Did the House Just Vote to Send Troops to Your Neighborhood UPDATE (HB16 Firefighters)

Following in the footsteps of the 2015 legislature, the 2022 legislature is granting more “emergency powers”, but this time to possibly send troops into Utah’s streets.

Read the bill here https://le.utah.gov/~2022/bills/static/HB0016.html
Find out who your legislators are here https://le.utah.gov/GIS/findDistrict.jsp
See the entire legislature here https://le.utah.gov/asp/roster/roster.asp

UPDATE: After some twisting by some legislators as to what was stated in the above video, Scott Bradley joined us to go over objections and clarifications you can watch here:


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  1. Your questions are valid ones. I read the bill and this bill (HB16) is very broad and could lead to the implementation of the SL Tribune editorial unvaccinated roundup with authorization and funding. We need to be on top of this and contact our legislators for sure. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    1. leaders are part of that great and abominable church…. been that way for a long-time… wonder if church members will wake up when they are put in gulags or will they just knee down and thank god for their freedom….

  2. Go to Rumble and watch Episode 48 of Unrestricted Truth under American Media Periscope posted tonight!

    This is IMPORTANT ! ! !

    This will explain why Boris has announced the back off.

    There is a Rules of War that had to be followed.


  3. Why am I not surprised at all Ben? SLC has been prophesied to be The Wickedest City on Earth in the last days. And that man in SLC is indeed a Liar!
    Steve Nelson
    *(I am NO Relation to that man in SLC)

    1. It is one of the most wicked cities.

      When you contact your state “authorities” let them know that they will be under the “Law of War” if they implement this bill (HB16) . The Geneva Convention “Law of War” Section 11.3 will treat them as enemy combatants, spies and enemy of the citizens of the United States. They will be arrested and under military tribunals.

      Please see Rumble, American Media Periscope, Unrestricted Truth, Episode 48 for the details and to gain a further understanding.

      This is good news, and a true tool that Heavenly Father has had put into place to make his people mighty to escape.

      Watch all the episodes! Trump and the Vaxines. this will be applied to all the world as well. That is why Boris did a reversal. The British know the “Rules of War” and that their ship has sunk!

    2. I believe the ‘prophesy’ you are referring to says that it will be among the most wicked, not ‘the’ most wicked. anyone else have a reference?

  4. When you contact your state “authorities” let them know that they will be under the “Law of War” if they implement this bill (HB16) . The Geneva Convention “Law of War” Section 11.3 will treat them as enemy combatants, spies and enemy of the citizens of the United States. They will be arrested and under military tribunals.

    Please see Rumble, American Media Periscope, Unrestricted Truth, Episode 48 for the details and to gain a further understanding.

    This is good news, and a true tool that Heavenly Father has had put into place to make his people mighty to escape.

  5. The church has messed up tremendously when it proceeded to mandate. I do not know what Heavenly Father will do, but something will be done. We just have to wait and see.

    1. members are conflicted between what they have been indoctrinated to believe for generations about their leaders and then how they have not stood up for freedom…. as Isaiah said ‘your leaders mislead you’…. they have spoken by their silence and really hindered the cause of freedom… but then when the founders appeared to the prophet to have their work done… they said the LDS church had apostatized from the Constitution and that was over a 100 yrs ago.

        1. Trust God, not men which are prone to err.

          Even ‘prophets’ are mortals, given to selfish inclination. If you read the bible/bom, you will see just how many chosen Men and women were misled by their own passions and desires and blindness, Jesus’ apostles included… from betraying him to denying him three times. The notion of church leaders being unquestionable and unable to make mistake or mislead others is a fallacious notion that sprung from the apostasy of the middle ages after the church Jesus and his apostles established was destroyed and perversely reinvented by the Romans. The God of truth is incorruptible, but men… all Men… may make mistakes or sin and mislead others or themselves.

          For a long time now, the LDS church and its members have, like the catholics, essentially deified their church leaders, putting them on pedestals, pretending they are ‘holy’ and that they are fit vessels for the basis of our testimonies. Sadly, in the process they have unwittingly made Men their gods and thus shifted the foundation of their faith from God to these Men. By doing so, they have helped to tempt these Men to err, but more importantly they have entrapped their own belief systems. Because when they see the open or obvious mistakes or sins of these leaders, it acts as an earthquake to their faith, which is based in these corruptible Men, shaking these weak testimonies which make for weak foundations.

          They can then choose to blind themselves of the truth of their mortal gods’ falsity so they might continue on without facing the truth of their situation, setting themselves up for a much greater fall later. Or else their faith will tumble, being based on a lie.

          If the latter happens, they can then choose to reestablish their faith in God, and thus on a sure foundation, realizing that the church and its leaders have erred and are only organizations of Men, whose only purpose and virtue is in pointing men toward God; if said organizations stay that path. Or else the individuals may lose all faith, not knowing what is true and not being able to hear or accept it, or recognize it when they see it.

          This latter scenario is often seen with the unfortunate symptoms of a darkness that overcomes and rests upon the individual, who too often quickly turns to evil or occultish things to fill the void of his collapsed faith in the church and its leaders. But the former comes with a renewed and light-filled understanding of the mistakes that were made in believing in corruptible Men and earthly institutions over God, and with glorious knowledge and joy of now being on the correct path of truth, and in communion with God’s spirit of truth, where it is much more difficult to be deceived by the many veils the devil casts over the world to deceive and blind Men.

          If your faith is shaken by your leaders’ follies, whoever reads these words, let that be a calling unto you, to reorient your faith and testimony to the only incorruptible source of truth, light, and joy. That source is not churches or leaders of churches or other worldly institutions or superstitions of the occult. That source is God and his spirit of truth that may stay with you and testify of all needful truth to each person individually.

          Let the words of ordinary, wise, or ‘holy’ Men be always evaluated in the light of the spirit of truth, accepting truth–that the spirit manifests unto you as real truth–from whatever source you find it, while admonishing the falsities these Men may also preach. Jesus told his apostles and his church to admonish one another, to keep each other in the right way. Any church leader pretending to be above correction by even the lowliest observer of truth, sets himself a little further off that path of truth and into darker paths that lead to deception and sin. Such a man, in every case, denies Jesus’ gospel, and unless he make correction, must eventually fall, to wander in blindness and sin, both deceiving and being deceived. And this, because he rejects truth for ego, or pride–to lift himself above truthful correction, or admonishing.

          But if these Men have been so revealed as not being the source of truth and right, but fallible Men, let this be a sign, from God unto Men, that they must no longer set other men as their foundation or their source for truth, but that they must set God their foundation and his spirit their own personal source for truth, directly from the fount of truth. And praise God he was so kind to have blessed us with this lesson, which is not at all singular to the LDS church alone, but one which congregants of many faiths have been blessed to be tested with in these times and age, as the God of truth has willed it to be, to awaken Men from the chains of false traditions long perpetrated upon the world by corruptible Men who knew not the God of truth, except to establish evil against his truth.

          1. AB

            Well spoken. Falls right in line with the scripture Heavenly Father gave to me in Ezekiel 14:9-23. Exactly!

            Thank you for your wise words here.

    2. We’re told in our scriptural canon that if the church is off, God will “steady the ark” somehow, it’s not up to us to attempt it.

      Also, we’re told that leaders that are leading the members astray will be removed out of their place.

      Trust God to carry this out when and how he chooses.

  6. Great Speech & Music Video about this whole thing!!!

    2022 Jan 23 – Great Speech + Freedom Land music video

    Wow, I produced a music video on July 4th, 2020, never imagining that 568 days later, the perfect speech by Emmy Award winning Journalist Del Bigtree would reinforce every lyric and image in my FREEDOM LAND music video!

    See it all back to back in these next very exciting 7.5 minutes of your life!


    ***PLEASE! Forward this Great speech and Music video by my friend Tim Wilson to everyone you know while you still can!!!

    Steve Nelson

    Also please try:

    The First Civilization of Earth
    By Steve Nelson


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