Why The Supreme Court Doesn’t Matter

Sure, the Supreme Court matters. Otherwise it wouldn’t be in the Constitution. However, the powers given to the Supreme Court, when followed, are not anything the majority of us need to be afraid of no matter who is selected. See our report for more information.  Sign up for our free Liberty Boot Camp here

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2 Responses

  1. Just a few other things you need to be a “professional” to act or have an opinion on:

    Wife: Honey, can you go mow the lawn, it looks like a jungle out there.
    Husband: Sorry hun, I’m not a botanist.

    Wife: Honey, can you help me with the taxes please.
    Husband: Sorry Hun, I’m not a CPA.

    Wife: Honey, can you please wash the dishes, I just spent hours cooking dinner.
    Husband: Sorry Hun, I’m not a dishologist.

    Wife, filling out the crossword puzzle: Honey, what is a three letter word for a donkey?
    Husband: I’m sorry, I can’t talk to you Hun. I have to stop talking and live as a mute. I’m not a Linguist.

    Wife: Honey, you’re drooling. Wipe your chin.
    Husband: [blank stare into the distance and no reply]

  2. Wife: Honey, I’m wondering if I should take these pills my doctor recommended.
    Husband: Sorry, I can’t answer that. Who do you think I am, Russell Nelson?

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