Agenda 2030, Water Theft, Smart City Surveillance – What To Do About It

Agenda 2030 Smart City Utah

We ARE The People radio recently hosted Chelcie Hope and researchers from Utah Freedom Coalition to expose smart city programs with their top notch research team.

This article from Utah Freedom Coalition does a deeper dive into why we are losing our water to support lithium mining in the Great Salt Lake (for their planned future of a battery powered new world):

After you take the deep dive with Utah Freedom Coalition, you’ve got to be asking what to do about it?


In our last monthly event, Defending Utah expanded on the shadow government that has actually made all this possible, and started a real discussion on solutions.

More information on water here.

Shadow Government: Regionalism and High Density Housing


On January 19th, 2023, catch our free event, the Health Solutions Forum 2023, reserve here for this event, online or in-person.

On Feb 2nd, 2023 we will finish the discussion on solutions and “What to do about it”, make your reservation here for this in-person only event.

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2 Responses

  1. When will the people waken? I do not consent. It tells you that in the Declaration of Independents, God the Father created us and He is the only being that can take those rights away.
    As long as you go along with what they are doing, registering your cars, registering your children via birth certificates, renewing drivers license, paying taxes (while they use the money to take you over), asking the state of states for permission to be married, asking the state of states to build homes, to drill wells, ect, it will not stop.

    Their are people in Utah that are fighting but it takes a lot to fight the giant when you are only one in strength, as you think about those who are fighting keep them in your prayers.
    Thank you for the opportunity to speak I know God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ is in charge and if you are on the right side you will win.

  2. We are in a desert! Yet green grass grows everywhere! LDS members think God will take care of us! Not if we do nothing! And that’s what happened and so the Gadianton Robbers saw an opportunity and grabbed it! Our work is 1000 X harder now! I’ve been sharing everything since 2016! What we need is to expose the truth over the lies! MSM media are the enemy of the state for their censorship!

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