Alex Jones Wants Communist America – Destroy Electoral College


National Popular Vote or NPV ( is a movement to finalize turning America into a democracy at the national level and even further erode the checks and balances our founders established.

The electoral college is the system designed by the founders to protect the republic from democracy and mob rule (mob rule = national popular vote instead of the electoral college system)

The electoral college is made up of representatives elected within each state, and is a central piece to the liberty of the nation.

In a recent video on YouTube Alex attacks the Electoral college at the following two points:
(Original video has been removed from AJ’s channel, you can see it on the web archive here)
AT 2:30 – 2:38 – Alex Jones declares we want a democracy and not a republic by declaring we don’t want the electoral college
AT 4:08 – 4:18 – Alex Jones demonizes the electoral college saying they’ll “INSTALL” somebody, as if the electoral college was a dictatorship picking leaders instead of the people.  This is not only false, but this is an historically known communist propaganda line.

Everything else in the video is a mix of fluff, half-truths and some flat out lies.


Watch Alex attack the Electoral College and undermine liberty in a very stealthy way:

Learn about the original electoral college here as it was intended:


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