Miracles of the Founders, Interview w/Sherri Jensen, Draper Philharmonic

In this inspiring interview on miracles of the founding fathers, all about bringing those miracles in the form of beautiful music to families this weekend, Enoch Moore of Defending Utah interviews Sherri Jensen, the founder of the Draper Philharmonic and Choral Society on her production called “George Washington, Ordained of God” happening this weekend, Fri and Sat June 24th and 25th, 2022 – tickets at www.ArtTix.org.

In connection with the show, we discuss various miracles that were critical in the American war for independence.




Upcoming Defending Utah event:



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  1. History is our power against our enemies, and the destroyer of their lies. That is why they hate it and fight against it and lie against it. “Knowledge is power” is perhaps an overused saying, but it is still true and poignant. When you know where you come from, you cannot be easily defeated. The opposite means your enemy can guide you wherever they want. When you know the systems your enemies use to deceive and destroy, you have power to avoid their black will against you. And of all history, very little is more important to know than the founding of the liberty, love and God in this USA. Without which, all you know might had been lost to your fathers, generations ago. Your liberty is the foundation of your right to know God. Generations of earthlings over millennia hoped and wished and thirsted after such as you have now. Do not forget how valuable it is: liberty, and the freedom to seek God according to the dictates of your own soul.

  2. Some historians cite Washington as the man who, though unintentionally, began the events that would lead to the American Revolution. It was his detachment of soldiers who fired the first shots at the French that began the French and Indian War (which also gave George Washington military experience that would lead him to be General of the Continental army). The aftermath of the French and Indian War led directly to the British tightening down on the colonies (increased taxation, preventing colonists from moving westward, occupation of towns and villages by British soldiers to enforce these edicts etc.) The Lord’s hand in the founding of America and in the role played by Washington becomes obvious to anyone who studies his life. (see David McCullough’s “Washington, The Man Who Wouldn’t Be King”)

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