UPDATES: Ammon Bundy Warning Letter to Gadiantons of Idaho


Original post found on this People’s Rights page, originally posted on 1/17/2023

UPDATE 1/23/23 from Idaho newspaper Ammon Bundy Proposed Please Deal, Judge Rejects, but Then New Please Deal Reached


Come no more upon me, a warning letter from Ammon Bundy

Now, in less than a week, I will be forced to defend myself again in trial, facing a team of government attorneys, for peacefully standing outside St. Luke’s Hospital demanding that they give baby Cyrus back to his loving parents. If convicted, I will be fined thousands of dollars and will most likely spend months, if not a year in jail, away from my little family who need me. By the time I get out, St. Luke’s executives and Holland & Hart partners with help from a few Ada County Judges will do their best to strip my family from anything we have left.

Letter as follows

From: Ammon BundyTo: Blake Higley; Scott Bedke; Whitney Welsh; Chris Roth; Anne McDevitt; Erik Stidham; Brad Little; Keith Reynolds;

RE: Warning

I Ammon Bundy respectfully come seeking relief that my family and I may live in peace and not be harassed at your hands anymore.

As much as it pains me to do so, it is my duty to plead my case to you in why I have acted the way I have over the past few years. I pray that you will understand my intentions and see how my actions have been based in love for God and my fellow man, including yourself.

In February of 2020 I made a vow that I would not live or allow my family and friends to be compelled to live under the delusional control of tyrants pushing lockdown mandates using health orders as the excuse. I made this vow immediately after becoming aware of what officials in the state of California were doing to the people in that area. I had hoped that the same type of action would not come to Idaho, but my hopes were in vain, as in mid-March of 2020, Brad Little, Governor of Idaho, issued a statewide stay-home-order, much like California’s Governor Gavin Newsom did earlier that month.

Knowing very well that no state or other official has been granted the authority to order my friends, family or I to remain in our homes until we have their permission to leave. Knowing that no man or group of people have the right to order other men or women to stop trading with each other in an effort to provide for their families. Knowing that no man or group of people have the right to order other men or women not to visit and care for each other. Knowing that state officials have only been granted authority enumerated in the state and United States Constitutions. Knowing above all things that the right to travel, the right to visit with and care for each other, the right to leave our homes at will, the right to trade and provide for our families are endowed by God the Almighty Creator to each of His children residing upon this earth, and that no government official has the authority to alienate these rights from His children unless in defense of their own rights.

Knowing these things, I began to act openly in peaceful defiance of the immoral and unconstitutional usurpations coming from government officials within the state of Idaho. Holding regular public meetings, an Easter service, peacefully protesting at a Meridian police officer’s home for arresting a mother who took her children to the park and organizing people to peacefully stand for the rights that God had given them. Never once did I damage any property, commit any violence or harm any person. It is not in my nature to do so.

However, these simple peaceful acts of non-compliance caused heads of several government agencies to communicate with each other about what should be done with Ammon Bundy. In one email chain between the head of the Idaho State Police, Colonel Kendrick Wills, Meridian Police Chief, Meridian Mayor, Robert Simison, the FBI JTTF (Joint Terrorist Task Force), Ada County Sheriff, Steve Bartlett, and several other heads of government agencies and offices in Idaho, all discussed to potentially raid the Easter service I had planned and mass arrest those attending. Imagine, in the United State of America, in the State of Idaho, heads of law enforcement and other officials plotting to raid a Christian worship service on Easter. And doing so because those assembling to worship God did not have permission from government officials to do so. Ultimately, these officials decided not to move forward with the raid and mass arrests because the Easter service was held in Gem County on private property. It is my belief that the Gem County Sheriff and Emmett Mayor did not support the action so they did not move forward with the raid.

In August 2020, Governor Little called for a special legislative session to gain legal immunity for the action of state officials during the lock-down orders. When the session began, hundreds of people came to the Idaho capitol building to attend. However, Scott Bedke, Speaker of the House, ordered the House gallery doors to be locked, guarded by Idaho State Police Troopers; stopping hundreds of people from legally attending the session. This caused many people to become very upset and eventually we pushed our way through the locked doors. I must mention that Idaho State law prohibits the doors to the House or Senate galleries from being locked at any-time during a regular or special session. Regardless, this law did not seem to matter to Speaker Scott Bedke or to the Idaho State Police Troopers. In-fact, instead of apologizing to the people for illegally blocking the doors, the next day, nearly half of the all the ISP Troopers in Idaho were ordered to report for duty at the capitol building. That afternoon an incident with the independent media was fabricated and I was arrested. My crime was sitting quietly and non disruptive in a public room in the Idaho capitol building (the Lincoln auditorium), during open hours, where no proceedings were taking place. The Lincoln auditorium doors were always open to the public until 7 PM each day. However, that day, at 5 PM, over 60 police officers entered the room and area and ordered me to leave. When I did not leave immediately, I was arrested and trespassed from the capitol building for a year. During my trial, over a year later, multiple police officers testified that I was “not being disruptive and had broken no rules” (please watch this video).

I do admit, at this point I became somewhat irrational. For I believed that I had a right to go into the Idaho capitol building and participate in the legislative process. I believed that the capitol building belonged to the people and not the government. I believed that somehow the people were going to make a difference in the capitol building and that I was to help motivate and unite them. And, I believe that I was targeted and falsely arrested so I could not influence the legislators or the people during that and the following sessions. Ultimately, I was arrested 3 more times for going back to the capitol building to attend legislative proceedings. Each time I was thrown in jail and sorely abused under the hand of the Ada County jailers.

To make matters worse, when I showed up to my first trespass trial, I was not allowed in the Ada County Courthouse because I would not wear a mask. After many attempts to get permission to go into the courthouse to attend my own trial, over a dozen Ada County Sheriff deputies exited the courthouse and arrested me for Failure to Appear (FTA) to my trial. On this occasion I spent 32 hours in an extremely cold holding cell in the Ada County Jail. The jailers refer to this cell as “the cold box”. It was very miserable and cruel.

For the next year and a half, I spent much of my life litigating these cases. Never once had I damaged any property, committed any violence or harmed any person. Yet, I was viciously prosecuted at the hands of a team of Ada County Attorneys. In the middle of these trials, I was also sentenced to 10 days in jail and fined $3,000 (the maximum sentence possible) for Contempt of Court (COC). Judge Annie McDevitt disagreed with me in using campaign service hours for public service time. So, with no opportunity to redo the hours and with no jury involved, she threw the book at me and I spent 10 more days in solitary confinement in the Ada County Jail. I am sure to this day she believes that I deserve such a harsh punishment, but even my critics vocalized their surprise at her extreme and unusual sentence.

In early March of 2022, I received a call from my friend’s daughter Marissa Anderson. She was surrounded by police officers threatening to take her baby away. The Chavoya family are good friends of my family and we have spent much time together. They are one of the most loving, caring and politically active families that I know. The love and care they display to each other and to their friends is inspiring to all those who know them. Marissa’s father Diego and I, during 2020, became two of the most public figures in Idaho speaking out against the governor’s lockdown orders. Especially against the massive federal funds that were being distributed into Idaho institutions due to Governor Little keeping Idahoans under executive emergency powers for over 2 years.

So, after participating in much public scrutiny against the most powerful people in Idaho, police officers surrounded Diego’s family and forcefully took his grandson under a false pretense of child neglect. Eventually, the accusations against the family were all proven to be absolutely false. Over time, the state had to give baby Cyrus back, drop the CPS case all together and dismiss the criminal charges against Marissa the mother and Miranda the aunt. However, I do not find it a coincidence that St. Luke’s Hospital, the #1 PRIVATE beneficiary of the federal COVID funds coming through Governor Little and the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (IDHW), the #1 PUBLIC beneficiary of the COVID funds, are the two institutions that carried out the assault against the Chavoya family, who happens to also be some of my best friends. They did so by falsely reporting baby Cyrus’ condition and sending the police after them.

That night, being extremely concerned for baby Cyrus, the family and the entire injustice of the situation, I showed up at St. Luke’s Hospital where baby Cyrus was taken, demanding that he be given back to his family. After many demands, Meridian Police Officers arrested me and took me to the Ada County Jail. I must say, even though the Meridian Police Officers were completely in the wrong and acted to enforce the will of people grossly abusing the law, they were also lied to by officials from the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (CPS). They were told that baby Cyrus was Failing to Thrive (FTT) and that he must be taken to the hospital for immediate care.

However, the evidence tells an entirely different story. Baby Cyrus was not taken to the hospital for care, he was forcefully taken from his parents and brought to the hospital to be immediately given to foster parents. Yes, this is correct, waiting there patiently in Meridian St. Luke Hospital were baby Cyrus’ new foster parent(s). Baby Cyrus was deemed “a healthy baby” by the medical staff who told the foster parent(s) to “leave promptly”. However, because of the commotion that I and those with me were causing outside the hospital by peacefully demanding Cyrus be given back to his parents, the foster parents had lost their will to take the baby and therefore Cyrus was transferred to Boise St. Luke’s Hospital instead.

Read these hospital reports from that night:

“Health and welfare identified a foster family but due to protesters surrounding the hospital regarding this case, it was felt that discharge with the family foster family from the emergency department was unsafe for all involved.”

“The sending physician handed us the pt [i.e. patient] secured in his car seat. She indicated the patient was in stable condition and requested that we leave promptly. She stated, “just go! This is a healthy baby with no interventions”…no acute life threats noted.” 

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (CPS) mis-represented the truth about baby Cyrus, causing this entire situation. Baby Cyrus was and has always been cared for and loved to the extreme by his parents and family. His mother was breastfeeding and he had been thriving since birth, even though recently he was not reacting well to solid foods (not atypical for his age). CPS with the help of Meridian Police Officers took Cyrus away from his main source of nutrition (his mother), which was very concerning to many people, including myself. I felt I had the ability to bring attention to the matter and did so at the hospital by demanding that baby Cyrus be returned to his nursing mother.

Because of this incident, I and my family have once again suffered under the hands of Ada County Prosecutors for an additional year. The CPS case against baby Cyrus’ parents was dropped, the criminal case against baby Cyrus’ aunt was dismissed, the criminal case against baby Cyrus’ mother was dropped, but the case against me continues to go on and is scheduled for trial this month. If convicted, I face heavy fines and up to 1 year in jail. The Ada County Chief Judge, in the middle of these proceedings, reassigned my case to Judge Annie McDevitt, the same judge who already threw the book at me once and sentenced me to 10 days in jail and a $3000 fine. Normally, Contempt of Court (COC) is a fine of a few hundred dollars with no jail time. So, it doesn’t take legal training to understand what she will try and do to me if I am convicted this time for helping baby Cyrus and his family.

It took about 6 days to get baby Cyrus back to his parents. The people at the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (CPS) and Judge Laurie Fortier did not like the public scrutiny they were receiving and gave baby Cyrus back after about a week of hundreds of people protesting at St Luke’s Hospital, the CPS office and the Judge’s home. A few weeks later, St. Luke’s Hospital sued Diego Rodriguez (Cyrus’ grandfather) and myself for saying negative things about them. They retained Holland & Hart, LLP a law firm that also represents Governor Brad Little, Scott Bedke and the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare.

Each week, going on 5 months now, Diego and I have received mountains of court documents. Holland & Hart is sending documents to my business, home and associates, by personal service companies, Gem County Sheriff’s deputies, US Postal Service, Fed-Ex and UPS. Some documents are too big to print so they send electronic files in packages to contain it all. Without exaggerating, I could have filled up a garbage dumpster to contain the amount of legal documents I have received from Holland & Hart. After speaking to an Idaho law firm (in hopes to defend myself) I was told that it would take at least 3 full time attorneys to respond to Holland & Hart’s litigation on this case. Because this case may continue for several years, it is not impractical to calculate that it would take hundreds of thousands of dollars to properly defend against the onslaught of litigation paid for by donations given to St. Luke’s Hospital.

I was informed by two very creditable, independent sources (one a high-ranking Ada County Official and the other an attorney who works with St. Luke’s hospital) that St. Luke’s CEO gave Holland & Hart a blank check to financially destroy Diego and I for speaking out against them in the role they played in taking baby Cyrus. So, rather than taking action to ensure that the situation with baby Cyrus does not happen again, instead, St Luke’s CEO, Chris Roth, has authorized hundreds of thousands of dollars of donations given to St. Luke’s Hospital to pay a law firm to financially destroy baby Cyrus’ family and those who stood with them. I don’t believe this is why people donate to St. Luke’s Hospital. I believe those who donate to St. Luke’s Hospital are under the impression that their donations are going to medically help children and other patients, not to fund a team of $600 per hour bureaucrat attorneys sent to even a political score.

To date, St Luke’s team of attorneys have used the courts to put a lien on my home, forcing me to sell it. I have been forced to liquidate all my assets except a few and my family and I have no idea when any of this will end. St. Luke’s CEO, Chris Roth, has given Holland & Hart a blank check to financially destroy Diego and I. Mis-using the courts, they have put us under constant threat of losing everything we have worked for our entire lives. Never once have I knowingly stepped inside a St. Luke’s medical facility in Idaho. Never have I or my family received any medical treatment from a St. Luke’s provider. I owe them nothing, yet they are trying to take everything. Anything I said about them (which was very minimal) I believe to be absolutely true, but they are using the courts to chill free speech and punish anyone who exposes them to the public. All of this, when they are the people who participated in stealing a baby from loving parents. Holland & Hart receiving open payments from St. Luke’s Hospital to destroy lives by abusing the court is a prime example of Judicial Terrorism (JT).

In the last few years, I have been criminally charged many times for defending what the Idaho State and U.S. Constitutions were designed to protect. I have had so many court hearings that I have lost track of the number. I have endured multiple trials and spent weeks in solitary confinement in the Ada County Jail. I have been forced to sell my home and assets, been fined thousands of dollars and have not been able to rightfully provide for my family. Now, in less than a week, I will be forced to defend myself again in trial against criminal trespass charges, facing a team of government attorneys, for peacefully standing outside St. Luke’s Hospital demanding that they give baby Cyrus back to his loving parents. If convicted, I will be fined thousands of dollars and will most likely spend months, if not a year in jail, away from my little family who need me, sentenced by Judge Annie McDevitt. I am certain if I am thrown in jail, by the time I get out, St. Luke’s Executives and Holland & Hart Partners with help from a few Ada County Judges, will do their best to take everything they can from me and strip my family from anything we have left.

Never once have I damaged any property, committed any violence or harmed any person. I have remained peaceful and stood for peaceful remedies even when forceful actions in defense may have been justified. I have stood as a barrier in protecting the very people who are harming me from those who believe that sometimes a way to right a wrong is not always peaceful. Everything I have done has been peaceful, even when police officers have falsely arrested me, abused me, my family and my friends and caused me to bleed by violence. Even when jailers have cruelly forced me to suffer for days. Even when judges have taken my income, wealth and stripped me of my rights. Even when the courts have allowed judicial terrorists to use the force of law to harass and financially assault my family. I pray every day to my Father in Heaven for the resolve to remain peaceful, but feel I have the justification to call upon my friends and defend myself by any means, even though I have no intention at this point to do so.

My only desire is to be left alone! But I cannot stand by when the rights to life, liberty and property are being violated all around me. It is my belief that if a man or woman smites me or my family once I should bear it patiently and not revile against them. If they smite me or my family a second time, I should not revile against them. But if they smite me or my family a third time I should bear it patiently as a testimony against them, but warn them, in the name of Jesus Christ, that they come no more upon me or my family, and if they do so, God will deliver them into my hands. However, if they repent at any time, I should forgive them. I have full faith in these words and intend to live by them.

I therefore warn; Blake Higley, Scott Bedke, Whitney Welsh, Chris Roth, Annie McDevitt, Erik Stidham, Brad Little and Keith Reynolds, in the name of Jesus Christ, that you come no more upon me or my family. I pray that I will be even more patience than I have been and hope that you will repent of your violations against the people of Idaho and myself. There is not one person that I hate or wish harm to come upon. I only hope that you will see that all men and women are equal to you and that you have no right to deprive anyone of the gifts that God has given them, no matter what authority or power you think you possess.



Ammon Bundy

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19 Responses

  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you Ammon Bundy, I admire and respect you for your courage to stand strong in the face of such evil. May truth prevail, and may God’s hand shelter you and yours from those who seek to destroy liberty.

  2. Ammon,
    We are shocked by what you have had to endure, at the hand of Government officials, who are supposed to protect the people, not harass, arrest falsely, mistreat, while in their care, and cause so much hardship. May the Lord protect you, may Jesus Christ be there with you and your family at all times as you protect them from this injustice and tyranny. Thank you for standing up for our unalienable Rights, and you are in our prayers, the most powerful force on this earth.

  3. The kidnapping of Baby Cyrus brought many people together. We knew it was wrong. Bureaucratic child trafficking was brought to light as never before. Then like King Cyrus issued the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem, the decree went out to return Baby Cyrus. There was great hope as Baby Cyrus was again seen back again in arms of his loving family. Now Ammon Bundy and Diego Rodriguez are experiencing the cost of that evil being restrained. It is time for Americans to increasingly work together to continue protecting the safety of our children, since that evil will not easily be restrained.

  4. Ammon, I’m questioning why you have not exercised your right not to contract with the US.
    Why are you claiming to be a US citizen?
    Why are you not appearing by “special” appearance instead of by “general” appearance.
    Why are you not exercising your right to conditionally “accept for honor” their “claims” “upon proof of claim”?
    It seems to me that you are playing into the psychological operation that they are perpetrating upon all of us.
    We are praying for God to be with you and help in your discernment.
    God bless Ammon and your family.

    1. If you have a suggested strategy for him AND you can point to exact examples (cases) and situations where it worked, that would be more helpful I’m sure. Lots of ideas out there, but very few examples of things working.

    2. It sounds like you may be suggesting Ammon establish himself as “The Sovereign.” This has been a very effective defense for many freeborn in the U.S. ~ causing various judges to bow to ‘The Sovereign,’ thus, having their cases dismissed. There are many highly educated groups in the U.S. that are willing to advise and/or stand as the ‘straw-man.’ I hope Ammon and other great patriots will consider reaching out for assistance. I pray the demonic forces of medical and governmental tyranny will be defeated as ‘The Family of Man’ rise up a standard against them!

  5. I called both numbers of the Sherriff and police and left messages. Ammon is the only one I know of willing to fight bravely for our American freedoms. We need people to raise money to help support our troops (Ammon) since he can’t support his family while in jail and these fines are heavy and should be shared by all who love freedom. Joseph Smith said if you have sympathy for someone to show it by sending them money when they have a situation that needs financial assistance, rather than just feeling sorry for them. How can we send him money?

  6. My friend, I too lament your sufferings. Those that cause you to endure hardship are totally in the wrong, who serve the evil ones, either knowingly or unknowingly.

    I’m sure many have offered you their counsel with little fruit, if any, coming therefrom. In hopes that I might offer something of more value, whether you are given deliverance or called to harder things, I tell you this: the way through this, if you will hear it, is not by peace. Peaceful resistance & efforts work in times when good abounds and evil is attempting to gain a foothold to corrupt society, and not when evil is already overcoming your society.

    We are long and far past the foothold scenario. I know it, you know it, we all know it. There is a time and a place for violence. And with that statement, may I present to you the position and principles I intend to lay for this situation.

    Your letter reminds me of Captain Moroni’s epistle to Ammoron, though more lengthy, touching on many of the same principles. Yet, one thing you lack, which is resolve to call for what is necessary. Moroni was not reticent in expressing his willingness and resolve in coming against Ammoron and his warriors. Though Moroni preferred peace, he knew of his enemies what you know of yours: they will not back down, and their bellies are full of lusts and powers, as Ammoron’s was.

    Your situation is a microcosm for the much larger condition millions are facing across the country, and around the world, by degrees. But is it directly caused by and for the agenda of those who serve Satan in his efforts to fight against God. Do not be shy to call for what we need. Someone must do it. Someone in a position of influence, of power, or of martyrdom, must awaken what has been stilled in our souls; That sacred duty and feeling which Satan has succeeded in subduing within us. Namely, the willingness to kill to defend God’s Light in this world.

    That Light, which is the knowledge & Spirit of God among men, is Satan’s greatest effort, his greatest plan, to destroy it and make a world of darkness, without God’s Light that men can both look to and hand down their generations. Satan’s servants here, whether they realize what they’re working for or not, have fervently set the groundwork for its undoing, and are now coming forth against us openly. Against you.

    We can either assume God will not let that happen and remain idle, trying processes suited to a more peaceful time, expecting God to do the hard efforts in defending his works among men all by himself, or we can recognize that we must act with faith and trust, hand-in-hand with God and those who love Him if we wish to be delivered. And where action may be of peace and affect positive change, let it be of peace. We are no more blood thirsty or desiring of violence than Moroni was. He did not delight in it. But he recognized this truth, that the greatest and most evil work of Satan and his minions is to remove God’s Light from the Earth. A situation most favorable to his efforts to destroy as many souls as possible.

    Nephi slayed a man, against his conscience and every inclination of his soul, not because he wanted to, but because God was teaching him this lesson, that it is better to slay the wicked that God’s Light may be given to the people to hand down to their generations. There is a time and a place to fight. And while everyone looks on at your situation with disgust and lamentations, they all ask themselves “but what can we do? what process or means can we follow that will fix this atrocity peacefully among the corrupt courts, corrupt police, corrupt politicians, corrupt corporations?”

    Every one of them, from the best and most well-meaning ideas to those who merely criticize and offer plans that seem more condemnation than concern for your plight, are all ineffective and glaringly inadequate because they are not the right answer for a time such as this.

    There is one answer for times as these, my friend. And it is a hard one. As hard as Moroni’s. He knew that he could accept Ammoron’s offer to lay down their arms and submit, and save many lives in the process. I feel he must have been torn inside at the prospect. But instead of entertaining that sentiment in the slightest, he went to war. “yea, and it shall be blood for blood, yea, life for life; and I will give you battle even until you are destroyed from off the face of the earth.”

    Moroni put all his people on the line. “yea, even I will arm my women and my children, and I will come against you”. Moroni understood that the greatest battle is that battle: when the armies of Satan have attained sufficient power and influence to come up against the people of God, to destroy God’s Light from among their generations; that we must put all things on the line. Not just the willingness to die, but also kill.

    It has often been said that to give one’s life for his fellows is the greatest sacrifice. However, that is a subtle lie. Jesus said “no man hath greater love than this..” but the greatest sacrifice a good man can make is to violate his own conscience and against his every inclination and feeling, take the lives of those wicked and those who serve the wicked, knowing they may not be prepared for that next world, and bear the knowledge of it all his days. As Nephi, we do not love violence, but in the same lesson God taught him, and the lesson Captain Moroni knew when he wrote to Ammoron, proper and justified violence is a weapon the righteous must wield against that darkness that threatens our connections to God.

    The reason those other unhelpful plans and poor suggestions will not help your case is because there is one proper course for this time and this battle, and the other myriad battles like it raging on across this land. And it is the same as those who’ve come before have had in times like these. Nevertheless, they girded up their loins, and in faith in God and trust that He would either give them success or accept them into Heaven for their willingness to fight for Him, they went to battle.

    There may be another way out for you individually, but it would be an even worse course. It would be an even worse thought to entertain. That instead of enduring the gnashing of teeth upon your flesh and instead of killing evil to preserve God’s Light for your children and society, that you acquiesce, and submit to those servants of darkness for your own comfort and that of your friends, setting an awful example for your children. To lay down your arms, and subject yourself to be governed by those who falsely claim the government doth rightly belong to them, as Ammoron so claimed.

    At very best, even if their very hard hearts were softened, God is looking for heroes, for leaders, for martyrs. Yours is a calling to be one of the great ones; like George Washington, like Moroni. These days are your trials, and to see what comes out of the fire, whether good or bad, strong or weak. To be a leader, or to be submitter. And hard as it is to bear, if you have eyes to see, you would find strength in it, like Alma and Amulek in prison. How did they endure? It was through the proper view, and unshaken faith in their course. That, almost, it were an honor to be so persecuted for the honor of God. And did they not emerge as blinding visages, as angels among men, and a light unto the world? Heroes, Leaders and Martyrs were they, as also you may be.

    Is what I’ve said, here, hard? Yes. Your case is hard either way. Better to choose God’s way and show conviction, and not be afraid to exercise your rights and duties to protect your society, and the rights to pass God’s Light to your children. If you were employed as a policeman or military personnel you would do violence to defend your society and culture, would you not? So why not the more when the most dangerous enemies, which are those enemies within, threaten all you hold dear? It was said: had the defectors from the Nephites not gone over to their outward enemies, they should not have gained power over the Nephites, and it is true. And it is true for us as well.

    It’s not only our right, it is our duty and sacred honor to band together and protect what God has given us and each other.

    I speak not so much to you, Brother Bundy, but to all who read this. Peace is not the correct path. Peace comes only after we correct our society’s course, and purge it of that which corrupts and oppresses. Peace exists only in the womb of peace. Be not afraid of violence, only be afraid to offend God. And then act for God and His people, to defend that most important gift among us: the right to know Him and teach our children, and not have them subjected to the corrupt government.

    There is nothing of my flesh I can offer to either comfort or help you and your friends. The flesh is weak, and mine is broken. However, I would still stand with a band of God’s army, a militia of patriots, if I had occasion; even unto the death of my flesh. But we must all stand in those places we can, and not overreach, or come together and unite and protect one another. I hope those who can, will stand with their Arms, in the American tradition of armed militia, to defend liberty once again upon this favored land. To begin to restore justice and God’s will among the people.

    May God give you truth and conviction, and to know the truth of these words, or their falsity if I have erred in any thing, in departed from His principles. And may He put his armor around you and shield you, and together with those who will serve Him, wield the sword of his justice, to restore this Land, and heal Her and Her people. But above all, teach you true principles, upon which God, Himself, IS. And by becoming these true principles ourselves, become as He.

    No man can stand by himself and win this war. A thousand martyrs is nothing if the Good men who can act, refuse to out of fear of evil men or out of fear of killing evil men. We must band together, and call each other to the battle, and defend each other. And then our heroes and our martyrs and our leaders can be effective unto the cause.

    “Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.”

    If any part of you believes His kingdom has been restored to this world since then, in part or in whole, let not His kingdom be taken away again. Fight! And fight like lions. Break down the prison walls, and free the prisoners, and slay those who will come against you. For this war isn’t about individuals, but about God and Satan’s warring against His Light in the world. You aren’t doing it for Bundy, you aren’t doing it for the Jan 6er’s, you are doing it for God and his people; your brothers in the Lord, and for future generations. And if any of you die along the way of freeing these brethren; well, we all die eventually. And “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

    And if man’s greatest love and man’s greatest sacrifice meet together within the fused spirit and body of an individual man, that man shall know Him, of whom it is said gave us the greatest Love and Sacrifice.

  7. Ammon, Your’e dealing with one of the most corrupt governments in all time, both federally and locally. They never have had nor will have your best interest at heart, for their hearts are at the center of hell where coldness doesn’t even register. Gadianton thieves certainly do abound in the name of power, wealth and greed, and pride. These governmental thugs no longer represent the fundamental individual founding principles that our forefathers lived and died for. Instead, they have made a pact with satan and his followers in pushing rationality aside in favor of the master they serve. There exists no more common justice, in part thanks to the constituents that voted these clowns into power in the first place.
    Our thoughts and prayers are in behalf of you and your family and we wish you the best in your journey. IF you get locked up, remember that there have been many innocent victims of gadianton law thrown in to jail along the path of life. Usually what goes around, comes around and those responsible for your unrighteous treatment will eventually get what’s coming their way.

  8. Where are the Mormons of Idaho? This man should be surrounded by an army day and night. His church, to which he and his family have contributed to their entire lives, should NEVER allow a man to sell his house to defend Godly principles when the Ensign fund alone could pay his legal fees. Where are Kirton McConkie, the most powerful legal firm in Utah, who defends the church against child abuse allegations, etc? Where are Ammon’s bishop and stake president, acting on his behalf to rally the members? All those who participate in CPS stealing children, forcefully enforcing mask and vaccine mandates should be excommunicated forthwith. The Saints have forgotten the root impetus of the move to Utah across the plains…to avoid government overreach in violating our God-given rights, Constitutionally protected. May God bless you Ammon.

    1. The church is always on the side of the governments and all their lies and tyranny. I’ve yet to see them oppose any of it, only support and donate money and praise…

  9. The Corrupt Conspiracy that you have described sounds Masonic in nature, for they will conspire to be Authoritarians against you, and claim Authority to do whatever they will, and act as if it’s totally legal!

    Quite Simply, Masons are Evil Satanic Men, and Women who Masquerade as pillars of the Community, building hospitals for children, but inside they are full of the Seathing Energies of Lucifer!

    If you can publicly reveal how many of them are members of that Conspiracy Against Humanity, they may back off for a while, but will always be out to get you…

  10. I feel greatly for this man. I feel equally disgusted by how weak Christians and Americans have become. These shitheads walk around with not a worry in the world regarding restitution, in the most armed country on the planet. I left Sodom 23 years ago because it was obvious the direction it had taken. I am disgusted by the totally corrupt politicians, bureaucracy, lawyers, judicial, and police systems. But most of all, I am disgusted by the complacent, American rats that have allowed this to happen. I no longer consider myself an American. In my eyes, there is no lower human on earth. Enjoy the end of a beautiful experiment you all allowed to go to shit. Jesus would never take the side of such vile humans as Americans have become. I’d rather join the Russians or Muslims over such people as what my countrymen have become.

    1. “Come out of her My people!” Very smart move Scott. I couldn’t agree more! I’m contemplating leaving ‘Mystery Babylon’ (AmeriKa) for Ecuador, but reluctant to trade the corrupt US beast system for the political instability of SA and possibly become a target when SHTF. Would you please advise which country to move to before the U.S. is nuked? I am sickened by the tyranny against Ammon Bundy, representative of The Family of (ensouled) Man, oppressed by the demonic forces of this world. I see no peaceful solution. Jesus said, “I came not to bring peace, but a sword.”

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