Count My Vote: Conspiracy for Utah’s Surrender

If you haven’t heard of it, the Count My Vote (CMV) initiate is a move by Utah’s political elite to make it virtually impossible for honest grassroots candidates to seriously compete with other candidates that have deep pockets to run multi-million dollar campaigns.  These political elite got frustrated with how much power Utah’s caucus system gave the people, and they created the Count My Vote organization for the purpose of trying to eliminate that power as much as possible.

Paul Mero and Count My Vote

Paul Mero, who recently left a long time position as President of the Sutherland Institute, made a move to help the elite in Utah by calling for the grassroots power within Utah’s Republican party to surrender to their insider’s club.  He published an article on Utah Politico Hub agreeing that it’s time for Count My Vote (CMV) to win.  He said:

The legal fight against Count My Vote has run its course. To continue the legal fight is a waste of time.

Count My Vote “Compromise” Bill (SB 54, 2014) Based On a Lie

The CMV organization attempted to collect enough signatures to put it to a public vote that Utah would get rid of the grassroots-friendly caucus system.

They failed to get the signatures they needed.  This means that they lost and the threat to Utah’s caucus system was gone.  However, CMV executed what appeared to be their backup plan, to go to the legislature and simply have their buddies write a law (SB54) that declared their new system was now the new system.

Q: Wait! Can they do that?

A: Well, they just did!

Q: Won’t the people not stand for this random usurpation of their power that failed to have enough support from real Utahans?

A: They’ll just call the law a “compromise” so that everybody can have a warm feeling that everyone is getting along just fine.  Besides, you’re not against compromising are you?

The big lie is that we even needed a “compromise” at all, because they had already lost.

The new law basically claims to let both systems operate side by side, which really means that CMV gets what they want.  As of today the Republican party is fighting SB54 through legal means, while the law threatens to completely dissolve the Republican party because it will soon be an invalid political party in Utah (without certain internal changes to make them compliant).

If you hate the republican party don’t get too excited, because what will replace it will be far worse from your perspective.

The executive director of Count My Vote had quietly registered the name “Republican Party of Utah” (as opposed to the “Utah Republican Party”), so if the party becomes invalid the national Republican party (already controlled by elites) might just start working with this new entity.

Did you catch that?  That’s a complete revolution!  CMV will have successfully implemented a complete COUP of the Republican party, which will leave their elitest friends with all the power.

Paul Mero definitely agrees with this, when he says:

I will go so far to say that if the state Republican Party doesn’t drop this fight, its leadership should be replaced, sooner rather than later.

Are there any brave souls out there who dare call this a conspiracy?


The Elite Paid for Count My Vote

Nearly all the money to strip your neighborhood of its voice after your ballot has been counted
came from

(1) the government “elite”,
(2) a few super-rich families,
(3) a handful of big-businesses, and
(4) special interest groups.

Political Establishment

Hatch Election Committee: $50K
The Leavitt’s:
Michael Leavitt: $25K
Leavitt Group Enterprises: $25K
The Romney’s:
Friends of Count My Vote: $99.9K
  Received from R2P, Inc. (the Romney Readiness Project)

Rich People

Huntsman Corp.: $100K
The Miller’s:
Mark Miller: $25K
  Gail Miller: $25K
SF Eccles: $30K
Dell Loy Hansen: $35K
Rich McKeown: $25K
Kem C. and Carolyn Barnes Gardner: $25K
H. Roger Boyer: $25K
John Price: $25K
Bruce Bastian: $10K

Big Business

Sandy Chamber of Commerce (collection of business in Sandy, Utah): $49K
Merit Medical (medical research): $25K
Garff Enterprises, Inc. (automotive sales): $25K
Prime Holding Insurance (insurance company): $25K
Thackery Garn Corp. (real-estate management): $25K
Loabore et Honore, LLC (shell corporation?): $25K
Maccall Management, LLC (hotel management): $25K
ThomasArts Holding, Inc. (ad agency): $10K

Special Interest Groups

Restore Our Future (DC Based): $25K
Management & Training Corp.: $10K

“Just Give Up” You Weirdoes and Yahoos!

Despite the fact that the premise of the Count My Vote compromise bill is fraudulent, Paul Mero wants to convince us that those who support the existing caucus system are “wrong and seem unable to see it“.

In his article, Paul claimed to be against Count My Vote, yet demonized the Caucus system to sell the idea that it must go.  This is a deceptive tactic to try to make the reader believe an impartial individual has come to the rational conclusion that the caucus system is a problem and that Utah’s political elite (CMV) are doing the right thing.

Speaking of Utah’s delegates (who are elected by real people at real neighborhood caucus meetings that anyone can attend), Paul calls them “weird people” and “yahoos”:

I was concerned how easily a small group of yahoos could stir emotions inside the caucus/convention system

The caucus/convention system was a delegate hotbed of wrongheaded, often irrational, politics, in my opinion. I thought, and expressed publicly,What good is a vetting system for sound candidates and principled ideas if it’s so easily controlled by weird people and weird ideas“.

Is it possible that what he really meant was:

What good is it being one of Utah’s elite, and having powerful friends in high places, if you can’t have guaranteed control of who people believe the sound candidates are and which ideas get to be considered principled, and by the way all of you are weird and my elitest friends told me everyone will like me if I call you weird.

Paul then really gets creative in this silly game.  When defending CMV he uses the exact argument that is more commonly used to defend the caucus.

…“we, the people,” the people are often uninformed, impulsive, too susceptible to emotion and too prone to celebrity

The truth is that in the caucus system, the delegates have a far better chance of being informed and rational and are part of intimate meetings with candidates and discussions with stakeholders.  When you directly involve real neighborhood delegates in such an intimate way with powerful politics, you have a strong voice for the people.  What CMV does is seek to actually take advantage of an irrational public, where they can convince the public through expensive advertising and media propaganda, who is right and who is wrong for office.   This means that money is likely to always win and the power of good ideas and sound principles becomes far less influential.

A History of Supporting the Elite

Paul Mero has provided the opportunity for guests from outside Utah to teach our local legislators about supporting international sovereignty destroying trade agreements.

He invited members of the world government promoting Council on Foreign Relations to speak at the annual Sutherland dinner (when he used to be the President there).

He heavily promoted the Utah Health Care Compact, which was a direct implementation of ObamaCare itself, that was sold to Utahans as a way to fight ObamaCare (today this continues with ‘Healthy Utah’)

Not Over Yet?

Rep. David Lifferth, R-Eagle Mountain, wrote that he believed SB54 was “designed to destroy the Utah Republican Party as we know it.”

The original wording of the Count My Vote petition jettisoned the Party’s Caucus System all together.

Will state Republican Party Chairman James Evans give up like Paul Mero is suggesting? Will he let CMV win?  I suggest you let him know how you feel if you are in the Republican party.










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