Pandemic 2 Years Later – Who Was Right Who Was Wrong

In early 2020, when the corporate media was ramping up their fear campaign and the Governor illegally stripped the people of their right to assemble and provide for their families, Defending Utah responded with facts, the law and actions we could all take to act as free men. This resulted in two years of attacks on us, including accusations that we are “biological terrorists”. Two years in, it’s easy to see that principles above fear won out. Please check out the video below in which we humorously tackle these attacks.


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  1. Thanks for emailing me this video and sharing this message with me. I thought it was pretty funny and a great video to share with my friends.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. It’s hysterical but also disturbing that so many accepted the fear porn propaganda. I’ll bet all the calls came from within the Salt Lake City limits.

  3. It was a difficult choice, but the “vxine” had to be created to expose the big pharma conspiracy. It’s all part of the information war. He tried to promote the cures, but pharma squashed it. If this so-called “solution” had not been provided, governments would have kept the whole world locked down for ten years until they did get a vxine, and hundreds of millions more would have died from starvation or depression because of the lockdowns. It had to be done before Trump left office so it could be on emergency basis only. Emergency use only cannot be mandated. Everyone has a choice to get it or not. It’s up to thinking people to think for themselves, research the truth. The truth is, the mandates are not laws, so thank you for standing up to those lying tyrants and keeping track of the RINOs in Utah.

    1. You are correct in saying emergency use cannot be mandated. Unfortunately, it is being mandated. Just ask Richard Harward, late of BYU hoops fame.

    2. “Cannot be mandated.” Yeah, well, there are all sorts of things that governments and corporations “cannot” or are not supposed to do, but they do it anyway.

      You’ll notice that things like constitutions and any laws for the government don’t work to restrain them, they ignore them without consequence all the time.

      Sure makes it worse when you have various churches and its members who are fine with this and even donate money to tyranny and praise it constantly.

  4. So, how do we fight against hospitals and doctors offices trampling all over our rights by requiring masks just to go to see a doctor to get the healthcare that is needed.
    I am very grateful for your group defending our rights and, if I had the ability I would join your group. I am disabled though and don’t have any extra $ to help.

      1. THANK YOU for all your efforts in support of our GOD given RIGHTS! Is there a list complied with physicians, NPs, clinics, hospitals, etc that uphold medical ethics and freedom to choose?

  5. These people have a lot in common, vugarity, hatred, violent and insults!

    Thank you for standing up Defending Utah!

  6. Although the truth is there for all to see, i.e. “this terrible pandemic” is a fraud, transmission and infection rates in non-masked states are no worse than in compulsory masked states (and if they did protect you, why are you still afraid of the unmasked and unvaxxed?), the highest vaxxed countries in the world are having the highest infection rates since this all began, the “omigoshicron” variant has killed a grand total of zero people worldwide (not counting those who were scared into getting jabbed with their 3d or 4th shot), I suspect most, if not all, of these people who left these insightful voicemails still believe all of the panic porn they have been fed. Great minds think alike and have such a grasp of the nuances and subtleties of the English language that they can use one particular word in so many different ways and with that judiciously used word, all further debate becomes unnecessary.

    In a fairly recent poll, about 50% of Democrats surveyed believed that if you were to become sick with covid-19 you would have a 50% chance of being hospitalized. The number of Republicans believing this was substantially less but still very high.

    I am not as optimistic as Defending Utah seems to be about people seeing the truth. Looking at Europe, especially Germany, and at Oz, I think the compulsion will get much worse before it gets better.

    After all, when attending church, 100% ( other than me) of the attendees are masked. Maybe it’s different from where you live and attend, but in my area the sheeple continue to comply (funny how one caller defined the sheeple as those who are not going along with the majority getting vaxxed, wearing masks alone in their cars and masked up jogging, riding their bicycles, etc.). I used to get high fives in church for not wearing a mask; no more.

    The LDS Church has not backed away even an inch from its statements from August 12.

    I agree that more and more people do not fear covid-19, else why are people willing to to walk into a restaurant, wear the mask for 3 minutes while being seated and then sit dine for 45 minutes maskless? They know the risk is extremely low, but they do not have the courage to disobey. Until we have enough people with courage to disobey, the totalitarians and their mob will continue to dominate society.

      “Until we have enough people with courage to disobey, the totalitarians and their mob will continue to dominate society”
      Americans DO NOT have to obey anyone, for any reason – that’s the whole point of FREEDOM!!

      1. Thanks for the support, BJG. All people need to see is others having the courage. If I can get one person to follow me after one week, and then we each get one more the following week, by week 7 we would have 128 on our side. The Iron Curtain fell because a few hundred thousand people gathered in Prague (I think it was Prague) and the communists were finished.

      2. In re-reading the phrase “the courage to disobey,” I have suggested that our refusal to get vaxxed, wear the mask etc., is characterized as disobedience.

        That is wrong. I should have said this: “Until we have enough people with courage to exercise their inalienable rights, rights which are given of God and not of Man or of governments, the totalitarians and their mob will continue to dominate society.”

        1. That’s right. We can either obey the wicked and their expectations upon us, albeit their wills and expectations are disobedience to our just laws and the morals our nation was founded upon.
          Or we can obey those just laws and morals and be in conformity to the only laws and expectations that have any standing at all. “Disobedience” to the wicked’s rule is actually obedience to the law. “Obedience” to the wicked’s rule is disobedience to the law.

          Every time we mask up, get a eugenicist “vaccine”, or force our employees and customers to do these or stand 5 feet apart , we are serving the wicked, who we know are in service to the devil. We are capitulating and sacrificing a part of our morals and beliefs to serve evil’s will. We are in disobedience to the law, the constitution and the bill of rights, and giving power to those who are trying to destroy our law.

          1. AB
            This is what really bothers me about what the church is doing as viewed in General Conference, the distancing, the masks, the vaxxes accommodating everything about the communists’ agenda. Our church leaders are serving the wicked’s wills.

            I am unable to attend church because I do not want to be succumbing to their compliance to the evil wicked agenda of the world government.

            I cannot sit there and pretend that everything is OK, when it is not.

            Our leaders are lying about the jabs and the government. To attend services at church right now is like I am on board with blasphemy of the leaders. Or giving them my consent.

            Everything was OK, they had their personal choice, but when they lied something has changed. They could have said nothing.

            I no longer trust the presidency.

          2. Do you notice that the church is starting to do mandates of the vax?

            In conference. BYU. To attend the Temple Square Christmas Activities?

            So, slowly the church is mandating more and more.

  7. So we see that the church is NOW dealing with communism the very same way as WWII. On purpose.

    I really wonder how Heavenly Father truly feels about that? So, the church would go along with the “Mark of the Beast” is what that means to me. So they can still buy and sell. For a while or stalling as I see it. But, if communism would prevail, it would eventually mean they will have to denounce Jesus Christ eventually, because this is a Satanic Rule.

    If things turn around in the USA before that then it will not come to that. Aparently, the church leaders are having faith that this will be overthrown before that point? Dallon Oaks said, 4 April 2021 “We should trust in the Lord and be positive about the nation’s future”.

    I personally have drawn my line to go down at this first line with no compromise.

    1. I have a question? At what point do we no longer say the church leader is doing god’s will? At what point do we say the church has become corrupt with some of the same ilk as those who abuse our nation’s leadership?

      In times past, the church leaders said these sorts of things cannot happen, that God would remove a church leader who attempts to lead the church astray. So are the church leaders leading the church astray? or are they telling you to do what God wills? Or, is something else going on here that can only be learned through these men of God showing their own propensity to err or sin?

      That may be a difficult logic to find a conclusion to, if you value your membership in the church and the values that the church has stood for in the past. But here is another question, that may help you arrive at a thought provoking conclusion in this regard: Which is better, personal revelation and the revelation of one’s own conscience? Or, the revelation of another man, who is just as corruptible as any imperfect man, although that revelation offends your personal revelation directly from God?

      Which of these is more perfect? Revelation from God to another man to deliver it to your mortal mind and hopefully get past your own wills and pride to be absorbed into your soul, OR, directly from God’s spirit to your soul; if polluted: only by your own will and pride, which you will feel when you attempt to deny the spirit of God within you.

      Along these same lines, which is better? To worship God before other men at the alter of your local church house, that men may see your performance of your belief toward God, OR to worship God directly in your soul toward the spirit He has put there as a direct communicator with Him, and witness directly to Him of your convictions?

      I am not suggesting you dont go to church, or not listen to the Prophet. I am saying, that when the conscience God gave you to steer you right, and when your personal revelation of what is right conflicts with that less-direct revelation through other men, albeit they who lead the earthly side of the church, you must decide which is of more importance to the will of God and your own soul. If you violate your own conscience to satisfy other men, it is YOU who has to live with the consequences of that violation, not those other men who you chose to follow over the direct revelation God gave you.

      In that, maybe the church leaders are trying to tell you something you can only learn by their present actions, whether by their sins and error or by thoughtful intention. Men are corruptible and susceptible to sin and error and misjudgment, but we must learn to receive direction as the angels do, directly from God’s spirit, and not rely upon other men to live as we are meant to in heaven. Following your own conscience, even if you make a mistake thereby and learn a valuable lesson in the process, is better than simply following what a prophet tells you to do, simply because he said it. One is learning and receiving a testimony for yourself, and connecting yourself directly to the fount of knowledge. The other is commendable.. in that it’s better than doing wrong… but it is much harder to learn valuable spiritual and personal lessons thereby, and you are still as a child, just doing what you’re told and never learning to connect yourself to God appropriately, to become as God is.

      For those who would mistake my intentions here, you i’ll ask you to read the D&C, and realize that even that great prophet, Joseph Smith Jr, was susceptible to error and sin. His sins also mislead others to sin. In fact, so great was his sin, that he sinned against a holy angel who entrusted him with the ancient records and who warned him before giving him that record to take care of it and protect it. He also sinned directly against God in multiple prayers when he tempted God by asking permission to deliver a part of that ancient record to another man to be delivered to the wicked.

      Joseph Smith was not perfect, and that example was only one of many times he admitted he was prone to err. If Joseph Smith was imperfect and prone to err and even do wrong in misleading another to deliver what was sacred to the wicked, then why is it so hard to believe today’s prophet cannot also do the same?

      If my soul’s direct connection to God is in conflict with the Prophet and the church, I will choose my own personal revelation and conscience over the other. Taking away no truth from the other, but also giving no preference over my own direct revelation. God gave me intelligence. If he wanted people to do what is right simply for the sake of what is right, he would have made us without wills of our own… robots to do only what we are told. But God is teaching us something here… and that lesson is that we must both discern what is right within our own souls and choose to do that right He directs us to personally, even above and over whatever other men may say, which may be faulty or may be corrupted to some extent, but also because other men will not always be there throughout our existence to tell us what to believe and what to do. General guidelines of how to live from a few church leaders can never be enough for our journey to godhood for the individual. You must have personal revelation to apply the general to the specific of your existence. If God calls you to foreign lands, or to another world, or to go preach among the damned souls in hell, you may not have a prophet to tell you what to do and how to be close to God. But you will have your own connection to God, and the spirit of God within you to keep you company and teach you all you need to know to accomplish your missions, whatever strange or dark place you may be.

      1. It’s a difficult predicament many find themselves in for sure. Some are sadly throwing the baby out with the bathwater. We would never want to make one throw out their faith. As believers, we struggle with the need to tell the truth at the same time of not being the cause of people rejecting the truth of the restored Gospel. I don’t say it’s a balance between the two because if you balance the two, that means you will sacrifice one or both, and we believe you don’t give up either, but tell the truth and individuals testimonies should be able to withstand the exposure of the truth.

        1. The one thing I am throwing out is I will not follow lies. That letter on 12 Aug was full of them.

          I will keep the true things, the gospet, the Savior, the standard works, but lying leaders are not worthy of following.

        2. Hey Ben,

          Good to see you join in the conversation. Look at Revelations 1 and 2. The letters to the 7 churches. All a mixture of good and bad. The issue I have with our leaders is that they are supposed to know better. They are sticking to the WWII playbook. That can work I guess, until if unchecked, eventually if this evil continues it will come down to denying Jesus Christ. If they cannot stand up to tyranny now, will they be too compromiosed to stand up then?

          Conference has turned into a Satanic Rutual with it’s distancing, masks and now human sacrafice.

        3. So Ben,

          Why are the church leaders lying to us? BYU had the play about Helmuth Huyebener. They were forced to discontinue it. Why?

          It seems that the church is going to take the same strategy that it did in WW!!.

          Would Moroni be silent? Or fly his coat flag?

          I take the church’s compliance as permission for the tyranny to continue. It seems like the 501-C-3 is the most important thing to them.

          Why are they contributing tithing money to worldly objectives and stocks? Things that should be against everything the church should stand against?

  8. I think we all tend to take a similar view on history. We hear about the vile people who sat in the colosseum in Rome, entertaining themselves with extreme human suffering and death, and enjoying it. We tell ourselves how grateful we are that we live in a modern, civilized society. Of course, the ancient Romans believed they lived in a modern, civilized society too. And conversely, there are many in our society of today who are just like those people sitting in the colosseum, who enjoy human suffering and forcing evil upon others. Given a chance, they too will participate in such evils. These people feed on human suffering, pain, sadistic revelry… they watch “horror” movies that show all the kinds of devil worship and suffering like ancient Romans enjoyed in the colosseum, and much more. These folks are those who feel most comfortable following whatever wicked rulers tell them to do and forcing it upon the righteous, because they want what those wicked rulers want. Their goal is to use anything and everything against us, even if they dont currently acknowledge it consciously. When their rulers get authoritarian, they also get authoritarian. When their rulers tell them to start killing their brethren in the streets, they will also do that, and let me tell you, they will enjoy it. It’s hard for us to acknowledge this evil among us. We who live after the manner of happiness, peace and civility find it difficult to acknowledge this evil in our midst. That has been conditioned into us. But that evil does exist. And seeing the signs, like all these folks who said such horrible things about, we should no longer deny this evil is all around us. These are the folks who will, when our leaders call them to it, kill us. But they really do it in the name of their true leader, who are the devils, or Satan. This is the army of the evil ones, and they do not merely sin ignorantly. In the capacity of their souls is to take human progress all the way back to the days of ancient Rome, where we torture and enjoy it. Where we murder and cause unbearable suffering upon the innocent for trivial offenses… a loaf of bread stolen gets you crucifixion upon a cross. Those who cant pay their debts must pay with their lives for the entertainment of the wicked as they are cut, beaten, burned, and ripped to pieces by wild animals. These folks, who generally identify themselves as progressives, are actually digressives, who find civility less desirable than their innate need to cause misery and destruction. They are no myth, but they also arent the myth that we build up in our minds, that such persons are readily recognizable and will present with some kind of dark aura around them. No… but these kinds of people have been among civilized societies for thousands of years. They may seem normal and adapt well to the constraints of society while working to undermine it to the point they can begin acting in their true natures. That nature is to the unthinkable, yet it is true. History has shown this time and again. I hope we will awake from our ignorance as a society, and realize, no matter how undesirable it is, that it’s imperative we destroy the evil at our head, and set an expectation of civility and law for those who are of the nature of these kinds. They must follow civility or pay the price of just laws. But this is not enough, because without morality, our society can never get back to progressing in liberty and peace. The assault on morals we have come to today is the very things that gives these kinds of folks the power to digress our society and pervert our laws and exercise unrighteous authority upon us. The same was true of ancient Rome, and the same is true of other societies around the world. We can only defeat this evil with truth and morality, then we can justly use those morals to apply correct and proper amount of force to those wicked at our heads, to bring them into conformity with civil and just laws. Without it, it is hard to say we are just in doing anything against them. If we continue to say they have a right to immorality, then we cannot complain when that immorality is forced upon us and our rights and liberty is taken away thereby.

  9. I am wondering if the “Abondimation of Desolation” is not the social distancing, masks and all that is in our churches and now the temples?

    1. It could be the nearly 1 million Americans, and millions more around the world, who have so far dropped dead due to a specific medical product that the LDS Church has donated millions of dollars to distribute.

      And remember it’s still ongoing, i.e. the side effects and deaths that the government, media, and many large corporations and churches will deny.

      And remember it doesn’t matter if they deny what they’re supporting, facts still oppose them no matter how much they pretend it’s not true, and no matter what lies they point to from the CDC, WHO, NIH, FDA, Deseret News, etc.

      At the last day I have to wonder how much of an excuse God will tolerate – “I didn’t know!” – when you had no excuse not to know, you just didn’t want to be unpopular with the world and its political apparatus, and face their wrath. You know, like prophets have always done throughout history until now.

  10. Lots of good stuff posted above.

    From AB:

    “If my soul’s direct connection to God is in conflict with the Prophet and the church, I will choose my own personal revelation and conscience over the other. Taking away no truth from the other, but also giving no preference over my own direct revelation. God gave me intelligence. If he wanted people to do what is right simply for the sake of what is right, he would have made us without wills of our own… robots to do only what we are told. But God is teaching us something here… and that lesson is that we must both discern what is right within our own souls and choose to do that right He directs us to personally,”

    As the members see the folly of their most revered leaders, perhaps they (we) will learn that we are accountable for our choices and we cannot live on borrowed light (i.e. the blind acceptance of what emanates from SLC).

    I am continually bothered by the reverence given to the current president of the church. I have posed this question before: tell me what were to jobs or professions of prior presidents of the church? There is one we all know and not just because he is the most recent but because of the effort to burnish his superiority over the rest of us. He has no qualms about accepting the adoration heaped upon him. It is not a good look.

    1. Yes Mark, it is not a good look. Everything you are saying was really apparent in the Nov 2021 Conference. The pride about following and appeasing the mandates by vaxxing the choir. It is very obvious that there has been a turn to worshiping the prophet. This is very strange, but it is all evident.

      I tried listening but not viewing conference. It is like unsalty salt. Something very bad has happened to the church. Very bad indeed.

      They continue to mandate the vax for temple square. It is only a matter of time that the vax is mandated to worship in the wards. I wonder how long?

      It is like they are bending over backwards to appease the government.

      These are very sad times.

      Heavenly Father, His Son Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost alone can sustain us. We can depend on them alone. Them and their words and guidance out of the scripture and personally being led by the hand of God.

    1. We must forgive so that we have no bitterness in us. It takes too much spiritual energy that we need to survive this tribulation period.

      We must let Heavenly Father guide us by the hand every moment through the Holy Ghost. Trust only in the Father and the Son.

      Something in the church is really wrong right now. Like never before.

  11. Truststamp, Mastercard, Gavi Alliance.

    LDS Charities donated 20 million to Unicef. One of the Apostles at Oct 2021 conferance said the 20 million was donated to children. NO . It went through Unicef to Covax to GAVI for Ghana to get vx in conjunction with Trustamp and Mastercard.Biometric Token Identifier system in your face and palm.

    Look into this Defending UT!

    The birth of the mark of the Beast. The kicker is our donations could be funding it!

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