ISIS like Vietnam: Military Rules of Engagement Ensure Defeat

By Joel Skousen: World Affairs Brief 5/29/2015


Fox News reported that US military pilots are starting to complain about their hands tied in a ‘frustrating’ fight against ISIS. These look like the same rules of engagement we pilots encountered in Vietnam, but for very different reasons. In Vietnam (a legitimate war against communist expansion in SE Asia) the US did not want us to win so as to poison the American public against ever defending the world against communism again.

ISIS is a joint US/British black operation designed to take down Syria’s Assad government so coalition pilots are being restricted to bombing empty buildings. The public thinks the US is attacking ISIS, but it isn’t doing any damage to ISIS personnel. All the videos I’ve seen of bombing runs are targeting empty buildings—no troop concentrations are present. Every time our fighters want to engage large groups of ISIS troops out in the open, suddenly there’s a delay of up to an hour by controllers seeking permission from the Pentagon, and by then the bombers are “Bingo” fuel (low fuel state) and have to return to base. Somebody upstairs in Washington knows that the US is only feigning the attack against ISIS and keeps hindering effective attacks.

U.S. military pilots carrying out the air war against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria are voicing growing discontent over what they say are heavy-handed rules of engagement hindering them from striking targets.

They blame a bureaucracy that does not allow for quick decision-making [that’s what they are told is the problem—bureaucrats. It’s beyond their imagination that US globalists leaders are behind ISIS and that the attacks are meant to be minimalized]. One Navy F-18 pilot who has flown missions against ISIS voiced his frustration to Fox News, saying: “There were times I had groups of ISIS fighters in my sights, but couldn’t get clearance to engage.”

Sources close to the air war against ISIS told Fox News that strike missions take, on average, just under an hour, from a pilot requesting permission to strike an ISIS target to a weapon leaving the wing.

A former U.S. Air Force general who led air campaigns over Iraq and Afghanistan also said today’s pilots are being “micromanaged,” [another false excuse] and the process for ordering strikes is slow — squandering valuable minutes and making it possible for the enemy to escape. “You’re talking about hours in some cases, which by that time the particular tactical target left the area and or the aircraft has run out of fuel


US military pilots complain hands tied in ‘frustrating’ fight against ISIS

Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief



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