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Read this article carefully. It could change how you live your life to protect your loved ones.

The next level of tyranny and illegal government behavior is coming to Utah through an international initiative originating at the United Nations and the World Health Organization.  It is known as Contact Tracing.

US Congress is pushing HR 6666 to fund state programs to go door to door, "testing" people for alleged covid19.  And let's be clear that whether this bill passes or not, this program is already in progress, and will be implemented either way.

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This comes from the top of the world. 

The United Nations has been talking about contact tracing in theory for a while, referencing outbreaks such as Ebola as an example for when it would be used.  Here's how they describe the fundamental process in three steps.

  • Contact identification: Once someone is confirmed as infected with a virus, contacts are identified by asking about the person’s activities and the activities and roles of the people around them since onset of illness. Contacts can be anyone who has been in contact with an infected person: family members, work colleagues, friends, or health care providers.

  • Contact listing: All persons considered to have contact with the infected person should be listed as contacts. Efforts should be made to identify every listed contact and to inform them of their contact status, what it means, the actions that will follow, and the importance of receiving early care if they develop symptoms. Contacts should also be provided with information about prevention of the disease. In some cases, quarantine or isolation is required for high risk contacts, either at home, or in hospital.

  • Contact follow-up: Regular follow-up should be conducted with all contacts to monitor for symptoms and test for signs of infection.

Michael Ryan, the Executive Director of the World Health Organization (WHO), says they need to identify people in families who need to be removed.  Yes, they are planning to remove people from their homes and divide families for your safety.

In the United States, the CDC describes the key principles of this international program.

Here is a summary of what matters

 - You're a target for the consequences of Contact Tracing with just suspected symptoms.
 - If your friends or family become targeted, they are supposed to give them your name as a new suspected target.  It's like your worst MLM nightmare.
 - There's an app to automate this tracing for those who voluntarily put it on their phones.
 - You will not know who gave up your name or how you got on their list.
 - You will be told to separate yourself from others.
 - Agents coming to your door are trained to gain your trust.
 - Agents are trained to try to proactively find you, if you're trying to avoid them.

The pilot program in Ventura, California was announced where they discussed removing family members, even children, from homes, just like the World Health Organization suggested.


While this was reported in Washington, you can see what is happening in every single state and know that it is the exact same program you will have to deal with because the program comes from the United Nations.

"For people who won't comply, they're going to have to comply eventually"

Childrens Quarantine Jobs
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In Utah, Contact Tracing will start out by the government (or private contractor on behalf of the government) randomly identifying "hot spots" and going door to door (Utah Leads Together Plan).  From there, they only have to keep getting referrals.  The first pilot program for this proactive testing is happening at the University of Utah with a program called Utah HERO (Utah Health and Economic Recovery Outreach).

Supporting the idea of families being separated and matching exactly what you saw the World Health Organization say in the above video, the U of U public affairs website says "Those with positive test results will be notified and given instructions on how to quarantine and prevent spread of the disease within households."


Contact tracing is also done voluntarily if you're willing to download an app on your phone.  This app keeps track of other people who have the app so it can map who you've been in contact with.  I can't imagine how many people want to actually put this horrid thing on their phone, but it exists.  This technology was also mentioned in the W.H.O. video above by Dr. Ryan.

Utah is really pushing the app.  The Salt Lake Tribune keeps writing more and more articles about it, and I'm sure there's even more to come.


You absolutely have no legal requirement to comply.  Your natural rights which are protected by the constitution are supreme.  Even if some states try to actually put compliance into the law, these laws are illegal.  The founding fathers called it "Pretend Legislation" when a law was made illegally.  The 10th amendment enumerates that all people have the authority to ignore laws that were made outside the bounds of the constitution.

Refuse the app and refuse to comply with people who come to your door, no matter how nice they seem.  Remember the CDC says they will be trained to gain your trust because it's expected that people will not like this.  Perhaps you can suggest to them that their soul is worth more than their government job. Warn your neighbors who don't know.  Form your own neighborhood support group or committee and/or consider organizing with those who will protect each other's rights. For example, the Utah Central Committee has memberships so you have a network of people to call on to help you defend your lawful rights.

If you have not had to verbally stand for your rights before and you need some assistance in standing for your rights, we recommend downloading Resolution 2020-2 from the Utah Central Committee.  This resolution states the legal background for your rights and that you have no obligation to cooperate.  Hand a copy of this to whoever comes to your door, state you are asserting your rights, and tell them to leave your private property without a constitutionally valid warrant.  Some residents have also suggested to just post it on your door when they're coming and don't even answer the door.  Call on your nearest support group for help if you are not left alone.

Download Utah Committee Resolution 2020-2

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UPDATE 5-18-2020

The U of U has started sending out letters for the HERO program.  If you get this letter it means you won the lottery and get to be some of the first targets of the contact tracing program during the U of U trial program.  We can see for now this is a web based survey that is voluntary followed up by a voluntary voluntarily visit to a location to get tested.  They are trying to make it sound friendly, the reality is it's creepy.  The more we participate, the more data they have, the more others will be targeted.  You don't owe the government ANY of this information, and you have no legal obligation to give it over without a constitutionally valid warrant.  To be constitutionally valid, the government would need an individual warrant for EACH person, and EACH one would have to specifically state what crime they think you committed and exactly what evidence they're looking for to prove you committed that crime.  Defend your country by exercising your rights and do not comply.

Utah HERO Contact Tracing Letter

UPDATE 5-21-2020

Apple is trying to force the Contact Tracing onto people.  No doubt, you'll be able to expect the same thing from Google.


UPDATE 5-29-2020

Businesses are starting to be reported as participating in contact tracing data collection on behalf of the government.

UPDATE 6-19-2020

Screenshots from Android contact tracing

UPDATE 7-3-2020

How to remove the app from your android device:


Keep checking back here, we will post updates to this article right here on Utah specific information on anything new that we learn.



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  • When they come just make sure don't all get to go home. See you in heaven.
  • Well on the positive side besides this article is that Trump has put in an executive order against mandatory Vaccinations. Now does that include TRACE? Or is TRACE going to get shit down?
    • What is this executive order against mandated vaccines? I'd like to know more about it.  I tried googling it, but cant find anything on it, but the one about improving flu vaccines.  He seems pretty pro vaccine, saying he would implement National Guard to distribute covid-19 vaccine.
  • Guys (and gals),

    I appreciate this information and have downloaded the resolutions.

    Not surprised this has come around--I guess that's another thing that happens when leaders try time and again to take over and the people say, "Uh, no."

    Wish I was in a position to support the site on a regular basis. For now, I'll just have to do the one-time thing and give when I can =)

    God Bless
  • This is stuff I've been concerned about for a few days now....I am pleased to see this well laid out article here.  Thank you for the time to compile and present this, I'll be letting people know now.
  • My son and I were kicked out of Great Clips because we refused to wear masks. She said the health department would take away their business license.

    I called the health department anda "health educator" was awful to me. She was saying that theres no medical reason why I should not wear a mask. She also said its law to wear a mask in the salon. She said the governor made an executive order.  She told me that as a heath educator she had the right to tell me where I can go and to wear a mask.

    I called the governors office and they said  it's only a recommendation. I called back the health department and told her and she said that's not true. She also told me that the salon has the right to refuse service to anyone. I told her that's true but the only reason they refused wa because of the fear of taking the business license away.

    I told her it was discrimination to not let me in the salon because of my medical condition and she said not because it's a pandemic. If I have a medical condition that I can't wear a mask then I probably should not leave the house.
    • Unelected bureaucratic offices, such as the health department, lie all the time.  They want to feel like they have the power to write law, but they're not really elected and they don't really have power.  So they pretend to have authority.  We've documented many cases like this in the past, even published evidence of the health department lying in very big things.  There is no law, and they do not have the authority to write law.  The constitution of the state of Utah has given that power to the legislature and to the people through referendum.  Anything else is unlawful.  And even if the legislature did pass a law, it would not be valid if it violated any part of the Utah Constitution, which a law like this would violate many parts of it.
  • I read the bill and it doesn't talk about the app or going around to houses, etc.
    • You read hr6666?  That's great.  I don't see anywhere in this article that claimed the bill itself said that.  Now that you've read the bill, how about you read this article and watch the videos it contains.
  • Contact tracing is central to containing covid-19. It is unfortunate this article is promoting fear. No one is going to tear families apart. But people who care about their families may choose to protect family members and not to expose them. Knowledge is power if we know we have been exposed and may have exposed others. This is medical science, not some evil plot.
    • Actually, the medical science says that viruses are not the root cause of diseases.  Viruses are created by the body, in response to various diseases and assaults on human health.  Viruses are there to help us.  What you call medical science, is nothing but rumors and news headlines mixed with government pseudo-data with no foundation.  Real science would prove causation of disease by viruses.  It would be isolated in a lab, and proven through scientific methods that it's really a threat.  None of this has successfully happened, only failed attempts.  There's literally no valid science.
      If you want science, then take the time to learn some real science.
      Here's a starting point for you :
      Humanity is not a virus:
      Do viruses cause disease?:
    • Tom
      2nd amendment will protect you
  • Im no expert,  but We should be able to go after their business license for "mask required". I think we need to look into a building a class action law suit, and constitution infringement cases against all businesses/govenors/mayors involved in this subversion of law.

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