ALERT: Mormon Police Chief of Salt Lake City Announces He’ll Enforce Deseret Law on Christians

(This article is an experiment)

The city of Dearborn Michigan has a curfew on teenagers.  One online site decided to take that existing law and completely make up the fact that somehow it was a result of Muslims implementing religious law on non-Muslims everywhere in the city.  They loosely connect it through word games, and then publish a misleading headline stating “Muslim Police Chief of Dearborn, Mich. Announce He’ll Enforce Shariah on Christians”.  What if this site would have done that same thing in Salt Lake City?  For a comparison of how dishonest the article is, we’ll copy their concept and make the same misleading analogy.  The purpose of this is to illustrate for the reader how manipulative these types of articles are.

ALERT: Mormon Police Chief of Salt Lake City Announces He’ll Enforce Deseret Law on Christians

Ah, Utah. It’s the one place in America where the Council of Fifty isn’t terribly concerned about the separation of church and state.

Salt Lake City has one of the largest populations of Mormons in the United States, with most of the city’s population being of Mormon descent. So, for Fast Sundays, the police chief announced that he’s going to be enforcing a food curfew on all residents — including Gentile Christians!

The Mormon holy time of Fast Sunday requires Mormons to fast for 3 meals.

The Salt Lake Police Chief, a Mormon, said that the city’s Mormon parents should be extra careful making sure their children don’t eat on Fast Sunday

“When we find them in violation of the food curfew we publicly shame them the first time,” the chief told reporters. “And the second time, we give them a ticket.”

This isn’t the first time Deseret law has raised its ugly head in the Utah city. The city also arrested Christians for street preaching during general conference and refused to protect Christians who were being assaulted by LDS missionaries.

Salt Lake City is also the city where The Hardware Market employees receive special training to “better serve their Mormon customers and accommodate the religious sensitivities of their Mormon employees.”

The training was put on by none other than the legendary Council of 50, the Mormon Government front group usually seen condemning any action that questions the Mormon “religion of peace,” perceived or actual.

Just another day in Salt Lake City, the new liberal capital of crazy.




Most likely you recognize this as satire and completely ridiculous.  Now, hopefully you’ll also recognize the story where the idea came from as equally ridiculous, because it’s making the rounds on social media and people eat it up without a second thought even though it is equally silly.

The city of Dearborn Michigan has a curfew on teenagers, which is normal and ALWAYS IN EFFECT, but suddenly many alternative “conservative” “news” sites are calling the curfew Islamic Sharia Law?  With a few fancy paragraphs loosely associating Muslim American citizens with an EXISTING AMERICAN law, they actually make readers think there’s a “Sharia Law” problem.

ALERT: Did Muslim Police Chief of Dearborn, Mich. Announce He’ll Enforce Shariah on Christians?

If we picked apart all the articles on these “conservative” sites, you’d find the same twisting of words and ridiculous notions.  You’ll also find that if you ask ANY Muslim living in America directly what they believe, they will never match what these fear mongering sites claim.  As a Mormon, don’t you hate it when people tell you they know what you believe because someone else, who was not a Mormon, told them?  Or they heard it on TV?  Shouldn’t they just ask a Mormon directly?  Does this same principle not apply to any group?

There is a ministry of propaganda that operates in the United States, as real and pervasive as it was in the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany.

Let’s call this propaganda for what it actually is…  DIVIDE AND CONQUER: If you fear muslims then you’ll be too busy to worry about your constitution destroying government representatives.

Nothing explains this better than this short video…



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