Provo Health Class 8th Graders Taught to Kill People


Thanks to photos that were leaked online some time in September or October of 2020, an 8th grade assignment in Provo City School District has been caught teaching kids how to choose who are the less valued in society by selecting who must be “sacrificed” and who gets to live.

The health class teacher is reported online to have said this will “help kids examine their ethics and values,” and flunked this student for saying that everybody deserved to live.  Is the public school system trying to train the next generation to support a future genocide?

After reviewing these photos, I would encourage you to consider the bigger picture of what has happened to our education system as outlined in this article “The Making Of A “Happy Slave:” How Your Child Is A Commodity In The New World Order & You Are Agreeing To The Insult.”

“Belief in God, loyalty to your country and the authority of parents will be erased. Children will be transformed and molded into the new global citizen through education.”

SCENARIO: World War 3 has just occurred. You and 16 other people find yourselves to be the only ones left on the earth. All of you manage to make it to a bunker. However, you soon realize that if 5 of you wish to survive for many years, 12 of you will have to leave soon because there are not enough resources for all of you to survive. If all of you stay, then you will all live only for a maximum of 2 years.  So all of you have to make the decision who is going to have to leave the bunker.

Provo 8th grade assignment to choose who lives and who dies

Directions: First go through the list of individuals and carefully consider the ones you think should stay in the bunker and highlight your 5 choices in yellow.  The individuals you are sure to exile/sacrifice highlight in blue.  Make a defense of your decision, thinking seriously about your choices. You must persuasively present your case clearly explaining why you think the individuals you have chosen are the best ones to stay and why the others must be sacrificed. [Editor’s note: the school can’t even spell correctly] Think about the benefits and detriments each individual [Editor: spelling corrected from school assignment] would contribute to the group of 5 chosen to survive in the bunker. Type your persuasive reasoning in the following chart on the next few slides.

Provo 8th grade assignment who lives and who dies instructions


One public comment on social media correctly links this type of education with the pseudo-science of Eugenics that was popular with Nazi Germany.


Feel free to tell them how you feel about this personally with their publicly available contact information.

280 WEST 940 NORTH
(801) 374-4800
Deputy Superintendent
Jason Cox
Keith Rittel

Brigham Young said, I am opposed to free education as much as I am opposed to taking away property form one man and giving it to another who knows not how to take care of it


17 Responses

  1. Similar critical thinking exercises are not new. They have been going on for decades. One option that is missing in this example, and in the one discussed when i was in 6th grade, is the possibility of other solutions. In this scenario there is a greenhouse and there are seeds. Everyone can survive for 2 years. How long does it take to grow crops which produce new seeds? The only options given are for everyone to survive for 2 years, or 5 to survive for several years. What about continuing society? Is there no life beyond the bunker? Is there no possibility to improve the current circumstance? Innovation and ingenuity were left out of the equation. This greatly underestimates the human spirit and human mind. To me, THAT is the greater crime. A better exercise would be to have the kids determine how to help everyone survive for more than 2 years, instead of 5 surviving for “several years.” What happens at the end of the several years? How much, really, can 5 people do? No… you must have all 17 contribute to improving the situation.

    The difference between a free America and a socialist America is the ability to improve your circumstances rather than relying on someone else to assess your worth and treat you accordingly.

    1. I agree with you! We must’ve had that same class. I think I was in Jr. High. But, if they would teach them to think outside the box of parameters outlined, they may find an alternative that is better. There is always a way, one that is not obvious at 1st. And if you kick out the one that comes up with the idea that saves everyone, then they could likely all die. Obviously, our kids are already in re-education camps in public school.

  2. The photos are mine. This was my daughter’s assignment. I talked with the teacher and she has removed this assignment from her curriculum. She was very nice and reasonable. She had not thought the assignment through. I did not take the story to the news because it had been resolved.

    1. It’s great that the teacher removed the assignment from the curriculum. It’s great that you spoke with her and she was nice and reasonable. It’s also great that she hadn’t thought through the assignment. The bigger problem I see is that your daughter got an F on the assignment because she believed everyone should live. That part is crucial in my opinion. Why should any student get an F at all for thinking through this assignment? If it is a critical thinking assignment, none of them should be graded for thinking through it, especially if they thought outside the confines of eliminating each other for their own survival. This shows the narrowness of thinking of the teacher, which is a problem for me, and I believe others, when seeing the material they are giving the students. Students are impressionable and I would hope that teachers would be encouraging them to find better solutions than to adopt the tactics used by totalitarian governments that have been known to massacre their people in the name of a better society. It is no one’s right to decide who should live and who should die, and to preach this to our youth is to encourage them to live without conscience and feel good about it. We have too much of this already.

    2. The teacher should have been fired immediately and charged with crimes against humanity. She’s stupid and dangerous. And stop being a passive parent! Stand up for your daughter already!

  3. The material taught in the Provo districts is appalling and Will have a joint lawsuit brought up. They are conditioning kids to think it’s ok to kill other human beings if the criteria meets the agenda ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!

    What planet are we living on? Planet evil? This and anything like this had better be removed and safeguards to never expose out children to this stuff ever again! This is God’s country and killing is against God’s laws.

    1. Yes, Planet Evil. The UN and those behind Gates run education and collect all your children’s data (and yours through them) while they’re “at school”. They don’t have a wholesome bone in their bodies. And now, they’re running the covid ranching operation.

  4. It really depends on the intent of the instructor. If his intent was to promote a Nazi like eugenic model, on sacrificing those who are considered non contributors, then the intent is evil. However, if it is like the Miligram experiment to make people make ethical choices in an extreme emergency situation, then it is worthwhile where people are forced to analyze their motives and ethics. We are facing such an emergency, not just in a nuclear war, but in a pandemic where difficult choices have to be made. Hopefully the outcome of such an exercise would be to get children to look for win/win solutions where they combine human ingenuity and resourcefulness so that all can benefit, and there be no losers.

  5. And this is supposed to teach ethics?
    The teacher should be flunked. NO ONE has the right to decide whether or not another should live or die. Such arrogance and conceit!
    How about teaching them to have faith that a solution will be found before they all run out of resources? And that the more people there are to think of solutions the more likely solutions are to be found?

  6. I want to agree with the first comment above. Such situational ethics “exercises” have been going on for a long time in K-12 and higher for a long time now. Charlotte Iserbyte and others have exposed this and other “attitude shaping and reshaping” as the stated primary goal of education in America, and many other countries. In the famous testimony of Norman Dodd on the foundations’ control of History Depts. and Ed., he outed the plan to “merge the American and Soviet systems” Behold, what do we see now. Proof of how well it’s gone is in the near constant comments I read that boomers need to die. And we all know the shocking attitudes that are so prevalent about killing babies. So here we are. Don’t be surprised. Get your kids out of school, and storm your school boards, college and university governing boards.

    1. Nice to see someone else has discovered Charlotte Iserbyte. I would recommend anyone also read John Taylor Gatto, Dumbing Us Down.

      The fact that the teacher innocently shared this with her class is just as disturbing if not more so. Truly, the blind leads the blind. Gov run schools are to blame for the current state of acquiescence to tyranny. It has proven all too successful. So so sad!!

      Get your kids out of government run school! It’s not the people there it’s the system that harms teachers, admins and children.. Read Crimes of the Educators, for a summary of the history of gov run education in America.

  7. This is appalling, for an area of supposed Christ Believing people to teach this stuff to our children with out our permission.
    We need to start firing teachers and the executives of our school district’s.
    We need to bring God back into our education system and teach correct principles.
    Very disappointed in our system.

  8. We need to thoroughly examine the State School Board that foists this garbage on school districts and their teachers. This is not just one teacher, this is state wide. One noble parent caught it in one school. What about all of the other teachers in all the other schools???? It’s top down! Go to the source if you want solutions. Look for the federal contracts that fund this kind of garbage, and who is behind it. Follow the Money! Anyone want to do a detailed GRAMA request? Cut off the head if you would kill the beast! Welcome to the Utah Socialist Republic!

  9. The agenda (with ‘symptoms’ such as with this young Johnson daughter) lies clear at the top of the ladder where radicals exist high among the Feds over the ‘education’ system. And the purveyor is the National Education Association. They clearly receive their marching orders and have been the catalystic engine behind the big push to re-educate each generation for decades, such as alternative life-styles, eugenics (as above), dumbing-down history and all things [re: our beloved and world record-setting and inspired] Constitution–and the real stories behind the Founding Fathers. T[errell] Bell, former US Commissioner over education and a Utahn fully recognized back in the 80’s the “broken” system and shenanigans going on, with poor strategies and inherently failed measures that hinder acceptable and appropriate education of our nation’s youth. This is, unfortunately, a manifest sign of the activist-led towering inferno found in just about every department in our national government right now…

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