Big Event – July 15th: Real Health Solutions Symposium

Real Health Solutions Symposium

Friday, July 15th, 2022
5:00PM – 9:30PM

Stream online via Zoom

Or in person at

Miller Conference Center
9750 S 300 W
Sandy UT 84070

Real Health Solutions Symposium

  • Medicine hurts us instead of helps us
  • Politicians protect a bad system instead of protecting our rights
  • Hospitals don’t feel as safe as we used to think they were

What can we do to truly protect our families?

What can we do to truly minimize disease?

What can we do to truly feel safe in our communities from tyrannical health bureaucracies?

Tough questions require really good answers.

We’ve searched and found the best speakers to attempt to answer these questions like you’ve never heard them answered before.

Hard Politics, Real Truth, and Real Solutions – on the Cutting Edge!

Amazing Guest Lineup!

Robert Scott Bell – Radio Host and Natural Healer
Your Master of Ceremonies for the evening

Host of the popular radio show, the Robert Scott Bell show. Scott has been teaching people how to “Unlock the Power to Heal” before most of us started questioning our first establishment doctor.

Dr. Scott Bradley, Constitutional PhD
“The Fauci Facade”

Scott, the amazing bottomless pit of constitutional wisdom, will break down the politics of the medical fraud of the past two years from a global level, to a national level, to a state level, all the way down to the local hospital level.  Plus, Scott will give us unsettling insight into what really happened to him in the hospital. You will not want to miss this.

Jordan Gundersen, Master Herbologist
Cassidy Gundersen, Doctor of Nutrition
“The Miracle of Herbalmectin”

Their intimate private healing clinic, Health Saves, started an unexpected revolution when Jordan divinely stumbled across a formula as “an alternative approach to covid”. After testing his discovery and then publishing an article in December of 2021, this duo has been sharing their formula for free and giving hope to a sick world ever since. Hear the amazing backstory and miracle healings that have come as a result.

Health Independence Alliance
“Build an alternative, healing-focused, medical system”

Presidential candidate, Dr. Ron Paul referred to a long past era when he said “It’s easy to forget that for decades the U.S. had a health care system that was the envy of the world. Patients received high-quality, affordable medical care, and thousands of privately funded charities provided health services for the poor.” Now we pay doctors to make us sicker and charity has largely been replaced with government assistance programs that hurt everyone and remove choice.  Health Independence Alliance, a grassroots team of medical professionals, will begin the discussion of how we-the-people can build a new medical structure in our communities to restore healing to it’s rightful place, instead of being monopolized by a corrupt system where illness, obscene profits and government control reign supreme.

Join us for a night of learning how to take real action to protect the health of our families and communities.

Tickets available for in-person or by Zoom.

Want a vendor table?  Send a request with details to

Online Zoom Link Live Stream Tickets
Early Bird Price $10 Before July 8th
$12 after July 1st
(Please register at least 4 hours in advance to make sure you receive the Zoom link on time via email.)

In Person Tickets
Early Bird Price $12 Before July 8th
$15 before July 14th
$20 day of event, July 15th

We’ll feed you dinner! Optional $10 add on.
Drinks provided by Defending Utah, sandwich choices as follows:
1. Deluxe Chicken Caesar Wrap
2. Greens & Grains Ham & Swiss Sandwich
3. Greens & Grains Roast Beef & Cheddar Sandwich
4. Greens & Grains Turkey & Provolone Sandwich

First 50 people in the door = free copy of a book with your ticket, while supplies last.
“The 5,000 Year Leap” or “The Proper Role of Government”


Extra donations will go to the speakers and their various initiatives and non profits.
Church of the Living Word
Mount Zerin Ministries.
Foundation for Cultural Renewal
Thank you for your kindness!

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Real Health Solutions Flyer

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2 Responses

  1. On a related note, the Rome Declaration has been signed by over 17,000 medical professionals and scientists. That declaration, infers that there may be criminal-level disruptions to our health industry and patient care in ignoring established medical precedence in the wake of Covid.

    If you are a relevant scientist or medical professional, and agree with the Rome Declaration, you may also read it and it’s updates and sign it at the following link (updates in link on that page):

  2. You invited me to your site today; it sounds INTRIGUING. I’ve been miraculously delivered from 30 years of prescription medications; with the help of my herbalist husband (who’s been compounding herbs for 50 years). After suffering a paralyzed GI track for a year and 1/2 (from a prescribed medicine) Two – 3 hour surgeries; rebuilding every organ; Total loss of blood when one burst; NO fault of the doctor’s. My flesh was depleted from starvation at the time. The 2 surgeons (and medical teams) were marvelous and saved my life twice! I still pray for them OFTEN; that they will be able to help others the way they helped me. THANKS to them (many other’s) and God; WHO ‘is’ FAITHFUL to FULFILL His promises (!) I am well; TOTALLY miraculously healed! Praise his HOLY Name forever. You sounded SO intriguing. So I copied and pasted it over to my daughter on messenger. She has owned a cancer center in San Antonio for the last 20 years; But very much likes the idea of NATURAL (as well as Miraculous) Solutions. She has been a registered nurse (24 years) Bachelors from UTSA, as well highly trained by MD Anderson; and Nurse educator (for her cancer center) for close to 20 years. Currently she has been studying to receive her Nurse Practitioner license; And recently started work at Brook Army Medical Center (Where she worked before she had her own cancer center). I thought she would like to know about you all so this is what I posted to her: “Medical professionals in Utah starting NEW HEALTH CARE (SYSTEM). You’ll LIKE this Sariah, they’re going to have a symposium that YOU can ATTEND. You’ll love what they’re trying to DO! And the speakers sound MAGNIFICENT! They’ve got cutting edge ideas on how to CORRECT the ENTIRE medical system!!! It sounds like stuff that you’ve been WANTING to do. Go to the LINK and READ ABOUT it and their INTRIGUING IDEAS & SPEAKERS!!!

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