Mask Exemption Cards Quietly Given Out by BYU, Ski Resorts, and More?

There are a wide range of reactions to the fake pandemic that can be witnessed by anyone who tries to go out and live a normal life. For the thousands of you who are incapable of wearing a mask for legitimate reasons (such as this lady and these ladies), you have either chosen to survive by giving up and not interacting with the world, or you bravely venture out regardless. You dare to breathe oxygen like a normal person despite those who misunderstand you.

The world’s response against peculiar air breathers like you is either tolerance or pushback.  To all who may disagree that the pandemic is fake, thank you for respecting others’ right to choose.

What we’d like to point out in this article is that while your government and the media continue to sell the public on the lie that we are required by law to submit, even major institutions know they can be in legal trouble. They must allow personal exemptions. We see evidence that they do so quietly but only when people insist on their rights and don’t back down.

Most of us having heard of stories where legitimate doctors notes are rejected by governments and institutions. We wanted to share documented successes here, so perhaps you can repeat the success for yourself knowing how others did it.


Brigham Young University has been one of the worst violators of free agency this year. They have taken the lead (even ahead of unconstitutional government actions) in attacking the freedom of conscience this country is supposed to stand on. For example, BYU implemented draconian contact tracing first and has invited a lot of backlash from students that it was hesitant to admit.

Despite this, if you push in the right places and don’t give up, BYU will grant you an exemption. We met one anonymous source who showed us their exemption card. All students have the right to know that the University Accessibility Center has exemptions available. Even though you have the right to be exempt without BYU’s permission, if they are giving exemptions to some, they should not be denying it to  others.

BYU Mask Exemption Card Front

BYU Mask Exemption Card Back


We should learn from this: when we don’t take no for answer, we often obtain our goal.  This principle was actually taught scripturally in the parable of the unjust judge.

Just speaking truth and standing your ground is often enough. One good Utah resident, who knew the rights his family had, asserted those rights even when others were pushing back at first. He successfully obtained a mask exemption for himself and his seven children, with no investigation nor invasion of privacy:

“I took my kids skiing at Brian Head today, and on our first run we were asked to put on a mask in the lift line. I told the person we are mask exempt. He started giving me a hard time about it and I told him he’s violating the ADA and he better get his manager if he’s not familiar with it. His manager came out and asked me why I was exempt and I told him that it’s against the law to ask me that. He went and got the director of ski patrol and I told him we are exempt and if they require masks in line they need to provide us reasonable accommodations. And we are also exempt under section 3-a-9 and 3-a-11 of the mandate. He left (probably to google everything I told him) and came back with ‘mask exempt’ tags for me and my kids and profusely apologized to me on behalf of the resort.”

“Everyone in the lift line was like ‘right on, way to stand up!’ I had quite a few people ask me how I did that. It just takes a few brave souls to give others the courage (and information) they need to stand up.”

Brian Head Ski Resort Exempt Tag


If you are a business who wants to follow the highest law of the land and respect all of your customers with their different choices, we invite you to make it known.  Display notices that show your business obeys the law and that you expect government officials to also obey the law. You believe in leaving your customers to their own choices.

Also, sign up as a business member of the Utah Central Committee to be registered with a community that will defend your lawful rights should the need arise. Please also consider becoming a member of Defending Utah to join with other businesses and activists around the state in defending freedom upholding the highest law of the land.

You can order pre-made stickers or download and print them yourself.

This Business Follows The Law, Constitutionally Compliant Business


As many people are simply ignorant of the laws and even what the non-legally-binding executive orders say, many have found success in simply showing people their own mask exemption cards that clearly state their right to be exempt.  You can download and print these on your own cards, and show them to anyone as needed.

Make Your Own Mask Exempt Card 1

Make Your Own Mask Exempt Card 2

Jan 20201 UPDATED CARD for most recent health order:

Nothing is a guarantee, as all individuals make their own choices for different reasons.  But having some tools in your toolbox is one place to start.


Please feel free to share your positive experiences with asserting your rights in the comments below. Many people would benefit from hearing what has worked to keep you or your business free.


18 Responses

  1. with this mandate a face mask People keep talking like it’s the law and it is not a law because legislatures need to pass the law for face coverings which we know goes against our constitutional rights and would never pass. I agree that we all need to stand up and show some courage to refuse masks of any kind.

  2. I know of several stores where I live in rural Utah (I don’t want to specify where, because one of them told me that they’ve heard of some other stores getting in legal trouble) –

    Where the employees don’t wear masks and don’t care if their customers don’t wear one.

    I’ve been buying more online than previously, such as from Amazon, to avoid Walmart with their stupid mask requirement and person standing there handing out masks. If I’m going to buy from a big evil company, I’d rather buy from the one not forcing me to wear a mask.

    I also refuse to attend church due to mask requirements, and will only watch remotely, and won’t send my kids to any activities due to mask requirements.

    My kids are homeschooled, so avoid the mandates the poor kids in public schools are abusively subject to. We began homeschooling in 2016 so have sailed along like normal while other families have struggled due to the fake pandemic and the government’s many bogus responses.

    I think someday those who upheld all this anti-science tyrannical nonsense will have to apologize to everyone else.

    1. Hiding is not really taking a stand. You are not encouraging others to take a stand with you. It is important that you go to a store’s website or CEO’s statement. Walmart only required a mask, for one week. There were so many fights, that a week later they took down the campout tents outside, with the people, who wouldn’t let you in. The employees may give you a hard time because that didn’t get the memo, but what they are supposed to do is REMIND you, “Do you have your mask?” Most of the time I have said, “No thank you, and walked on.” Those are the ones that know what the CEO said. There are a few that get all arrogant, who didn’t read the memo, and tell you it is a requirement, and get on the radio like they are powerful. I know they are stupid, so I walk on. Companies are paid to have the requirement sign, even though they themselves don’t require. The CEO of Walmart made a written statement over a year ago, that he would not deny entrance over a refusal to wear a mask. If you are not armed with this info that you could have looked for yourself a year ago, then that is what explains all the sheeple that have gone astray, depriving themselves of oxygen, and breathing in nanoworms. Time to do your homework and stop inviting the globalist takeover.

  3. This is a great message on what it takes to keep our country and state free from people with good intentions who are overreacting our current law. It takes a lot of small steps like these, with some really big attention grabers mixed in to make meaningful change. Everyone needs to start paying attention to the people they are voting into public service if we want to maintain the ability to speak out for our personal beliefs, whatever they may be.

    1. Yes. OSHA is a federal law against oxygen deprivation. Freedom to pursue happiness. There are laws about medical devices: Only a doctor can require a medical device, not a third party. If you are Christian, a religious exemption, because you are required to take care of God’s temple, etc. etc., etc. You are not required to go into why you have a medical exemption, according to law

  4. I have NEVER worn a mask and I NEVER will.

    Only a couple of businesses in more liberal areas asked me to leave since I didn’t have a facemask on. I shared my testimony with them and could have stayed and not walked out but I didn’t want to give my money to any business who treats me poorly

    I’ll gladly go to another business that respects my freedom to choose and give them my money.

    For the most part all of this lockdown nonsense is all an illusion. If we simply ignore all of it and live our life as we always did before, we’ll be amazed how these tyrants have NO REAL POWER. It’s all fake!

    “We the People” ultimately have the power. Let’s claim our power by using it!

  5. We’ve had our exemptions accepted with printing out and showing the following to whoever asks or hassles us about it-

    “ADA Accommodation for a resident of the State of Utah

    The Federal Americans with Disabilities Act Chapter 125, Subchapter III, section 12182 requires for the reasonable accommodation for any person with physical or mental health conditions in a place of business. No person may be denied full and equal enjoyment of goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages or accommodations of a business based on any physical or mental health condition when reasonable accommodation can be made.

    Executive Order 2020-74 from Utah Governor Gary Herbert section 3a(iii) states that an individual with a medical or mental health condition is exempt from any mask mandates.

    (Name of person with exemption) qualifies under the aforementioned federal law, and state executive order for an exemption from wearing a facemask. Both the ADA and HIPAA laws prevent any establishment from requiring access to further medical information or medical records in order to grant this exemption.”

  6. Anything forced on me or trying to intimidate me via boot leg mandates, while also trying to make me fearful of the sniffles and coughs and also to be very afraid of my family, friends, and strangers, like we are all infectious, biological weapons, in order to coerce me into a muzzle and then scare me enough to penetrate my veins with even more poison, while they call it “health care” and “prevention” is enough for me to reject being controlled into submission. From DAY ONE, this SCAM has been blatant, intentional, and INSIDIOUS. Kick rocks, you demonic tyrants with your diabolical hoaxes. Health does not and has never come in a vial full of poison. Vaccinations are the BIGGEST medical fraud. This whole thing is criminal.

  7. I like to give a friendly smile confidently all I am around as I am out in public and in stores etc. to help people feel and act normally including not wearing a mask and show them that there is nothing to fear. Most people react favorably and seem grateful to actually see someone’s face who is treating them in a friendly way and with respect.

  8. I met with my bishop and let him know it is my constitutional right to attend church and I will never wear a mask. His response was positive and I’ve attended church weekly, not bi-weekly or any other schedule.

    Truly, what is the church going to do, call the police? Take courage, express your feelings and go to church every Sunday – maskless.

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