REACTION Biden National Vaccine Mandate

Biden admin issues vaccine mandate for private businesses that you can read here:
We discuss the supreme court “ruling” on religious exemptions for those with questions on that option


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  1. Mega thanks ! Plus may we talk freedom in place of the Illuminati term : Libertas…Liberty !!
    Blessings, prayers, best wishes, and stay safe !!

  2. To claim a Religious exemption, you need a Religion that backs you up, and unfortunately the Biggest local Religion that is Really just a Big Corporation, (the LSD Church), has already indicated that they are 100% on the side of the Globalist Cabal, and No religious Exemptions will be backed up by them.
    Also as my wife found out, No Doctor in Utah will sign an exemption form as they are all on the side of the Cabal as well. She lost her job at the: Harrison Regent, a Holiday Retirement center, in South Ogden.
    Also, I don’t know how Utah can continuously be classified as a Conservative, (or Red), State when it is clearly, (on the part of the local religion and political leadership, which are One and the Same), a Bluer than Blue State!
    I guess you could start your own church, like L. Ron Hubbard did, and maybe even make yourself a Ton of money at it.
    But over all its a Lost Cause here in Utah as long as that Corrupt Lying church runs Utah.
    One thing people can do is travel just a few miles over the border to Idaho and Buy All your groceries and Do All your business there, and deprive Utah businesses of all that money and perhaps Utah businesses will wake up and run that Church & State Cabal out.
    I know, when Utah last year and this spring was at its height of Paranoia over a little virus, so weak that 99.999% of people who catch it survive, and Every grocery store and business, (and the LSD Church is just a Business too), demanded you wear the Mask of Satan. We went over the border to Idaho and spent all our grocery money and hardware money and gas money there. From January 2021 to May 2021 we spent about $3000.00 in Idaho and NOT in Utah. If everyone else did the same, Utah Businesses would Lose so much money they would literally go to the Utah State Capitol and run the governor out on a Rail!
    Already, I Will NEVER set foot in that church again until the corruption at its top is cleaned out! Sounds radical doesn’t it. But when a man, and he is only a man, that claims to be The Prophet of God says that you should take POISON to please God, there’s something wrong about that picture. And when people realize this, people around the world are going to turn away in droves from that business that calls itself a church, and they won’t have dime one to make another Temple with.
    But if you want to take the POISON and be a good little COVID NAZI, go right ahead, just count me and my family out. And if you COVID NAZIS come to threaten my family, You Will Get to learn the business end of a firearm real fast!
    Frankly, until God makes a BIG change in that churches leadership, I am through with it!

    1. You are absolutely correct I taught Quorums, Elders and High Priests for approx. 20 years and I will testify that the LDS crowd does not believe their own scriptures. In fact once you start teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ they will push you out of the Church. However as stated by Ezra Taft Benson, once you begin following Jesus Christ it will separate you from the Church.

      1. Can you give the exact quote by Ezra Taft Benson? That’s very interesting, and that seems to be why I’ve become separated from the church. I don’t feel like I’m the one who is apostate or “inactive.”

        1. May I explain something, the Church is not the Gospel, they are two totally separate entities, Christ’s Church are the people that follow and keep his commandments.

        1. He has SO many talks that are in line with these times & how we need to stand up to stop it. Many talks about communism infiltrating our country.
          LDS or not they are very interesting to listen to.

    2. I understand your feelings. The gospel is still true, but the leaders aren’t. I have not attended church since February of last year for the same reasons. To require children to wear masks is child abuse, which is one reason I don’t go, because it makes me angry. The fact that all the leaders continue to wear masks everywhere they go shows that they have been co-opted by the church of the devil. Unlike when it started, the church has become a cult. I believe that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and Jesus Christ, (but I do not worship him) and that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I believe that Ezra Taft Benson was a true prophet because he spoke truth and warned us about pride and secret combinations, which is what prophets should do. I will return to church when the corruption is cleansed, but only after the cleanse. (DC 112:23-26) By then it might not even have the same name, because current leaders have abused the name of Christ and done evil in His name as well. Till then, hold fast to the iron rod, which is the Word of God, unpolluted by men.

      1. I know how you will feel when I say this, but you need to learn the difference between the church and the gospel. “The gospel is still true” does NOT mean the church is “still” true. This is an all too common mistake that, particularly, LDS members make. They think the “gospel” is the church. They do not understand the difference.

        The Gospel is what the church is supposed to be based on and teach. The Church is an organization of men, meant to point men to the gospel of Christ, and through the gospel, to Christ himself, and in Christ: God. There are many people who follow the gospel, and many of them aren’t mormon. Too, there are many mormons who do not follow the gospel, but who follow the leaders of their church. The “leader” of the gospel is Christ, not men, whether they call themselves prophets or not. A prophet may teach the gospel, but he is not the leader of it; that is Christ alone. The gospel transcends earthy things and authorities. Men are leaders of earthly organizations, such as churches.

        Let me give you a hierarchy of what the heaven-earth-God-men relationship is [key: > means “greater than”, Gospel > Church < Individual Spirits < True Principles = God

        Each comparison in this equation is true, and is a fair representation of the correct hierarchy. The Church is the least of these all. When you begin to understand this, your eyes will be open to a significant set of truths. Churches serve the gospel and the individual; being earthly mediaries between the two (or ought to be). The gospel also serves the individual and God, revealing and witnessing true principles within the souls of men, and is mediary between individuals and the nature of God. By extension, God serves the individual, for his nature is true principle, which by nature must propagate itself and dispel darkness.

        These true principles are what make god God, without which he would be like the filthy spirits who deceive men. But the individual is less than true principle, and when the Individual disconnects itself from true principle, they are in opposition to truth and the nature of God. But, when men not only accept true principles, but learn to internalize them to the point that they become part of their nature, they become God themselves, being equal to God; they being like God, taking upon themselves all the greater thing and being masters over the lesser ones that serve the collective that is God, bound by the same principles.

        So long as they continue in the path that true principle takes them. Such a course cannot easily be entered or exited. It takes great effort to do either. But the rewards are eternal for entering and continuing in that course.

        Now, I know the LDS mentality, and that they think truth is in silly works and symbols which men, pretending to higher authority, have deceived them with; they thinking these symbols and silly acts can reveal the greater truths delicately to those who are "ready" even as they lead people around with deceptions. But the truth I have just delivered here is more of God than all religion combined with all their silly symbols and dead works. If you don't understand it, it is because your heart is hard or you are willfully blind. The veils of the evil ones are many and strong. It takes great courage to defy them and pierce the veil. Take care how you judge this truth, for it is not my own, but of a greater source.

  3. Great post and info Steve! We need more like you who will stand up and speak the truth. I am seeing the beginning of another wave of fear/paranoia from the sheeple and local businesses approach. At what will we see some real pushback on this insanity? I’m ready…

    Saw an SUV driving down main in Logan over the weekend with “STOP COMPLYING” in large letters on the side…

    1. Super! More and More people need to Stand and be Men and Women of Truth! You may loose a job or loose a friend, but you must Stand and say a resounding, “NO”!
      There are several yard size signs that I have made that ANYONE can make themselves, and place them everywhere such as street corners where they will be seen. Here is what I do, (and I’ll copy this for later repeating).

      I take a plain white yard size sign, (perhaps a garage sale sign painted white), then I write out in very legible letters these slogans: “COVID is a FRAUD!” “COVID is a SCAM!” “The VACCINES “R” POISON!” (Reverse the “R” to read like: Toys R US). Then I get out some RED Acrylic craft paint, set up the sign on an angle and paint away over my light letters, when the paint runs here and there that’s OK because its doing that to simulate BLOOD!

      If everybody made just ONE of these such signs per week, (that could be thousands), and put them out somewhere, everywhere, (Do it at night), then the message would get out all over the place and the Gestapo wouldn’t be able to figure out who was doing it. and though they’d be taken down, just make new ones and put’em up again!

      It’s best to do this Now, and get the message out Now, because soon enough it really will turn to blood. But perhaps with enough signage, some of the Blood could be avoided? If anyone wants to see my signs just come on by my rented basement apartment 6 to 8pm at: 464 East 1750 North, North Ogden, Utah. And right now we have FREE grapes to be picked while they last too!

  4. Are you guys still paying tithing? I can’t decide, so far I’m still paying – but I HATE donating when i know some of that money goes to supportimg leftist causes, like the NAACP… but we are promised blessings if we pay, regardless of what its used for. I’m still pretty active, but its getting harder and harder…

    1. Yes, I and my family continue to pay tithing. Tithing is an eternal principle. I know it is being used for evil purposes, but it is still fire insurance for the day of His coming. And the Lord will bless you for paying your tithing, because it is your offering to Him, not to the cabal. There are many blessings that come from that principle, and you are not accountable for the way the apostate leaders are using those sacred funds. I hope this helps you.

      1. Is money gifted to the wicked (who pretend to do it in the name of God) still “tith”? Take care how you judge this matter and how your works be done and for what cause. God never asked men to support iniquity, but to refrain from it and expose it. Touch not the unclean thing nor support evil while pretending to be against it. If you give your money to evil, you are saying you agree with it and you deserve the misery that is unleashed upon your head when that evil comes around to harm you. You also become party to and complicit in the evil that is done to others through that unholy offering. He who gives a bullock to be sacrificed to idols and to devils doth not receive the reward of the faithful who give money to God. You cannot pay satan and be accepted of God. Or do you think you will meet at the judgment seat and God will excuse you for knowingly giving his tith to evildoers and liars instead of the causes of God and his truth?

        Matthew 7:22&23
        “Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and IN THY NAME DONE many WONDERFUL WORKS? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

        1 Timothy 6:10&11
        “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. But thou, O man of God, FLEE THESE THINGS; and FOLLOW after RIGHTOUSNESS, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness.”

        Show God you will follow after righteousness and flee giving your money to evil. Better you use that tith to personally help those around you than give it to a greedy church that uses it for evil. That is, after all, what Jesus asked you to do. Follow him. He ministered to the weak and the afflicted. Go, and do likewise, rather than handing your money off to others to do it for you and pretending that you have found an easy way out of the effort and concern it takes to help those around you. Tith doth not excuse the lazy who walk by and hardly notice the stranger lying in the gutter. Better to use that money to help those you see or to support worthy causes that you trust.

        1. Amen. I will be giving to the vax injured, the people fighting the battle for the saving of the constitution, and the poor and needy.

    2. Bryce, I’ve tried to pay’em from time to time from what little I have today, but Nothing has ever came of it. And it hurts every time when I think of the evils they use it for and the Fact that they LIED about me and my Convenience store back in 1991 and boycotted me for 10 plus years till I was finally run out of business.

      I have lost two families and I estimate that the overall loss of my business plus damages, and the Fact that I haven’t been allowed to make a decent income for over 30 years now, comes to $8 Million in today’s dollars.

      And so these days, that Business that calls itself a church, has left me nearly destitute, living in a basement of a house that a rich guy rents to me at a reduced rate in exchange for my care of the property. I do a menial job as a Maintenance man at a motel, I write eBooks and I do everything I can think of to make a dollar and to keep holding on to the dream that one day God’s word will be true for me and my family too. (My eBooks can be found at: Smashwords DOT com)

      So far, and after many, many thousands of prayers, in the name of Jesus Christ have gotten me nowhere, I still keep looking for the day when the name of Jesus Christ will really mean something. I believe in God and I pray he is real and will be real for me someday. I pray that he will allow me to get what is left of my family out of here to a relatively safe place in the wilderness before it is too late.

      You know, for me its a Big Test, and the question is: Is God Real? I am looking and hoping to see one day that he is Real and can answer prayer. So far the Test is a Big Negative.
      Soon as I am done typing this note, I am going to ask in the name of Jesus once again, and see if he is Real and that I can really receive his help to get my family to relative safety. It’s my total goal these days, finding a way to get my family to safety. I am looking to see God’s hand in this effort. I am hoping beyond hope that he is Real.

      What more can I say, I pray for a better day tomorrow, and that I may see fulfillment of his word in my life. Have a swell evening everyone!
      Steve Nelson
      (I am please to say that I Am NO Relation to that man in SLC!)

    3. Hi, I have been struggling with the same thing. I prayed about this, presenting the case to the Big Man. I RECEIVED a question, “Who are you supposed to give it too?” I said the bishop, He said “This is correct, the Bishop is the caretaker of the tithes of my people”. I said OK I will give it to him. And so I made out the tithing slip to him. When I gave it to him. I wrote the bishops name into the other spot on the tithing slip. I voiced my many concerns to the bishop he said he shared my concerns and said this, “I understand that the church is speaking to all nations, and that some of them are very strong enemies to the church of God. And that they have to tip toe around and put on a good show for them.” It’s the churches job to get people baptized and send them to the temple, from there it’s between God and them.” I have received a witness that my local leaders are called of God and that the presidency is as well. I can not throw out the baby with the bath water no matter how dirty the water. I hope this helps. It was good for me. I know that there are people at church that need my association, just as much as I need their association. On Sunday I have been commanded to meet together often in fasting and prayer. I know where I need to go on Sunday.

  5. One of my favorite scriptures is Deuteronomy 8: 2-3.
    And thou shalt remember all the way which the Lord thy God led thee these forty years in the wilderness, to humble thee, and to prove thee, to know what was in thine heart, whether thou wouldest keep his commandments, or no.
    And he humbled thee, and suffered thee to hunger, and fed thee with manna, which thou knewest not, neither did thy fathers know; that he might make thee know that man doth not live by bread only, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of the Lord doth man live.
    The rest of the chapter also echoes my feelings on what has been and will be. These political crises are just symptoms of our spiritual disease. Everyone gets to make their choices, but we all have to share the consequences. Unwillingness to own up to this truth is exactly the why behind such horrific mandates.
    What helps me stay true is reading Saints, and recognizing how very much is left up to personal agency. I try to see even the leaders as people anxiously engaged and doing the best they can to apply the truth they have, even if it’s incomplete or partly inaccurate. I also look at the history of the earth, and am forced to accept that failure, dispute, poor health, oppression, and other sufferings are as much the rule as the exception in this fallen world. Sometimes its the only way to learn. I accept that others still need their own experiences to learn what I already have, even if it’s painful and messy. The church is there to support our spiritual wellbeing and success, and the rest is up to us to do the best we can.
    It sounds like you’re in a particularly long, challenging wilderness phase. I’ve been there. I’ve been hurt by the people I most wanted to love and be safe with, repeatedly. I’m praying with and for you. I hope that, like me, when you find the manna side, all the worst things become the fuel for unimaginable growth and happiness, and you feel the love and trust that our Father has had in you all along.

    1. Amanda;
      Nice to read your thoughts on these subjects. My challenging wilderness phase has gone on for 30+ years now, and I am not getting polished up but ground down and near next to nothing right about now. My Patriarchal Blessing states that I will have a “Happy Life,” well I ask God all the time, “Where is it?” Yes there’s been brief moments of happier days scattered amongst this bleak Desert of my life, but overall no real “happy life.”
      And as I write this now, I am plagued by- Neuropathy, Gynecomastia, and a possible second hernia, as well as loss of some hearing and eyesight. And I am not getting any younger here in my 61st year. There’s not much time left for me. My only goal these days is to find a way to get land in the country, develop such land and get whats left of my family out of here!
      I pray to God all the time that perhaps Mr. Nelson would have a heart and make Restitution for what they stole from me. Or that God would speak to some wealthy elderly person who is right now thinking of giving all their wealth to a Dog Pond or some such nonsense. Or that in some way, some how, a Miracle will occur that will allow me to save my family and possibly a few others. I’ve even written a little Proposal Layout of my plans, to give to any such wealthy person.
      However I have come to think that perhaps its God’s plan that Steve Nelson never was good enough to please him in the first place, and that I and my family are Doomed to remain right here and go down with this sinking ship, locked up in the bowels of the ship like the filthy Steerage scum that we are.
      And then I think often that perhaps there never was a God, but just a trapped criminal as portrayed in Star Trek V.
      The only real hope that I have left is to try against all odds to keep on believing that there is a God and hope he will give out a few crumbs to us, someday, some time, in the far distant future when it won’t do us any good anyway.
      Every day, Night and Day and many times in between, I pray in all circumstances of the day and night I pray, in the name of Jesus Christ I pray, hoping beyond hope that the name of Jesus will really someday mean something.
      I’m gonna do the same thing tonight and tomorrow that I always do, and keep on praying that he will be Real. That’s all I can do at this point.
      I have no hope otherwise.
      However I thank everyone on here for their kind words.
      I hope and pray that there is a God somewhere in the Universe and that he will be Real for me and my family too.
      Steve Nelson

  6. My concern is when looking at the agenda and the shots themselves. They are appearing to be the 666 system.

    1. The patent # WO/2020/060606 “Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data” by Bill Gates
    2. HR6666 Basically allows for “Green Zones” and they can comphensate people’s homes and force you to live elsewhere.
    3. 6 feet apart and masks are Satanic Rutuals
    4. It is worldwide, and the small and great alike are being forced to take it or not be able to work, buy or sell, travel.

    Satan has subtlely snunk this in, it appears good, but is evil. Deceiving many, it looks like even the church leadership is deceived.

    If this is 666. It is being accepted by the church leadership. And we are being “urged” to take it.

    it reminds me of Jim Jones and his koolaid. It looks like the church has been infiltrated by this globalist agenda. Approving possibly the “Mark of the Beast”. If this is not the final 666 it most certainly exposes how it can be done. Perhaps it will take another form. This does certainly fit the criteria for it, except it may take an additional and more recognizable form.

    Pray for the church members to “wake up” to what is happening. Pray for the church to turn this around! Will they? Can they? Is it God’s will for His church to turn this around?

    I am in constant prayer about this, so much that it kept me “on my knees”.


    BEWARE GOING TO THE HOSPITALS! The protocol they are using are killing patients!

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    Pray for all saints to obtain the wisdom to overcome this evil. Pray for our nation and all the brave souls who are fighting the battles to overcome this evil. Pray for Heavenly Father to deliver us and make us mighty like in 1 Nephi “to escape”.

    We need to start sharing information to fight the COVID19, because all of the shots can lead to greater resistance or a superbug.

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  7. To All whom have written on this site,

    As I was reading the reply’s on this site the other night I wanted to share my thoughts. My heart aches for the pain and confusion that many of us are experiencing now. With the things that have and are happening right now in our life time. In my life there have been so very many hard times. I think that the heartache and loss have helped to get to this point now in my life to make me stronger and help me to seek after truth. I wandered around in the wilderness experiencing the worse till I was able and find the truth I was seeking. Now it seems so surreal to be experiencing the things that I have been learning about thru prophecy and study. And to realize that we have been lied to and played by those in whom we have put our trust . . . the arm of flesh . . .

    So I learned thru my experience is to turn to “Our Father in Prayer”. In my life Father is the only being that has never let me down. Never, never, never ! ! !
    To call upon “HIM” and listen. ! ! ! Listen to Him. ! ! ! “Only Father and his Holy Spirit ” Not listening in your mind, what you think he maybe be saying to you, but hearing what he has to say in you heart thru Our Lord Jesus Christ. And then to go the scriptures, his written word. Search to know truth. . . praying for his truth from his Holy Spirit.

    The next morning in seeking his council in prayer, I felt in my heart that I
    should share what has come to me. Much more has come to me and much more detail shared from a dear friend whom also was sharing their heart with those seeking. I wanted to see how this goes before I share more. To see if there is anyone who wants to hear more before I do. For now the following.

    Please read Ezekiel Chapter 34. This is our Savior Jesus Christ talking ” TO ” Ezekiel. Please pay special attention to verses 23 – 25. Where our Lord speaks to Ezekiel and tells of his servant David ( v. 23 & 24). Then he talks of “a covenant” in v 25 .

    Just know that Our Lord has set his hand again to gather his children whom “Love Him” And “Each Other” now in these troubled times . . . fast approaching.

    Also please read Ezekiel 37 v 15-28.

    To explain further, go to YouTube and and search for “The Heaven Are Open Again. There are 6 parts. After each video plays two more will pop up, but if you will wait a little while the next one in order of the six will come up and you can select it in order.

    I want to thank all of you whom are doing your heart felt best to help each other, and those whom are seeking for truth. It is so important for all of us to know and learn about these remedies to help our physical selves. Also to learn about what is happening in our towns, cities, states, country and our world.

    And . . . to remember that it is the “MOST” important that we help our spiritual selves with “LOVE” for Our Father and each other as we are now so deeply in this war.

    I know that our only Peace at this time comes from “Our Knowing Our Father Heaven and Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.

    A friend shared this quote,

    “When David faced Goliath he didn’t talk about how dangerous Goliath was – he talked about how great God is. Don’t talk fear. TALK FAITH.
    from imsoblesseddaily

    My best to you all with love,
    Aly aka “An Anonymous Angel

    1. Aly,
      I watched your 5 videos on youtube and at the end of the fifth they mentioned these new volumes of scriptures. However there was no notation as to where one could get these scriptures, nor what church is saying that they have these new scriptures.

      Also there is an error in the first video of this series, claiming that Nephi was the angle that came to Joseph Smith. That was Moroni, not Nephi. That’s a pretty glaring error on the part of whoever is putting out this video series.

      Also It was Joseph Smith himself that first taught plural marriage, which is another error on the part of this video series. Brigham Young and all the rest, who followed Josephs teaching on plural marriage were only following through with what they were taught by Joseph. My Great, Great, Great Grandfather P.P. PRATT and also my Great, Great, Great grandfather Horace Nelson, were not Adulterous men! That’s a Hell-of an Insult to me and to my family!

      I’ve heard of this Condemnation stuff before, and so some of the stuff in these videos rings Somewhat true, however far from completely true.
      So; Why doesn’t this outfit promoting this line have the guts to say who they are?
      I’m interested in learning Truth wherever I can find it, however learning truth doesn’t start by insulting the investigators family and making presentations that are only half truthful.

      If you come up with something better, that’s more truthful, I am all ears!!!

      I personally for the past Year and a half, and actually for many years before that, been trying to find a way to get to know God, to find out if he is even Real. What I have concluded is that IF there is a God, he certainly doesn’t care for simple dirt poor people, he Only cares for the Filthy Rich.

      For Example: I have asked and asked and asked, many thousands of times, until I am just plain tired of asking, for someone- Whom I Know Has Died to come and visit me. Just one little visit, for 5 little Mibbulets even, would answer virtually all my questions for a lifetime! But Nooo, that can’t happen. because I am either Too poor or because, They Are All Dead and can never come back!

      I don’t mean to sound harsh, but Enough is Enough with this Curse that I have been under for the last 30 plus years! Which all began with that one Relief Society leader and her God Awful Lie that she told and spread about my Family Friendly Convenience Store, here in Ogden.

      But Lying is something that the Mormons are ALL ABOUT these days. From their leader on down, or, “all the way to the Top,” as I usually say.

      I want to see fulfillment of the many promises that God makes throughout his writings that says, when you ask in the name of [Jesus Christ], “Ye Shall Receive”!

      Well I’ve been asking for 30 plus years and I have yet to receive, ANYTHING at all!
      And now we have their head man as a Liar extraordinaire! Is there no end to the Lies that the Mormon wont tell?

      I am through with that $100 Billion dollar church that has kept me dirt poor for 30 plus years, and I will Not set foot in it until it is Cleaned up.

      I’ll pray again tonight for God to be Real and send someone, ‘That I Know has Died’ to spend 5 Mibbulets with me, and set me straight on a few things.
      And NO I haven’t spelled Mibbulets wrong. That’s a Nephilim word for minutes.
      See my newest eBook: The First Civilization of Earth by Steve Nelson at The first 30 pages or so is FREE! But I hope people would have a heart and actually want to learn something, Absolutely Fascinating, and get the whole book, it’s just $4. (There’s a lot of Hebrew words in the book too).

      *Here’s a thought? Perhaps Defending Utah would like to do an interview with me about my nice book? How about it? (You’ve got my email).

      Well bye for now, I’ve got a lot of work to do tomorrow.
      Good Night all,
      Steve Nelson

  8. Dear Steve,
    Thank-you for writing back. You are correct there is not any information on YouTube site where to find how one may search to find who was putting out this video. Or where to get new the scriptures. Nor what church is saying that they have these new scriptures. When I read that you had watched the 5 videos, I thought’ “Oh maybe it’s at the end of the 6th video. No, nothing . . . How odd I would think that if they were spending their resources to further this information it would be there.

    So I called a friend who has been in this “Restoration Fellowships of the remnants movement, a spiritual movement”. For some time. And he knows alot of things and he always says to me, First go the Our Father and then, go to the scriptures.
    I know that we have been lied too for eons of time. I am sure that your Great, Great, Great, Grandfather’s and their families were believing soul’s. Great soul’s whom loved Our Heavenly Father. I know that Our Father loved them. and they were striving to always do what Brigham Young taught them, “Follow the Prophet”. I personally mean no disrespect. I pretty much have had no relatives in the LDS Church when I joined in 1971. I joined because they taught “Families can be Forever”. So I prayed and felt like I should be baptized, I struggled afterward because I wanted to learn more of my Savior and his teaching, which were rare. Mostly the teachings of the older Prophets. I felt lost and empty most of the time in Church. But in my Heart I knew My Lord Savior. I would ask many questions but would get in to trouble. One of My Bishop said to me, “Why do you always ask question that I cannot answer”.

    So in 2008, as I was sitting in a meeting Stake Center and the people were sustaining Thomas Monson. I heard a voice that said, “You need to leave” I looked around to see who was talking to me and saw no one. Then again “YOU Need to Leave NOW”. I have learned in my life to listen to that voice. I did not understand, other then I had very very uncomfortable feeling about Him as well as Brigham Young. So I wandered in the wilderness for many years looking for a “Church’ that preached and believed “That Our Heavenly was Our God, His beloved Son Our Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ was his son,. And the “Holy Ghost and a separate being of spirit.

    My loving daughter who was so Super active in the LDS Church, and in the Relief Society presidency shared with with me something she and the other two sisters had found. She prayed to Our Father blessed her with his “Grace” to listen and hear what was being shared.

    Sorry that this has been a long way into explaining where I am coming from. My daughter is very direct and to the point. Basically she sums it up when I am trying to explain my journey, “My Mom joined the Church by the spirit and she left it the same way. I pray Steve that Our Lord and Savior will answer your prayers.

    So here is some the information, so much work to be done,
    The man’s who’s voice in all 6 videos is Denver Snuffer. “He” is a true servant of the Lord. He is the “Servant” that Our Lord tells Ezekiel 34 : 23 about. Now that I think it, it make be the reason why the information is not in the videos, I think that we must search and seek and pray to get our answers. Denver always shares, “Take it to the Lord”.

    Denver Snuffer — Blog, Books, Papers & Lectures
    Search domain denversnuffer.com
    He knows how to love others whether they are the one who has given offense or the one who is a victim of the offense. “In the final wave, the most brutal, most evil, most heinous sins men inflict upon one another were felt by Him as a victim of the worst men can do. He knew how it felt to wrongly suffer death.
    Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 46:26 — 85.7MB)…
    The 40 Years in Mormonism Lecture Series has been added to this…
    Last Sunday I gave a talk in Challis, Idaho. A link to that talk is…
    Published books (sorted by publication date): The Second Comforter -…
    The Second Comforter
    The Second Comforter describes the process, as set out in the Gospel…
    Nephi’s Isaiah
    The first author in the Book of Mormon was named Nephi. He wrote 18…
    from the desk of Denver Snuffer
    Search domain denversnuffer.blogspot.com
    The content of this blog presumes you are already familiar with Denver Snuffer’s books. Careful explanations given in the books lay the foundation for what is contained here. If you read this blog without having first read his books, then you assume responsibility for your own misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the writer’s intent. Please do not presume to judge Mr. Snuffer’s intentions …

    Denver Snuffer Jr. – Wikipedia
    Search domain en.wikipedia.org,_Jr-
    Denver Snuffer Jr. Denver Carlos Snuffer Jr. is a Utah lawyer, an author of Restorationist devotional books, a lecturer, a speculative theologian, and a revelator to fellowships of the remnants movement, a spiritual movement in schism with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). The movement has a few thousand adherents …

    Denver Snuffer | ANONYMOUS BISHOP
    Search domain anonymousbishop.com
    The location of this obscure event was Boise, Idaho, where hundreds of people gathered to hear a man named Denver Snuffer speak. Brother Snuffer is an infamous excommunicated member of the LDS Church. He was excommunicated at the insistence of Russell M. Nelson, under the direction of President Thomas S. Monson.

    Restoration Archives – Archives
    Search domain restorationarchives.com
    Denver C. Snuffer Jr. Archive. Below are all of the publicly-released papers, talks, books, discussions, and interviews of Denver Snuffer Jr. of which we are aware. Please notify us via the Contact page if you find any broken links.
    5 warnings for Mormons from the Denver Snuffer schism
    Search domain religionnews.com
    This weekend, Denver Snuffer’s followers began rebaptizing each other, and many are leaving the LDS Church. Here’s why Mormons would do well to listen to Snuffer’s criticisms.

    Search domain
    Denver Snuffer – quotables. Denver Quote — Source Link (here) NEW – I believe the truth will prevail. You can knock it down, burn it, pave it over, kill it and threaten it, but it will prevail. A whisper of truth will overcome a hurricane of opposition. It endures. It will triumph.
    Talk 7 – Christ, Denver Snuffer – YouTube
    Search domain youtube.com
    This is the audio recording of “Christ – Prototype of the Saved Man”, a lecture by Denver C. Snuffer Jr. given in Ephraim, UT on June 28, 2014. This is the s…
    Response to Denver Snuffer – Joseph Smith’s Polygamy

    Search domain josephsmithspolygamy.org
    Denver Snuffer articulately outlines his theories describing how the Church and its leaders are in apostasy. Inherent in his discussion is the implication that he is not. That is, Denver has the truth that he affirms the Church has lost. However, the problem for him and all dissenters who proclaim this view is priesthood authority

    Denver Snuffer Jr.
    Denver Carlos Snuffer Jr. is a Utah lawyer, an author of Restorationist devotional books, a lecturer, a speculative theologian, and a revelator to fellowships of the remnants movement, a spiritual movement in schism with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The movement has a few thousand adherents, many of them members or former members of the LDS Church. He was excommunicated by the LDS Church in 2013 for refusing to cease publication of his 2011 book, Passing the Heavenly Gift which challenges many points of LDS orthodoxy. He subsequently has been identified as a prophet by many, and several of his teachings have been canonized as scripture.Wikipedia
    (Independent Mormon) Restorationist and, supra-denominational Christian
    Utah Believers Group
    Home town:
    Mountain Home, Idaho
    Denver Carlos Snuffer Jr.
    Six daughters and two sons
    Based in:
    Sandy, Utah
    Author, Attorney
    Previous post:
    LDS Church Sandy Crescent Stake high council, (Excommunicated from mainstream LDS in 2013)
    Present post:
    Principal preparer for and inspirer of Remnant movement fellowships

    So I copied this information from online. I am not eloquent in my writing. I do not matter, but I always pray to help all those whom are seeking. There is so much for us to learn. For me Father has always sent angels to bless and help me. I know that you have been praying, maybe I can help my fellow seekers . . .

    As Always, Aly, AAA

  9. Hello All,
    I have an update. There is a new Video 7, The Heavens Are Opened Again. To find out the contact information about these videos. Go here,

    The Heavens Are Open Again – PART 7: ZION
    523 views Sep 22, 2021

    The Heavens are Open Again
    1.04K subscribers

    Chick here, right above and it bring up a blue title strip that says “The Heavens Are Opened Again” in the lower right hand side it has a picture of Our Lord and it says ” Visit our Website”. Chick on that and it takes you to a website that says “Learn of Christ” There in is all the information in a much better format than the way I copied it. Please forgive my lack of knowledge about that site.
    I found this by going on my laptop computer. It has a more expansive view.

    As Always Aly, AAA

  10. These shots have 666 written all over them. Preparing for the real 666. think on this 6 feet apart, masks, HR666, HR6666,
    this 666 cryptocurrency patent.
    The church is endorsing 666. What is or soon will be the 666 that we are to reject.
    The church has been hijacked. Though subtle, Satan has prided himself enough to put his labels on these. 666

    The church is “urging” the saints to take 666 upon them. The church is “urging” the saints to accept the “Mark of the Beast” system.

  11. Just like in Jesus’s day.

    1. Occupying Tyrannical government.
    2. Real temple where even Jesus went to worship. “His FATHER’S House”
    3. Money changers in the temple.
    4. Wicked leaders. Who persecuted even JESUS and his followers.
    5. Different times, but same playbook.

    1. Our tithes are being used as investments in the vaccine companies. Used as “Blood Money”. Killing, maiming and to destroy immune systems. Oh yes, sterilizing the world!

  12. 1st off – Defending Utah: I love the work you are doing. Never stop.
    2ndly – Well this devolved quickly into an anti-lds/mormon bashing session. What they heck people!?!? Stay on target. Focus on the enemy and not on those who get confused.

    1. Orin,

      The enemy is the vaccine that is harming people, the agenda behind it, and the people who are pushing the harmful vaccine.

      Unfortunately, through error or whatever our church leaders are “urging” us to take a harmful substance into our bodies, wanting the young missionaries to take the vaccine, ignoring completely the VAERS statistics that show the vaccines are more harmful in less than 9 months then 30 years.

      Now, are making a song for primary kids to sing of the virtues of the vaccine.

      Therefore, turning it into a kind of worship of it’s own.

      Something is really wrong and strange right now.

      Heavenly Father’s house is being used as a tool for vaccine indoctrination. First by the presidency by their “urging”, requiring it for the choir, BYU and probably for our worship.

      If tithing is being invested into the various vaccine manufactures, there is a real problem with that.

      The church is investing and supplying 2 billion COVID 19 poisonous
      shots through UNICEF. The potential for so much harm that the church is contributing to is very disturbing!

      I am not against the church, the temples, but I am against everyone ignoring the TRUTH about he harm these vaccines are doing.

      What is so disturbing to me is that this madness is not talked about.

      The ALARM needs to be sounded!

  13. This is more than what it seems. Remember the days that we used to have parties in the church in October? No masks were allowed. That was for a good reason. We have forgotten and been manipulated to put that aside. This is VERY BAD! ,Masks have been subtlely snuck in under the cover of medical prevention, very cleverly by the devil.
    We MUST remove the masks from our churches and temples! This is mind control and even deeper. A satanic rutual has been implemented into our churches and temples!

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