Protestor’s Letter at Salt Lake Health Director’s Home

It seems if anyone is doing anything for freedom in Utah, people want to keep Defending Utah in the loop. Maybe they know we won’t twist their words like the main stream media?

We get hundreds of emails containing notices, letters, ideas, or requests every week with people’s ideas on “what to do.” We simply cannot keep on top of everything, but here is one thing of special notice because the governor himself discussed it on TV today.

One of our subscribers said they got a copy of a letter that was sent to the media that was intended to be a public letter from the People of Utah addressed to Dr. Angela Dunn. This letter was delivered by protestors to Angela’s house.


A group of protestors claiming to represent the People of Utah has delivered this letter to Dr. Angela Dunn, asking her to answer some questions that the people of Utah have for her.  They say she has avoided answering these questions in all other public venues where she is supposed to be responsive to the people.


Letter to Dr. Dunn part 1

Letter to Dr. Dunn Part 2


We were given permission to put the letter up for the public to download here.

They also were reported to have included a statement of the laws that are being broken by the health department.


Laws being broken by the Utah Health Department
Laws being broken by Utah Health Departments, allegedly put together by various businesses in the state.


Empty Claims of the Health Dept. – WITH PROOF FROM UTAH LAW!

Can the Health Department:

1. Order a general class, like ALL businesses and schools to shut down, per 26-1-30 and 26A-1-114, and using the Transmission Index? NO

They cannot use orders for this like they have done so far, but only make new rules, which is a long process requiring public comment! They have not done that. See 63G-3-102, 63G-3-301.

2. Restrict Freedom of Assembly? NO

Not only is it unconstitutional, if they do that, you can appeal, based on 26-6b-4

3. Mandate Masks? Or Vaccines? NO

The word “mask” does not appear in any enforceable rule or statute. And the department can only enforce existing rules! (26-1-10). No treatments like vaccines can be enforced per 26-1-33.

4. Allow counties to make stricter orders? NO

Counties cannot be stricter than the State level, per 26A-1-121 (1)(b)

5. Have different “broad” powers, away from public scrutiny, due to an emergency? NO

There is an emergency rulemaking procedure that must still involve the public, 63G-3-304

6. Remain inaccessible and unaccountable to the public? NO

They have to provide public hearing on any grievance, on written request, per 26A-1-121 2(a)




Governor Gary Herbert has made an official statement in response to the protests.


Gary Herbert's official response on twitter to protesting at Dr. Angela Dunn's House
Gary Herbert’s official response on twitter to protesting at Dr. Angela Dunn’s House


13 Responses

    1. Dictating people’s lives should NEVER be acceptable… by ANYONE! ESPECIALLY those who are non-elected and think they are unaccountable for their actions.

    2. When public venues fail, and the governor-turned-emperor turns over responsibility of the matter to his medical counselor, the message must still be delivered. It was, peaceably and honorably. My little children and I were all there–they were waving American flags and red white and blue pom-poms–we are witnesses. That is not a threat, but a call to attention that she’s been ignoring.

  1. If a public official refuses to respond in their official capacity they should be made to answer anywhere they can be located. Further more Dunn has forced her policies on private businesses so why should her private property be sacred ground?

  2. Government officials must operate within the bounds granted them by the citizens respecting the source documents, i.e. The Declaration of Independence, The US Constitution and the Utah Constitution. Laws and statures may not exceed the limits of the authority granted. The rights and powers of the People may not be compromised under any condition. In fact, the government is specifically charged with protecting and defending our rights and powers, in particular, from the tyranny and overreach of the national government, which the State Legislature and Governor have failed miserably to do for many decades. Elected Utah officials are charged with managing the staff and activities of subordinate State, county and municipal staff and elected officials to ensure that they do not step beyond their bounds. It is the job of the State executive to reign in rogue mayors and county officials such as Mayor Erin Mendenhall and unelected Dr. Dunn. Unfortunately, Governor Herbert has not done his job either. Public hearings are not just a formality. They are forums where the public can give direction to their elected executives. They need to pay attention and perform with no other agenda than to implement the will of their constituents. They must not operate in a vacuum. Please come out of hiding and face the music. We, the People should also have a mechanism to hold to account or remove elected officials and employees that consistently act against the founding document and the will and best interest of their citizens.

  3. Enoch Moore — THANK YOU — this letter and it’s addendum are so good. Thanks for all that your team is doing.

  4. Marilyn James — precisely WHO ARE YOU to judge our actions? In what capacity are you involved to resolve these matters of tyrannical government?

    When government workers take the position that is beneath them to answer to the constituency — extraordinary measures must sometimes be taken. And our fellow citizens might not agree; they might not think it’s nice — whatever — but the fact that WE ARE TAKING measured action and the MANNER of that ACTION, is for Utah Patriots to decide. Not YOU.

  5. “Since God created men with certain unalienable rights, and man in turn, created government to help secure and safeguard those rights, it follows that man is superior to the creature which he created. Man is superior to government and should remain master over it, not the other way around.” (The Proper Roll of Government, Benson and Andersen, 1995, 4 ).
    Our rights are given to us by god and cannot be conditional or based on whenever some tin pot dictator thinks we should have rights. Whether it be a President, Governor, Mayor police officer, judge, all of our government employees whether elected or un-elected, take a Constitutional oath to support, obey and defend the US Constitution and State of Utah Constitution.
    It seems to me that all officials that have supported this supposed Novel Covid 19 threat, and have suspended or taken away our rights should be fired and sued personally if found guilty.
    I consider it fraud to withhold critical information, or falsify information with the intent to deceive the people who employ them. What employer would not fire an employee who was found guilty of such conduct.
    Here are questions I ask Dr. Dunn to answer and publish in the Deseret News and the Salt Lake Tribune and run for one week:
    Define the term “case”
    Define the terms infected and infection
    If a person is tested positive for COV 19, how much of the virus is present in that person?
    What is the rate of false positive test results?
    What type of tests are being used?
    What is the number of total deaths in Utah from sickness or disease for the past 3 years compared to 2020 pro-rated deaths.
    What financial incentives for positive COV 19 diagnosis does the State of Utah receive?
    How would you department be involved in contact tracing?
    What financial incentives to medical facilities and Doctors receive for the testing, diagnosis and treatment of COV 19 patients?
    Disclose by age, the Utah COV 19 deaths that are solely from COV 19 without the presence of serious pre-existing conditions.
    Let see how she answers these questions, then decide where “We the People” go from there.

  6. If the letter is now written by Defending Utah, what group wrote it? I want to join that group also. What a great service that group has done for all freedom-lovers in Utah!

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