Anonymous SAGE Test Images Exposed

Shots of the SAGE test that you’re not supposed to see… 

… but as a parent, you have a right to see.

Why are kids threatened with expulsion and schools and teachers threatened with fines for talking about what is on the test?

Send us your anonymous images and we’ll post them here.  All emails are deleted after receiving the image.
Turn off image geo tagging on your phone before taking the image.  We will make an effort to remove anything that could identify where the image came from before posting.
Feel free to use an anonymous email address.

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Why is this being posted here you ask?

The Tenth Amendment was included in the Bill of Rights to further define the balance of power between the federal government and the states. The amendment says that the federal government has only those powers specifically granted by the Constitution, otherwise known as “Enumerated Powers”.

Education is not listed in any of these powers.  There is zero authority in the US Constitution for the federal government to have any involvement in education.

“The Tenth Amendment was intended to confirm the understanding of the people at the time the Constitution was adopted, that powers not granted to the United States were reserved to the States or to the people. It added nothing to the instrument as originally ratified.” – United States v. Sprague, 282 U.S. 716, 733 (1931).

The act of nullification is when the states or the people act according to their rights as restated in the 10th amendment.  If a law is outside the bounds of the enumerated powers of the federal government then a state or a person simply does not comply.  If the federal government forces the issue then a state may pass actual legislation restating their right to not comply.  It is not required to pass nullification legislation in order to be in harmony with the principles of the constitution, but it is a more formal way for a state to reassert their rights.  (Read more at

Posting pictures of the SAGE test is an act of nullification by the people against a federal power that does not exist…  that of controlling education in the states.  Since Common Core and everything related to it has no authority from an enumerated power of the constitution then nullification is the proper constitutional action to take.

Also, keep in mind that the company that created these questions is AIR, a behavior analysis and research company.  As per their expertise, every question is loaded in a way to analyze something about the beliefs, environment or psychological condition of the person taking the test.


Image 1:Politically charged anti-capitalist/freedom SAGE message – The Mystery of Happiness
“Instead of wishing we had more fulfilling lives, we need to advocate for our own happiness.  We need to change our outlook on what satisfies us, we must learn to live with less and we need to leave time for the little things that bring us gratification.”


Image Set 2: Your parents are not as smart as you – Pro video game, anti-book, screenshots.
The first images are from a Common Core worksheet, the other images are from the actual SAGE test.”If more parents would sit down with their kids, pick up the controller, and push the start button, they too would understand that video games are educational.”


Further reading: Utah High School Student Captures Screen Shots of the Anti-Book Common Core Test



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