VOTE NO: Defending Utah’s Guide to 2018 Propositions and Amendments

The following is our views on the propositions and amendments Utah voters will see on their ballots.

Question 1: NO
You can read the language of the question here. Question 1 is a non binding poll asking voters if they want to substantially add to the gas tax to increase funding to government schools. The Utah constitution prohibits gas taxes from going to anything but roads, making this an illegal bait and switch if implemented. Utah spends more of its budget on education than any other state. If the legislature passes the proposal written by those behind the initiative, local control will be eroded even more and large portions of Common Core will be mandated.

Prop 2: NO
You can read our thorough review of the legislation here and listen to constitutional experts review the proposition here. The legislature and prop 2 advocates have reached an agreement, making it so if prop 2 passes, it wont even become law. Pass or fail, prop 2 will NOT be law. You can read the proposed compromise here.

Prop 3: NO
Would expand Obamacare, stripping away even more of your control of your own healthcare. It would also stick Utah with the bill, raising your taxes substantially in the future.

Prop 4: NO
Would, politically, turn Utah into California. Prop 4 would take away the drawing up of legislative districts from your elected representatives and hand them over to an unelected/unaccountable body with the mandate to make every district in the state have (as much as possible) equal amounts Republican and Democrat voters. To make this happen, every district would be drawn in such a way that they would no longer represent the interests of your local community, but the interests of central planners.

Amendment A: NO

Amendment B: NO

Amendment C: NO

We are updating this with our analysis of the question, propositions and amendments throughout the day.


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