the family you see. Glad I’m not there any more. I could go on and on of places that fired me and then just a shorty time later they had BIG trouble. Again I repeat, NO JOB is worth taking poison for!

      1. there may be many deaths, but there are many life ruining adverse effects. a lawsuit cannot bring back the dead, but it can stop a bad actor from inflicting more pain on the public. if there is no point in suing after someone is dead, then i guess bad people and organizations just need to make sure their victims die.

    2. I wrote above on August 25, 2021 that within a year we would be seeing lawyers advertising for lawsuits against persons, organizations, etc. that were mandating the “vaccine.” The link below is of a HI attorney stating he is bringing a class action lawsuit on behalf of 45,000 people who died in the US within 72 hours of the vax.

  39. Here you go, from the Supreme Court. How will church leaders explain what happened to the watchmen on the tower?

    In the meantime, I will continue to rely on Priesthood blessings since I first learned about them and joined the church.
    Blessings to y’all, much love

    I read a church talk about 20 years ago regarding a prophecy from JosephSmith gave about a time when there would be a great division in the church and we were counseled to stay with the majority of the 12 and the records of the church.
    I wish I could reference this for y’all, but I am sure that it can’t be too difficult to track down.🙏🙏🙏

  40. Listen folks:
    As I have said, NO JOB is worth taking Poison for, (PERIOD!)
    My wife currently works as a cook for: Holiday Retirement. (At an old folks home in South Ogden called- The Harrison Regent) And HR is demanding that all staff at all their locations across the country take the Poison. I refuse to call it a Vaccine. IT IS NOT! Poison is all it is!!! (Again Nelson is a LIAR!!!)
    Erwin Rommel took fast acting poison because the Gestapo said that they would leave his family alone if he took that route instead of a public trial, and he believed them.
    Do You Believe- Bill Gates, Fauci, Nelson, Biden, Soros, Schwab and a whole host of other Satan Supporters and worshipers? I’d feel sorry for you if you do.

    My wife has Diabetes 2 that I am controlling with: Nettles, Magnesium & Fenugreek, and she surely doesn’t want to damage what is left of her God Given Immune system as well with that Poison! She refuses and will soon lose her job. She understands that NO Job is worth taking Poison for. Will it be tough on us? You Bet! But we will survive!

    Some Years ago, (1992) the great Col. Bo Gritz said in a talk, that “in the future, if we wanted to live FREE, we may have to resort to living like our ancestors.” Can you do that? Can You live like- Little House on the Prairie? The choice is yours to make. Live Free or Die is the Motto that has motivated many a hearty group! What do you say?

    Here now, take a few minutes, I offer this distinguished scientist, and I don’t even know his name. Please Listen Closely!!!
    Take Care Everyone. . .
    Steve Nelson

    1. Tell her to let them fire her. Then she can collect unemployment, maybe later take legal action against the company

    2. Just watched this video, reporting that 905 babies being breastfed by vaxxed mothers have died, caused by inflammation from the spike protein, and the speaker says the spike protein, which is what the vax causes your own cells to manufacture, is the most dangerous part of an otherwise not particularly dangerous virus.

  41. So is Tony Fauci one of these “wise and thoughtful . . . medical experts . . .”, who saw that the NIH contributed funds to Wuhan Institute for gain of function research, which apparently led to creation of a virus that could “jump” from animal to human?

    “We can win this war if everyone will follow the wise and thoughtful recommendations of medical experts and government leaders.”

    The noose seems to be tightening around Fauci’s skinny little neck.–fauci-n2595510?utm_source=thdaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl&newsletterad=09/08/2021&bcid=f8984f57d8ca15657e37576d99f3dc0c&recip=28383890

  42. I suppose the 1st presidency is completely down for forced vaccines now, in keeping with Biden’s speech on 9-9-2021. After all, the vaxxes, masks, etc. are all imposed by our wise and thoughtful leaders. I don’t have a facebook account and I am sure most of you who get onto this website, but I understand when the church edict came out last month the comments by members were so negative and voluminous that they shut down the comment section. Nothing like promoting freedom, truth and transparency. We always heard the prophecy that the constitution would one day hang by a thread and if it would be saved it would be by the elders of the church. (Note, it did not say “by the church”.) But how ironic that at a time when a fascist president and administration are running roughshod over the Constitution, the highest elders in the church have at least tacitly endorsed the most fascist and sweeping action ever attempted against the American people. At the coming conference, I will not raise my arm to the square to sustain the first presidency as prophets, seers and revelators and I suspect (hope) there will be hundreds of thousands of other members who act similarly. I know Nelson will be sustained anyway, but I hope he understands he has an insurrection on his hands.

      1. It is not like I feel bitterness or rebellion. It feels like my trust has been broken because of their letter and script.

  43. We can trust God. Even this, “All things work together for good for those who love God, and are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

    There must be a purpose in even this that we do not understand. Let us ask Him what He wants us to do. How we can “Follow Him” more perfectly to be ready for His coming.

    No matter what we do not understand.

  44. So much for the vaxxes being effective. And I suspect the truth will come out eventually that the vaxxes are not safe either. Oh well, win a few, lose a few.

    From the UK:

    But then, maybe the Brits haven’t received the good stuff.

    But I’m sure the brethren can count on the Rolling Stone (cut out of the mountain without hands) magazine eventually publishing a story about how safe and effective the vaxxes are. Take your friends wherever you can find them.

  45. As for the safety of the vaxx, I continue to have stories of people I know or are known by first acquaintances who have reported to me on odd events occurring with people I, or they, know and all of these odd events are consistent with blood clots or damaged blood vessels. I know of four people with detached retinas (never known anyone with that previously), 35 year old, healthy man — stroke (from his aunt: We cant believe this has happened; we have no history of this in our family”), the “runner” who services my office, age 74, dead of a brain aneurysm, my pool guy’s co-worker faints and falls into a pool he is working on, fished out and resuscitated and survives, all these events happening in the last two months. The naysayers will argue these things happen, but I have never at any time in my life been this close to so many of these types of events, all consistent with the experts’ concerns that the spike protein would cause damage to the endothelial cells that line the blood vessels, causing bleeding or blood clots. This is just not normal.

    1. This is just so sad. Of course my niece with neurological problems after the shots was told it was NOT the shots. Sound familiar?

      1. Very sad. Many suggest VAERS only reports 10% of the negative effects. I suspect none of the events I described above were reported, despite being highly suspect.

        Was shamed today in church for not following the prophet in not getting vaxxed. This is a common occurrence, whether from the pulpit or on “anti-social” media. One person in fast meeting talked about the blessing of the AIDS treatments leading to the “miracle” of the covid vaxxes. Our thanks to those who assisted in the creation and spread of HIV I suppose. You can’t make this stuff up.

        Hope your niece can recover, Judy.

        Some apologists for the prophet say that for each of us, we are like Abraham being commanded to sacrifice Isaac. This is just silly for so many reasons, one of the most obvious being that Isaac came out of the ordeal untouched, which is more than we can say of many of the vaxxed. Or that this is analogous to Moses holding up the brazen serpent and all that was needed was to look upon it and be spared from the bite of the serpent. No doubt the brazen serpent made Moses billions.

        Keep your fingers crossed when the flu season hits this winter. When people start getting sick with seasonal flu, colds and pneumonia, these diseases will be reported as covid and the non-vaxxed are going to take the blame. Forced vaccinations are a real possibility.

        Many faithful saints are keeping the faith by hanging onto the belief that Nelson knows something we don’t know, that perhaps if it does not toe the line on the vaxxes, the church could be shut down, the missionary work could suffer, etc. I don’t buy this, but I will keep an open mind that it may be true. But if the vaxxes continue to result in injury and death and if the effect of the vaxxes continues to dissipate quickly, requiring semi-annual boosters, the proclamation by the first pres that the vaxxes are “safe and effective” might do severe damage to Nelson’s credibility and the concomitant negative effect on the church and the missionary program.

        Of course, so many people in government, healthcare, business and churches have so much invested in the vaccines, the more likely result is the MSM will point their fingers at the non-vaxxed and 2/3 of the populace will buy into it. I can see it now, being required to sew a biohazard patch into my clothing.

        1. Thanks Mark. She is still having problems. I have been staying away from church because I am vunerable, age wise, diabetes, and if I get even a cold am very sick for a long time. So if shedding happens I am safer.

          it is also a good thing I guess, because it is very difficult to be there knowing people i care about are not able to handle the basic truths about VAERS and do not want to hear any truths about it. I basically have been attacked by censorship. But, that is OK, because it protects me to be “out of sight”. I keep up with the Book of Mormon and the Come Follow Me lessons.

          1. Hello Judy, That’s the best you can do. I don’t fear the disease because I have no co-morbitities other than my age, but my wife has concerns similar to yours and does fear the disease. We have taken the chance on ordering ivermectin from one of the links you provided. It seems legit but I will not hold it against you if it is not.

            There is no point in arguing with people. It will be interesting to watch them deal with their cognitive dissonance. Most I imagine will merely deny what they said and did.

            I figure by now you are about the last person, along with me, posting on this matter. I used to have a FB account but shut that down entirely. Posting here is currently my therapy. Thanks for your rational and kind efforts.

    2. My business partner’s friend’s daughter in an organization at byu required her to get vaxxed or she would be kicked out of the group. Got the J &j jab and shortly thereafter is now fighting effects of severe blood clots. As I wrote several weeks ago, the latenight lawyer ads will change from suing over asbestos induced mesothelioma to suing for adverse vax events. Tell this unfortunate girl the vax is safe and effective. Follow the prophet.

      1. BYU is sold out too for sure. It is so horrible that young people’s lives are being compromised. These are very dark days.

    3. I own a business in rural Missouri. I have never had so many customers tell me of so many friends or relatives who have been injured or died after this shot, some within two days of getting it. Brain aneurysm (40+ y/o male); death in two days (52); headaches; very high white blood cell counts of “unknown” origin; blood blisters; visible blood in urine (MD said it might be cancer, but it began just after the man got the shot); monthly menstral cycles interrupted, with bleeding for up to a week in between; a young college student who has been bleeding for two months; rectal bleeding; and worst of all, three people whose platelet counts have dropped to near or at zero, resulting in massive bleeding from “every orifice of the body.” I’ve had one report of an 8 y/o now having severe nose bleeds–possibly from spike protein transference from adults who’ve gotten the shot?

  46. Great article. Summarizes so much truth of the fake pandemic. Why are the people of central Africa 100 times safer against covid? Why has Nelson been rolled by the MSM and corrupt CDC, Fauci, et. al? I suspect it is because Nelson is an AMA doctor thru and thru and actually believes there is no corruption here. How ironic that it would be a “physician-prophet” who would lead the church down this destructive path. What ever happened to the Hippocratic oath, “first, do no harm”?

  47. Alternatives that are safe:

    Fauci – Genocide – Dr. Bryan Ardis (

    Alternative to shots:
    For ivermectin and hydroxicloriquine:

    For essential balanced vitamins to stop COVID:

    For Budesonide:

    For budesonide no prescription (powder inhaler)

    See this for FREE COVID Meds and doctor
    Fauci – Genocide – Dr. Bryan Ardis (

    1. Also see Stop World Luciferase explained that is in the shots.

    1. I have been trying to buy Ivermectin. I have a business associate who has a fridge-full but I don’t want to draw upon his supply. I have bought 200 12 mg ivermectin pills through one of Judy Ward’s links. I paid thru PayPal. It all seems legit and expect to receive the pills in a few weeks. Will let you know the outcome.

    2. Received 200 12 mg ivermectin pills this week Manufactured in India, so with the tremendous benefit India experienced in treating the breakout ther this past summer, I have confidence these are the real thing. They came in well-marked boxes, each pill sealed. So thanks to Judy for posting what appears to be a legitimate source for the drug.

  48. For American Frontline Doctors

    1 Plan for Prevention and 1 Plan if sick. Plus three doctor consultations:

    Registration by state – FRONTLINE MDs with Dr. Stella Immanuel

  49. One man’s personal experirnces in meeting people with adverse vax events. His experience is similar to mine: meeting people or knowing people who have had strange health events. Like me, he has never experienced a time when he was so close to so many of these events, and many of the victims do not even see the likely correlation with receiving the vax. The VAERS reports continue to grow, but are merely the tip of the iceberg because most either do not see the correlation or do not wish to admit that have made the grave mistake of succumbing to the vax propaganda. And for LDS members, there is the added cognitive dissonance of trying to reconcile their experience with the admonitions of the first presidency.

    1. From the Dr. McCullough interview linked above: 86% of the 12000 deaths reported are tied to the vax. “this is going to go down in history as the most dangerous biological medicinal product rollout in human history.”

      But I’m not “all in” with the prophet if I don’t get it.

      “It is not natural for a human cell to produce this foreign spike protein . . . to have the body attack its own cells and then let it circulate in the bloodstream where we know it damages blood cells and then let it cause blood clotting.”

      Nelson has been undone by his own hubris, trusting in his own and his profession’s “arm of flesh.” He will forever be associated with the death and destruction of lives associated with these vaxxes. The damage done to the church from this cannot be repaired.

  50. The mathematics of why your face diaper doesn’t work. How many times do we hear, “I always wear my mask; I don’t know how I could catch covid.”

    And “social distancing” is nothing but silly and ridiculous. The Sars-CoV2 virus can remain suspended in the air indefinitely, so “3 feet, die, six feet, live” is ludicrous. And yet the 1st Pres continues to advocate, and the bishops and stake presidents continue to enforce for these unserious measures.

    If I were faced with getting a truly dangerous disease, I would not trust my life to the worthless masks and silly 6 foot distancing. For Nelson et. al. to advocate for masks and distancing further demonstrates they are nothing more than shills for our government overlords.

  51. You must watch this.

    He is a funeral director and exposes all the fraud that went into manufacturing the fake pandemic, how through the first year of the panic, essentially from Jan 2020 thru Jan 2021, and other than a short period of maybe 8-12 weeks when all the deaths were coming out of nursing homes, there was never in this time any spike in deaths, and he verified this with other funeral home owners and directors. He said that during the time when there were all these nursing home deaths that there was a ten-fold increase in the delivering of a sedative (not sure of the name, something like “mazepal”) and it is his belief the nursing home deaths were from overdoses of this sedative.

    He pointed out how impossible it would be for the virus to target certain buildings, i.e. nursing homes. This just doesn’t happen, but there was in this time, for about three weeks, when all the deaths and bodies he would retrieve were from nursing homes. Why? Does a virus attack a nursing home? Of course not. And then he could see how as many deaths as possible were being attributed to covid even though the people were dying of cancer, accidents, etc, which was all clearly intended to stoke the fear.

    He also said that he and his wife and embalmer did not wear (as he said useless) face masks or PPE suits when handling bodies supposedly dead of covid. Why might that be? You can figure out the answer.

    After the spike in deaths from the nursing home debacle, he says things were quiet and normal until around January, 2021, at which time he started to see deaths among people who just shouldn’t be dying. These deaths were generally from heart attack, stroke, blood clots and organ failure (and he did not say this, but these types of deaths are consistent with the fact that the vaccines inject material which causes the body to create the spike protein which then leads to attacks on the blood vessels cell walls which can lead to bleeding or blood clots). These deaths started coming after the vaxxes were begun being administered and were almost exclusively of those who had been vaxxed.

    In his experience, none of the children for whom he handled the funeral died of covid, but now he is getting deaths of children who just should not be dying, but now they are being vaccinated and are dying from the vaxx. He says the deaths attributed to the delta variant are really vaccine injuries. This is why people from all age groups are now dying, and these people just should not be dying. As a funeral director, he unequivocably states it is the jab that is killing people.

    This is truly terrifying. I have tried to summarize the 28 minute video, but as you watch this man who is experienced in dealing with death, his credibility comes through.

    1. Hi Mark, I’m catching up to these threads after a long absence.

      Regarding the UK funeral director’s report, the medication of interest is a benzodiazepine called Midazolam (aka Versed, Dormicum, etc). This med appears to be used in a rather versatile manner for purposes of sedation, anesthesia, sleep inducement, and… programmed murder.

      My poor beloved father’s death in July 2020 exactly matches circumstances described by the UK funeral director, a Mr. Looney by name, if I recall correctly. When I have a little more time, perhaps tomorrow, I will describe what occurred at the bottom of the thread, but let me say right here, as I summarize the framework that has made just such horrors not only possible, but fully free from prosecution or even comment in a so-called free and democratic society, that no matter how offensive to our LDS sensibilities might be the awful truth of the covid matter, it can and must be stated:

      This is a global project of depopulation (mass murder) that was conceived and engineered long ago, with transcendental purposes in view, and featuring astonishingly competent acts of reporting, detection, propagandizing, information suppression, coordination of effort, convergence of purpose, raw enforcement, and validation of conspiracy – all intended to bring about the demise of Man-as-God’s-Seed according to classical luciferian principles of foretelling, co-opting, self-inculpation, and offense/harm to children, and which succeeds when it gets us choosing to abandon our possession and claim on being and growing as the “seed of God” – which, described differently, means when we agree to the corrupting of our native DNA legacy, and dissociate ourselves from God by fundamental degrees.

      This is why mRNA is chosen as the novel vector. It is a lie to say that no editing of the host’s permanent DNA can occur (research the implications of the LINE-1 mechanism).

      As it was in the days of Noah… when Jehovah repented of having placed man on earth, because… why? What (literally, what in the world?) could cause the hard-won Plan of Salvation to be put on the chopping block? It was due to the fact that the “seed” had become corrupted. And why Noah (Gabriel) as the second Adam (Michael) was importantly described as “perfect in his generation” (not “perfectly behaved” or “sinless”, as a clueless Religion instructor at BYU once tried to tell me) – meaning, Noah had perfect (authentic, pure) DNA. You see, the adversary has one fool-proof way to frustrate and make difficult the return to our Father’s presence: change us into an organism that is elementally foreign to God’s holy corporeal constitution. Perhaps even antigenic. Our spirits might well be a match, but if the corrupted nature of the seed of God presented a near-lethal problem to His plan in Noah’s day, it evidently presented an irresistible target as well to today’s devils and usurpers.

      The covid pseudopathogen is not the point of this whole business, rather it is the vaccine that will get the evil jab-job done. On the way to dividing us one from another on specious terms of science-worship, knowledge-seeking, and moral high-horsing around, the ultimate triumph will arrive when we voluntarily (very important, this aspect of luciferianism, to cut ourselves off from God by the exercise of our agency – the very prize over which we warred in heaven) deprive our own children of their fertility and right of participation in the first victory of Plan of Salvation – which is procreation – and therefore to betray their own earthly seed in failing to protect and preserve them (as did the Canaanites and Ammonites when they surrendered their infants to the ovens of Moloch; for even speaking of this atrocity in Gospel Doctrine class, which the God of the Old Testament condemns most specifically on seventeen occasions, and which constitutes the foremost reason why Israel lost its covenant position – shhh, it’s a secret – I was summarily released from my Sunday School President position back in 2016).

      Please listen carefully. Because I know precisely what is going on. And I know who is doing it. For example, allow me to explain why the oddly arbitrary span of 6 feet was prescribed for “social distancing”. Imagine if you were required to stay 6 feet away from your fellows, but in all directions, that is, in all three dimensions of x, y, and z. Were that to happen, you would be abiding by another instantiation of the important 6-6-6 figure, which not incidentally did not arise with John the Revelator, but in fact derived from the debauchery of the late Solomonic era, when that quite possibly syphilitic monarch imported from Egypt into his kingdom what was then known as the Star of Remphan (in Africa and India it was an icon used to summon demons), and renamed it the Star of David.

      The Star of David features 6 points, 6 lines, and 6 triangles. It also symbolizes a caricature of an illicit sexual act. It is not the sign of God’s chosen people; that honor goes to the seven-spired Menorah (you will understand why in a moment). You see, 6-6-6 is a Pharasaic formulation intended to express disdain of God and dismissal of Him as unnecessary or redundant – an insult that causes Him great sorrow (and if you can’t defeat God, you can still win by ignoring Him, or so goes the luciferian creed).

      How does 666 figure in the attempt to interrupt God’s supplication and appeal to mankind? Recall that the number 6 signifies “completion”, followed in God’s plan by 7, which is “rest in the Lord”, and perhaps thereafter by Methuselah’s number, 8, which means “renewal”. But the Pharasaic tradition says, stop right there, if you are complete in all dimensions, then you have already achieved perfection, and have no need of entering the Rest of the Lord (and therefore His worship). You actually have no need of the Lord either. You have not defeated Him, you simply ignored Him.

      The architects of the covid program, though they hail from many fields and persuasions (which I could easily name, but which would probably cause my writing to be censored), have in common their adherence to the luciferian creed: hurt the children (cause the Lord to feel sorrow, condemn Him for allowing a once-in-eternity period of helpless childhood*); disallow procreation (there’s your enmity with the “seed of the woman” – with all babies, not just the Christ-child); divide the brotherhood of man with fear that blocks the Light of Christ; distract from spiritual pursuits with debilitation and disease; and finally, as with war in past times – Kill, Kill, Kill (although good old-fashioned war is coming too).

      * Do you remember how the Savior always seemed to be checking on the children? Remember how, in 3 Nephi, He only confessed that the Atonement was succeeding after returning to visit with the Nephite children?

      Bottom line: Understanding what evil result this covid-vaxx system is dedicated to bringing about is a rather simple exercise. More difficult to understand is: exactly what mischief are Nelson and company about?

  52. There appears to be some good news in the vax wars. As per this story of a recent FDA meeting, the VAERS numbers were presented and with this, 16 of 18 members of the advisory board voted against approval of the boosters (of which I have credible information that at least Pfizer was lobbying for). The vaers numers are just too off the charts to continue to be ignored. Here is the link re the recent meeting.

    Included in this link is a chart of the VAERS reports for the last ten years. The only explanations for the vax programs to continue are wilful blindness or evil intent. Here is the link to the chart. At least this board had the honesty and decency to vote down the booster.

  53. In a post I made earlier today, I linked a video of a mortuary owner. One of his remarkable statements is that the Delta variant of Sars-CoV-2 is actually the vaccine.

    In the following linked article, a Covid-experienced nurse makes the same claim: “The delta variant is the vaccine-injured.” This coming from a nurse who is on the frontline and sees what is really happening, just like the mortuary owner.

  54. One of the most credentialed critics of the vaxxes is Dr Sucharit Bakhdi. Below is linked a recent article on what he is saying now.

    A few pull quotes and analysis: The trials looked at 20k vaxxed and 20k not vaxxed. “What they found was that less than 1% of the vaxxed group got covid-19 and less than 1% of the non-vaxxed group got covid-19.” When Pfizer says the vax is 95% effective this is meaningless because doing nothing is 95% effective as well, that is, your chance of getting covid and having a severe case regardless of vaxxed status is 95%+. What must be looked at is what the absolute reduction in risk achieved with the vax, and that is only about 1%. So there is little absolute benefit from the vax and the risks far outweigh this tiny benefit.

    “If you are under 70 years of age and have no severe pre-existing illness, you can hardly die [from Sars-Cov-2 infection]. So there is no fatality rate that can be reduced. [But what about all the supposed variant deaths among younger people, those are coming among the vaxxed, i.e. the vax is the cause of these illnesses and deaths.]

    He points out that for the elderly, treatments advocated by Dr McCullough [utilizing HCQ, Ivermectin] are reducing the IFR (infection fatality rate among this group) by 70 to 80%.

    What of reports that 95% of all cases are among the non-vaxxed? These reports are based upon the period from Dec 2020 to June 2021, when most had not been vaxxed, But since that time, and now that at least 50% of Americans have received both doses, the majority of severe cases are among the jabbed.

    Can anything be done to reverse the damage from the shots? “We don’t know.”

    Bhakdi is the best of all I have read in his explanation of why the vaxxes are resulting in blood clots, strokes, bleeding and so forth. His 2d book is available only in German but should be out in English I imagine in maybe 6 months.

    Here’s the link. It’s difficult reading but as you become more familiar with Bhakdi’s critique of the jab you will better understand and better recognize health problems which are happening all around you and which are consistent with what Bhakdi has been predicting. He explains “antibody-dependent enhancement”, helping you to understand why the vax will cause antibody responses which put the vaxxed person in great peril.

  55. Of course all these stories of adverse events from the vaccine are just disgruntled people looking for someone to blame for their health problems.

    Did it ever cross through Nelson’s pointy little head that with 50% of covid 19 hospital admissions being obese people, and another 28% being overweight that maybe urging people to lose 40 pounds just might be better advice than urging them to get the dangerous shot? But no, that would be too difficult, actually learn some self control and lose weight. I imagine it would be shocking how few members actually have the discipline even once a month on fast day to truly fast for even 24 hours.

    I am going to watch with pleasure (schadenfreude) as Nelson’s regime falls apart. This guy and his complicit counselors are in big trouble. As the evidence of the horrors of the vaccine mounts, as the truth of the fake pandemic is learned, as the lies and corruption are revealed, I can’t help but feel nothing but anger and loathing toward Nelson and the many church leaders who have lacked the courage to oppose him.

    1. Be sure to watch the 13 minute video included in the article. The VAERS report has more than 500,000 reports and is grossly under-reported because it takes 30 minutes to fill out one of the reports.

      But the millions of events are just coincidence, right? Safe and effective.

      1. If you want to maintain your faith in the prophet, just don’t look at this stuff. Perhaps it’s all of the devil, perhaps it’s my personal stumbling block. I never dreamed I would be in this position.

  56. so here’s a funny thought: the country is falling apart, the saints are making the trek to build the New Jerusalem, you arrive only to be turned away because you don’t have your vaccine passport. A little gallows humor.

    And of course, if you are going to build up Zion, be sure to wear your mask! and be sure to kneel six feet away from me while we are pounding nails.

    1. Nothing to see here; please just move along.

      Willful blindness is what it is. Nelson’s in too deep now to change his story.

      1. Mark, I think you are right. I asked my Bishop about that. I am wondering that when the truth starts to dawn on everyone if this can be turned around for the church.

        Perhaps the doctrine of “Following the Prophet” is a false doctrine. Repenting and scripture I can understand. They should have just distributed Ivermectin for the church members. No, the had to give 20 million dollars to UNICEF enough to kill and maim 1 billion people.

        This is a huge mistake.

        1. I think the blogspot post you linked on 9-23 proves that “follow the prophet” is a false doctrine. That was a great post.

  57. How about you, David Bednar? You spoke earlier this year about the threat the covid responses are to our freedom. Take a stand against the vax, against the mask, against the lockdowns and the vaccine passports. I would like to hear from at least one higher up in the church hierarchy. Nobody cares what I have to say; I’m just some crackpot loser.

    I think I have figured out why Nelson has done this. When I was in law school at BYU, being somewhat conservative politically, I have always been concerned at how the federal gov’t has run roughshod over the states powers, ignored the 10th amendment and so forth. The federal government has stepped into so much it has not business being involved with. So I figured i might get a little of that sort of debate at the BYU law school 40 some years ago. But I was wrong; it never happened. The reason was that the leaders of the school did not want the stigma of being at all political; they wanted to receive the favor of the mainstream lawyers and jurists and did not want to be outside that mainstream; hence, the legal education one received in those days was exactly the same as would have been received at any other law school.

    Nelson is acting from exactly the same place as the law school was. (The law school is now gone completely overboard; you should have seen the email the dean of the law school sent out last year after George Floyd was killed or died in the arrest in Minnesota or wherever it was; total leftist cant. And of course, visit the permanent display at the Monte L Bean Life Sciences museum which has about four skeletons lined up, showing our progress from ape man to homo sapiens. Joseph Fielding Smith would have gone in there with a wrecking ball if it happened in this way. But that’s a story for another day.)

    Anyway, Nelson does not want to be viewed as a crackpot within the medical community. Believe me, the pride that comes from being a respected member of a professional group does not go away. So the last thing Nelson is going to do now is to oppose the narrative from the mainstream doctors who say the vax is good, safe and effective. He has done what he has done and said what he has said because he wants to maintain his status among his colleagues in the medical profession. And it is this hubris which will bring him down. Maybe he can get elected president of the AMA when he is forced out of the presidency of the church. And you can bet that he will never stand before the church members with any contrition for the blight which he has supported and encouraged in this so-called pandemic and the freedom-destroying responses to it.

    1. Mark, I do believe that our church leaders are more political than they are supposed to be. When I watched David Bedenar talk, I got a very bad vibe about him. He seems very cold and calculated when talking about giving legitimatacy to the government.

      Our church has went left and “mockingbird” the script. They are taking the “world’s” words and placing them into the church. Absolutely.

    2. They do not want to be political to save their own skin. But, by doing nothing they are being “political” they are choosing to do nothing. They are choosing their side, the government, at any cost. One shot, two, boosters then will they deny jesus Christ? I choose to draw my line at the beginning now, and not submit to this evil agenda at all.

  58. VAERS 15000 death more than 700000 injuries from the COVID 19 Shots

    Ivermectin effective. The church should have bought meds, but bought enough shots to kill and maim 1 billion people. So how much more harm can 20 million $$$ do?

    Leading sheep to their destruction.

    I think their political association as Democrats are clouding their “spiritual eyes”.

    There can be a danger in following a man. They have funded Bill Gates who want to depopulate the world. This whole agenda of the “thoughtful government” is communism, forcing people to get jabs and killing the children.

    The true church has been hijacked.

    My spirit cannot even stand seeing their faces. They are betraying the church members to deadly and harmful jabs.

    So, I am wondering if His and their view are political siding with the Globalists” agenda.

    Should the “prophet” watch to keep the church members from harm? I thought so, but this is just not the case as far as the “jab” goes.

    I have no trust for them anymore at all. I will just pray to know what God wants me to know and do what God wants me to do from now on. At least I can warn my family and friends about the harm these jabs are doing.

    Something is very wrong within this church leadership right now. Like never before.

    How can anyone trust 3 people who are telling us that the vaccines are “safe and effective” when these are the numbers of harm. More in 6 months then 30 years? We are being lied to. The “prophet” has lost my trust! He can not even tell the truth like it really is?

    And the church is encouraging the missionaries to get the “jab”. Myocarditis and sterilization are adverse effects. How can anyone “trust” this? It makes my heart very sick to think of the young missionaries who are trying to carry the gospel to the world are being encouraged to get the “jab” that can kill and maim them.

    I pray that Heavenly Father can protect His people from this mistake.

    1. So well said, Judy. I know you, like me, cannot believe this has happened. I fully expect, since my posts are made with my actual name attached, that I will be called into a church court, but I will not stop. Everything you stated above is so sad and so true. I have relatives who recently went into the mission field and they got the vax. Another relative is being coerced because he is in a school related to a form of health care. I fear for them and for all the millions more who are at risk. The long-term prospects terrify me.

      1. I have been told to stop talking about this problem as well and told that I will not be in “good standing” in the church. The thing is that I have been told anything to justify the leadership, things that are not true about how the numbers can reflect “anything”. That is true. But the numbers are not completely true from VAERS at all. Look at Project Veritas’s expose Monday night. Adverse effects are not reported completely. Lots of cases are not reported. So the only numbers being manipulated are the VAERS being far less than reality. I am sorry. The presidency and the church will be responsibile for many illnesses and death. This is the greatest tragedy of all history. It makes me sick to think of the missionaries being subject to this poison as a result of the leadership. I have also been censored on media by the Relief Society President. All I wanted to know was when are we going to stand up to this communism? I said the “prophet” has been deceived. I got attacked immediately! Someone has to stand up. We have to fight this and call it out. I am starting to think that “following the “Prophet” is a false doctrine. He has stepped over a red line I think with this “urging”. His personal choice was OK. Making is a matter of disobedience for members to not choose it for themselves is another thing. I will not drink his “koolaid”. No other leader of the church, God, Jesus or anyone has ever told us to take poison into our bodies.

        1. Usually a prophet is just telling people to serve God and repent if necessary. I can not think of any true prophet who ever tells you to put poison with something called “Luciferase” in it that can maim or kill you. It sounds like the evil side to me, and now they are planning to have concentration camps (quarantene camps like the holocaust). I agree with the brothers who have this sight. The church is going along to get along. It is plain to see.

          1. It all boils down to Nelson’s own hubris. He wants to maintain his good standing with his friends and colleagues from the heady days of being a force in the world of medicine.

      2. I think we cannot stop because we are experiencing “Godly Sorrow” about this. I have tried diversions to get my mind off of it, but I just am in a type of mourning about this travesty. This just defies all reason. It is like there are so many Nazi’s have the insane dogma and it has invaded the church.

  59. The hits just keep on coming. Here is a video from an Idaho pathologist, owns the largest pathology lab in ID and he sees huge increases in cancers and in viral infections. The pathologists truly see what’s happening out there. This guy did a number of videos on youtube which have all been taken down. What are they afraid of? The truth is what they are afraid of.

    1. I saw this too. It changes the blood to stack like pancakes and stick together. I am staying home because I cannot be by vaccinated people and it is all about to get crazy. Have you heard that children are expected to get a lot of paralysis this fall. It is anticipated because of the “flu” shots. I’ll try to find that informatiion. So they are projecting this problem. This is bad.

    2. No poison in our bodies. This has “Luciferase” in it, which is an enzime that glows. See That does not sound like anything Heavenly Father would like us to put into our temples.

    1. Hello Judy, I finally took the time to read this article you linked. What a great delineation of why the prophet is not infallible, that Joseph Smith counseled that we need to be responsible for our own decisions and not blindly follow a man. But the members generally accept the falsehood of the prophet’s infallibility which will ultimately lead to apostasy. I imagine most members would say you and I are both in a state of apostasy in criticizing Nelson on this covid lunacy.

      In the article, I love the explanation of the “Mormon” usage, and how Nelson and Hinckley apparently had a feud going and how Nelson was saying the prior prophets were fostering the work of Satan in using the term, Mormon. Many of us know of how Joseph Smith, with tongue firmly embedded in cheek, explained how Mormon means “more good,” and then Hinckley defended the usage on that basis, but certainly knowing Joseph’s explanation of the meaning of the word was not true epistemology (hope I am using that word correctly).

      Remember one of Nelson’s recent speeches where he made a big deal over calling it not “the atonement” but “the atonement of Jesus Christ,” and that we were doing Christ a disservice in leaving out Christ’s name. I just had to roll my eyes at that one. In the first place, we use all kinds of shortcuts in speaking to avoid unnecessary repetition. Furthermore, when you are talking about the atonement in church, I’m pretty sure we all know which atonement the speaker is talking about. (“Hmm, is he talking about Jesus? Wish I knew. So confusing when they don’t tell us which atonement.”) And then one more glaring reason for not saying always “the atonement of Christ”: why is it called the Melchizedek priesthood? Ah, the lights go on. We use that name to avoid the repetition of the name of deity! So Nelson is totally wrong in promoting this “clarifying” use of “the atonement.”

      Nelson is a man being undone by his pride. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on the tiller and correct all these things he has been fuming about for decades. He is setting us all straight (or rather “strait”).

      If you don’t realize what he is about, think back to a few years ago when he spoke of how he re-wrote his conference talk forty, that’ss a big “4 Oh”, times. Why would he tell us all this other than to impress us with how scholarly and diligent he is, especially when most of us prepare a talk by grabbing a few quotes of scripture and a few conference talk quotes and hope the spirit will provide the rest. It’s all about him making it clear to us why he is the prophet and we are the unwashed masses.

      Now his pride has gotten the best of him. He has endorsed the vaxxes because he is still part of that elite cadre of physicians and must go along with the narrative. To do otherwise would leave him with us anti-vax kooks, and he can’t have that. He is proud of his accomplishments as a world-renowned cardiac surgeon. How many times do we need to be reminded of that? And what does that have to do with leading the church other than trying to convince the world of how credible our leader is. Think for yourself: for how many presidents and apostles do you know how they made their livings? But we all know Nelson is a world-renowned cardiac surgeon. I wonder how the church survived without having a world-renowned cardiac surgeon at its head.

  60. Courageous statements from Croatian president, Zoran Milanovic. Maybe we end up seeking freedom in Croatia.

    Some of what he said:

    “There is no life without risk . . . . People get sick from a thousand other more serious things and while that has been happening we’ve been talking about covid-19 for a year and a half.”

    “Okayn one year, I understand …. Since the new year I have only listened to nonsense.”

    “If the goal is to completely eradicate the virus . . . I will tell him he’s crazy.”

    “We will not go more than 50% . . . . We’re vaccinated enough and everyone knows it.”

    Thank you president Milanovic. At least one president who gets it and has the courage to speak out.

  61. Israel’s vaccine crisis. One of the highest vaxxed states in the world. Continuing what Hitler started?

    Portugal and Sweden have now banned travelers from Israel. This has nothing to do with antisemitism and everything to do with the vaccine risks.

    Meanwhile, former FDA commissioner says the 6 feet social distancing rule is completely arbitrary and no one knows where it came from.

    But for the past 18 months, whenever attending church, signs everywhere for social distancing.

    Every chance I get I try to explain why “three feet, die, six feet, live” is such a fraud. If you were in a room and even if that room was sealed to prevent any air movement, and if you dropped a Sars-CoV2 virus, it would take 6 days to 60 days for that virus to hit the ground. So as we interact in each other’s company, we can be exhaling all these viruses, and it doesn’t matter 3 feet, 6 feet, 10 feet, those viruses are going to be suspended in the air and will swirl around in the air you breathe, regardless of how close you are to people. And please do not buy into the lies that your mask is going to trap all those exhaled and inhaled viruses. The virus is so small in relation to the size of the fibers in your mask, those fibers are as effective in catching the virus as a chain link fence is in keeping mosquitoes out of your home. And as to the masking stopping spread from sneezing, your mask is saturated after about 20 minutes of use, which means it can hold no more water, which means as you breathe, the moisture from your breath will either escape around the edges of the mask or will travel thru the mask, being atomized and, therefore, more easily spread because of the mask. Something I find amusing is that out area seventy is known to tape his mask to his face. Wonder how that feels every night when he pulls it off after a days beard growth. This is the guy who wanted to organize for buses to ferry people from churches to the vax centers but fortunately was shut down by SLC.

    But we continue to be told to wear masks at church and keep 6 feet apart. What a sad joke.

  62. The first pres’y in their Aug 12 statement refer to the “ravages of covid-19” and to the “unrelenting pandemic.”

    The linked article just shows how ravaging and unrelenting covid-19 is (or rather is not).

    A few highlights:

    “2020 isn’t even the worst mortality year since 2000.”

    “Covid death counts are artificially inflated.” Covid deaths, regardless of cause, are counted as from covid if death occurs within “28/30/60 days of a positive test. [And I add that we know how inaccurate those tests were by running 35 to 45 cycles which caused a high number of false positives.]

    Italy said 99.2% of their covid deaths were among people with at least one comorbidity, e.g. cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc.

    Average of deaths “with covid” (so not even “from covid”) in the UK is 82.5 years, US is age 78 and similar and higher for many other nations.

    The mortality rate for covid exactly mirrors the normal non-covid mortality rate. [“My Grandpa died from covid.” “Sorry to hear that. How old was he?” “95.”]

    Shocking issuance of illegal DNR’s, sometimes signed en masse, fill in the names later.

    Many deaths are likely a result of the lockdowns, isolation, depression, etc.

    No abnormal overflow of hospitals. Millions were spent on emergency hospitals, never used. [Remember when Trump sent that huge hospital ship to NY harbor and it was never used?]

    PCR tests woefully unreliable, and with the 35-45 cycle protocol were picking up the smallest fragments of any coronavirus (there are about 20 of them) and calling the person dead from covid.

    One UK study suggested 86% of cases where the patient suffered no covid-like symptoms.

    Asymptomatic spread is rare or even non-existent.

    Ventilation of patients as treatment did not work and was instituted not as a treatment but to reduce the hypothetical spread by preventing patients from expelling droplets. Remember how Trump got various companies to manufacture tens of thousands of ventilators, being wrongly advised this was a treatment of the disease?

    At least a dozen studies show masks do nothing to stop the spread of respiratory viruses. One example: North Dakaota and S Dakota had near identical cases per 100k population despite one having masks mandates and the other not. [I remember in my state when our idiot governor imposed a mask mandate in June 2020, the cases per day were about 200 at the time; a month later, following the mask mandate, cases per day were running in excess of 3000. Of course, part of this was due to more testing and obviously more false positives.]

    Anyone knows, and tests confirm, that masks are terrible for your health, resulting in more cases of bacterial pneumonia, fungus and face rashes. [I have been saying for a very long time that many of these masks have artificial fibers (as opposed to cotton) which seem similar to asbestos, and I fear that in the next 5 to 10 years there will be an epidemic of lung cancers for the months on end of wearing those things. Imagine wearing a masks 40 hours a week for a year and all the fibers that will build up inside, just as the asbestos accumulated in the lungs pf persons who worked with asbestos. I can assure you that those mesothelioma lawyers you see advertising at 2 a.m. are licking their chops at the prospects. Just because you released Pfizer from liability does not mean you cannot sue your employer, church etc. that demanded the vax as a condition of employment.]

    The used masks are in the billions and are an environmental mess.

    Before 2020 a successful vaccine against a corona virus had never been developed; now they want us to belief some 18 safe and effective vaccines were developed in a year.

    The proponents of the vaccines admit 1) the vaxxes do not create immunity against the virus and 2) the do not limit transmission of the virus. So what good are they? Best case, they make the symptoms less severe.

    There is no way to know what the long term effects will be, let alone the fact of the unprecedented VAERS numbers. [Vaccines are usually subject to trials lasting 7 to 10 years to study long term effects. Of course, the drug makers don’t care; they are getting paid and if you were vaxxed, you signed a release, agreeing you have no recourse against the drug maker.]

    The EU had been planning for vaccine passports at least a year before the panic began.

    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation sponsored a pandemic response training exercise just weeks before the panic began. [Do you really think Bill Gates who is on record of believing the world is over-populated, would really hope to save lives?]

    Since early 2020, flu has all but disappeared. Where did all the cases go? Paraphrasing the Kingston Trio (I am obviously ‘dating’ myself): “Gone to Covid everyone.”

    40 new billionaires created fighting covid.

    This is all so devastating to the covid narrative.

  63. As the first speaker at church began, we knew it was coming. “If the prophet tells you to pay your tithing, why would you not pay your tithing? If the prophet tells you to attend the temple, why would you not attend the temple? If the prophet tells you to get vaccinated, why would you not get vaccinated.” And it went on from there, with the usual comments that Mormons do not act with blind obedience, that the prophet speaks with God and although he is not perfect, everything he tells us is perfect and is from God. The next speaker, an 18 year old headed on a mission to Peru, piled on, and then the bishop testified of the truth of the words spoken that day, and finally a counselor in the stake pres’y gave his emphatic endorsement of everything said that day. It was all I could do to stay in my seat, sitting there as literally the ONLY person in the congregation not masked (other than a few babies). This has been the theme of every meeting since Aug 12. Don’t know how much longer I can take this.

  64. Hi Mark,

    This is a really tragic and dangerous time for church members. The scriptures have certain truths about tithing, gospel of Jesus Christ and the temple for sure. The gospel, repentance and other scriptural truths are TRUTH. That is the job of any holy man or woman to proclaim.

    The vaccines are personal choices that should have nothing to do with the gospel at all. The TRUTH of the harm they are causing is so hidden and not talked about at all. Actually any TRUTHS about VAERS statistics are censored, even the church members do NOT want to hear about it. Unfortunately, even the church members are becoming mockingbirds about the vaccine and the new policies of our presidency. The depopulation agenda of the Globalists are written all over them. Actually, of course the statement that the vaccines are “SAFE and EFFECTIVE” is a LIE no matter who says it.

    The church needs to go back to it’s mission of Proclaiming the Gospel, “Perfecting the Saints” and “Redeeming the Dead”; and not preaching the vaccine agendas (666) of the Globalists. The church is hijacked. I am seriously suspect that any “Prophet” who supports the vaccine agenda is not one I trust at all.

    For me, these vaccines are of the “Mark of the Beast System” that is either to prepare or is actually the “Mark of the Beast” itself. What will override anything any “man or “prophet” says about it is Revelations 13. We are not to take it, period. Because of the LIES, destruction and death agenda used as a foundation about the vaccines I am considering it “The Mark of the Beast”.

    These two links below helped me a lot. A true prophet will never LIE. The test of a prophet should be that he tells the truth and does no harm.

    This link tells of a prophet lying:

    So, yes I can see there is a “Mockingbird” tendency about this whole COVID Cult, ignoring the TRUTH.

    I am taking a “time out” until this COVID Vaccine indoctrination by the church is a thing of the past.


    1. Pretty Please Father get this to Judy

      Remember the man who built the ships to save his family & friends
      and not face the endless battles by The Lamanites against the Nephites.
      Recall Nephi alerted to depart when his brothers were planning his murder.
      Recall Alma warned by God to escape King Noah’s Armies.
      With LIGHT gained from those Gems– THEN read That God Provided for such
      and prophesied about such //hidden from sheeple- but found by the humble lambs//

      NOTE: [bracketed: are inserted commentary]
      2 Nephi 21:1 [excerpt]
      [True Saints of Christ’s Church]
      1 And again: HEARKEN, O ye House of Israel,
      All ye

      that are broken off
      and are driven out because of the wickedness of
      [the false leaders]
      the pastors
      My People;
      yea, all Ye that are broken off,
      that are scattered abroad,

      WHO ARE OF MY PEOPLE, <– not unbelievers or dissenters, not the wicked,]
      O House of Israel. <– It is The Lord who is saying such are ]
      <– "My People" His Saints, His beloved 'lambs'! ]
      Jeremiah 23:1-6
      [false leaders]
      1 WOE Be Unto the pastors that DESTROY → ↓
      [true Church Members]
      and scatter the sheep
      of My Pasture!

      2 Therefore
      Thus Saith The Lord God of Israel

      [false leaders] [teach lead]
      AGAINST→ the pastors that feed My People;

      Ye have scattered My Flock,
      AND driven them Away,
      and have not visited them:

      [Jesus Christ] [false leaders]
      BEHOLD, I will visit upon you The EVIL of your doings,

      Saith The Lord.
      [those time-out ones; true hearts; Holy Ones]
      3 And I will gather the remnant
      My Flock
      out of all countries
      [had The Spirit strive/lead]
      whither I have driven Them,

      [true wards/stakes]
      and will bring Them Again to Their Folds;

      [be married in Pure Temples and [with The Everlasting ↓ ]
      [be given in marriage in pure Temples [Ordinances/Covenants]

      and They Shall Be Fruitful

      [participate in the permitted glory during The HOLY Millennium ]
      [to have children in bonds of The Infinite Eternal Family to finally]
      [fulfill The Command given Adam & Eve to "Replenish" The Earth]

      and INCREASE.

      [call, choose, ordain, set-apart and make true leaders]
      4 And I will set up Shepherds
      over Them
      [Light & Truth untainted & Pure]
      which shall feed Them:

      [by those teaching Lies, etc.]
      and They shall fear no more, nor be dismayed,

      [being Taught & shown true example]
      neither shall They be lacking,

      /// And here is portion of A Second WITNESS of that Truth- as God promises to give///
      of every Truth Revealed ///
      Jeremiah 3:5 read all of chpt. 3
      5 ¶ Behold, the days come, Saith The Lord,
      that I Will Raise unto David a Righteous Branch, <– most assuredly those
      who The Lord separated
      and The Lord "lead away"

      and a KING Shall Reign and Prosper, and shall Execute Judgment
      and JUSTICE in The Earth.

      6 In His days Judah Shall Be Saved, <– Jews & Jerusalem by Christ's Return
      w/ Sword of Jehovah to Conquer Evil ones
      ISRAEL Shall Dwell Safely: <– BOTH
      The Just & now Holy Jews in The State of Israel
      and — The Saints in ZION – New Jerusalem, USA

      and this is His Name whereby He Shall Be Called,
      THE LORD

      may you pray; and confirm; and be comforted by The Lord.

  65. Dr McCullough has so much experience and has so much credibility. But I tell you, after that assault today in church where literally all 4 persons who spoke were directing their remarks at those who defy Pres Nelson by not taking the vax, I start to question my judgment. What does he know that I don’t? Am I in a state of apostasy? Am I guilty of confirmation bias, i.e. only looking at unreliable anti-vax information designed to deceive me against the miracle of the vax?

    But when I analyze credible information like this video from Dr McCullough, I just know that my decision is reasonable and I won’t be gaslighted by these foolish people in church who think it is their duty and their right to now call me to repentance, blindly declare my love for big brother and get the shot.

    I am not going to subject myself to this by listening to conference this weekend. I will just read the transcripts and which should allow me to rationally deal with any statements about the apostasy of the unmasked, unvaccinated. I’m sure there will be plenty of good advice not related to covid and the vax.

    But ask yourself, what would Nelson say to Dr McCullough? Do we just ignore the advice and wisdom of a man who is on the front line fighting covid? Is all that expertise dismissed out of hand? Do we say, Dr Nelson said to get vaxxed, wear masks and keep 6 feet apart, and that’s good enough for me. And if the vax etc. don’t work, well it’s because of my lack of faith in the living prophet.

    Sorry folks, but this madness that has overtaken the church is truly madness and is not going to turn out well for those who blindly put their trust in Nelson’s arm of flesh and in their belief in his infallibility. And if you are struggling as I am, I say just stay the course and in time your vigilance will be rewarded and the truth will be revealed.

    1. Has anyone in SLC been there to Nelson’s alleged gravesite? can you confirm its existence and that it is really 8 feet high, faces south, etc. as alleged in this article? I wonder how many others had the privilege of using temple granite. I can’t imagine anyone being allowed to use temple granite for their 8 foot monument to themselves. Say it’s not so. This story is so disturbing that I am going to investigate for myself next time I am there.

  66. How truly ironic that it is our church leaders who are attempting to coerce us from the great and spacious building they now inhabit. From

    “Our LDS church leaders care too much about avoiding criticism from the great and spacious building and if made to choose, they will stand with the great and spacious building and not with faithful saints who discern lies and deceit . . . .” And “What we have is church leaders who are ashamed to take any action that would draw criticism from the liberal media and its activists.”

  67. Another way to cover up reports of adverse reactions: When a person arrives in the ER, they are asked if they are covid vaxxed. If they are covid-vaxxed but were vaxxed within14 days prior to the ER visit, they are recorded as unvaxxed. The effect is that most adverse vax events occur within the first 72 hours of getting the shot, so one can see if a person got vaxxed a week ago, comes in with heart problems, e.g. myocarditis, etc., they are reported as unvaxxed so the condition will not be reported as an adverse vax reaction. Furthermore, the nurses doing this are made to sign a non-disclosure agreement. If the vax is so great, why all the deception?

  68. So sad what this overblown covid response is doing to the poorest around the world.

    And Australia is turned into a police state.

    All because of a virus where the average age of death matches the average overall death rate of most countries. It’s not ravaging the world. The brethren speak of their “sincere love and concern for all of God’s children,” yet they foster the responses to covid which are not helpful and which are having devastating impact upon the people of the world who live right on the edge of extreme poverty.

    1. Our tithes are being used as investments in the vaccine companies. Used as “Blood Money”. Killing, maiming and to destroy immune systems. Oh yes, sterilizing the world!

      Until this stops not one more penny from me!


      1. don’t do that. i am sure the church has held, and maybe still does hold, mutual funds which hold shares in tobacco stocks. we just cannot take it upon ourselves to worry about that sort of thing. i remember a few years ago the church bought up what was reported to be equal to 2% of the total land in the state of Florida and I think the land supports, to some degree, grazing of cattle. that’s a great investment. i’m just glad we haven’t heard the church divesting its land because it doesn’t want to support the production of meat which, according to the leftist totalitarians of the world, will result in an uninhabitable planet. of course, the church’s support for the “sustainability” agenda is, for me, very problematic, but if i believe in the truth of the restored gospel, i will let the church be responsible for its likely foolish politically leftward drift. the catholic pope is pretty much a marxist, and sadly, many of our church leaders are not far behind, despite the admonition to be self reliant. it is my understanding the church was against Franklin Roosevelt, opposed Social Security, actually suggested that members not vote for Roosevelt (though I understand Utah still went to FDR in all four elections). But those are their decisions ; it is my duty to pay my tithing and attend church, as painful as those might be. And who knows – maybe we’re wrong!

        1. I hope we are wrong. If we are right I cannot understand why they support the NAACP, Bill Gates and the UNICEF. 2 billion COVID shots which will kill or maim 1 billion people is not good judgement.

    1. I know that but if I post anything of substance it gets blocked. Hey, it’s their site. Glad to see the BYU girl beat the mask. Problem is the other kids now shun her. So without mass disobedience, the tyranny will never be defeated

          1. Trump was responsible, to a large extent, at fast-tracking the development and implementation of the covid vaxxes. We all know about “Operation Warp Speed.”

            We know as well that Biden has tried to take the (dubious ) credit for getting the vaxxes out there.

            The VAERS report shows over 700,000 reports of possible adverse reactions to the vaxxes and 12,000 reported deaths. In comparison, for the ten years prior to the new vax, the VAERS reports averaged about 45,000 per year FROM ALL VACCINES.

            Now we have a near 20-fold increase, virtually all related to the covid vaxxes. If Trump were still president, I guarantee the press would be calling for his head, blaming him 24/7 for the adverse reactions. The stories of injured persons would be the lead to every report. The truth of the vaxxes would be front and center on a daily basis. But since the vaxxes are now tied to Biden and are useful in further promoting the government control of our lives, they will defend the vaxxes, but making sure we must still fear covid-19.

    1. Mark thank you so much for all this information. Heavenly Father can deal with all of this, however HE will. We will see it.

  69. I feel this looks beyond the mark. The actions of men-be they evil or good men deceived-are the actions of men and no action of evil nor man will prevail against God or those faithful. I think the Prophet and his counselors have received a witness of what is wise right now if not physically then spiritually and it is wise to know the end is near and not to fear what man can do to us.

    1. Heavenly Father and time will tell what this is all about. The very curious thing is that these vaccines are not “Safe and Effective” nor the communistic government is not “Thoughtful and Wise”. God will prevail and TRUTH will prevail. We will see everything about this be revealed. I am not sure what the leadership is about right now. The jury is still out on that.

  70. The effort to stoke hatred toward the unvaxxed is on. I saw a “commercial” on TV where a man having a heart attack could not be helped and had to be sent to a different facility because “90% of ICU beds were taken by unvaccinated covid patients,” and this was flashed on the screen so quickly you could barely see if there were any references for the statistic, but likely linked to a very narrow number of actual situations where this may have been possible.

    While there may be the occasional times when this scenario could have occurred, it is not even close to being representative of ICU wards across the US. It’s just like the stories of death-bed repentance by vocal anti-vaxxers getting sick and dying of covid, warning everyone to get the vax. As reported above, Station WXYZ in Detroit put out a bulletin for stories of deaths of the unvaxxed and what they got were stories of adverse events occurring hard on the heels of getting the shot.

    In Nazi Germany, Goebbels was able whip the populace into a frenzy against the Jews. The same is happening now in the US and likely the world over, this time aimed at the unvaxxed. And Goebbels did not have the wonders of electronic media to aid in the villification of the Jews.

    I suspect it is only a matter of time until the unvaxxed experience their (our) version of “kristallknact.”

    The one advantage we, the unvaxxed, have is our numbers are far greater than the number of Jews in Germany in the 1930’s, so we may have a better chance in fighting back.

    But don’t count on it.

  71. For the mathematically inclined and if you find this stuff interesting enough to devote a little time to it, the linked article clearly demonstrates how the number of vax deaths (the article properly refers to them as inoculations because a vaccine keeps you from being infected by the disease and from transmitting, neither of which results the jab can now claim to provide, even as admitted by the CDC and which is proved by the ongoing mask mandates, etc.) is likely 100 times greater than reported to VAERS. You can see in one of the charts in Appendix A a huge spike in deaths among the age 65+ group in the 0 to 10 days following the jab, and thereafter a normal number of deaths in this age group for the following 110 days. If the shot had no effect on the number of deaths among this group during this time period, the number of deaths in this 4-month period would be essentially even, producing a straight line instead of a cure showing the huge spike of deaths in the 10 days following receipt of the jab. And keep in mind that the CDC protocol for reporting people as vaccinated is that those who have been vaccinated within fewer than 15 days previously are not counted as vaxxed! So all these deaths in the 65+ age group, which largely occur in the first ten days following the inoculation are reported as unvaxxed, when in fact they were vaxxed and those who were vaxxed had a extremely high rate of death coming shortly after the the shot.

    1. The truth is starting to come out. What are you watching? I am watching
      “On the Fringe” “X22 Report” “American Media Periscope” “Stew Peters”

  72. This is more than what it seems. Remember the days that we used to have parties in the church in October? No masks were allowed. That was for a good reason. We have forgotten and been manipulated to put that aside. This is VERY BAD! ,Masks have been subtlely snuck in under the cover of medical prevention, very cleverly by the devil.
    We MUST remove the masks from our churches and temples! This is mind control and even deeper. A satanic rutual has been implemented into our churches and temples!

  73. Strong evidence of vax ineffectiveness, coming out of one of the most highly infected countries, Israel.

    In my LDS stake, when the vax came out, the mask and social distancing rules were relaxed to allow the vaxxed to go without masks and not worry about distancing. So all of us non-vaxxed Hester Prynnes were supposed to keep wearing masks, announcing to the ward our sin for not getting vaxxed. (I committed a double sin: I didn’t get vaxxed and I didn’t wear the scarlet letter of the mask. And there is no amount of embellishment that can eliminate the grotesqueness of wearing the mask. Give me a scarlet “U” for unvaxxed any day.)

    After about a month of this interlude of a dose of freedom for those willing to have injected into their bloodstreams an array of biological substances which had undergone perhaps a whopping six months of clinical trials (which consisted of about 20k vaxxed and 20k the control group who got the placebo, which, by the way consisted of only about 4% chosen from the very high risk groups of age 70+ persons) the CDC announced that the vax did not prevent the vaxxed from either becoming infected with covid or from transmitting the virus, which then prompted the stake pres to put up signs on every door of every church house requiring once again the mask and social distancing, and not long thereafter these restrictions went churchwide with the infamous August 12 missive from our physician prophet, heavy on the physician part, maybe not so much on the prophet part.

    This, of course, demonstrates Nelson’s duplicity in the matter: on one hand, the vax is “safe and effective,” but on the other hand, regardless of how safe it is, it is not effective enough to protect the vaxxed from getting sick with covid-19.

    So now we see the “effectiveness” narrative completely falling apart. As reported in the attached story out of Israel, “the neutralizing antibodies drop by nearly ten-fold by seven months” and “the breakthrough rate of 96.2% of the vaccinated population shows that in this instance the vaccine was virtually useless in preventing transmission.” And the response to all this is additional vax doses. (What is the old cliche about insanity? Continuing to do the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?)

    Here’s the link.

  74. Hi Judy. Looks like you and I are the only ones still reading and making comments! Perhaps this is why I am not brought before a church court; no one cares what we have to say!

  75. Mark nothing 666 is being hidden anymore. Satan is very proud and owning this. 6 feet apart, HR666, HR6666, they are using the 666 hand sign. Covid has 6 letters. The letters corresponding values, like c=3 all add up to 66, so 666. The 6′ apart and the masks are satanic rutuals, now present in all our churches and temples. This very action in churches are doing what is mentioned in this link:

    This is so diabolical that the masses of people just cannot fanthom such deep evil, including our leaders. They are thinking they are doing good because of medicine, but evil is being done instead.

    We are ignorant of what subtle things satan is camoflaging, but we all have to WAKE UP. We don’t have to emerse ourselves in it, but be aware that the devil is using things to his advantage right now.

    I hope the Holy Ghost can help wake up people! I hope everyone can overcome this jab thing. I do not know about that. I fear for the saints who have subjected themselves to this jab. This is much deeper than the jabs, it is submitting ourselves to evil.

    It is such a shame that to get the TRUTH that we have to go to other sources who are actually FIGHTING THESE BATTLES are outside the church. We should be able to go to the church for TRUTH, but they are so intoxicated by the script that they will not seek the truth.

    1. 40 years ago AIDS became the headline health story. In 1983 someone named Anthony Fauci wrote in a JAMA editorial, stating that AIDS could even infect children and that “routine close contact, as within a family household, can spread the disease.” Oprah Winfrey in 1987 announced, “Research studies now project 1 in 5 – listen to me, hard to believe – 1 in 5 heterosexuals could be dead of AIDS in 3 years.”

      The reality was nothing of the sort.

      Although untold billions of dollars were diverted from medical research that could have saved many more lives than were saved by AIDS research, at least in those days we Americans were not yet conditioned to give up our rights based upon scare tactics concerning the coming AIDS plague.

      But 40 years later, for whatever reason, we are primed for zealotry in doing whatever it takes to “stop the spread.” I drove across state lines recently, and there was Big Brother, on the warning boards, telling me to get the jab. We are now willing to shut down society, close the churches and schools, ostracize people unwilling to comply, all because of fear of a “novel virus” which if contracted, has a 99.8% recovery rate. But the public does not know this. A recent poll found that Democrats believe if you contract the virus, you have a 50% chance of being hospitalized. Republicans have a still ridiculous belief that you have about a 25% chance of hospitalization. Any attempt at countering the panic is dismissed as foolishness and with a warning that “karma” will eventually come for you because of your denial of the risks of the virus.

      And now we have a so-called prophet who warns us of this terrible pandemic, citing the deaths of 600,000+ Americans and millions around the world. I am shocked at Nelson’s naivete in accepting these numbers at face value. The number of actual deaths from covid is likely only about 6% of the reported deaths, which were actually deaths “with covid” and not from covid. And many of these deaths would have been prevented had Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine (sp?) not been vilified. (Fauci did promote Remdesivir, a very expensive drug costing about $3500 per treatment, which when administered resulted in a 25% death rate, caused by damage to the kidneys which led to pulmonary edema.)

      What is most shocking is the willingness of, it would seem, 2/3 of Church members to have injected into their bodies a cocktail of who knows what, which (and this is no secret) causes your cells to manufacture a portion of the Sars-CoV-2 virus, the spike protein, which is a very dangerous pathogen, in the hope that the immune system will be built up to then attack the full covid virus. To suggest these vaxxes are safe is silliness. How can anyone declare this when the clinical trials only involved 40,000 people, lasted only about six months, drew the test subjects mainly from healthy, middle-aged people, those most likely to not get covid anyway, and suggest these are effective in the short run and safe in the long run?

      It is a world gone mad and the leaders of the LDS church have been duped along with the rest of us. This is the “White Salamander Letter”debacle on steroids. When will the members learn their leaders are fallible?

      As you say, Judy, we are forced to fight these battles outside the church. Inside the church, all I get are warnings from the pulpit of my apostasy. The mainstream narrative is now so firmly embedded in the church and in society as a whole, all I can do is try to maintain my resolve, oppose “Big Brother” (and who would have thought Big Brother” would include the highest leadership of the church) and watch with morbid curiosity as this tragedy continues to unfold.

      1. Unfortunately, there will be more tragedy unfolding. Pray that somehow this can be reversed. Only Heavenly Father can reverse this.

  76. No one cares now, but that will change when people start dying. Unfortunately. I am so upset by the song about the vaccine, because it is programming the children for destruction.

  77. I am finished trying to warn people who do not want to hear warnings. TRUTH will prevail good, bad and the ugly.

    Our only weapon is prayer right now! It is all in Heavenly Father’s hands!

  78. My one church friend showed me these: Jeremiah 23 and Ezekiel 34.

    She and her husband are the only ones aware of all of this in my ward. Keeping under the radar.

    1. I am afraid I am not under the radar. I read the verses you posted. Why would God warn against prophets being deceived if it is not possible for them to be deceived? Perhaps I should not take it upon myself to suggest they are deceived; however, I must fight to have the freedom to make my own decisions concerning what I allow to be injected into my “temple.” The injection of these vaccines is so wrong on so many levels and for so many reasons. I always defended what enemies of the church described as our blind obedience to our leaders by countering that when given counsel, we would take the counsel, see that such counsel was in keeping with the doctrine and was consistent with Christ’s teachings. Now, I wonder. This certainly looks like blind obedience in the worst way.

  79. You and I are not against the church. We are against the evil that the church is consenting to in ignorance.

  80. It is said “Remember the Alamo”

    Now it is to be said that our Alamo is “Remember when masks were forbidden in the Houses of Heavenly Father”

    They were forbidden for a strong reason!

    1. Peter McCullough is the expert of experts. I would love to see Russell Nelson, MD debate McCullough over the wisdom of our leaders and over the safety and effectiveness of the vaxxes. Nelson would look like a world class fool.

      1. McCullough: “The disabilities that we will see from these vaccines will go down in history as an unbelievable atrocity.” Referring to the vaccines, and not covid-19 itself: “We have the biggest biological catastrophe on our hands in human history . . . and no one knows how to stop it.”

      2. I remember when newly-minted Pres Nelson was first interviewed by the press. His mealy-mouthed responses to questions concerning LGBTQ . . . were embarassing and not an encouraging start. He’s not good on his feet, much like Obama, king of the teleprompter. No wonder he has to revise his talks 40 times as he once announced in conference. One would think the Spirit would be a bit more efficient.

  81. Absolutely. But the protocol has been, do nothing and if you get really sick, come back and we will stick a tube into you and watch you die. It was about the vaccine all along. And anything that interferes with the narrative that the vaccine is our only chance is cancelled.

  82. Go here to, a Christian network, with truth on the vaccines, etc. So sad what the LDS leaders have done.

  83. Did you notice, convert baptisms dropped from about 250,000 in 2019 down to about 125,000 in 2020, a full 50% drop. What you probably don’t know is convert baptisms peaked in 1989-1990 at around 600,000 and have steadily declined to below 300,000, and now to a new low not seen in probably 50 years. And I don’t think the 1st pres’cy and Q12’s missteps on covid are going to help.

    1. This COVID Vax error is going to hurt the church greatly. I am not able to feel good trying to bring my family into the church like i have been trying to be a missionary to bring my family into the church now. I cannot support backing the idea of following a leader of the church who is lying about the vax. I believe the standard works, the Holy Ghost and the priesthood. But, the idea that a man is unfalible is dangerous.

      1. I agree with your every word. Aside from my sadness from all of this, I am very curious about how this will all end. I hope the truth can be demonstrated and the guilty parties unmasked (pun intended) but I fear the power of our enemies and their ability to turn the truth on its head.

  84. It’s one thing to talk about the vax and people being hurt by it; it’s another thing when a relative is hurt by the asinine actions of people exercising their unrighteous dominion over a young person, likely affecting them for the rest of their life.

    A few weeks ago I wrote about a BYU co-ed (that’s probably a sexist word) who was required by the idiots who run a performing group at that school to get the vax. This young person injured by the vax was hospitalized due to blood clots she experienced shortly after getting the vax. This was reported to me by the wife of a business associate. I have not heard about her condition.

    Now I have heard of a relative injured by the vax, who incurred an injury which her treating physician says will require that she take a drug for the rest of her life to counteract the problem which hit her within hours of getting the first jab which BYU requires of any person who is part of BYU athletics. And this drug she must take for the rest of her life is a known carcinogen.

    It gets worse. This adverse reaction happened with the first J & J shot. After receiving this first shot and experiencing the very serious, life changing effect immediately after getting the shot, and after she found a doctor who could at least prescribe a drug to mitigate the problem, she went to the powers that be at BYU athletics and requested that she not be required to take the second shot.

    Well, you can guess the response. She was told by these fools at BYU athletics that if she wants to continue to participate, she must get the 2nd dose.

    So here is a beautiful, strong, healthy, capable young woman, starting out with all the promise of a great life ahead, now facing a lifetime of pill popping, all because of a requirement to take an inoculation which is untested, unsafe, which does not even promise now to 1) keep its victims from getting covid and 2) keep such victims from transmitting the virus.

    When my wife related these events to me concerning this relative, I considered telling her to stop. To hear this about someone close to you is enraging. I do not enjoy having these feelings of rage against all the persons promoting this madness, but there it is. And hundreds of thousands of Americans and the people close to them are dealing with these life-ending or life-altering events, all coming as the result of a fake pandemic. and these unsafe and ineffective inoculations. I can scarcely control my rage.

    Remember those experiments where a person was sitting opposite another person, separated by a barrier where they could not see each other, but could hear. Then the test subject was given a series of questions and if they gave the wrong answer, the “tester” would administer a dose of electric shock. As the test progressed, the shock became more and more painful, and the subject would cry out in pain from the shock. Nevertheless, the tester would continue to administer the shock despite the screams coming from the other side of the curtain. And finally, after even being made aware that the shock could be fatal, many of the “testers”, upon being advised to proceed, would administer what they were told could be a possibly fatal shock. Of course the shocks were not real but the test demonstrated how people will act when told to do something terrible by someone in an apparent position of authority.

    We now see the “test” happening in the real world, only it’s not an actor eliciting fake screams from the other side of a curtain, but is real people, with real lives being ruined. The lawsuits need to start coming and put an end to the madness gripping the world. I look forward to the day when these people who are in these positions of authority are brought to account for their actions.

    1. The truth will prevail! I am wondering how the Saints of the church are faring now? How many will suffer? In General Conference the choir and the young choir all had mandatory vaxxes. I have not been to my Ward because our hospital in our area sent out a letter saying cases are on the rise very badly in my area. I am self isolating in my home completely. If lawsuits are warranted let them fly!

    1. Terrible and the Adverse Effects are just starting. The immune storms have not even started yet. I am staying home completely right now to not be by the shedders. We must brace ourselves for very sad circumstances that are coming.

      1. This is the fear. We hope the truth will be revealed, but I fear the power of the mainstream press and others will be used to blame it all on the non-vaxxed.

  85. There is at least anecdotal evidence of a significant uptick in cancers , possibly the result of compromised immune systems.

    The attached article describes how in 2005 some scientists discovered that by replacing the “u” for uridine in the genetic code of rna, this has led to creation of mRNA which, with this modification to its genetic code, could be entered into a human system without being detected and destroyed.

    So this discovery allows for the covid vaccine to be entered into a human system without being destroyed, thereby allowing the mRNA vaccine to attach to the cells and start manufacturing the spike protein. the fear now is that the innate immune system, the one that attacks any kind of foreign invader and is not specific to any particular virus or other pathogen, is being compromised not only by covid-19 itself, but also by the vax, which reduces the effectiveness of the innate immune system.

    It just continues to get worse.

    you know how in soccer it sometimes happens that a team scores a goal against itself? Since the start of this fake pandemic, the human race has been scoring these “own goals”, one after another, to the detriment of us all.

  86. Dr. Pierre Kory’s passionate and informed defense of Ivermectin. Failure to allow this treatment is resulting in needless deaths.

    So glad I have 50 5-day doses of this drug.

    Dr Kory reports on an Argentine test of effectiveness where 500 health care workers received prophylactic (preventative) treatment with Ivermectin and not one of the workers got sick, whereas of the 400 who did not take the drug, 58% got covid.

    You can get Ivermectin. It is saving lives despite all the attempts to block it. It miraculously put an end to a severe outbreak in India this past summer. The creators of the drug received the Nobel prize in 2015, and not because it is de-worming horses but because it was sparing poor people of the world from ravaging effects of parasites, proving it is safe to use, and now proved to be a life-saver against covid infection.

    See Dr Kory’s impassioned defense before Congress of this drug, and notice that he had to defend himself against the committee chairman’s apparent attack on him as being only a political hack with a political agenda (not Senator Johnson who has been at the forefront in trying to give air to effective treatments and to show the devastating impact of the “vaccines.”)

  87. The 1000 or more Southwest Airlines canceled flights were blamed on weather and air traffic control issues.

    The truth is, it is caused by a sick-out of hundreds of SWA pilots, flight attendants and ground support, protesting the vax mandates. SWA is not acknowledging this but it is the truth. Why would the weather and air traffic control affect only SWA? I knew it sounded fishy when I first heard about this on Sunday morning.

    Good for you, SWA employees, for opposing the vax mandates.

    1. And word is that other airlines and even Amtrak may be hit with vax protests. The only way to defeat tyranny is to openly defy it.

  88. Go to

    There is a link you can get to that will link you to your government leaders for your state to tell them not to mandate pilots to get the jab. It can help their cause greatly!

  89. I have reported here that four people whom I either know or are known by friends had retinal detachments.

    First, a retinal detachment is rare, so when I was fairly close to 4 cases, I became suspicious of the cause. I know 3 of the 4 got the vax (don’t know which ones) shortly before the detachment occurred.

    For some time I have been looking for reports of this adverse reaction, and have now found one such report, confirming my suspicions. And it is likely these events are not reported to VAERS.

    1. Now the WHO report of adverse reactions has 380 reported detached retinas. Imagine, though, how many are not reported, e.g. my self-righteous dentist.

      See “covid-19 vaccine”, then under “eye disorders.”

      1. One month later the number of retinal detachments reported to WHO has increased to 456. And remember, these reports are likely understated by an order of magnitude of between 1 and 2.

  90. My prior post reported on retinal detachments from the J& J vax. Here are reports for Moderna and Pfizer. And I know people are not reporting these. The last thing my dentist, who, while my wife was in his dental chair, signaled his virtue by taking the shot, then chastised my wife for not getting the vax (who, by the way was advised by her MD to not get the shot) and then attacked me as a conspiracy theorist, would do is admit his beloved vax is now threatening the end of his career.

    I would love to see a comparison of the number of these events being treated, comparing the last 5 years. You have got to figure some of these ophthalmologists are wondering what’s going on.

  91. The church has really put itself at risk by mandating the injections for members to attend the conference. I pray nothing happens.

  92. Mark, What has happened here? Oh yes, it is called complacency! Our church members are just getting along to get along like in the recation of Defending Utah!

  93. I think that well intentioned people are in error here in the leadership. A mistake is how I see it. I will continue to march anyway. Nevertheless, will not take the jab.

    1. Hi Mark. I totally believe that the church leaders have been decieved. I have strong issue that they are endorsing and have supplied the vaccines to unicef, and have invested interest in big pharma (I am still looking into that). I have strong issues that they have mandated conference attenders and choir to get the jab, are urging members and missionaries to get the jab and are suppling shots. These are VERY VERY BAD THINGS.

      I have to hesitate that they are into the type of tyranny that is happenig in Austrailia. I just can’t give them ownership of that. But give that to the wicked globalist cabalist!

      1. As for the tyranny in Oz, I did not mean to imply the church leaders necessarily support the tyranny there, but only to point out that their statements support the government narrative, thereby effectively encouraging a worldview which ends with the tyranny we see descending upon once-free people.

  94. Statistics for Sept from the UK. Excluding positive PCR tests for the under age 18 group (which has no risk and for which the positive tests are irrelevant because they are asymptomatic) unvaxxed over age 18 account for just 18% of confirmed cases and those with at least one vax shot account for 74%.

    For those over age 40, the vax shows an average NEGATIVE effectiveness of minus 50 percent and vaxxed adults are 66% more likely to become infected. adults are 66% more likely to become infected than non-vaxxed.

    Moving on, hospitalization rates show 38% of cases unvaxxed with 68% vaxxed. This number should be equated with total non-vaxxed vs vaxxed , but doesn’t seem to show that. Regardless, this puts the lie to the narrative that hospitals are overrun with the non-vaxxed.

    Worse, 78% of covid deaths are among the vaxxed and only the remaining 22% among the unwashed and unvaxxed.

    The failure of the vaxxes is even more apparent when covid deaths in 2020, where there was no vaccine, versus in 2021, where a majority of adult Brits have taken the jab. And what we see is many more deaths in Sept 2021 versus virtually no deaths a year ago. This does not bode well for the coming fall and winter months. But count on the lying media to characterize this as the fault of the non-compliant.

    Ambulance calls for cardiac and respiratory events have spiked above pre-covid and pre-vax levels, underscoring the negative impact of the vaxxes. It is suspected these are among young men who seem at risk for myocarditis and pericarditis, which possible effects have been added to vax warning levels (but what point is there in reading the label when you are coerced into getting the jab?).

    One chart shows a marked increase in deaths among teens coincident with the rollout of teen vaccinations around May of 2021.

    For England and Wales in Summer of 2021 there were 217 deaths among 15-19 year-olds vs 147 in the same time period in 2020.

    Covid deaths in England and Wales for Sept 2021 are 11 times higher than for the same period in 2020.

    The “safe and effective” narrative is not panning out.

  95. Another Sunday, another attack on those of us who won’t do the hard things required of living the gospel, with one of those hard things being getting the vax. At least she was a little more subtle in not saying the word ‘vaccine’, but the message was the same.

    I had to laugh when she made the point that when we live the gospel we are following God’s way and not the world’s way! So if you are getting the vax, who is following the world’s way? Uh, I think the answer is obvious>

    On another matter, the masks continue to be worn 100% in the wards. It’s the theater of the absurd. I can only tolerate one hour of this per week.

    Here is an excellent review of the myriad problems with masks.

    1. Hi Mark,

      First I am staying home from church because I must stay away from “spiking” people and the Fall and Winter are going to be dangerous. I am very much at “at risk” person.

      I finally am listening only to the General Conference because I do not want to even “view” the satanic rutual spacing and masking that is being carried out in God’s houses and temples. Until all masks are off in God’s houses I will be studying at home. And I do daily. It is like viewing it all quenches the Holy Ghost.

      If you keep getting pressured, you might want to just participate in sacrament, then leave and study at home.

      The spacing and masks are the world’s way and worse it is Satan’s intrusion into God’s holy places of worship.

      1. Judy, thanks to your post a while back I now have 250 doses of Ivermectin. They came from India and with the tremendous success India experienced in stopping the outbreak in that country this past summer, I have complete confidence in the safety and effectiveness of these doses received from the manufacturer in India.

      2. It is so hard to attend with everyone wearing their ridiculous and worthless masks. I even see the deacons, teachers and priests administering the sacrament with their masks pulled below their noses, obviously destroying any benefit which may have come from the mask (not that I care).

        If we were truly afraid of the virus, we would not trust our lives to a 12-year-old deacon’s improperly fitted and worn mask.

  96. Read the Nebraska attorney general’s comprehensive review of how our “wise and thoughtful recommendations of our medical professionals and government leaders” suppressed the use of effective treatments of those infected with the Sars-CoV-2 virus.

    This is a comprehensive indictment of these wise and thoughtful medical professionals, whose end game was always the promotion of panic, resulting in the adoption of the vaccines as the primary defense against covid.

    And the position of the LDS church was to support the vaccine narrative. Very perplexing; very disturbing. Either way, the 1st pres message was demonstrated to be false, to the detriment of those taking their advice.

    1. The only thing the government has been “wise and thoughtful” in doing is in devising this genocidal method of depopulation.

      I heard a story lately. A lady went to Mexico and found a chihuahua that looked sick. She snuck it back into the US and her home to try to save it. She had it by the foot of her bed and her husband told her that it was the ugliest dog he had ever seen. She had the neighbor children feeding it with a bottle and everything to try to get it better. It was not getting better so she took it to the vet. The lady only had the best of intentions to try to help this poor animal. The vet immediately put it into an isolation cage and asked the lady how long had she had the “dog” and where did she get it. She did not want to tell him that she had snuck it in from Mexico. He became admament and told her that he had to know because it was a rabid river rat and everyone exposed to it would have to get painful rabies shots. We have a lot of work to do. From Juan o’ Savin.

      Yes, so perplexing and disturbing. Our leaders are elect and have been deceived in spite of their best intentions! I cannot blindly follow them in the vaccine at all. I have to forgive them though and move on. I do not believe they are doing anything in maliciousness, (although the results can be deadly). I will follow the gospel if they say those things. I will pray that they will see what they are doing and STOP IT.

  97. We must pray hard that more people will listen to the light and the truth and cease to be instruments of this doomsday “gospel”. Thank you Mark for sharing.

    1. I am not holding my breath for this to happen (i.e. for “people . . . to . . .cease to be instruments of this doomsday ‘gospel.'”

      And it is going to take a lot for them to ever admit their egregious errors. You will never hear it from the pulpit, I can guarantee that. Did the duped leaders ever publicly declare they were deceived by Mark Hoffman? Never in public statements made over the podium. Nelson’s pride will never allow that.

      1. You probably are right about that. it would be a major thing for a mistake to be declared. This is going to be so major when so many people die and are disabled for life.

  98. What Nelson et. al. have done is to blur the line between science and religion. We now have prophets proclaiming the truth of certain scientific beliefs, when in fact, those scientific beliefs have significant challenges to their credibility and truth. But we can no longer question the vax, we can no longer question the masks, we can no longer question governments’ overreach in their responses to covid-19 because the masks, the lockdowns, the distancing, the vaxxes, etc. have now all entered the unassailable realm of canonized religious dogma, and to question the dogma is, by definition, heresy.

    The speaker in church today implied that to find the admonition to get vaxxed may be hard to do, but Christ has always charged his followers with hard doctrine. She went on, I think with unintentional irony, to suggest that getting vaxxed and wearing masks are hard doctrine as well, but Christ has always caused his people to go against the ways of the world! So who is going along with the world and who is opposing the ways of the world? I think the answer is obvious.

  99. Hi Mark,

    Crossing that line of science and religion has been a big bad error to me. I do not trust that any “wisdom or guidance” has been used, but the worldly script and agenda of the genocide world has been used here.

    After learning about the “poison” in the “koolaid” there is a pattern of dangerous “falseness” in the directions we have received. This is the pattern for disaster like in other cultish followings we have witnessed in history.

    Jesus Christ NEVER told people to inject poison into their bodies, and NEVER would. That is a fruit of the adversary!

  100. NEVER before has a “prophet” of Heavenly Father in the Church asked such a thing. Maybe I do not have enough faith to do that, the Holy Ghost screamed out “No” to me and that is what I will choose. I cannot blindly follow a man or a group who tells me to purposely harm myself. That is not God’s way.

    Only time will tell how this plays out.

    1. Yes, in time we will know. For now we “see through the glass darkly.” It would be easier just to go along to get along, but for now, I just cannot.

      I suspect there are many more who feel as we do than it now seems.

  101. I know that the church has it’s precious 501 3C to protect, but at what price? They could have taken no position at all and been perfectly fine. I will never understand why they felt they had to go public with this at all!

    1. Exactly. It is medically inappropriate for an unlicensed person to be making medical decisions for people. And the way the self-righteous members are responding, the only proper course, in their opinions, is to follow the prophet and get the jab, no questions asked. There has been no effort to suggest that it is everyone’s right to choose their own course of action or to put an end to the ceaseless efforts by the self-righteous to shame the non-vaxxed.

      They should have stayed out of it, but at a minimum, they should have said something to the effect that there is no one-size-fits-all treatment protocol and in the end it is up to the person to consult with their own medical advisors and to prayerfully decide for themselves on their course of treatments. Based upon my experiences with leaders at all levels, I am surprised that being vaxxed has not been made a condition of obtaining a recommend.

  102. If one considers Abraham sacraficing Issac. Issac was not harmed. If we take poison into our bodies we can be harmed irreversably.

  103. Colin Powell dies at age 84 of complications from covid.

    “He was fully vaccinated.” Therefore, he died an honorable death.

  104. Here’s a great statement I saw on the Babylon Bee website: “At no point in history have the people forcing others into compliance been the good guys.”

    Brings to mind:

    “And I, the Lord God, spake unto Moses, saying: That Satan, whom thou hast commanded in the name of mine Only Begotten, is the same which was from the beginning, and he came before me, saying—Behold, here am I, send me, I will be thy son, and I will redeem all mankind, that one soul shall not be lost, and surely I will do it; wherefore give me thine honor.”

    Do the vaccine NAZIs not realize this is what they are doing? Coercion as at the heart of many sins. Any coercion is sin. Ergo, to compel a person to take the vax is undoubtedly a sin.

    And don’t tell me that “urging” the membership to take the vaccine and shaming the non-compliant on a weekly basis from the pulpit is not coercion. The leadership know that any statement from the 1st presidency where they “urge” the membership to do something is going to be taken as doctrine, especially in my ridiculously compliant ward and stake where the morons in the positions of authority, i.e. bishop, stake presidency, etc., validate every utterance calling for vaccine compliance. If they did not think so, they would have issued a disclaimer that the membership would, nevertheless, choose for themselves. (Does that ring a bell?)

    Sad to say but I feel much more comfortable these days with the fundamentalist Christians than I do with the hierarchy and a majority of members of the LDS church. And yes, I know, that behind our backs most of the “born agains” are hating on us and say we aren’t Christians. I loved how Jerry Falwell used to say “The Mormons are going to Hell on a toboggan.” That never seemed to make sense because if Hell is hot, the snow would melt before the toboggan ever reached the devil’s realm. On the other hand, if you are going to Hell, riding a toboggan sounds like a fun way to get there! (I know you’re saying, “just you wait Brother Dodds. You won’t be laughing when you are burning in Hell. Reminds me of something George Carlin said concerning Christians: God is sending just about all of us to Hell for eternity, “but he loves you.” Of course, that is not Mormon Doctrine.

    1. Hi Mark,

      I have felt that the fundamental christians are more correct in this whole matter than our leaders’ complacency. I cannot feel or think that Alma would be so. We should all be ripping off our coats and writing on them. It is like they are not caring about our nation. President Nelson did say that the battles would be fought for us, our children and our childrenns” children. In that he is correct. The battles are not being fought by our church at all. He was also correct about the “hinge moment” things have completely turned around for the church, the nation and the world. Things are not the same. The words he spoke about things in the church being “unprecedented” are true. It is “unprecedented” that a president of the church would contribute to the demise of the members. Heavenly Father has this. Now, the flock of Heavenly Father’s chruch are scattered, and our presidency has scattered them.

      I feel betrayed and now not trustful of the presidency because there are no words of direction that are powerful that I can see since the conference where he gave those words. I can embrace the scriptures when they are spoken in conference, but something is missing now. I have Sunday to listen to yet. It is like what I am needing is no longer there. It is like the “spark” of the Holy Ghost is gone from them, something is very wrong right now.

      I seem to be needing that our church will stand up and fight, but there is no fight in them. It is like Alma right now when the leaders would not fight.

      I feel lost, mournful, sorrowful and bleating for where I belong again. I do not feel that I belong to anywhere, except saints that are fighting. The most comfortable are with other members of the church that are fighting and not blindly following the leaders. I agree with the other Christians who are fighting, however i cannot get into their “priestcraft” methods of doing things.

      I will stick to my strong testimony items. Continue to give my tithe, but woe to anyone who uses my tithe for anything else but temple building! As in the days of old, the temple was always true, even if the Sadduces and Pharisees were not. The temple was still the house of God that even Jesus attended. I will stick to the temple.

      Heavenly Father will need to sort out this puzzle for me. I can trust him. He can give what is needed spiritually, because man cannot.

      1. I really appreciate your statements here. We must keep living the gospel the best we can. Paying a full tithe is critical. The leaders must answer for the use of your tithes. In time all will be revealed and corrected. My wife spoke this week with a non-vaxxed friend. She believes there is some attack on the church out there which necessitates the statements concerning the vax, etc. I can’t buy into that but maybe it is true. But it seems to me that if Nelson’s action is forced, there would at least be some hint or suggestion somewhere. As it is, all I get on a weekly basis is brow-beating members telling me I am not following the prophet if I am not vaccinated. But I must learn to forgive them and the leaders, remain faithful and in time I will find understanding. As I wrote above a week or so ago, maybe I’m wrong.

    1. Yes Mark, It is important to look for things that can help. I was able to obtain meds from Inida, but it l;ooks like the places that I got it from may be intercepted now. Thank Heavenly Father’s timing in that.

  105. I reported recently my rage against the athletic dept at BYU requiring all to be vaxxed and how my relative had a horrific reaction to the first vax shot and asked to be excused from the 2d shot, but was denied the exemption. Since she won’t get the 2d shot, she must go every Mon, Weds an Fri morning at 5 am to get a worthless PCR test.

    Attached is an expose of the risks of the test and of its flaws.

    1. That says it all about the swabs, may be even more to it since these murders are in charge. I was tested 2xs. I would just skip the BYU athletics. Not worth it. Surviving this whole genocide is.

      1. I agree, skip the athletics; problem is, she is on scholarship, making it even more difficult. I look forward to the day when BYU and other such institutions are inundated with lawsuits resulting from their wanton disregard of the risks of the vaxxes and their forcing people to get the vax. When you waive liability on taking the vax, you are only waiving liability applicable to the manufacturer. It will be a sad day in many ways because the athletic programs will be badly hurt, but it will be a great day when the jabs stop and the truth becomes known.

    1. It looks like people who should be good are becoming gremlins! I am staying completely isolated from everyone, except 2 people. I was shown how even the people at church are changing because of all of this. Everyone has become strange, like mind controlled.

      1. They really are. They have bought into the groupthink afflicting the whole world and are so turned upside-down and inside-out by this to now believe that going along with the world is now virtue and righteousness and opposing the way of the world is wickedness.

  106. Got your two shots, got your QR code, so you are free to move about, maybe travel a little, go to a reataurant every once in a while? Well, not so fast. From what has happened in Iarael, one of the most vaxxed countries in the world, it is clear the vax effects, such as they are, pretty much wear off over time and boosters are needed. The booster has already been approved by CDC for the over-65 crowd and it looks like in time you will need to get boosted every 6 months to stay fully vaccinated against the virus which has a 99.8% survival rate but which our leaders have declared we are fighting “the ravages of covid-19 and its variants, an unrelenting pandemic.”

    This all started with “2 weeks to slow the spread,” to never-ending lockdowns (there are still 5 million fewer people working in the US since the beginning of the scamdemic), to if we get vaxxed we will achieve herd immunity, to, sorry, no herd immunity and even if vaxxed you must still wear masks at church and anti-social distance, to if you got vaxxed you are free, to needing a QR code on your papers, to now likely needing to succumb to the risks of the vax every 6 months.

    Can’t wait to see Nelson and the gang posing for their booster shots.

  107. A doctor called me the other day and after I provided him with the usual free advice (“it’s only a ten minute phone call”) he told me to stay safe, and then he regaled me with a joke I’m sure he has repeated to everyone he speaks with: “I got the vaccination and had a severe reaction. I now look young and beautiful!”

    What a laugh riot. Of course, the whole point of the joke is to mock those people who say they have had adverse reactions. The many reports are ridiculous and are entirely unrelated to the jab and it was just coincidence that you had blood clots, detached retinas, neuropathy, spasms, paralysis, death, etc. These things happen all the time and it is mere coincidence that some people have medical problems in close proximity to the time of the vax.

    So all the reports of death, of otherwise life-changing effects, etc., these events would have happened anyway. The doctors tell us the vaxxes are safe (but not so effective as they thought, hence the boosters) and our world famous cardiac surgeon prophet, who speaks Mandarin to boot, has declared the same, so bring on the boosters every six months! And buy Pfizer stock.

  108. We all know that in the last days there will come among us false Christs. What does this mean?

    We do not see people, other than perhaps some truly demented individuals, who say they are JC.

    I believe the false Christs are people who come around and say, “Follow me, do this and you will be saved.” But the saving they are talking about is being temporally saved.

    Children the world over are convinced that the earth is getting hotter by the day and within a few more years will become unbearably hot and we will all die unless we put them in charge of how we travel, how we heat and cool our homes, what we eat, etc. (which, sadly, the LDS church now endorses with its outright commitment to “sustainability,” which we whacked-out conspiracy theorists believe to be worldwide totalitarianism).

    So turn control over to us, stop using “fossil fuels” and the onslaught of climate change will be stopped (had to change the narrative due to the absence of significant heating which has been generally occurring since the Little Ice Age ended about the time of the First Vision) and the world will no longer be a dangerous place but will be free of hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires, etc., a veritable heaven on earth.

    We have false Christs who say they can save us from want and need, from disease and death, that they can turn the dark and dreary world into Utopia. They make it so easy: All you must do is put them, your wise and thoughtful leaders, in charge, including in charge of your health, and the rest of us, we who depend upon the superior knowledge and insight of these wise and thoughtful leaders (and of course including our infallible, all-knowing world famous cardiac surgeon church president along with his lapdog counselors) will be spared from the difficulties of mortality.

    Who needs the Word of Wisdom any more? Who needs exercising some discipline in caring for our mortal bodies? Who needs to exercise faith and prayer? Who needs individual revelation? Just look up to the jab and you will be saved.

  109. Here’s a nice rundown of stories on the efforts to coerce everyone to get the vax. If you do not see wickedness in this, you are being willfully blind, you are walking in mid-day and calling it night.

    With the Tabernacle Choir now singing in the Tabernacle again, without masks and without anti-social distancing (which would have been a monumentally silly optic with 180 souls exuberantly spewing out their bio-hazard breath), perhaps there is hope yet for an end to madness, at least in the church. My guess, however, is they have all been vaxxed as a requirement but I have no idea what may have been required.

    1. yes, i know there are 360 choir members, but to anti-socially distance would have required at least a 50% reduction; hence the “180” souls.

    2. I checked it out and apparently you cannot sing in the MTC (yes I know that tinpot dictator, Nelson, changed the name) unless you are vaxxed. You can still be in the choir but cannot participate. I imagine your 20-year limitation period continues to run. The word is there are very few who have rejected the jab.

  110. Two years ago, I imagine 75% of LDS members would wholeheartedly agree with the descriptions of evil made in the attached short article.

    But two years later, I imagine 75% of LDS members would disagree with the article’s descriptions of evil. What a change has come upon us; how readily we now accept as good the restrictions placed upon us!

    From the article: “It starts with the power to lock down everything for ‘only’ 15 days to ‘flatten the curve.’ It quickly escalates to injecting everyone with unproven, unprecedented ‘ vaccines’ that are actually RNA-modifying drugs, even children and even those who don’t want the vaccine. And it quickly ratchets up to government-required approval to leave your home, to work, to buy food, to worship God, and ultimately to being segregated in concentration camps to control dissenters, just as done by Nazi, Soviets and Chinese Communists.”

    Is this our fate? Two years ago we would never have believed we would come to where we are now. It sickens me to sit in church and see how grotesque the universal mask-wearing appears and how confident are the members in the virtue of the vax.

    I expect each week to be told to leave because I am, other than my wife, the only person not wearing a mask, though a few will pull their masks done for a while. In my prior ward I had a few who followed my example and thanked me for it, including the bishop’s wife, but I am unknown in my new ward and have no followers and no one else has stepped up to the plate.

  111. Ireland, one of the most highly vaxxed and locked-down countries, has a per capita new cases rate of four times that of wide open and ceaselessly maligned Florida.

    For more surprising details, read the attached.

    I found it interesting how the writer suggests, as I wrote a week or two ago, that as the failures of the vaccines become too obvious to cover up, Trump will become the scapegoat.

    1. I understand the inventor of the PCR test is dead. Also dead recently a Dr Noack who has warned about graphene hydroxide in the vaxxes. Seems to be adding up like the “Clinton body count.” Who is next, Dr Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA technology who is criticizing the vaxxes, etc.?

  112. Hi Mark,

    Do you know they are now seeking approval for the 5 – 12 year olds to get the jab? Yes. Unfortunately, church members may really do this to “follow the prophet”. This is so dangerous! I pray our church members will wake up. My bishop said he would not let his children take the jab. I pray not. Will that be a red line crossed for parents in the church, or will they also be willing to sacrafice their children to this covid cult as well? I fear for the children now.

    1. There are two camps of thought in the church: 1) Nelson knows a lot we don’t and has no alternative but to endorse the vax and our corrupt gov’t or 2) the members need to have their lamps filled and to rely upon personal study, prayer and revelation, and that blindly “following the prophet” is not true doctrine. I guess the third camp consists of true believers in the vax who would have gotten the jab (and did get the jab) regardless of Nelson’s unequivocal endorsement.

    2. The push for children getting vaxxed is absolute proof of the conspiracy. There is no reason to approve untested inoculations of children under the “emergency use authorizatio” where there is no such emergency for children. Where is Nelson in all of this? It is pure evil. There can be no other explanation.

  113. Why are the letters to the churches written in Revelations 2 and 3. I fear that our church is meeting the criteria for the verses Rev 2:18-29. Our church needs to repent or if they continue with this vaccine stuff they will be sacraficing the children. Rev 2:23.

  114. Evil can never be satisfied. People think things will get back to pre-covid conditions, but this will not happen until a large number of us are willing to fight back. And showing up every Sunday dutifully wearing your mask is not going to cut it.

    I went to a professional luncheon the other day. My law partner and I were the only persons among whom I estimate to be about 60 in attendance who were not masked. Literally everyone else was masked. i was shocked at such universal obeisance.

    the silliness of the masking was manifest once the luncheon began as everyone thereafter removed their masks to dine and they did not re-mask until leaving the restaurant even though most had finished eating long before the event ended and so could have re-masked long before leaving. But true to form, they dutifully put their masks on as they left the venue.

    What truly demonstrates the silliness of all this is how people wore their masks for 10-15 minutes before lunch began then removed their masks to eat and converse for 60 additional minutes, all while confined to a small room that was no larger than a modest hotel room. The mask is all theater.

    Attached is an excellent analysis of evil, all being aided and abetted by you know who.

    1. Thank you Mark for that article. It is the same madness of Hitler, same people doing this. This is really stupid. I am against blindly following any man or government. To say anything at church is to be attacked! So, let them all follow their agency, no problem. I tried to sound a voice of warning, but it was suppressed. Censored, just like the whole world narrative. Defending Utah who did this site was attacked. They are right! No one wants to hear about VAERS or any reason is tossed aside like garbage. Truth is tossed aside.

      The shots are now approved for 5-12 year olds. If they follow the prophet they will not hesitate to get the kids jabbed. I have not been to church because I am of an age that is very vulnerable to sickness, so I do not know if anyone has suffered any adverse affects from the jab at church.

      Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost are in control of my decision not to get the jab.

      Yes, the virus only gets you when you stand up from eating! Insanity!

  115. Statement by one of 6 Members of the European Parliament on mandatory vaccines. Read the full statement from the link, but great pull-quote”

    “In the entire history of mankind, there has never been a political elite sincerely concerned about the well-being of regular people. What makes any of us think that it is different now?”

    Also: “Whenever a political elite pushes an agenda this hard, and resort to extortion and manipulation to get their way, you can always be sure your benefit is not what they had at heart.”

    1. I see no other conclusion. Why else would they be pressing to vax the kids with a vax producing so many negative reactions? And even if the vax looked totally harmless, there is no evidence of the vax’s long-term effects. Since the kids are not contracting covid, let alone dying from it, there is no basis whatsoever for the emergency use authorization, so the push to get the kids vaxxed is being done with evil intent; there can be no other possible explanation.

  116. If the people in charge of the US gov’t response to covid-19 actually had any concern for human beings and had any concern for true science, there is not a chance they would ever advocate the vaccines for children. The push to vaccinate children is IRREFUTABLE PROOF of their goal to kill, maim and sterilize. The extremely low risk to children negates any argument for the emergency use authorization. Regardless of the “need” to vaccinate the elderly, at a very minimum, the vaccination of children would, at best, never be approved until the vaxxes could be tested for long-term effects. The ONLY reason for such accelerated approval can be for the nefarious purpose of getting as many children injected as possible before the risks of the vaxxes becomes so overwhelmingly obvious that the vaxxing stops. I am very reluctant to endorse the conspiracy theories in all of this, but I can see no other reason for this unnecessarily accelerated approval. This is wickedness on parade. Nelson has failed us and the world as well.

  117. Nelson needs to go. Nothing from this false prophet concerning vaxxing children. As I wrote above a few days ago, the plan to vax kids is utter wickedness and Nelson does nothing but to the line with our wise and thoughtful leaders (most of whom are all in
    for abortion as well).

    At least the Catholics are saying something about this. My distress over Nelson grows by the day.

    1. Not to get too excited about the Catholics, they do have their Marxist pope is inleague with Nelson over the vaxxes.

      I can’t help but compare the 2020’s with the 1980’s:

      Then: Ronald Reagan Now: Joe “Einstein” Biden

      Then: Margaret Thatcher Now: Boris “the QTIP” Johnson

      Then: Pope John Paul II Now: Francis

      Then: Ezra Taft Benson Now: Russell “world famous cardiac surgeon” Nelson

      No wonder the last days are going to be times of great tribulation with these people in power.

  118. From the archbishop’s letter: “I realize that it may be extremely unpopular to take a position against the so-called ‘vaccines’ but as shepherds of the flock of the Lord we have the duty to denounce the horrible crime that is being carried out.”

    Response to all this from our false prophet, crickets. Each day that passes without a response this this crime convinces me more of Nelson’s wickedness.

    And the members will follow him straight into hell and say it’s heaven.

  119. I agree Mark. Will the parents let their children be sacrificed to this COVID19 shot genocide agenda? We definitely are in the tribulation period right now! Right now, this site and the comments are all crickets.

    It is that you and I do care and have genuine concern about people following this shot protocol without looking at the facts.

    Heavenly Father knows how evil this time is. There is not a day that passes by that I am not in mourning about the turn the church has taken and how this nation needs us to stand up together against tyranny!

    1. I know what you mean, Judy. I feel like we are lone wolves in the wilderness. I question myself and my own motives every day, my own knowledge and analysis of current conditions. But one thing I know without a doubt: the vaxxing of the children is pure evil.

      1. Yes, it was Moroni, Alma 46.

        i think our motives are the safety of the church members. We are not striving to be against the gospel, the temple and the Standard Works, or even the work of the church.

        However, something very serious is wrong right now and we are trying to figure it out.

        There is a clear and present danger right now. The Holy Ghost has been telling me that president Nelson is in error right now, because the truth of the reality of the danger of the shots is being ignored. Why, I do not know. I rest assured that I am not to get the jab.

        Joseph Smith himself stated that there could be a problem.

        “And none are required to tamely and blindly submit to a man because he has a portion of the priesthood. We have heard men who hold the priesthood remark, that they would do anything they were told to do by those who presided over them, if they knew it was wrong; but such obedience as this is worse than folly to us; it is slavery in the extreme; and the man who would thus willingly degrade himself should not claim a rank among intelligent beings, until he turns from his folly. A man of God… would despise the idea. Others, in the extreme exercise of their almighty authority have taught that such obedience was necessary, and that no matter what the saints were told to do by their presidents, they should do it without asking any questions. When Elders of Israel will so far indulge in these extreme notions of obedience as to teach them to the people, it is generally because they have it in their minds to do wrong themselves.”

        50. Joseph Smith, Millennial Star, vol.14 #38, pp. 593-95

        There is a purpose that Heavenly Father has in this, and that is where I must come to rest, follow the Holy Ghost’s promptings for me, because i know there is a reason for all things according to his purpose. Even this.

        The church leaders are taking a stand on the world’s viewpoint. Why? I do not know.

        I grieve about this every day, but I am clear about my stance about how I feel about the jab and the leader’s position on it. I strongly disagree, and am coming to the conclusion that it is OK for me to disagree with them.

        I know how you feel when you question your motives every day. I have felt the same. I pray constantly that Heavenly Father understands. I know that the Holy Ghost is telling me what I am feeling. NO.

        All we can do is stick close to Heavenly Father in prayer. Where there is error that it will be revealed and corrected.

        What is helping me is Revelations 2 & 3. The letters to the churches as they can apply now. He says some good, some bad, and to repent and overcome. it makes me think that perhaps our church can repent if it needs to, or not. Time will tell. Revelations 2:18-26 could apply to our church, perhaps. It directly mentions the children.

        Just keep praying for revelations about what is troubling you, and me. Follow what the good parts are and ask Heavenly Father to direct our paths. All we have to do is acknowledge Him and he promises to direct our path.

        Thank you for your friendship here. You are helping me a lot!

  120. Senator Ron Johnson held a hearing this week on the vaxxes. The personal stories are heartbreaking. And all these people hear is that they are crazy, the adverse effects are all in their heads.

    This posting linked here has numerous links embedded. You can actually listen to a 3.5 hour roundtable.

    There are many highly-qualified people to listen to. The summary states that all the people from CDC, NIH, big pharma, etc. were invited; none showed. One who was not invited but should have been and who would also not have shown? I will leave it to you to guess who that might be.

  121. The phone call Russell Nelson does not want to receive:

    “Hello Pres Nelson. This is Mike Wallace. You remember a number of years ago I interviewed one of your predecessors, Gordon Hinckley? I wonder if I could interview you on camera regarding the safety and effectiveness of the Covid vaccines. And Dr. Robert McCullough will also be there so we can get your and his give and take on the subject. When can we get together?”

  122. More on the utter wrongheadedness in vaxxing the 5-11 year-olds.

    From the article: From Oct 2020-2021 66 children in this age group died with, and not of, covid. Virtually all, if not in fact all, had serious co-morbitities. A child’s chance of being hit by lightning is 200% greater, 1000% greater of dying in a car accident. Even for children at risks, the risk is effectively 0%.

    Pfizer projects $65 billion in revenue in 2022 from vax sales, and this is just Pfizer.

    We now have in the VAERS database over 850,000 reports of adverse reactions and more than 17,000 deaths. While not all of these are from the vaxxes, a Harvard study concludes only 1% of these adverse events and deaths are reported. Do the math. And all this expense, and worse, risk, for a risk which does not exist. (And as I have written before, at a minimum this disqualifies the vaxxes from emergency use authorization, but the push is on to inject 28 million children with something of which no one knows what the long-term effects might be. The only way the FDA advisory council could authorize this is through extortion and payoffs. “. . . this is a travesty of unspeakable proportions.”

  123. Studies of efficacy of the boosters say, at least as reported by the “wise and thoughtful” purveyors of the vaxxes and boosters, the boosters have an efficacy of 95%. So why would you not get the booster? Well, here’s why: those studies are a fraud. First the studies followed the test subjects for – wait for it – a full 2 weeks after the injection! So if you got the booster and did not get covid within two weeks, then the booster worked and you are deemed to be protected. Anyone, not just trained scientists, can see the flaw in such test results. It is obviously silly and nonsensical. if there were a control group, undoubtedly that group in the following two weeks would have similar results of at least 95% efficacy. And they call these studies ‘scientific.”

    Secondly, objections to the studies were rejected and suppressed. The studies did not account for different populations, i.e. what groups of people were in the studies? Were they younger people with extremely low risk anyway? Such is the case.

    The purveyors call reports of adverse effects to be fake.

  124. Woman with a serious adverse events who reported hers was told that she could not get the 2d shot. She was declared to have chosen to not receive the 2d shot and her case was, for this reason, dropped from being reported. This is clear suppression of reports. NIH won’t even take calls from injured. Complete refusal to acknowledge these reactions.

  125. Woman put together on Facebook a support group for vax injured. This group grew to more than 5000 people seeking support, comfort and direction. Soon afterward, Facebook shut down and disbanded this group, erased it.

    Drug companies use their RCT’s (random controlled testing — talk about an oxymoron — short on the “oxy,” heavy on the “moron”) to promote the favorable results of their drugs and to label adverse events dismissively as “misinformation.” Censorship is everywhere. It’s not science; it’s business. Pfizer doesn’t care about the science; they are in business and that business is to promote the vaxxes and to inject as many as possible. Of course they use flawed studies. Of course they suppress the adverse events. And most in government and media (and the clergy) are complicit in this process.

    Pfizer don’t do science; they do business. FDA know and enable this. You don’t get science. You get promotional material.

    You cannot get access to study results from Pfizer until 2025. Follow the science is impossible without the sharing of data. The data is hidden, it is not available, and yet millions are being mandated to take these shots.

    Dr reported serious conditions that have ended his career as orthopaedic surgeon. He thought the FDA and CDC would want to hear his story. They did not care, did not want to report it, and characterized his condition as not severe because he was not hospitalized!

    OSHA says on their website: no enforcement of reporting adverse vax events! It’s on their website!

    Atty: His firm of 20 attorneys has represented persons with adverse vax events for ten years; but it wasn’t until the covid vaxx release that the calls became an avalanche, impossible to handle. Many of his clients for vax injuries are doctors. Three takeaways from the experiences of these doctors in reporting their experiences: 1) coming from the very profession and professionals they worked in and with on reporting the reactions to the vax: “We don’t believe you. It is psychological.” 2) They had to submit the VAERS report themselves; their own caregivers would not submit the reports. They expected to hear from the FDA, CDC or NIH, but never did. And when they attempted to contact these groups themselves, they were either ignored or were told not to worry; your safety problem is not seen in VAERS reporting so, therefore, your problems are not real. And 3) Fear of their own profession retaliating against them for reporting their case and disclosing the failures of the health organizations.

    Therefore, since there is officially no existence of safety signals in VAERS, their conditions do not exist. VAERS says it’s safe; nothing to see here. And even after these doctors are no longer able to practice their profession, they are fearful of retaliation against them for reporting what has happened to them.

    Anyone opposing the narrative is dismissed with the ad hominen attack as a spreader of misinformation, a rabid anti-vaxxer, a conspiracy theorist.

    The arrogance of preventive medicine: 1) it tells people what they must do to remain healthy and creates laws to coerce the public into compliance (and I hope by now you know, dear reader, the source of all coercion.); 2) the unwarranted confidence that the coerced actions do more good than harm; and 3) preventive medicine is overbearing, attacking those who question its recommendations. The public are paying a high price resulting from their support, whether such support is voluntary, coerced or from deception, of those who think they can predict the future (including so-called “prophets”).

    Many suicides resulting from the unbearable conditions so many now experience.

    The above summarizes some of what is reported in the hearing linked here. In the end, Senator Johnson addresses the fact that people will not admit they were wrong. As I have written before, you will never hear contrition from any of these people.

  126. Met with a man this week. Says his immune system is weak so got the jabs, including the booster three days ago. Understand, this is a man who gladly got the shots, obviously believes in the “safe and effective” narrative, believes in the wise counsel of his government leaders.

    So after speaking with him for twenty minutes or so, he discloses that since the booster vax three days previously, and continuing non-stop ever since, including through the night and there in my office, he has been sweating profusely. The thing that I found most interesting is that he is oblivious to the idea that maybe the vaxxes are not a good idea. I could tell that he was the type of good citizen who feels he has done the right thing in getting vaxxed.

    It is clear to me that people do not want to admit they made a mistake in getting getting the shot. They do not want to admit to being duped by their corrupt or naive leaders and, for this reason, the adverse reactions are likely under reported by one or even two orders of magnitude.

    1. This is so sad. People just simply are trusting the government and the medical people to know what they are doing. Times now people are different. Satan has his demons who want to destroy people now. Pray for all the people!

  127. Mark,

    Go to the church website and look at the Old Testament, Ezekiel 9:4, hit the word “foreheads” and it will take you to Revelations 7:2 and D&C 77:9.

    What is really significant to me is how you and I are feeling. Inside we both are sighing and crying. Which really resonates with me because of the sorrow and concern we both are feeling.

    Tell me what you think?

    1. That is interesting. Those who were sighing and crying for the abominations were marked for righteousness and were spared. For myself, I can’t label myself one way or the other. I am just a person who sees “through the glass darkly” just like everyone else.

      But, like you, I can’t sit still and watch the world and lives destroyed through the response to this fake pandemic. There are pockets of hope. For example, Italy has re-evaluated all of its covid deaths, reducing the number from 130,000 to under 4,000, recognizing that of those who died “with covid,” only 3% of them died “from covid.” Most of the people dying were already on their way out, and any stress was going to take them out. As Simone Gold of “America’s Frontline Doctors” has said, pneumonia, flu and such diseases are God’s gift to old people, allowing them to move on.

      Here is the link to the article about Italy:

      On the other hand, the state of Victoria in Australia has become a true horror story. Which way does America go? My guess is, the LDS church under Nelson has demonstrated it will not take a stand for freedom. We always believed that it would be the elders of the church who would save the Constitution, but it is the leading elders of the church who are aiding in trampling over the Constitution. I know I am having no impact for good or for evil; I do this only to help myself make some sense of what is happening. In the fullness of time, all will be revealed, and despite my criticism of the leaders, I must not fall into a state of apostasy (though I am sure many, if they were to read these posts, would state that I am already in a state of apostasy).

      Here is a story about what is happening in Victoria, Australia, where Melbourne is located. Shocking, to say the least.

      1. Ezekiel 14:9-23 was shown to me out of nowhere! My friend also showed me jeremiah 23:1-14 applies here. I have complete peace about my standing with Heavenly Father. Once they took the stand publicaly with that letter things have changed with the church. Revelations 18:1-26 really fits our church right now. they must repent! As the churches in Revelation even this section. I will hold to the good and personally reject the bad parts and not participate in that. I pray that we will overcome! Even if the whole church does not repent, we can personally follow the correct principles.

        The church has been defiled by the masks, distancing, and human sacrifice following a man. Our church is in bed with Baal and Jezebel right now. Never before, but are wholely in now.

  128. In my efforts to make sense of all this, I have had the following thoughts. I have always been critical of LDS members who suggest the president of the church is infallible. Now they will say they know he is not infallible (i.e., eliminating the double negative to say he is fallible), but they truly demonstrate their belief in his infallibility, such as by saying, as I heard over the pulpit recently, Nelson may not be perfect but what he tells us is perfect; hence, they really do believe in the president’s infallibility. But for myself, I realize that I am holding Nelson to a standard requiring that he be infallible. I say he is a false prophet when he has merely made a mistake (a big one at that, but nevertheless, a mistake). Just because Gordon Hinckley bought fake documents from Mark Hoffman did not mean he was a fallen prophet; he just made a mistake, like Peter of old, a mistake caused by seeing ” through the glass darkly.” When I suggest Nelson is a false prophet because of his statements concerning covid, the vaccines, etc., I am holding him to a standard which requires that he be infallible. I must accept that his fallibility does not make him evil or fallen, only that he is a man.

    He has his hands full just trying to navigate the church through these difficult waters. He doesn’t have the time to read all about the “scamdemic.” While I know he is mistaken as to his beliefs in the efficacy of the vaxxes and that we should follow our “wise and thoughtful” government leaders, I must give him a pass, allowing him to be fallible (which he clearly is on this matter) without declaring him to be a false prophet. The spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Christ, not proclaiming truth about our health.

    I hope that what comes of all this when it becomes painfully obvious to everyone that the vaxxes are ineffective, people will understand they need to have their own lamps trimmed with oil and not rely on the prophet for direction in temporal matters.

  129. This is a developing story, but it is highly likely that Gavin Newsom, the CA governor, who wants to vaccinate all the children, got the booster and may now have Bells Palsy or Guillane Barre Syndrome, either one of which can paralyze the face.

    He has not been seen in public since the shot almost two weeks ago and his apparent absence from the public scene happened immediately after he got the booster.

    Could the booster have even a higher incidence of adverse reactions? As I reported a few days ago, I met a man who got his 3d, the booster, and ever since he has been sweating profusely, non-stop, morning and night.

    See this linked article, speculating on this.

    Of course, in the larger scheme of things, Newsom getting GBS or BP means nothing; we already absolutely know of the huge numbers of innocent people hurt by the vaxxes; so it is not surprising that this could happen to Newsom on getting the 3d jab. (Didn’t he get the memo to get only a saline injection and call himself vaxxed?)

    What is more telling is the analysis of the adverse reactions as set forth in the attached article.

    A few quotes:

    “Albert Benavides (aka WelcomeTheEagle88) recently did a VAERS analysis for me looking at symptoms which are elevated by the vaccine versus a 5-year baseline rate (VAERS reports from 2015-2019).”

    “Look at what popped up on #11 (the 11th highest elevated adverse event). You are 1,533 times more likely to get Bell’s Palsy after the COVID vaccines than any other vaccine.”

    See the screen shot in the article.

    “NOTE: This screen shot is the “tip of the iceberg” as far as serious adverse events caused by the COVID vaccines. The full list is over 5,000 elevated adverse events and I’ll be writing about this later today on substack (subscribe to be notified).”

    Nevertheless, if this has happened to Newsom, maybe it will be the negative event that will cause the house of cards holding up the vaccine narrative to come tumbling down. We can only hope, as Newsom intends to vax every man, woman and child in CA and if they won’t be vaxxed, they cannot live, work, attend school, or do anything in the state of CA.

    I hate to wish any of these adverse reactions on anyone, but we know they are happening, we know of the deaths and horrific events, and if a high profile person like Newsom could have a high profile adverse reaction, spoiling his truly handsome face, then maybe that’s what has to happen. I take no delight in this other than my hope this could put an end to vaxxing the kids.

  130. More from the article I linked above: Total bombshell:

    “A neurologist I know has over 2,000 clients with vaccine injuries (out of 20,000 client base). The neurologist never had any events before now in his/her practice caused by the vaccine. This shows you it is the vaccine causing the events, not “over reporting” as is claimed by the FDA.”

    So now a neurologist suddenly as 2,000 vaccine injuries out of a 20,000 patient base. This is horrific and shows how severely under reported these negative events are. People are not reporting negative events because 1) they don’t want to admit they made a big mistake, 2) they are true believers in their government or church leaders and don’t want to deal with the cognitive dissonance that comes from realizing your government and your ecclesiastical leaders may not have your best interests at heart, and 3) it just does not even enter their uncritical thinking brain that there could be a correlation between the vax and their maladies.

    If you missed it, again here is the link to article:

  131. As I wrote above, I am trying to give Nelson a pass on this, trying to say, okay, he is a prophet about Jesus Christ, not about health care. And he is “just a man” (sure, you recognize that from “Jesus Christ Superstar”). But can’t he see the impending disaster if the kids get vaxxed? Please, Pres. Nelson, get some true guidance on this. If this disaster occurs, if the kids get vaxxed, it’s as much on your head as anyone else’s. Is God going to punish the children for the sins of their fathers? (Don’t answer that.) “Visiting the iniquity of the fathers unto the third and fourth generation.” Exodus 34:6-7. Hmmm.

  132. When I wrote above there will be 117 child deaths, I meant to state that there will be 117 child deaths for each life possibly saved from covid-19.

  133. I have mentioned this concept before, but in analyzing the benefit of getting vaxxed, one must understand the difference between relative risk reduction and absolute risk reduction.

    It is widely reported and understood that there were about 20,000 subjects in the Pfizer test group and about 20,000 in the control (placebo) group. Actually there were 18,000 in each such group.

    At the conclusion of the test there were 8 covid cases in the vaxxed group and 162 covid cases in the non-vaxxed. So at first bush we see that 95% of the cases are non-vaxxed and only 5% are vaxxed, and so the vax has a 95% efficacy rate, which is what everyone believes.

    But what is more important is the absolute risk reduction, where if vaxxed you have a risk of .04% (8 cases out of 18,000) and if not vaxxed you have a risk of .88% (162 cases out of 18,000.) So the actual risk reduction is .88% minus .04%, or .84%, i.e. less than 1% actual reduction in risk of getting covid, and this is just in getting covid, let alone dying from it.

    Here is an article explaining this.

    Further, with the incidence of severe reactions to the vax, i.e. at a rate of 1 in every 40 jabs, it requires 150 jabs to avert one mild case of covid but risking 3 severe vax reactions. The risk/reward is terrible for taking the shots.

    And now we know, and the CDC acknowledges this (hence the only worthless mask mandates), that the vax does not keep you from getting covid nor does it prevent transmission. So, paraphrasing the rock group “War,” what’s the vax good for: “Absolutely nothin.'”

    The following linked article provides additional information and further analysis.

  134. I reported last night on Gavin Newsom being out of sight. They were saying he would appear today but he hasn’t; now he is to appear on Thursday. I suspect they are hoping he will improve so people won’t know he has been harmed by the booster. Stay tuned. With all the rumors, wouldn’t he at least appear somewhere to dispel the rumors? I certainly would. Something more is going on here.

    1. It is very possible Newsom had Bell’s Palsy. If not treated immediately, the facial paralysis becomes permanent. Fortunately the simple treatment of steroids will cure the problem quickly, and this possibly explains Newsom’s absence and then reappearance 2 weeks after the shot.

  135. I am with you on this. President Nelson is one of the elect, deceived. I also sincerely pray that he can realize the error of this and correct it.

    The test on him being correct on this is that the Saints who do what he says, either surviving or not.

    Personally, I do not choose to fling myself off a cliff to have angels bear me up, because I am following Jesus’s example and not doing something self destructive because someone is telling me I should. Especially coming from a system of government that Satan is clearly in charge of influencing elect men following that government. Period about that as far as I am concerned.

  136. Mark,

    Why does Revelations 2 & 3 talk of the good and bad things of 7 churches? It looks like the churches in the last days will fit this pattern. And thus evern the Church Of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saints is going through this.

    Your thoughts on this?

    1. I think these are all warnings to each of us individually to be responsible for making our own decisions.

      In one of your recent posts, Judy, you quoted Joseph Smith, as reported in the Millennial Star, chastising those who would without question follow the church leaders, even to the point of doing wrong.

      The church is characterized by its enemies as a cult. Though I reject this, the actions of many members, and most notably now with the vax controversy (“It’s no controversy, Bro Dodds. Just follow the prophet!”), and the willingness of what appears to be a majority of members to almost literally “drink the kool-aid”, we have achieved cult status, at least among the “faithful.”

      I repeatedly hear from the pulpit the call for getting vaxxed. It is wrong, it is bad. I just hope the madness can be stopped before the kids get vaxxed, but as I quoted previously, the sins of the fathers will be answered upon the heads of the children to the third and fourth generations. Could the vaxxing of millions of children be a graphic fulfillment of this prophecy?

      1. Very well said Mark.

        Because you are repeatedly being told to get the vax from the pulpit I am comforted that I am making the correct decision to stay home and do my independent studying of the scriptures.

        The members of the church in this madness can become enemies. I see that they can turn on a member in an instant, censoring and banning me from the conversation cite. So I am keeping to myself with my relationship to God by myself. I no longer trust the leaders at all.

        The church has ceased to become a refuge to me anymore. I refuse to go to be cohearsed like aparently they are doing to you.

        I had faith and do not feel that up until 2017 the church has not been a cult. This whole thing from 2019 – 2020 seemed correct. But, when the church wrote that letter in 12 August 2021, it took a turn to “prophet worship” to a new level. The Holy Ghost inside of me cannot even look at their faces without disdain. I listened to conference, but it has lost it’s savor, like favorless salt!

        I will still cling to the Standard Works, Bible, Book of Mormon, D&C religiously. But to follow any man who fits the pattern of telling us to take a harmful substance will not happen to me.

        The song that is made up for Primary just tells me what will happen here.

        So our church has indeed achieved the “cult” status as you have said.

        Of course, I still pray that somehow young and old saints will be protected from this poison. With God nothing is impossible, but I will not put him to the test. I will follow the example of Jesus Christ himself, who refused to cast himself off the penicle.

        This is the saddest thing I have ever seen.

        1. What you write expresses so much of what I am going through. The church is no longer a place of refuge. It is a place of condemnation and coercion.

          I am shocked on a weekly basis at the members’ compliance. In my ward mask compliance other than myself is literally 100%. I don’t stay for the other meetings because I don’t want to get into a confrontation with the powers that be. I remember visiting my daughter’s ward recently and one of the members of her stake presidency trying to stare me down for not wearing the mask. Idiot.

          Compliance, conformity, coercion, condemnation and contribution, the five c’s of a cult, describe the LDS church and its members. So sad.

    1. That is also why I am staying away. Out of sight, out of mind. I can be an iinactive member of the church and still maintain my church membership. I have another year for a temple recommend renewal.

      I am hoping for a resolution in the church in the positive direction.

      I can assist the temple without going however, by doing indexing. So I will be doing that this winter,

      Heavenly Father knows our hearts. We trust Jesus Christ for our salvation, not man. We can trust the Holy Ghost to lead us.

      I do not fit into any church right now. I am not able to get into other worship styles at all, because I have been there and I know the church is true.

      There has been a progression of Satan’s influence in the church. Social distancing is cutting the Body of Jesus christ in half (look at the choir as an example), the muzzles symbolize silencing God’s Words, the shots are defiling the members bodily temples, and in the cases of vaccinating the children is going to be child sacrifice. Not to mention the altering our DNA as Heavenly Father made us, could even mean much more than that! Luciferase? Satan really loves to put his name all over this.

      This could be the “Mark of the Beast” or a precursor. It is definitely the Beast system. And the church wants us to embrace it!

  137. From the video linked immediately above

    Science is not consensus.

    “If everyone thinks the same, then someone is not thinking.”

    “Fear is the real pandemic.”

    Experts are censted so the stupid won’t be offended.

    One size fits all.

    Golden ticket- Covid recovered

    Risk factor – low D and low interferon

    Where are the covid autopsies — lack of collegiality

    post vaccine deaths — what do the autopsies say?

    Spike protein is the toxin, doing great damage, a result of the vax

    Nanoparticles from the vax go to all organs to do damage

    Huge cancer uptick following vax

    Skyrocketing VAERS – unbelievable we continue to move forward with the vaxxes.

    The vax compromises innate immune response

    Big outbreaks in herpes and cervix HPV surges

    Pre and post shot labs — whow injury to many systems, bloodwork, etc

    Early signs of antibody dependent enhancement

    Natural immunity is so much broader than the limited vax

    Ignoring science of immunology

    The vax it is now clear does not prevent acquisition, transmission, disease or death

    Mandate makes no sense. Heavy breakthroughs of the vaxxed in leading vax countries, e.g. Israel , etc.

    His 400 treated patients, none hospitalized, none dead, and yet it is and always has been, abut getting the vax and jabbibg the world

    US vs India, of all things, India implemented early treatment as opposed to US protocol of sending people home and telling them to come back when they are really sick. India let it burn through, treated with ivermectin and now down to just 20 cases per day in a region of 240 million people while it continues to rage on in the US. Even if you take away ivermectin and HCQ, this dr can treat with aspirin because covid is a clotting disease and can be treated if the aspirin is dosed at the right times in the right amounts

    Get your vit D up. Get out in the sun — don’t eat sugar, sodas deplete Vit D; D is critical

    Vaxxing the recovered will fatigue the t-cells, defeating the natural immunity

    Using remdesivir which is a renal (kidney) toxin drug that costs $3500 per treatment

    ICU doctor: when Alpha patients came in, was able to treat successfully; Delta variant is worse if treatment is delayed.

    What is clear is the US and most of the wold response has been focused on the vax. Think about it: Science has never gotten a vax against the common cold virus and for 50 years of effort the flu vaccines are mere guesses at what flu will be prevalent in the new flu season each year. It is ignorance or arrogance to believe the drug companies would get successful vaxxes after 8-12 months of working on it, especially since the ptior failures against other corona viruses. The effectiveness is an outright lie.

    Take magnesium to help your vit d as well. Get outdoors. Hot-cold therapy. (I finish every shower with one minute of cold – and it is cold water where I live; can’t get a cold shower in some places — Phoenix for example)

    Vaxxing children is obviously madness; children have zero risk. Death rate is one per million and all children who died of covtd had severe health risks; and Dr Cole says now he sees every day through his microscope increased autoimmune risks from the vaxxes.

    How can anyone advocate to immunize kids when 1) child risk is zero and 2) there is no way to know the longterm effects of the vax. Vaxxing children is proof of the evil behind the push for vaxxes. The known evil is a desire for making a profit from an untested vax; the unknown evil may be more nefarious. (As I have suggested “answering the sins of the fathers on the heads of the children.” What can be more obvious?)

    Covid-recovered are not getting it again; only documented cases are anecdotal or a result of false positives, e.g. running too many cycles in tests.

    Can spike protein be exhaled? Possibly. It is scientifically probable, which makes the vaxxed people the dangerous ones among us.

    What would world famous cardiac surgeon Russell Nelson say in response to the expertise, knowledge and experience of this Dr Cole? He would be exposed as either ignorant, arrogant, naive, stupid or just plain evil. I will go with ignorance born of his arrogance. I have tried to forgive him for his monumentally huge mistake in calling the vax safe and effective and in lauding our leaders for their wise and thoughtful leadership, but I cannot.

  138. Russell Nelson knows the VAERS stats. I wrote to him twice. There is no more excuse for him. This is insanity! Pray hard that they wake up.

    What their motivation is will be known. Are they supporters of the coming “One World Religion”? If they participate in that, that will really say it all.

    They are certainly appeasing the “Global Agenda”. That also says it all if they do not turn their stance. That is why Revelations 2:18-26 applies to the church right now.

  139. I saw a story which reported all vax deaths came from 5% of the vax batches. No idea if this is true. But what would be the point? Let me posit a reason to do this.

    The purveyors of the vaxxes knew they could be dangerous and if billions of people get this dangerous injection, the extent of human damage could be so great and so obvious that the vax program could be shut down before it hardly would be getting off the ground. This is accomplished as follows: 1) limit apparent risk to only a small number of vax recipients because only 5% actually get it; 2) make the vax look safe by actually giving it to a much smaller number, thereby reducing the number of people actually put at risk by 95%; and 3) most important to the vax makers, they still make billions from the shots even though 95% were just getting saline.

  140. Clearly this is the ramping up of the “Mark of the Beast” system! Evil beyond measure! The problem is everyone is in denial that this is real. Our church is now pushing the “Mark of the Beast” system itself or it’s precursor.

  141. The ineffectiveness of the vaxxes continues to be born out as shown from numbers continuing to come out of the UK.

    As has been shown to be happening for months now in the UK, those vaxxed have significantly higher, not lower, rates of covid infection per 100,000. As shown in the linked article, only the 18-29 age group in the last four weeks has shown a lower per 100,000 infection rate, and that is just 13% lower than the non-vaxxed in this age range. All other groups show higher per 100,000 case rates, the highest being age 40-49 group showing a per 100,000 case rate of the fully vaxxed to be 116% higher than the case rate per 100,000 of the non-vaxxed. This means that if you were vaxxed and were age 40-49 living in the UK, your chance of getting covid was, in this 4-week period, more than double the chance compared to if you were not vaxxed.

    This website has been reporting these similar results for the past 3 or 4 months.

    Does this mean the vax caused the vaxxed to get covid, or does it mean the vaxxed, believing they are protected, are more likely to engage in spreading events? I think some of the increased risk is due to the vaxxed persons’ belief in its effectiveness, but not much. I think it is arguable that those who got the vax fear covid more than the non-vaxxed (else why did they get vaxxed?) and therefore are even more likely to avoid exposure. So my opinion is the higher incidence of covid among the vaxxed is due to the vax itself, aided, in part, by the decreasing effectiveness, such as it is, of the vax.

    What might also affect this is the number of vaxxed vs. non-vacced who have had covid is in understanding the truth that natural immunity is much better and more persistent than the narrow range of immunity resulting from the vax, i.e., it appears the vax is entirely ineffective against the Delta variant which apparently is now the dominant strain (99%).

    The numbers are there; decide for yourself.

    In the US, Vermont, which has the highest vax rate in the US, is also having one of the most prominent spikes in cases.

    Worldwide, the most vaxxed countries are now experiencing rate of infection equal to and higher than the highest spikes in the months before the vaxxes began. The total ineffectiveness of these vaxxes is clear. The only good from the vaxxes is for those making money off them.

  142. From the article linked: “The unvaccinate are now thevtarget of the government because they represent an uncontrolled minority that can be blamed for the ills of society.” Does this sound like Germany in the 1930’s?

    Despite all the clear evidence of the vaxxed getting covid, the spikes will continue to be blamed on the unvaxxed. I feel like I am living in the movie, “Onvasion of the Bodysnatchers” and Donald Sutherland has just pointed his finger at me.

  143. I wonder if I need to emigrate to Sweden? Some Jews got out of Europe when they saw the writing on the wall, but most did not want to give up their wealth, security and comfort. I’m afraid I am in the category myself, convincing myself it will not happen here. Florida for now seems the best refuge if you stay in the US. My state is one of the worst and this is reflected in the church leaders here who are total Covid Nazis, especially the area 70 who, I have described before, wanted to create caravans from the church buildings to help people get to vax locations. The church lawyers shut him down on this one. I suspect they are now gearing up for lawsuits from members with adverse vax reactions. I hope the church gets creamed from these cases.

  144. Oklahoma is fighting against mandates. Man Mark every one of your posts are exposing the vaxxes for what they are, kill shots!

    I do not understand why everyone has stopped commenting here. Fear of disscovery has got to be the only reason. No one wants to speak out.

    Church consequences i am sure. The church should let Heavenly father be the judge if someone does not want to get the bio-weapon or not. Officially they should have remained staying out of it.

    I am so glad I moved out of SLC.

    1. I just cannot figure out why they had to weigh in on this. They have to know these vaxxes are so dangerous and to say they have been shown to be both safe and effective is ludicrous. If the makers of these vaxxes needed legal protection from lawsuits, this is prima facia proof that when the vaxxes were released they had no idea as to their safety, and the effectiveness is a fraud as anyone who examines the trials and results can understand.

      I hope Oklahoma succeeds against the mandates.

      This seems like such an important issue; I don’t know why you and I are the only ones paying attention here.

      Here is another great article from American Thinker about how unsafe and ineffective the vaxxes are.

    2. I used to love SLC. It’s gotten to be pretty much like the Pacific Northwest cities of Seattle and Portland. So sad. I agree, I too am glad I moved away, 30-some years ago.

  145. From the article linked above, some examples of how the vaxxes have failed. Even if they were safe, they are a failure:

    “Singapore with 85% of the population vaccinated has hit a new high in both covid infections and deaths due to covid-19.

    “Iceland with a 77% vaccination rate has reinstituted lockdowns and social distancing as cases and deaths surge hitting new highs.

    “Ireland which has achieved a 76% fully vaccinated rate has experienced a surprising and new high in covid cases and deaths thus lockdowns are being reimposed on a local level.

    “The Netherlands (74% vaccination rate) has also experienced a dramatic surge in new cases and deaths reaching new highs during the pandemic. The government is also reinstituting lockdowns and other measures.

    “In the United States, Vermont with the highest level of fully vaccinated among the fifty states, (72%) has hit a record high in new cases of Covid-19.”

    People are fooling themselves if they think their vaxxed and boosted status will protect them. What will protect is the fact that you don’t have much of a chance to get it, and if you are under 60, the risks of hospitalization and death are really low (0% risk for kids) and if you do have a hard case of Covid, the treatment protocols developed by people like Dr McCullough, et. al. will likely save your life.

  146. 18000 vax deaths reported on VAERS and this is just the US. 800,000 plus adverse events. And many statisticians say the reports are understated by at least one order of magnitude, i.e. by 10 times.

    It is all being covered up. “This program should have been terminated in February.”

    This is undeniable. There is no precedent for this. Swine flu vax was pulled on 25 deaths. Watch the video. And yet nothing from our church leaders to back off from the “safe and effective” lies.

    And now the children who have zero risk from covid are getting vaxxed. How can this be ignored? Is Nelson so proud, is he so determined to not have to admit his egregious error that he will not reverse his statements? Is his narrative of being God’s chosen mouthpiece more important than the lives and health of tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands? To persist in declaring the vaxxes safe and effective is nothing short of pure wickedness. Error can be forgiven, but continued error in the face of overwhelming evidence of such error is to walk in the light of midday and call it darkness. Something is very wrong.

    Report suppressed re myocarditis from the vax. 90% of all kids with myocarditis had to be hospitalized. 11,000 reported cases of myocarditis. (How many aren’t reported?) The vax is dangerous, covid is not, especially for children and especially if they get covid, treatments now with honest doctors who will save virtually all of the covid deaths and hospitalizations even for older people.

    Vaccine immunity wanes and is gone at 6 months. In Israel if your vax was 6 months prior such people are now classified as unvaxxed.

    And yet the lies go on. How much longer?

  147. Do we not see the perfidy in Israel’s definition of vaxxed? If your vax was more than six months ago, then you are counted as unvaxxed. Therefore, as the cases rise in Israel, those cases can be blamed on the unvaxxed because their vaxxes run out after 6 months. What a windfall for PFizer, Moderna, etc. The hits (jabs) just keep on coming.

  148. Met today with a strong 30-something male, former collegiate athlete.

    He got the vax in May, both shots, and in October came down with a horrific covid case that lasted about 2 weeks for him.

    What I found most interesting was that he described having the worst headache one can imagine he said and it went on for more than a week, pretty much non-stop.

    So in the first place, his 2 vax shots didn’t protect him and didn’t keep him from getting a severe case. He rightly said that he didn’t know if his condition was made better or worse due to the vax and he’s right, there is no way to know what his case would have been like without the shots.

    But my opinion is the vax may have played a part in the terrible headaches. Other than the headaches it was just normal symptoms like congestion, fever (but five days of fever, which is pretty extreme) body aches and weakness (said he could hardly climb a flight of stairs). But the weeklong headache was the worst part of it. We know the vax causes the body to manufacture the spike protein from the coronavirus and this spike protein is the pathogen (it was supposed to be a harmless antigen) which causes blood clots and damage to the endothelial cells. If these clots occur in the brain, terrible headaches have been the result. So I would not be surprised if the vax is what caused the headaches when he got covid.

      1. Exactly. Not only are the shots worthless, but the long-term effects obviously are not known. To test these vaxxes on hundreds of millions of people is criminal.

        From Feb thru Sept of this year 72% of all covid deaths in the UK are among the vaxxed; the number is 80% in Scotland.

        Even Fauci is admitting to the waning effectiveness. There has already been a high price paid for the failure of these vaxxes and it will only get worse. As people seek refuge in the boosters, the negative effects will increase and it will be impossible to keep the truth under wraps.

        More data in this article.

  149. The vax purveyors, now caught in the lie that their mayhem-inducing injections do not ptotect against getting covid and do not stop the spread now say that if you are vaxxed your risk of death and hospitalization are reduced. But this lie is now revealed as countries with the highest vax rates are experiencing surges in deaths and hospitalizations. We as taxpayers paid billions for these phony jabs and have gotten nothing for it. But the vax failure plays right into the hands of the globalists. They can continue to cite all the cases of covid and deaths which will continue to justify the lockdowns and other violations of our first amendment rights. This is all coming unless we have the courage to oppose them.

  150. From the UK: “From Feb. 1 thru August 2 , Britain recorded 742 deaths from the Delta variant. Of these 402 were fully vaxxed while 79 had received just one shot. The remaining 253 cases were unvaxxed.”

    The vaxxed who got covid have had a 35% grater chance of being hospitalized than the unvaxxed with covid.

  151. Recently the Ottawa Senators hockey team had 40% of its players test positive for covid. Why is this significant? Because 100% of the team are fully vaxxed. Of course, most of the players are asymptomatic and none are hospitalized, but the number of positive tests is great fear porn.

    Unfortunately for all of us, governments are going to use the ongoing case count and positive test count as the reason to 1) mandate vaxxes and 2) control the populace.

    I linked this story in a prior post, but since it is so important, here it is again.

    And now the fourth shot has been approved. Civil disobedience (and, unfortunately for Mormons, ecclesiastical disobedience) is the only way to oppose and defeat the covid totalitarians. They only have power over us to the extent we allow it. Unfortunately, with all the mask compliance I see around me, I don’t hold out much hope for civil disobedience and with the 100% mask compliance in my ward, I see even less chance of ecclesiastical disobedience. Drink the kool-aid brothers and sisters. (You know I have always hated the use of the terms “brothers” and “sisters.” It’s so . . . ugh.)

  152. Interesting article on how churches have been so compliant in furthering Satan’s work. If the shoe fits . . .

    The UK and Maine, two places with high vax rates, are now experiencing higher case numbers than the peak case counts from last January when virtually no one had yet been vaxxed. Again, Russell Nelson’s “safe and EFFECTIVE” (my emphasis added) vaxxes hard at work.

  153. It is my understanding that every person who is there singing with the group formerly known as The Mormon Tabernacle Choir (now known as the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square — just rolls off the tongue nicely doesn’t it?) must be fully vaxxed, otherwise they can’t be there to sing.

    They have benn back for the last 3-4 weeks giving live performances. It will be interesting to see if they happen to have an outbreak of covid cases. I am not predicting these because Utah has had very low cases rates all along. But there could be some cases. We shall see.

  154. A few weeks ago I posted concerning a luncheon I attended where literally everyone except my law partner and I wore a mask until they started serving lunch, when the masks came off. So there were ten minutes of preliminaries during which time was were worn, then 75 minutes of lunch where masks were removed, all while shoehorning 60 people into an enclosed space the size of a small hotel suite.

    Here is a good article talking more such absurdities. My LDS ward continues with 100% mask compliance (not including me). At least I haven’t heard any more about getting the vax. Maybe people are becoming a little more sheepish about that as they learn of the danger and ineffectiveness of the vax.

    As I have written before, if people were truly afraid of covid, they would not be trusting their health to the worthless masks.

    Encouraging signs from Europe:

  155. Current VAERS totals: 20,224 deaths, 31,386 permanent disabilities and 894,000 adverse events. But when you read the vaccine apologist reports, they emphasize these are not verified and correlation does not mean causation, which is true, and with hundreds of millions vaxxed, the percentage of vaxxed people is very low. But what they fail to point out is that ten years ago the VAERS system operators determined that only fewer than 1% of adverse vax events were being reported, at least at that time. The reasons for under reporting can be many, but here are a few: 1) submitting a false report is a crime; 2) filling out the form is a pain, taking 30 minutes of time even for someone experienced in making the reports; 3) people do not often recognize the correlation between the vax and the event, just chalking an adverse event up to normal health problems; and 4) being unwilling to consider that their government or church leader has misled them and that they have been duped into doing a folish thing.

  156. German doctor commits suicide; can no longer participate in “genocide” occurring with the covid vaccines.

    Seems a bit of an extreme reaction. Why not live and devote yourself to opposing the genocide.

    From the linked article:

    “Because the mayor threatened to fire him if he no longer stayed in the submissive line imposed by government order and refused to vaccinate patients at the clinic, there were presumably no more options for Jendges. This director has not wanted to support a crime of the federal government, the state government and his faithful henchmen. So she considered that his suicide was the only way to oppose him.”

    I won’t blame the vaxxes for his death; he made the wrong choice, but it was apparently voluntary. Sealing your words with your blood is fine, but not by taking your own life. Why not fight to the death in defending your beliefs. Suicide is a coward’s way out.

  157. From American Thinker today; so much concerning the failure of the vaxxes.

    If the vaxxes work, why aren’t they working?

    Quotes from the linked excellent article:

    “If you think such medical censorship is all conspiracy theory, ask Dr. Mary Bowden, a Houston ear, nose, and throat specialist suspended from her Houston hospital for tweeting about vaccine mandates and ivermectin.”

    Ask yourself, why is this censorship necessary?

    “Of note, hospitalizations, deaths, permanent disabilities, and birth defects were greater for 11 months of COVID vaccines than they were for 30 years of all other types of vaccines – such as shingles, influenza, measles, mumps, hepatitis, and so on.”

    This is not made up; these are the numbers for the VAERS report.

    “VAERS is voluntary reporting. For a variety of reasons, all cases do not make it to the VAERS database. How much is this underreporting? VAERS did their own analysis about ten years ago and found, “Fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported.” Their words, not mine.”

    So VAERS reporting is likely under reported by 1 to 2 orders of magnitude, i.e. only 1% of actual possible adverse events are being reported. This does not mean all reports are due to the vax, but it does not mean all the adverse events are reported. I suspect there are far more actual adverse events not reported than there are adverse events reported which are not related to the vax.

    This means adverse events could be happening far more frequently than what we are being told by the corporate media who don’t even report VAERS’s current data. What if these adverse events are 10 or even 100 times more common than VAERS reports? To paraphrase Billy Beane, “If the vaccines are safe, why aren’t they safe?”

    This means adverse events could be happening far more frequently than what we are being told by the corporate media who don’t even report VAERS’s current data. What if these adverse events are 10 or even 100 times more common than VAERS reports? To paraphrase Billy Beane, “If the vaccines are safe, why aren’t they safe?”

    This means adverse events could be happening far more frequently than what we are being told by the corporate media who don’t even report VAERS’s current data. What if these adverse events are 10 or even 100 times more common than VAERS reports? To paraphrase Billy Beane, “If the vaccines are safe, why aren’t they safe?”

    Covid cases in Europe as as high now as they were last year at this time before the vaxxes started. Effective? I think not.

    “Pick another country: “93% vaccinated Ireland has gone into partial lockdown, including midnight curfew.” This recent headline too, “COVID surge in Singapore despite 80 percent vaccination.” Or from the U.K. where the Spectator reported, “The rates of Covid infection per 100,000 are now higher among the vaxxed than the unvaxxed.””

    “Closer to home it’s much the same, “Vermont has the highest vaccination rate in the country. So why are cases surging?” My home state of Colorado is singing from the same hymnal, “Colorado’s COVID hospitalizations jump again as virus’ statewide death toll surpasses 9,000.” Colorado’s 12 and up population is over 80 percent partially or fully vaccinated.

    “If these numbers are misinformation, tell that to big media. I am quoting their headlines. Will their licenses be threatened?”

    Full article here:

  158. I love this:

    “The blue-collar effort to bolster the resistance by these groups does not have to be too massive to have an impact. Remember, almost all of these leftists and elite minded communists who now operate as Democrats have no capacity for self-sufficiency. If the working class stops picking up their trash; stops mowing their lawns, shopping for them, doing their cleaning and essentially facilitating their lives, this entire group of scholastic-minded knuckleheads cannot function.

    From a commonsense and logistical perspective, regardless of the federal outlook, there’s no way they can pull it off. We are the quiet, and according to those who look down their noses – the “invisible” unwashed masses. However, when it comes to keeping the gears turning, we are the majority.”

    Those who will squawk the loudest will be the self-anointed ‘elites’ who aren’t getting their stuff from the working people of this world, i.e. the people who make and deliver the goods, not those of us who make excess amounts of money for some reason, sitting atop the food chain where we don’t belong (me included.) Someone once said ‘We drink from wells we have not dug.” I won’t drag his name into this, but some of you may recall.

  159. ICU nurse on what has been happening since early days of covid: improper treatment, intubate and let them die; remdesivir (it shuts down the kidneys, the lungs fill with fluid and you’re dead; it’s not pneumonia, it’s shutdown of kidneys from this drug promoted by Fauci; $3500-$5000 per 5-day protocol).

    Really disturbing stuff. If I weren’t seeing so much corroboration of this I wouldn’t post, but this was and is happening all over. The nursing home deaths were totally manufactured by failure to treat.

  160. Mark, Lots of info here. I am going to have to call it a night, but will look at all of this tomorrow. Thank you for keeping me informed about this.

  161. Graphic info concerning the risk of vaxxes. I’m sure you could never get our prophet to look at this and think a thing of it. It’s just a bunch of crackpot lies. Can’t wait to see what happens to the kids as they start vaxxing them all. I feel like I’m in a sci fi movie of our dystopian future. Only it’s real.

    As I wrote before, to make a mistake is one thing, which I can give to Nelson, but to continue to deny that mistake is pure pride and wickedness, and that’s about where our so-called prophet is. I know, that’s probably grounds for excommunication.

    He’s the one who should be exxed but instead the majority will continue to drink the kool-aid.