Glenn Beck Exposes CFR While They Infiltrate His Own Show

Glenn Beck’s “Expert” on Islam, or his “National Security Editor”, spent his entire career (according to his LinkedIn profile) in two of the most anti-constitutional and anti-freedom organizations in the world before joining the Glenn Beck show.  And the information he slips into TheBlaze is helping create more acceptance of our loss of liberties.

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(Follow up article: Divide and Conquer: Faking the Muslim Threat)

Let us remember Saul Alinsky’s teachings for his revolutionaries in the book Rules for Radicals.  A true radical puts on a suit and tie and infiltrates from within.  Considering that Alinsky’s rules are worshiped and implemented regularly we must accept that almost anyone involved in influencing politics, media and public opinion might not be who we think they are.  It is easier to pick them out if we know what to look for.  The Alinsky tactic creates the scenario known as controlled opposition and is very common in politics.  If you control or significantly influence your opposition on key points then you don’t need to worry about real opposition.

So what am I getting at? I am asking Glenn to check his staff and look for wolves.  In fact, we should all be asking, why would he put wolves on his staff, while having exposed the very organization that his staff comes from? Controlled Opposition is evidence in Glenn Beck, as he has turned many times on freedom lovers at key points (9/11, unconstitutional wars, etc.) This article focuses on the CFR aspect, giving you a little background if you are new to learning about them.  The CFR is a primary source where fake narratives are conjured up for the American public to consume.  You always know you’re likely getting disinformation of some type if you can trace the origin back to the CFR.  Unless for some reason they find value in telling the truth on one issue, their motives will never be pure.  The purpose of their organization is publicly admitted, clear and consistent over a long time.

Here is the background you need first to see where the problem comes from:

In 1917 congressman Oscar Callaway entered a statement into the US congressional record revealing that a single interest had purchased the control of 25 media outlets in order to control the media of the entire country.  Who is this group?  The Council on Foreign Relations.

The documentary “Behind The Big News” gives the details of how this happened and the history of the CFR’s media control to this very day.

The Council on Foreign Relations has been controlling mass media in an organized manner since 1917 when they purchased the main stream media in one big move.

I have heard Glenn say he left Fox News because he did not want to be controlled.  I even remember him defiantly looking at the camera on the FEMA camp episode he did saying “They’re making me say this” in a pseudo-whisper mocking tone.  In his second to last episode Glenn exposed the CFR and said that as a media insider he has seen the progressives control media through the Council on Foreign Relations.  Here is an article about it with a video clip of the show where he says it.


Glenn Beck Exposes CFR Role in Govt/Media Merger

(Web archive version)


Another article:

Glenn Beck Zeros In on CFR’s Role in Media Bias

So now to the big whopping question.  Glenn, why is the primary “source” for all your “truth” about Muslims and terrorists an insider for the Council on Foreign Relations?  A political science major who worked for the CFR and the CIA?  Two of the most infamous organizations destroying our constitution?

Buck Sexton

Buck Sexton at the Council on Foreign Relations

Buck Sexton at the Council on Foreign Relations

It is widely known that the CIA created Osama Bin Laden during the Russia/Afghanistan war.  It is well known that the CIA has orchestrated coups to restore “Democracy” all over the world, which have only ended up with extremist governments coming to power.  It is also well know that the CFR’s goal is a world government that eliminates national borders.

If you need a little more understanding on the CFR to support this information, here are some quick links including their own websites where their own writers tell all about what they support.

Taming Globalization: International Law, the U.S. Constitution, and the New World Order
Criticizing an author for saying states do not need to abide by international law outside the constitution
Perhaps the most controversial idea the authors advance is a version of legal federalism that would give individual U.S. states the authority to interpret and implement — or ignore — international law.
(Web Archive article version)

CFR Strategist Praises Al-Qaeda Bombings In Syria

CFR Pushes End to Sovereignty at UN’s Doha Climate Summit
(Web Archive article version)

CFR Proposes Using Army To Enforce Domestic Law
(Web Archive article version)

CFR Applauds European Union’s “Real Subversion of Sovereignty”
(Web Archive article version)

I’m sure you get the point.  The Council on Foreign Relations has an agenda to keep American’s fearing Islam in order to keep emotional support for the war on terror and all the unconstitutional wars we keep getting involved in by over hyping terror and often flat out lying about terrorism and Islamic teachings using “experts”.  This is exactly what Buck Sexton does.  Yes extremists do exist, but who controls them?  Is it the same radical communist political agenda that existed for decades throughout the 1900s, but re-branded to keep the real organizers out of heat?  For one example, The Muslim Brotherhood, outside CFR controlled media, has described themselves as Marxist and not Islamic. Communism is always the real threat.

While vulnerable Muslims are radicalized at the lower levels of terrorist organizations, all of them are funded by a higher source. All terrorism is state sponsored, periodIf the higher source were properly identified then it could lead to actually stopping these terrorist groups. So one goal is to keep the true organization a mystery.  In fact, because the media hypes up radical Islam as the original source of the problem few even ask the right questions, much less research the answers.

What is the real story behind terrorism?  Who is really responsible?  Who benefits from the reactions of the people?  Destruction of the US constitution has been greatly aided by our reactions to terrorism and the global communist revolution grows stronger while most blame the “Muslim conspiracy” instead of the “Communist conspiracy”.  It is funny to me that people quickly believe in the global “Muslim Conspiracy” for world domination that the media pushes but then call a “Communist Conspiracy” absurd, even though communism (or slightly modified versions of communism) has advanced to now control the majority of the governments around the world.


If you want to be armed with a little truth on terrorism, here is where you need to start.

Exposing Terrorism Inside The Terror Triangle

No Place To Hide The Strategy and Tactics of Terrorism


Other sources

Fidel Castro: Osama bin Laden Worked for CIA

Former CIA Officials Admit To Faking Bin Laden Video

CIA Double Agent? CIA and British Intelligence Created Ruse Known as al-Qaeda


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