Jonathan Johnson:What Will We Actually Get?

Two things JJ got wrong in our interview… 
   Avoided saying he would eliminate Common Core
   Unwilling to embrace nullification, which is the only way to actually get rid of common core
Two things JJ got right in our interview 
   He would have vetoed SB54
   We promises to sign constitutional carry
   (Promises not to raise taxes??)


Complete Announcement, Lt. Governor:

Robin Bagley – Career Path High

Husband Terry Bagley –
 to the Utah State Board of Education (USBOE) Nomination & Selection Committee


Lt. Gov Announcement

1. Her Name Is Robin Bagley

2. 2-Robin-Is-Founder-Of-Career-Path-High

3. 3-Students-Graduate-Job-And-Career-Ready

4. 4-I-Am-Humbled-to-be-Lt-Governor-Running-Mate

5. 5-I-Am-A-Proud-and-Patriotic-American

6. 6-Herbert-Signed-Us-Up-For-Common-Core

7. 7-Situation-Wont-Change-With-Herbert-In-Office

8. 8-Individual-and-Personalized-and-Local-Solutions

9. 9-Using-Technology-Work-Training-Program


Previous JJ Interview

10. 10-JJ-Power-Is-Better-Near-the-Individual-or-Family

11. 11-JJ-Would-Have-Vetoed-SB54

12. 12-JJ-I-Will-Sign-Constitutional-Carry

13. 13-JJ-Explains-10th-Amendment-Well

14. 14-Enoch-Do-You-Support-Nullification

15. 15-JJ-Nullification-Answer-1

16. 16-JJ-Nullification-Answer-2

17. 17-JJ-Nullify-Federal-Funding-Answer

18. 18-JJ-Common-Core-Is-Wrong-But-I-Will-Allow-It


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