Defending Liberty in the Last Days

Defending Utah presented March 10th 2022 on how the liberty movement affects events of the last days and how it helps prepare us. What is a Christian’s duty to fight evil in light of prophecy?

You can listen to the presentation here

Or view the presentation Wednesday March 23rd at 7pm MST below



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  1. I just
    Listened to
    Video clip regarding HB60. What is the process for making an amendment to this bill? I was at the
    Committee meeting in support of this bill but I did not like the part the mentioned the “carve outs”. I talked to an individual that worked with the
    Bill sponsor and told him about my
    Concerns. He told me that there was nothing we could do about that part and that they had to include those exceptions or that it would be impossible to get the bill passed.

    1. to amend a bill, a legislator simply introduces it in committee or on the floor when it comes up for a vote. Not hard to do. As for the excuse that “it wouldn’t pass” if it actually protected freedom means they don’t want it to have freedom. You don’t know if a bill will pass or fail until it gets voted on. Put them on record being against freedom. Embarrass them. Make them defend their record. As is, there is no record to defend because they protect each other in their crimes.

      1. well said, Ben. like many other bullying tactics, our enemies make the face assertion that ‘we must submit or nothing gets done’ to influence those who don’t know better. if they attempt to tell you something must be a certain undesirable way to move forward and get what is desirable, you may know they are attempting to manipulate us. hiding and incorporating evil into the constitution thru amendments has become a way of life throughout this nation. we must expose it, make it known, and expose those going along with it.

  2. You are doing great work. Love everything coming from DU!
    Can’t make it as I teach class on Thursday nights – and live almost 2,000 miles away.
    Any chance this will be recorded to view later?

  3. Looking forward to this! There are so many last days timelines being passed around. I’m excited to learn what the scriptures confirm is our duty. If we love freedom and God’s laws, we should be willing to sacrifice ALL for truth’s sake.

  4. Please provide this at another time as well – either live or for a $5 payment. I am attending GRAMA training so I can pull some records from my corrupt house representative :). I’d love to hear what is shared but sadly can’t attend March 10th.
    Thanks for all you do!

  5. This is really good.

    I am concerned about some things.

    Right now the church is joined to the medical tyranny of the jab. Saying that the jab is “safe and effective”. When it is NOT either. Siding with the communist government who is committing genocide, and actually aiding it with their investments and contributions to the 2030 agenda.

    The church embraces and lies in the UN bed. Ezra Taft Benson warned us about communism and the church has disregarded his warnings. A true prophet always warns.

    The church should be putting off this government. They are not joining in the fight for freedom at all!

  6. Ben, I listened to your entire talk, even though it took me a couple of days as I have not much time to listen due to my work load. And frankly may I make a few comments: I started out doing the “Patriot” work many years ago, when I had a nice little convenience store located at 101 Harrisville Road, Ogden, Utah. I thought with my copy machines I could be like Paul Revere at 99 copies a minute. But not long after I got going with the patriot cause the so-called Saints came by and LIED about me and my store, and then for 31 years I have battled the Mormons and gone from job to job trying to get a life again after the Mormons ran me out of business! Today I have NO money to help with anything and I don’t see how anything’s going to get done against the Secret Combinations unless God allows those of us willing to fight them, the means to do so. Many good people before me have fought the Secret Combinations and to zero effect. Some say that an Indian is going to take over the church and run things right; Ha Ha, No Drunk Indian is ever going to be able to take over that 100 Billion Dollar Corporation. I can tell you how an effect may be achieved, and Nelson did it all by himself too. He LIED to the Mormons worldwide and others as well and told them all too take the Poison. This is going to result in probably about 90% of the Arrogant Hypocritical Mormons to Die Off in the next 5 years or so, leaving all those nice Temples and ward houses virtually Vacant! Then is the time somebody better could move in and take over, even a Drunk Indian could do it! However it may be too late as the Ten tribes may just then arrive and take over everything and the Elders of Israel will Never get their big chance to walk into the US Capitol and “Save the Constitution.” And Frankly I have thought for many years that that concept in itself is Laughable. The Elders of Israel will Never save anything except the Simpsons or Sponge Bob! I welcome your comments Ben, but I don’t really expect to hear anything from you. Without the means to DO I nor anyone can DO anything. I am working all the time to stay Desperately Poor today thanks to the So-Called saints. If the Lord decides to change that then maybe I can get something done? We’ll see if there really is any answer to prayer or it was all a waist of time. I am looking forward to seeing Real Miracles from God, and for God to be REAL for me and my family too! Thanks for the good words Ben, Steve Nelson (I am NO Relation to that JUDAS in SLC!!!)

    1. Hi Steve.

      I share in your frustration of the church leadership. They are liars. See Ezekiel 14. Deceived and deceiving the church members. It is heartbreaking to think of all the church members that I care for being misled probably to their destruction. I pray that they will see before it is too late.

      It is apparent that the constitution is not what they are concentrating on, but the murderous genocidal communist government. Just like they did in WWII why they made sure they distanced themselves from the 3 young men who stood up for truth. Oh, yes, the low laying cowards made it through alive in body, but they sold their souls for safety, siding with the Nazis. It is the same playbook. But, if this murderous government overcomes the saints they should not expect to escape.

      Our responsibility is to do what we can as we are led by the Holy Ghost. I am with you that He will deliver us. II Chronicles 16:9 “For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth to SHOW HIMSELF STRONG in behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward HIM.”

      That is helpful. The scriptures are the most important things that we can concentrate on. Cling to the rod. Follow God.

  7. Pray for a “perfect” heart, so he can defend us.

    Forget the neglect and wrongfulness of the church leadership. They will answer to Heavenly Father.

    Hold the line and pray on!

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