Leaked Memo: Satanic Ritual Abuse is Real and Growing in Utah

During the late 1980’s and early 1990’s local leaders (Bishops) in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints had members in large enough numbers report they were victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). As a result, the little known “Strengthening the Members Committee” assigned Bishop Glenn L. Pace of the presiding Bishopric to investigate. Bishop Pace submitted his report to the committee in July of 1990 and about a year later the report was leaked to local media.

In this report, Defending Utah discusses the report’s specifics and takes callers comments and questions. The full memo is included below.



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  1. This needs to be spread like a wild fire across Utah and so many other places! Wow! I grew up in Orem and knew people who were victims of scout leader and church leader abuse. I knew a guy who was fighting against a group sponsored by the church who would press on kids as some form of therapy. Apparently one kid died from it or was hurt very badly. It’s been about 20 years since I met the guy who was fighting back against it. But if I remember right he said Thomas Monson was also involved in the group. I wish I could remember the details more but safe to say. Utah has some seriously evil things going on right under the nose of the same organization who supposedly has the most knowledge to fight it, than anyone else professing to be Christian.
    Also I learned that the satanists in Utah have a marking on their home they use to identify each other. Of course the guy who knew it wouldn’t say what it was but I guarantee if you could find out what it is. It would be like shooting fish in a barrel for finding these sickos out there disguised as sheep.

    1. That’s interesting what you said John. I know someone who after praying about TSMonson and saw a (partially block image of ) a beheading, and saw 2 more in conjunction with hell. This person mentioned this to a sibling and for awhile the sibling would not acknowledge the other person. It’s hard to believe this stuff goes on, but that’s why the scriptures say it is done in the dark out of sight. I do believe that people are meant to repent of Halloween, Harry Potter, etc.. They are not harmless.

      Sorry Christine that you went through RSA. I hope that your life has improved much.

    2. I am a victim of the SRAs from the 40’s. It has been going on for a very long time. I was a victim of many church leaders including a bishop who has been a mission president 3 times. This evil doer lives in Paradise, Cache County, Utah. His attempted molestation was in Hyrum in the a bishops office late one night. My x husband was his 1st counselor in the bishopric.

      1. My heart goes out to you, Susan. I am on a small team of people that are in the process of forming a nonprofit support group, specifically geared to helping SRA survivors, the like of which does not exist in Utah. It is called “Relentless Hope.” I can tell you, that I believe you and I am truly sorry for the horrendous abuse you were put through.

  2. Thank you for posting this sister Cher. I too was a victim of RAS in the 90’s, so I was very interested to read this memo. Facebook has already “fixed” your post so that I cannot follow the link. Would you please consider emailing the link out to those of us who are interested?

  3. This is real. My family is involved. Wealthy, well connected, powerful. There is no “out” here. If you live in Utah, it affects you, even if you don’t realize it. It’s at epidemic proportions. They got away with it the ’80’s, so now the whole topic is considered a joke by the majority, even therapists usually won’t touch us victims, and the groups have free reign to do as they please. The thing is, they told us all we wouldn’t be believed. That’s true, and also part (but only part– look up “Left Hand Path Occult Antinomian” to understand, in their own words, why they ritualize cannibalism, incest, abuse etc.– better yet, read Lords of the Left Hand Path by Stephen Flowers, a book by and for LHP occult practitioners) of the point of their horrors– what they do is beyond belief in part BECAUSE it is so unbelievable. I’m middle aged and still trapped. No one will listen. The things I saw, the things I see, would have made Dhamer feel right at home. I live in constant fear. Please, if you read anything on this page, don’t ever just forget about it. Don’t ever just move on to something else. Because this is real. I am real. What I have, and still am, experiencing is not some fantasy or delusion, and I am NOT alone in this particular flavor of hell. There are countless victims just like me hiding in plain sight, living in a chaotic blend of fear and dissociation every day. You pass us driving home– we’re in the car next to you. We smile at you and say hello in the grocery store. We are your neighbors, cashiers, bankers, bartenders, fellow PTA members, and friends. And we are living in almost unimaginable fear, right under your noses, carrying such suffering it’s impossible to describe, and knowing, unequivocally, that there is no hope. Not in this life. We are doomed, our children are doomed, our grandchildren, and on and on and on it goes, unchecked, disbelieved, and just as horrific as ever. Keep caring. Don’t forget about us. We need you to remember us, and to spread the word. Most of us will never get out (most who do get out, do so when they somehow find and marry a good person, who helps them disconnect from the group and provides financial support and sometimes even treatment, but most of us are far too demonstrably damaged for that to be anything but a pipe dream) until there’s a broad enough level of understanding by the general public concerning ritual abuse for there to be enough pressure to force the justice system to act. And steer clear of things like QAnon, which are schills– the whole point of QAnon and that ilk is to distract from the reality of ritual abuse and to discredit real victims. THAT is the real psyop. Quit reading sensationalist books that talk nonsense, and read what these evil people are saying when they talk to each other, and assume no one else is listening in. Read the books they write to teach LHP beliefs and practices. They will tell you all you want to know and more, if you read THEIR books– the ones they don’t expect you to ever read. Read Crowley’s (pronounced like the bird: Crow-Lee) Book of the Law, and Book of Lies. Read Stephen Flowers Lords of the Left Hand Path. Here is a quote from Flowers: [This quote is concerning Left Hand Path Hindu groups– they are NOT ALL based on a Judeo-Christian framework, again, you need to understand antinomianism and what differentiates the Right and Left hand paths– it is not “LHP does bad things because they like it.” They have a worldview people are ignoring– the end goal of RHP groups is unity with the divine– Heaven, Nirvana etc. while the LHP sees that unity as annihilation of the individual self, which they find horrifying, so they believe if they break RHP rules and regulations, aka taboos and norms, they will break free from the cycle of incarnation, while not unifying with the divine, which they see as escape from the trap and the path to self-deification– the goal is to become a god rather than unify with the divine source or continue to incarnate] “Among the aghora sects, for example, acts of necrophilia and cannibalism are known. These and other practices are not engaged in for perverse pleasure, but rather they are dependent on the fact that they represent deep-seated cultural and religious taboos. It is by breaking these taboos and going beyond the barriers of good and evil that the aghori attains new levels of power and ‘liberation’ (from his human limitations).” (Stephen E. Flowers Ph.D. Lords of the Left Hand Path, p.40).

    1. My understanding is Q is a military psyop. They are outing and informing those who want to know about SRA and human trafficking. Why would you object to this? I have not seen Anons discrediting victims. I have witnessed people attacking anons who are trying to educate the public about the truth. I’m Catholic. Pope Francis is a satanist/demon who is part of the 9th circuit satanic court and is chums w Queen Beatrix who is another demon who allegedly murdered her own baby she had w Bergoglio as a satanic sacrifice. Our United States government are human traffickers. These demons have infiltrated our churches, banks and government. It’s beyond horrifying. Trump ripped the roof off this filth. I do believe these filth are being rounded up and executed. Hopefully, Utah can be cleaned up too. Hang in there. I’m sorry you live in fear. I believe we are liv8ng in a historical and biblical time period and the day of reckoning is here! Amen!

    2. I do believe you. There are people who have been able to leave. It is not easy. Some have had to flee the state. I am a part of a small group of people that is in the process of starting up a nonprofit support group, called “Relentless Hope” to offer support and aid to survivors of SRA, none of which exists currently, in Utah. When I first jumped into this, I thought the number of survivors was perhaps in the hundreds. But no, here in Utah, there are literally thousands of survivors. Yes – the abuses and tortures you have survived are indescribable. Quite honestly, I am amazed at those who were able to survive at all. Please know, that you are believed and ‘safe’ help can be found for you.

  4. Given the recent (today 6-3-22) news in Utah County with County Attorney David O. Leavitt’s participation in satanic ritual abuse and cannibalism, I would like to hear an updated report on this from DefendingUtah, if they have a mind to.

    note Leavitt’s association with Ukraine, the nazi hell hole that a lot of other communist child abusing satan worshipers usurping our government have come from or associated with in some way.

    Another thing: use an internet search engine and search on “Utah County Attorney David O. Leavitt”. Take a look at the pictures that come up. Note the look of perpetual apathy in his every photo, even when he is smiling. That is how you know he is guilty of this, even more than the recording of him admitting to satanic child abuse and cannibalism. These demons all share the same lack of empathy and false happiness, always marked with apathy… or no normal human emotion and behavior. Whenever they do show emotion, it is almost always the same gleeful smiling and laughter that betrays a devilish inhuman sense of evil rather than true joviality.

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