Utah Governor Asks Trump to Help Destroy Utah

In late October 2019, Utah governor, Gary Herbert, sent a letter (see below) to president Trump requesting more refugees be sent to the state.

Defending Utah breaks down the lies in the request and the effects of such a policy. One of the items discussed is how refugees and immigration in general (opposing or supporting) works to quickly change the values of a society, much faster than even the education system. For more detailed review, please check out our article, “Immigration Being Used to Change the Culture




2 Responses

  1. This is shameful. Our governor is no better than the bunch that clutters the hallways (should use past tense here) of Washington DC. It’s clear by his words that he wants to destroy our state. Now we know his true intentions…and half the state would reelect in a heart beat. What a mess we have…citizens, it’s time to rise up.

  2. Gov Herbert and the old Republican establishment in the state are also responsible for SB 54 passed in 2015 which CASTRATED the Caucus system. Instead of the people being represented, whoever has the most money and name recognition becomes the republican nominee. That is how we got RINO Romney and Gov Cox.

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