A Project to Takeover the World (Birth of Envision Utah)

Global Project

The birth of Envision Utah? Read on.

How many ways can you build a “New World Order”? Have the elite been diversifying their strategy with “World Order Alternatives” ?

Continuing our Mission of Exposing Hidden Things of Darkness

Defending Utah (DU) has dug into Utah and global organizations for years as many of our readers know. In this post, we are going to dig further into the history of some of these P3s (Public-Private Partnerships) and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organization). Below we cover some new information that we found in a research partnership with Utah Freedom Coalition and others. We think it will help give you a very clear picture of where things went way off course, how we got here, where the plan is taking us, and why we must not go along with the elite’s agenda.

Global Education Associates

“This body, commonly referred to by its acronym of GEA, was founded in 1973 as a response to the realization that we live in a new era—a historic transition in which the futures of all individuals, groups, and nations, are irreversibly interconnected.”
Source- Environmental Conservation – Cambridge University Press (8/24/2009) (PDF)

Wikipedia Screenshots with highlights:

These groups are always subsets from bigger groups (levels within levels), that’s the pattern of secret societies as we’ve shown in our secret combinations training course. For the sake of focusing on this one group we will just look from the 1970s forward. If you want to read more about the group that might have spun this one, you can here.

This group listed 11 highlights from the document about their work, they are quoted below:

1) GEA is a growing global network of associates in over 80 countries.

2) More than 2,500 workshops, institutes, and symposia, GEA is a network of individual and institutional associates in more than 80 countries, seeking to empower people to become active participants in shaping a more just, peaceful, and sustainable, world future. The Associates are united in a common world-view that recognizes the oneness and sacredness of the whole earth community, including the Planet Earth itself.

3) The International Center for World Order Alternatives has been established in New York City. The first group of international scholars is scheduled for the 1989-90 programme year.

4) The Asian Institute for a New World Order, opened in Manila, Philippines, in 1987, links individuals, institutions, and organizations, in Asia in research and educational programmes focusing on Asian perspectives for world order alternatives. GEA associates are working to develop parallel regional institutes in Africa, Europe, and Latin and North America.

5) Partners for World Order Alternatives: Building on its experience of multi-issue and movement-building and global networking, GEA initiated a collaborative partnership that links a growing number of organizations and institutions around the world in a process of reconceptualizing security and sovereignty in a context of global interdependence.

6) Project Global 2000 is the central programme expression of the above partnership. It is designed to produce global-frame documents in 50 countries that will examine the interrelated issue areas of global security, environment, debt and development, health, land agriculture, human rights, and global spirituality, in the context of global interdependence. Its research and outreach programmes focus on policy and systems development that should be achievable during the 1990s.

7) More than 50 religious’ networks, most of which are transnational, have become formal partners with GEA, which has conducted workshops for their leadership and general membership, and facilitated their involvement in concrete projects around the world.

8) A 17-parts’ television series for CBS, based on the Misches’ book, Toward a Human World Order, was developed by GEA staff and associates.

9) Accredited graduate-level institutes on global issues and interdependence have been conducted by GEA staff and associates at more than 25 universities around the world.

10) The Earth Covenant: A Citizens’ Treaty for Common Ecological Security: A Soviet-American initiative to establish and institutionalize the right to a healthful environment and to develop a world-wide consensus on principles, policies, and systems, for ecological security.

11) Publications Breakthrough — a quarterly publication The Whole Earth Papers — a series of monographs International Perspectives in Public Health—a. scientific journal.

Wow, lots to unpack there, right? Defending Utah can’t help but notice a few giant red flags:

  1. Whole Earth Community” and “Oneness” – Sadly Utah is completely on board with this, examples below:
    1. One Health Utah: Unity and equality between human, earth, and animal (Whole earth)-https://epi.utah.gov/onehealth/
    2. One Utah Roadmap: This is a pretty disturbing document about the big picture, we highly recommend reading it. (Download Archived PDF or Utah State Google Drive Link)
    3. One Utah Child Care System: Full blown government child care for everyone. They are trying to put everything under public health, including affirming care. (Download Archived PDF or Utah State Provided Link)
  2. Now the Global examples:
    1. You all know about the WHO One Health program so we won’t dive in there, but feel free to read if you want to get caught up.
    2. United Nations: 2005 World Summit culminated in the publication of “One United Nations: Catalyst for Progress and Change — How the Millennium Declaration is Changing the Way the United Nations System Works” (Source) and “Delivering as One” a UN document
    3. One Planet, Collaborative framework for food systems transformation by the UN
    4. One Earth, UN Motto: “Only One Earth” (Source) and “One Earth One Vote” (Source and “One Earth, One Family, One Future” Policies and Priorities for the G20 One Earth One family One Future (Source)

You get the idea.

Unified is another word they like to use and one you should be aware of. Utah picked up on this through examples such as the Unified Transportation Plan, Unified Police and Unified Fire Department.

One statement that made us stop and reread a few times was, “around the world in a process of reconceptualizing security and sovereignty in a context of global interdependence.” From their 5th highlight. What exactly does “reconceptualizing security and sovereignty” mean? Does that mean getting rid of a constitutional republic form of government? You bet that’s what it means.

How can you possibly control the entire world if you allow people their sovereignty? Not everyone will agree, new ideas will arise, etc. They can’t keep their hooks in and have us by a collar if we maintain old ideas of sovereignty.  That means it must be “reconceptualized” to be something different.

The next one, number 6, is very troubling for us here in Utah. Why, you ask? Let us show you:

1st– Project Global 2000 puts the “reconceptualizing” of “security and sovereignty” into action.

2nd– Did you know Utah had/has a local version of this project? It does. Before we get right to that we need to give you some history.

As you can see below, two Utah organizations got together and merged into a new massive PPP/NGO?

Coalition for Utah’s Future has been around since 1990. Project 2000’s predecessor. A committee of KUTV Channel 2 [and] the Hatch family… Produced 20 documentaries on growth and Utah’s future.”
– Source: https://ecotippingpoints.com/our-stories/indepth/usa-envision-utah-regional-planning-community-participation/

Or further proof from the Deseret News:

Now you may say “I’ve never heard of these groups before,” and unless you were paying attention back in the early 90’s that would not be surprising. You have however, heard of their baby: Envision Utah


Just a quick reminder on how effective Envision Utah has not just been in Utah but the entire country and world:


There are sitting “elected” public servants, like Ann Millner, who were part of this monstrosity.

We think you get the idea so we’ll move on to number 10 which is 2nd only to the “reconceptualizing security and sovereignty” and that is this particular statement:

The Earth Covenant: A Citizens’ Treaty for Common Ecological Security: A Soviet-American initiative to establish and institutionalize the right to a healthful environment and to develop a world-wide consensus on principles, policies, and systems, for ecological security.

What exactly is “a soviet-American Initiative?”

Well, we have a few documents that help tell us, and it’s not good. First: Earth Covenant A Citizen’s Treaty for Common Ecological Security One of the articles in Earth & Spirit (IC#24) Originally, published in late winter 1990 on page 39 – you can read it here. It’s essentially “One Health” before it was One Health.

Below is a document that digs in further- “The United States of America and the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics.” This basically goes through how they will essentially commit a communist takeover via environmentalism. Granted they don’t say it quite like that but that’s the goal of their weird UTOPIA. This document can be found on our very own (meaning USA government) EPA website. (Archive PDF) It is called “russia-envagreement-1972”

And lest you think this is no big deal below is another document from the white house about “environmental cooperation with the Soviet Union.”

Source- https://nsarchive.gwu.edu/document/31943-document-8-white-house-memorandum-henry-kissinger-russell-e-train-subject

The worst of the worst possibly though is the below:

We are not entirely sure if the “Eden Project” is from the GEA or the GEA was renamed to the Eden Project, but they are tied to one another if not one in the same. As you can see from the below screenshots the “Eden Project” is termed as a “World Peace Intiative.” What is even more evident, and disturbing, is they view themselves as humanity’s salvation. Literally. Imagine the amount of ego and narcissism required to believe that, and worse to force it upon the world.

This project merges religion (spirituality), theories, science, and social justice together in some sort of warped UTOPIA world view. It is their intent to “disagree better” the people into submission and compliance, thus allowing for their one world order and total control. Again, this is ALL for you they say. It’s to “save” humanity remember.

Now, remember from the first above screenshots they mention 28 international organizations that support them and their efforts. Well, besides the the “Club of Rome” and “New Thought” they of course get praise from the United Nations and other globalist tyrannical groups and or people. As an aside, to learn about New Thought- and you need to- watch Lisa Logans breakdown here.

Source: http://www.edenorg.com/edp-12d.htm  

Global 2000- Jimmy Carter Report – A sample below:

Heritage Foundation warning about Global 2000 – sample below:

Now, for the big boy – the one that tells you the plan all very clearly… from none other than our very own country:

Source- https://www.dni.gov/files/documents/Global%20Trends_Mapping%20the%20Global%20Future%202020%20Project.pdf

Every single American should read this, but you, UTAH, especially need to read this. This was written in 2004 and it’s an intelligence report on the “2020 Project.”  This is a horror show, and it’s been planned for a very long time, and our own government has participated, is participating, and we are frankly in danger.

What do you think “Pax Americana” or “Davos World” or “A New Caliphate” mean? We are under attack. We are already at war. It’s just not how you’ve been BRAINWASHED to believe it would happen. Your country, your way of life, our constitutional republic is hanging by a thread, and it’s coming from inside the house. How will you help us save it?

In the end, we’ve been exposing these secret combinations for a long time.  While this is fascinating history, it’s nothing new to the life longer liberty activist that’s aware of DU and JBS content.

What can you do about it?

No matter how big their plans get, the solution will always be the same.  A restoration of the knowledge of how our republican government is supposed to work.  Using the constitution as a legal tool, to nullify in our local communities will always be the proper response to any kind of tyranny.  The law given to us by our founders is on the side of the people.

Learn how to teach and implement this in your local communities by creating a committee of safety or a chapter of liberty activists.

If you’re too busy, we could use your support to maintain our resources to help others that do volunteer their time to get the job done.

Read about committees here

Join Defending Utah here


7 Responses

  1. This is all people who serve the devil being led about by him, doing his will upon the Earth while they’re still allowed. Eventually Christ will return and we’re told that liars are amongst those who will not abide the day, i.e. will be removed from the planet (burnt as stubble). Everything the commies push is a lie, it’s all put into flowery language to sound good but it’s all about the depopulation and enslavement agenda of Satan and an attempt to dethrone and replace God and his plan. Can’t wait for the day that we no longer have to have all of those living a telestial law (or lower) with us – liars, murderers, whoremongers, and such.

    1. Great comments. I would add, for that day to come we have to do our part. It won’t happen for free. Jesus’ second coming isn’t about taking this problem away, it’s about Him joining us when we’ve done enough to prepare the way and establish a place for Him to come.

  2. Thank you for revealing the truth of th TAKEOVER. Envision Utah always seemed enveloping communism … its unbelievable right under our nose. In 1950s My mother, exposed Kissinger, dont know how she knew; but we were being taught the greatness of Kissinger in school and in “World Affairs” publication being forced on students (even in Canada)…. now this all needs to be stopped ..thank you

    1. Maybe your mother was a Bircher or had Bircher friends. The John Birch Society was all over Kissinger and similar globalists.

  3. Satan has his minions operating all over the world especially here in the United States as his objective is to destroy our country and constitution. All the listed organizations are in the communists handbook. These listed organizations and their leaders seek power. Corrupt power.

  4. Envision Utah is a program that sounds like Aaron Sherinian, Managing Director of the Communication Department for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, could/would support based on Sherinian’s background.

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