Provo Sells it’s Soul to the United Nations and Google

Provo sells it's soul to the UN

A successful Agenda 21 event just completed in Provo today, under the tenure of mayor John Curtis, and your freedoms have taken a gigantic nose dive if today’s trends are not reversed.  The event was the Provo Plus 50 summit.

If you do not believe that Agenda 21 is alive and well in Utah then I hope to change your mind by the end of this article.  I hope that every individual who attended that event will read this article.  Your lives, finances, businesses, freedom to travel, property rights, parental rights and most of the things you hold dear depend on enough people understanding how this is happening.

The fact that they had former Presiding Bishop H. David Burton of the LDS church as the closing speaker certainly was a move to give credibility to this entire thing. A clear and inappropriate attempt to imply ecclesiastical endorsement of United Nations planning.  Bishop Burton spoke on the importance of planning and visioning. However the generic idea of planning is not the problem with these events.  It is that behind the illusion of planning there is an agenda to take decision making power away from local governments and give that power to the United Nations through NGOs. And let’s be very clear that this hidden agenda has nothing to do with God’s approval just because they invited a general authority to say a few words.

This agenda is accomplished first through regionalized groups (organizations that represent authority above individual municipalities or states) such as the Mountainland Association of Governments or the Utah League of Cities and Towns for example.  If a regionalized group is not an NGO itself, there will be decision making members of the boards or committees in these organizations that are members of United Nations NGOs.  On a national level, one example is the National Governor’s Association, and their Council of Governors.

One clear example (of many) is Utahns for Better Transportation (UBET), which is a United Nations NGO.

Here is the Oath of Office that a servant of the United Nations is required to take.  The United Nations Charter and the Constitution of the United States are two grossly incompatible documents.  Ye cannot serve two masters.  This oath is a declaration to destroy everything America stands for.  Private property rights, sovereign governments, 1st amendment rights, 2nd amendments rights, etc. (Everything in the bill of rights and declaration of independence).


United Nations Oath of Office Scan
(Defending Utah obtained this UN Oath of Office Scan in 2013)


United Nations Oath of Office Website Snapshot October 2020
(United Nations Oath of Office Website Snapshot Oct 2020)

Think about the line: not to seek or accept instructions…  from any Government or other source.  That means they are under oath to ignore what an elected official ultimately says should it come down to it.  That means they are under oath to not obey the constitution.  Do you see a problem here?

Because there are so many people aware of Agenda 21 and sustainability in Utah (thanks to the culture of liberty and organizations like Defending Utah and the John Birch Society), the organizers carefully avoided most of the Agenda 21 buzz words from all the discussions.  I did not hear “sustainable” or “smart growth” or anything else.

However everything else was the same as all the other Agenda 21 visioning meetings happening across the country.  A predetermined “consensus” giving the appearance of public input so that later they can say: “Hey, you guys agreed to this.”  They pretend to want your input and blow it off.  They have everyone vote a number of questions but you have to choose from their list of options.  There is almost never the choice of “other” or “none of the above”.

I am now going to cover
1. What Envision Utah is.
2. The Agenda 21 background of the speakers and what they said.
3. Some personal experiences and scams I personally witnessed
4. The “announcement” that the mayor of Provo made, which he said “changes everything” and he’s right.
5. Why would people do this to us?

When you see the word “consensus” you must think “group discussion psychologically manipulated to make everyone think they agree with a predetermined outcome”.  A great short video explaining this exact process can be found at the “No Agenda 21 – Utah” website:



Envision Utah is the overall Agenda 21 front for the state of Utah.
Envision Utah Download: PDF

(Very brief about who they are)

Ann Millner is the former President of Weber State University and is on the board of the Coalition for Utah’s Future which developed Envision Utah.

The Coalition for Utah’s Future worked to increase discussion, cooperation and consensus building on a variety of issues ranging from affordable housing, neighborhood and community issues, education, and children, to wildlands, healthcare, water, rural economic development, air pollution, demographics, transportation, and information technology issues.

Alan Matheson is the Senior Environmental Advisor to Governor Herbert and was the Executive Director of Envision Utah until the end of 2011.

“With his solid experience on a variety of difficult issues and his no-nonsense focus on the facts, Alan brings an ideal sense of balance and an ability to build consensus,” said the Governor. “His track record is undisputed and his expertise is unparalleled. He’s a great fit.” (Governor Names Alan Matheson Environmental Advisor)

Describing his consensus building: “Matheson has organized and managed stakeholder groups, facilitated broad public involvement, and helped bring divided communities together to solve controversial and complex challenges. ”

John Pestana is a co-founder of Utah’s beloved Omniture.  His part in this was all technology.  I did not really hear political or Agenda 21 rhetoric just a lot of personal enthusiasm for technology.  I did hear him speak close up (later in the day) and heard him espouse some libertarian principles.  Perhaps John is not aware of the Agenda and just loves his technology.  A libertarian leaning technology enthusiast?  Maybe we could be friends.  I cautiously say though that these are only first impressions.

Mike Mower is the State Planning Coordinator (SPC) and acts as the Governor’s advisor on state, regional, metropolitan, and local government planning matters.

Carlos Braceras is the Deputy Director of the Utah Department of Transportation and is the Chair of the Advisory Board for the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO Center of Environmental Excellence).

This groups stinks bad of Agenda 21.  The Center helps transportation agencies incorporate environmental compliance, sustainability and stewardship into transportation planning, project development, construction, maintenance, and operations.  Note their Global Warming website.


The “we want your input” scam

After the speakers presented to the entire group of about 300 people, everyone broke up into small groups (breakout sessions) where you could choose different tables to give your “input” on different topics.  Unless someone spoke up right away, the discussions were immediately dominated by those pushing the agenda, pretending to be random concerned citizens.  This immediately sets the conversation in the direction they want and the rest of the 15 or 20 minutes generally stays on the topics they want.

When I was at the table for “Transportation” I watched a group of 4 or 5 people dominate the conversation in the beginning.  Mostly males who look like they’re in their young 20s sharing their concerns for things like trees, mass-transit and bike paths.  I brought up the smart highways and roadways that were recently presented before the breakout sessions, pointing out that the way it was presented gives the city, and anyone who legally or illegally gains access, the power to track your every move in real time and to view a history of your movements over your entire life.  I made sure they knew I understood the technology and have worked on this type of technology myself and have given presentations on it at technical conferences.  My point was that they should make sure no information is saved in the “black boxes” in automobiles and laws should be in place prohibiting saving data on people’s movements on any servers and that the technology is equally effective in reaching their goal of “Zero fatalities” without saving personal data anywhere.  The facilitator respondedYeah, some people are afraid of big brother“, and moved on.  You can be sure my “input” was not taken back to anyone involved in decision making other than to chuckle at the guy who was afraid of big brother.

Now here’s where some good evidence of the scam comes out. In this same group, I later brought up that they ought to guarantee that the elected officials in Provo should have ultimate power to make decisions as opposed to unelected regional groups.  The original group of “concerned citizens” that were dominating the conversation started to open up that they were members of, or affiliated with, some of the regional groups/committees.  They sought to alleviate my concerns by saying how they work with all the elected mayors.  So now we have it in the open that these are members of the Agenda 21 groups guiding the conversation, pretending to be concerned citizens, while most of the real concerned citizens just watch without understanding what they should really be asking.

They now thought they satisfied me by saying Provo is the biggest on the block so other towns would have to go along with what Provo says.  So I then said “Great. So we’re safe.  Sucks for American Fork if they don’t like what we say, but we’re safe? Oh good”.  They didn’t have any answer to that other than somehow it’d work out.

By the end, if the psychological manipulation technique was successful, you feel like the right things must have been said, since the group appears happy and you don’t feel qualified to challenge the “consensus”.

At another table talking about housing, I confronted the issue of the sizes of the proposed housing units in the high rises.  They admitted the spaces average 800 square  feet per unit.  Which means some will be even lower if that’s an average.  I pushed the issue of families living in these units being a problem.  “Will you give a separate unit for each child in the family?  Will you implement a limit on the number of children people can have?”  The eventual answer that they attempted to satisfy me with was “Only younger single people and elderly couples will [be forced to] live in these” (I added “be forced to” because that’s really what the idea ultimately is)

Population statistics scam?

We may be growing from things like immigration into Utah, both legal and illegal, but the claim was made that most of our growth is coming from inside Utah through families.  Is this a hint at population control?  One of the long term United Nations goals is a Chinese style population control of limits on children.  Here are the true birth rates from a Utah state government site:

Birth rates are actually declining overall:

You would likely see a different graph if you only included Mormons and Muslims in the graph.


Healthcare statistics scam

I did not get a shot of the chart, but a presented chart showed the UK as having one of the most cost effective medical systems in the world with great care.  This is unbelievable.  The British healthcare system is broke many times over, and they have to euthanize over 100,000 elderly every year now because of cost.  (Which by the way is also provided for in ObamaCare)



This will change everything” he said, and he’s right.  Provo is going to become a GOOGLE Town.  That means Google will install fiber optic (augmenting iProvo I assume) and wireless internet connections to blanket the entire city.  Free internet for everyone.  And the smart homes, smart cars, smart traffic, smart street lights, smart EVERYTHING will become a complete reality for public and private life.  This means everything you do that involves a technologically connected device will become a DATA POINT.  If you don’t know what that means, it means that since everything is automated and data logs are stored that everything you do is saved and tracked and can be used in monitoring or data analysis.  Remember Google’s business is DATA COLLECTION.  You can bet a surge of smart, internet connected, appliances will be marketed to Provo.  I’m almost tempted to get a business loan and do it myself.

But this is why I suggested in the breakout session at the event that privacy laws be in strict enforcement, run by elected officials, and audited by multiple 3rd parties.  This stuff is great technology and I am as excited about it as any technical nerd can be, but we can benefit from it without storing a lot of information in a central location.

5. Why would people do this to us?

I see it as two main personalities that are willing to justify taking away our rights, quality of life, all we know to be good, etc.

– The first are those who are corrupt and hunger for power.
– The second are the environmental extremists.
– There is a third involved group that are the innocents who don’t know there’s an agenda and think they’re just helping a good cause.  It is difficult sometimes to tell who falls into this category, but not always.

The environmental extremists who believe against all non-United-Nations-sponsored science that man is causing global warming.  They think they would do us a favor if we were shoved into metropolitan high rises in an extremely dense area where nobody owned cars where we couldn’t procreate due to lack of space and we could leave more than half of the United States off limits to human beings (Google “Agenda 21 death map”, it’s real).  They even see the dumbing down of our kids through the department of education as justifiable (No Child Left Behind, Common Core, etc) because according to the U.N.’s Agenda 21 report, an educated child has a larger carbon footprint.  Anything that the global elite can say is for the good of the earth, the environmental “useful idiots” will support against anything that would otherwise bother their conscience.

The corrupt and power hungry come from the top of the international business and political food chain, as well as what you would call “middle management” in the hierarchy of those seeking for their piece of globalist power.  George H.W. Bush made it the official policy of the United States government in 1991 to establish a New World Order (H. W. Bush bragged about the benefits and used this phrase for years until it became such a bad word that he had to stop calling it that so frequently).  These corrupt individuals couldn’t care less about the environment.  They are using the “useful idiot” environmentalists to do their dirty work.  They push the idea that only the U.N. is capable of responding to global warming and therefore they help the U.N. establish the New World Order to automate the micromanagement of life on the planet.

If you’re one of these environmentalists reading this, let me tell you that down the road as soon as you think you’ve saved the planet, those in power will exploit the natural resources you’ve so diligently worked to protect.  They could care less about you or the environment.  As uncovered by the Agricultural Defense Coalition, they are even deliberately melting ice in the Antarctic in order to reach oil resources to supply expanding government and scientific expansion down there.  If you want to protect the environment then work locally and tell the United Nations to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.  Join the fight to get the U.S. out of the United Nations and then be empowered to find REAL solutions that will fix environmental problems.  And stop getting your science from the UN and corrupt globalist sources just because they flatter you.  There are hundreds of legitimate independent sources of science with no political motives.

Some links on Global Warming truth:

 – 35 Inconvenient Truths – The errors in Al Gore’s movie – Science and Public Policy Institute
In Their Own Words: Climate Alarmists Debunk Their ‘Science’
Global warming ‘scientific consensus’ debunked


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