The documentation presented here by Dr. Bradley show that Mike Lee needs our help to stand fast by the principles of the Constitution.  -Editor


Wise Counsel from Early American Statesmen

In regards to our representatives, Thomas Jefferson wrote,

“. . . let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution,” and President Andrew Jackson wrote, “. . . eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty . . .”


The New American Freedom Index

The New American (TNA) Magazine periodically publishes their “Freedom Index,” which rates the votes of every senator and representative according to the Constitution.  This Index is a valuable tool in assessing the performance of our congressmen, but we must not allow ourselves to be lulled into complacency based upon high scores attained in a very small sampling of votes (ten votes in each rating period).  Interestingly, dedicated internationalist and Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) director, Dick Cheney had a 100% voting record when he served in the congress, as had many other enemies of freedom.  The Freedom Index is only one of many tools to distinguish good statesmen from conspiring men. There are “weightier matters of the law” that must be considered!


Mike Lee and the Freedom Index Score

A prime example may be found in Utah’s Senator Mike Lee.  He is to be commended for hovering at or near 100% in several Freedom Index compilations.  And his advocates and social media sites “spin” his “conservative heroism” magnificently to the delight of “conservative” media pundits and his loving Republican state delegate base at home. The message contrived for public consumption is so well constructed that at times it seems that the spin doctors in charge of presenting Russian President Vladimir Putin in a most glorious and honorific light could take some pointers from the rhetoric of those responsible for Senator Lee’s public aura.  However, other matters not considered in the Index record or glossy marketing pieces should be of grave concern to those who love the Americanist principles upon which our continued liberties hinge.  Perhaps a few examples will suffice.


Encouraging a Constitution Convention

Senator Lee’s unremitting advocacy of a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) has assuredly caused good and caring Americans who have become frustrated with the continued profligate spending of congress to add their voices in favor of the growing clamor for some sort of constitutional convention (Con-Con), which potentially puts at risk our magnificent Constitution.  And, contradicting the wisdom of the American Founding Fathers, who rejected Term Limits in their day for many wise reasons that still apply today, he also vocally promotes a Term Limits Amendment (TLA).  Like crying “FIRE!” in a crowded building, words have consequences in spite of protestations to the contrary!  Such has indeed proven to be the case.  Senator Lee has been crying out in alarm for both a BBA and a TLA, Congress has (predictably) not approved either a proposed BBA or a TLA, and there is now a growing movement among many naive good and caring Americans to call a constitution convention.  In addition, Mike Lee has now indicated his support for holding a constitution convention, despite the very real dangers associated with such a convention (regardless of the term the promoters of a convention use to obfuscate the dangers and power of such a meeting designed to change our wonderful constitution).


On a related note, it is interesting to consider that the back cover of Mike Lee’s new book on the Constitution contains numerous endorsements by individuals whose names are synonymous with the movement dedicated to calling a constitution convention.  One might well ask: “Is this guilt by association, or a signal of Mike Lee’s devotion to this dangerous movement?”


The Jon Huntsman, Jr. Connection

Speaking of guilt by association, most people do not know that prior to his bid for the United States Senate, Mike Lee was on the staff of former Utah governor Jon Huntsman, Jr. as Huntsman’s General Counsel.  Prior to his stint as Utah’s governor, Mr. Huntsman was a member of the influential Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).  From its inception, the CFR has exercised powerful efforts to subvert the United States into a global government (sans the United States Constitution).  As an apparently trusted advocate of the CFR’s agenda, Mr. Huntsman was on the CFR membership committee responsible for recommending like-minded globalists for membership in the CFR. (Click here for Defending Utah’s report on Jon Huntsman Jr.’s connection to the New World Order)

Additionally, prior to his run for the Utah governorship, Huntsman led the “Envision Utah” movement.  Envision Utah locally fosters the principles and concepts embodied in the United Nations “Agenda 21″ effort to manage all aspects of human existence, from the air we breathe, to the water we drink, to how we heat and cool our homes, to our transportation modes, to how and where we live, to how we organize and administer our businesses, to the use of the land we own (or will formerly own if Agenda 21 is fully implemented), etc.  In short, Agenda 21/Envision Utah promotes government-mandated direction in virtually all aspects of society.

Interestingly, after getting his ticket punched on Governor Huntsman’s Utah staff, Mike Lee, with no applicable experience or track record, arose out of nowhere to unseat a powerful incumbent senator (Bob Bennett).  It is perhaps even more interesting that Mike Lee recently named Jon Huntsman, Jr. as a co-chair of his re-election committee.

Other “Interesting” Jon Huntsman Observations

While seemingly unrelated to this review of Utah Senator Mike Lee, in light of Jon Huntsman’s former trusted position within the CFR of vetting those whose globalist inclinations could lead to them being invited to join that internationalist brotherhood, and in view of Huntsman’s track record of political proclivities, perhaps a few additional considerations of Huntsman’s connections to political influence may ultimately be of interest.

Mike Lee’s ascendency to the United States Senate in many ways is similar to former Democrat Jason Chaffetz’s meteoric rise from nowhere to unseat six-term incumbent congressman Chris Cannon.   In 1988 Chaffetz had exposed his political inclinations when he served as a Utah co-chairman for Democrat Michael Dukakis’s campaign for U.S. President. After serving as Huntsman’s campaign manager and, later, chief of staff, the politically unknown Chaffetz became a United State congressman on his first try for office.  Perhaps Chaffetz will seek the U.S. senate seat Orrin Hatch occupies on Hatch’s retirement.  Is there possibly an “insider’s-track” because of some “brotherhood” connection to Huntsman?

When Jon Huntsman ran for the office of Utah governor in 2004, he tapped Gary Herbert to run for lieutenant governor as his running mate.  After their election victory, in 2005 Huntsman was sworn in as governor, and Herbert as lieutenant governor.  In August 2009, when President Obama appointed Governor Huntsman as ambassador to China (former internationalist connections to China and China’s ascendancy to world domination economically and militarily would have to include Richard Nixon and ultimate “insider” former president George H. W. Bush — of previous fame as a U.S. congressman, CFR director, United Nations ambassador, national chair of the Republican Party, U. S. “ambassador” to China, CIA director,  chairman on the Executive Committee of the First International Bank in Houston, vice president of the United States, and president of the United States), Gary Herbert was appointed governor of Utah.  In a special election in 2010 Herbert was elected to finish Huntsman’s term.  Herbert has since been elected to governor in 2012 and continues to serve as Utah’s governor.

Interestingly, in May 2010 (nine months after succeeding Huntsman as governor), while Mike Lee was running for the United States Senate, Governor Herbert appointed Mike Lee’s brother, Thomas Rex Lee to be an Associate Justice on the Utah Supreme Court.  It would seem that the stars certainly aligned for the Lee family that year!

Is there a Huntsman connection in all of these matters?  It would seem that it is worthy of consideration.  Is it simply unrelated “smoke,” or could there be a related fire somewhere?   Does politics simply make strange bed-fellows, or do birds of a feather really flock together?


The Mitch McConnell Connection

Keeping with the thought of potential guilt by association, Mike Lee was recently named as Chair of U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s Senate Steering Committee.  Touted as a GOP committee determined to foster conservative principles, this is a powerful and influential position near the pinnacle of the United States Senate, especially for a first term junior senator from Utah, and an amazing position for one the establishment media would tout as being at odds with the Republican Establishment.  Especially considering that it would be difficult to conceive of a more establishment Republican than Senator McConnell!


International Policy

While many cheer the “constitutional” rhetoric Mike Lee espouses on many domestic matters, Lee’s position on critically important international issues raise some concerns in the minds of many who try to uphold the international policy positions originally espoused by the American Founding Fathers!  Internationalism has been the vulnerable Achilles heel that has put America’s liberty and proper government at risk during the past 100 years.  Senator Lee seems to be afflicted with the almost universal malady suffered by supposedly “conservative” “leaders” in every branch of the American government:  A fatally flawed perspective in their views regarding foreign policy, generally including promotion of unconstitutional wars, America’s international interventionism, and advocacy of unconstitutional “free trade agreements” that undermine and (ultimately) destroy America’s economy and sovereignty.

It seems that these “conservative leaders” have never seen any matter in the world that they thought the United States should not meddle in, and they never miss an opportunity to rattle the saber and send in the troops.  This, contrary to the wisdom spoken by John Quincy Adams:

“America has abstained from interference in the concerns of others, even when the conflict has been for principles to which she clings . . . . She goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own.”

The positions and policies promoted by Senator Lee and these others who many hold up as “conservative” icons have resulted in unending expense in lives, fortune, and America’s sacred honor; while tarnishing America’s reputation among numerous nations that now count us as undying enemies.


Preemptive War Resolution

During the second session of the 112th Congress, Lee co-sponsored Senate Joint Resolution 41, which, using the same justifications incorporated into the 2002 Iraq War Resolution, and which resulted in the unconstitutional war in Iraq, purports to justify preemptive war against Iran.  In violation of the counsel given by Washington in his monumental Farewell Address, the Monroe Doctrine, and over 100 years of early American foreign policy wisdom the poorly veiled intent of SJR41 appears to rationalize preemptive military action against Iran on behalf of another, though unnamed, nation in that region (perhaps Israel, or Saudi Arabia?).


Free Trade Agreements

In the area of so-called “free trade agreements,” Mike Lee seems to track closely with the sentiments of the senator he unseated, Bob Bennett.  Senator Bennett was a vocal advocate of free trade agreements, which really violate the constitutional directive that

“Congress shall have power to . . . regulate Commerce with foreign Nations . . .” (see U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 8, clause 3).

The so-called free trade agreement proposals remove regulation of international commerce from the congress, and delegates that authority to un-elected international bureaucratic bodies that dictate to the United States the terms under which we will carry out our international trade.  This subverts this nation’s sovereignty and is a precursor to regional, and, ultimately, global governance by powers not limited by the United States Constitution.  From his WEB site we learn that Mike Lee supports many of these so-call free trade agreements, and specifically supports granting the president the dangerous “fast track” power to bring about broad trade agreements with multiple nations, thus facilitating destruction of the Constitutional mandate that congress regulate commerce with foreign nations.


Lee’s WEB site promotes this position, thus:


 “Renew Trade Promotion Authority – (S. Amdt. 626, Sen. McConnell) Provide the President with fast-track authority to negotiate trade agreements that will eliminate foreign trade barriers and open new markets for American goods.”



Income Taxes

Recently, senators Mike Lee and Marco Rubio announced a plan for a new national income tax structure. They tout their plan as a simplified approach that (we are told) will result in tax reductions for many Americans over the next 10 years.  The current system has seven tax brackets, ramping up from 10% for the lowest incomes, to 39.6% for the highest incomes.  Basically, the Lee/Rubio plan is to reduce the highest personal income tax rate from 39.6% for the highest earners, and establish two personal income tax rates: 15% and 35%.  They say most Americans will pay the 15% rate (single filers making up to $75,000.00 and joint filers up to $150,000.00), but they trigger the 35% rate above those levels (one wonders how long it will be when the true inflation rate kicks in before most Americans are in the 35% bracket).  While increasing the per child write-off they eliminate most deductions except home mortgage and charitable contributions. This is heralded by the Lee/Rubio cabal as a great breakthrough for sound and simplified government.  Interestingly, it perpetuates the Second Point of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto: “A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.”  Remember, the Ten Points of the Communist Manifesto outlined the measures Marx deemed necessary to ultimately implement full-blown communism in countries like the United States.  A 15% tax rate percent for a certain level of income, and 35% rate for a higher income is by definition a “heavy progressive income tax,” regardless of whether or not it simplifies an already Marxist tax structure.  If “conservative” Americans celebrate this as a wonderful improvement, is this approach simply an indication of how comfortable Marxism is becoming to Americans?


Concerns Go On and On

Many other grave concerns could be mentioned, such as Senator Lee’s support of eroding the power of the legislature by making the president a supra-legislator by granting the president “line item veto,” thus further destroying the marvelous separation of powers and checks and balances which were wisely incorporated into the United States Constitution in 1787.


Quoting again the admonition from Lee’s WEB site:


 “Enact Enhanced Rescission Authority – (S.102, Sens. McCain & Carper) This bipartisan proposal would give the President the statutory line-item veto authority to reduce wasteful spending. This is an important tool to ensure that tax dollars are spent wisely and efficiently. Congress would vote up-or-down on proposed spending cuts.”



Or concerns such as his efforts to sponsor lethal and nonlethal military support for international conflicts that are not America’s, but this review must suffice as it was not intended to be comprehensive; rather it was intended to highlight only a few matters.


Summary:  Constitution Conventions, Foreign Military Adventurism, Sovereignty-Busting Trade Agreements, Tax Structure Shenanigans, etc.

So, at least in part, we may attribute the growing effort to call a constitution convention and the onerous burdens of global unconstitutional trade efforts and United States military adventurism on behalf of internationalist agendas at the feet of Senator Lee, in spite of the accolades due him because of his 100% TNA Freedom Index scores.  Promotions leading to constitutional dissolution, re-canonizing Communist Manifesto points, and egregious foreign policy actions are indeed “weightier matters of the law.”


Putting our sacred Constitution at risk, and promoting the institutionalization and legalization of mass murder (war) on behalf of another nation and globalist agendas are serious concerns!  Many consider them fatal flaws!  In our support of ANYONE or ANY policy we, the people, must carefully weigh all issues in the proper scale and be eternally vigilant while seeking to bind down the mischief of our representatives!  Nobody should get a free pass based upon a narrow measurement tool.  We must examine their actions in total, with some actions being so egregious as to raise a chorus of warning and censure.


No Endorsements for Senate Seat

Notwithstanding my comments, above, none of this should be considered an endorsement of the plethora of establishment-republican-types, such as Josh Romney, or (perhaps) Mike Levitt who will be queuing up to unseat Mike Lee in the 2016 election.  These opponents will likely use the “Count My Vote” power granted by Utah’s Legislature in 2014, and their deep pockets, as well as their name recognition to take advantage of Utah’s naive and uninformed electorate in an attempt to bring this senate seat back into the fold with an even more “establishment” big government Republican.


Right now I have grave concerns about this matter of Utah’s senate seat based upon the most likely candidates and potential victors, whether incumbent or challenger.





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