Russia Infiltrated the Civil Rights Movement and Other Secrets

by Enoch Moore 8. August 2014 08:23

On April 28th, 1970, the Chairman of the Committee for State Security, Mr. Andropov, wrote a letter to the USSR COMMITTEE of State security of the Council of Ministers in a Top Secret document requesting that Moscow infiltrate the US civil rights movement. 

The following document, and thousands of others from the Central Committee of the Communist Party, were leaked and published online by Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky.  Bukovsky once spent 12 years in the USSR’s prisons, labor camps, and psikhushkas (political psychiatric hospitals) after being convicted of copying anti-Soviet literature.  The document was put online in 1999 and finally translated into English by a volunteer in 2010.

This particular document was regarding the Black Panther Party.  Russia recognized that legitimate concerns for grievance could be manipulated into strong anti-American/Pro-communist influence if guided and influenced by them.  The document discussed a propaganda campaign of making the 3rd world believe the US had a policy of genocide towards blacks.

This also vindicates, yet again, LDS President Ezra Taft Benson who spoke of Civil Rights as a Communist tool in America.

The original Russian and the English translation are attached to this article.

Considering this evidence, it's also significant to note Obama's ties to the Black Panther party as well.  Is it really appropriate that the President of the United States, who has sworn an oath to defend the Constitution, be someone who frequently attended organizations known to be Communist controlled?  The complete history of Obama and his intimate relationships with Communism have been detailed very well in the documentary Dreams From my Real Father, a Story of Reds and Deception.

There is a big elephant in the room in regards to the documents in the Bukovsky archives.  Why has the main stream media and the intelligence community never taken on the project to translate these documents? Only a small number have been translated into English by a few volunteers.  The full archive, were it to be translated, tells the complete story behind the scenes of the alleged collapse of communism with many details of back room deals and infiltration between America and the Soviets.  What secrets are waiting to be exposed?  Which heroes of history would no longer be heroes?

If you would like to volunteer to help translate other Russian documents exposing more on the reality of Soviet and American history please contact us and let us know.





Joel Skousen's World Affairs Brief (

USSR-BlankPanthers-Bukovsky-ter70-2.pdf (46.94 kb)

USSR-BlankPanthers-Bukovsky-ter70-2-Eng-Stroilov.pdf (22.07 kb)

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