Murder of a Patriot: The Story is Finally Told

Ever since the assassination of LaVoy Finicum as he drove down a highway to attend a meeting he was invited to by a local Sheriff in the winter of 2016, we have had the distinct honor of getting to know his wife and daughter, Thara Tenney, both of which we’ve had on our program on several occasions.

Earlier this year Thara released her book “Liberty Rising: One Cowboy’s Ascent” telling the story of her father’s murder. It is the story of her father’s murder (assassination), but to tell that story, Thara had to tell so much more.

  • Why was her father involved in what the media was calling a “hostile takeover” of a federal building?
  • What did her close family think of what her father was doing?
  • What are the principles LaVoy Finicum was willing to give his life for?

This beautiful book, just shy of 400 pages, details these things to satisfy the curiosity of the random onlooker as well as bring further understanding to the principles of liberty to the long-time patriot. It clearly debunks the outright lies millions heard through the mainstream news, and sheds light on aspects even the most ardent supporter was unaware of.

One aspect of this important volume I particularly enjoyed was that it showed how reasoned LaVoy was. LaVoy wasn’t some rabid anti-government “sovereign citizen”. No, LaVoy loved natural law, loved the Founding Fathers and the principles that they stood for. He loved the truth and most importantly, LaVoy loved his God. It is because of this that LaVoy was willing to leave his family to stand up for others.

This book showed me more than anything else that LaVoy knew that when he was serving others, he was serving God.

I hesitate to say too much, since I want you to read the book and not use this review as an excuse not to read the book. However, I will try and whet your appetite for more.

One aspect of the book that I really admired was how bravely Thara addressed the religious aspect of the events related to her fathers assassination. From what many people saw as the Church LaVoy belongs to “condemn” his actions, Thara beautifully recounts how her father’s ecclesiastical leaders behaved towards her family.

Another portion of the book that must have been difficult to include was the highly religious reasons behind what motivated LaVoy. Thara not only recounts his love of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, but she also bravely outlines some of the core doctrines which LaVoy loved so much. After reading “Liberty Rising”, I believe it was LaVoy’s love of Christ and the words of those LaVoy had an unwavering testimony of being modern prophets that led LaVoy on his path. Many would have shied away from this aspect to “appeal” to a “broader” audience. Latter-day Saint or not, anyone that wants to understand LaVoy Finicum, and what led him to be the man under the blue tarp MUST read this book.

Liberty Rising: One Cowboy’s Ascent” is available in both hard back and regular soft cover editions. Proceeds go to the families wrongful death lawsuit



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