The Issue Bigger Than the Vaccine Mandate

The Founding Fathers wanted to focus on teaching the people principles instead of focusing on specific issues that come and go. If the people could just understand the underlying principles, they would be able to identify when a specific issue was a violation of their liberties. In this talk for Defending Wasatch Back, a former reporter for Defending Utah covers the principle that if understood will transcend the current fake pandemic tyranny and will help everyone in their efforts to stand up for liberty no matter the issue.


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  1. For LDS people I have a question, what is to be done about the people in your units who having responsibility over an organization exercise those responsibilities in a way as to compromise the constitutional rights of others rendering the first amendment free practice of religion subject to potential depredations of other first Amendment rights, as well as fourth Amendment, fifth Amendment and ninth amendment rights? Haven’t we had enough of the COVID freaks? Why let them ruin the experience by insisting on measures based in their own fears and cooperation with baldly unconstitutional government orders? The very thing that makes religion possible are the rights the government is squashing why would anyone voluntarily cooperate with that??

    1. Absolutely right! The whole agenda of the COVID restrictions, masks, spacing, the genocidal shots are out of pure evil. Unfortunately, I am waiting to see if now church members are willing to sacrifice the children as well. The experimental jabs are not being approved for 5-12 year olds. Is there a line that church members will stop at? The government script is what our leaders are embracing whole heartedly. Lemmings are going over the cliff.

      1. Now they are approved by the FDA, still experimental. One official just said that they will just have to give the jabs to children to see what will happen.

    2. Well said. That’s the biggest question, and I am just observing right now, either this is the great division in the church that Joseph Smith warned of, to stay with “the majority of the twelve and the records of the church “. Or, the leaders of the church will repent and claim fallibility to false statements as well as suppression of rights that you mention, including the second amendment. Thanks for your thoughtful post.

  2. Red Alert! Utah’s New Digital Driver’s License Will Include Your Vaccine Status – May Eventually Include Your Credit Score, Travel Records and Social Credit Score. Utah is one of the test states, to be implemented in 2022.
    We all need to stand up and put a stop to immediately.

  3. Quick! Everybody see these videos before they are gone and share them everywhere!

    Mariah Carey Caught Taking Fake Vaccine
    ***SEE the FAKE Needle used in HD
    (PLUS “Vaccinate Me Elmo” COMEDY Commercial)

    Former Australian Special Forces Commander Riccardo Bosi
    (The Aussie version of Col. Bo Gritz)
    Former Australian Special Forces Commander Riccardo Bosi: This Stops When We Stop It (Video)

  4. Nobody in Utah will do anything meaningful or effective against the COVID Fraud as long as Russ Nelson (the Doctor -with a God Complex- turned Prophet of God) Lies and Promotes the Fraud known as COVID.

    Tell me how am wrong.

    All this year (Spring and summer of 2021) when All of Utah was following the Prophet and his ordained Gestapo agents in Government, and shut down their stores to all who would not wear the Mask of Satan, WE went to Idaho where the people respect Truth and Freedom, and by and large, the COVID Fraud simply did not exist! We spent about $3,000 of our Grocery money and gas money there in Idaho, INSTEAD of Utah.

    I have a question to ask of God. If anyone can actually talk to God, please forward my question:

    Dear God;
    How Long will you tolerate a LIAR as your Prophet on earth and representing your True Church? And when will you replace this Liar with someone Honest?
    I ask humbly in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

    My question is legitimate and Not asked with any kind of contempt for God or to laugh at God, but a sincere question. Asked in humility and with reverence. And I expect a sincere answer, Forthwith.

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