Give Your Non-Consent to Testing or Vaccinations

Declare your non-consent to testing and vaccines.

(Document download at end of article)

You can just say no. It’s simple in theory, but then in practice we get pressure from many different directions.  So to help you say no with more confidence and legal backing, our research team has put together this Declaration of Non-Consent document that ends with you simply saying no, after giving the formal legal background to your rights.   Print and sign this document and deliver it to anyone who is trying to violate your rights.  If you think you need to, have your attorney sign it as well.  The document also contains convenient pocket cards you can print and laminate to show the law that is on your side.  You absolutely do not have to participate in testing or vaccinations.  No matter who you are, what your job is, or where you live.

At Defending Utah we talk a lot about the constitution and the limits placed on government.  A simple education in understanding how this works is already sufficient to understand you can lawfully resist illegal government behavior. While you can simply resist under your constitutional rights, such as your right to privacy (4th amendment – get a warrant), this particular document does not make the constitutional arguments but uses only Utah Code as passed by the state legislature to back you up.

The document outlines the Utah statutes that invalidate all of the recent orders and mandates of Utah’s executive branch, and also provides the reasons why unilaterally imposing testing or vaccination mandates is illegal. Make the state play by their own rules.

Summary of Legal Standing Used in the Document

Legal requirements have never been met for an emergency, pandemic, etc.

The Executive Branch of Utah’s government (Governor’s Office and the Health Department) has attempted to create a “casedemic” contrary to Utah code that requires clear evidence of increased fatalities. The total fatalities for influenza/pneumonia/respiratory illnesses were actually 1160 in 2017, much greater than the barely over 1,000 alleged “COVID-19 deaths” so far in 2020.  It is pointed out that no comparison with the previous years has been done for any of the statistics used, and therefore the orders that claim “emergency” are legally baseless.

According to CDC DATA, flu deaths magically disappeared this year?
CDC DATA: Flu deaths magically disappeared this year?

Actions don’t line up to legal definitions as applicable, legal opt-outs, orders vs. rules, 

The executive branch has attempted to pass off ‘orders‘ – which only apply to specific situations – as ‘rules‘ – which apply to the whole state.  They are called out for it, and also informed that they cannot write blanket orders to examine, isolate, treat, or quarantine people. More importantly, they have ignored an entire section of Utah Code, Chapter 26-6b, which is what should have been used for the last six months for all the restrictions, because that chapter provides protection to individuals where they can withdraw their consent, and the state would have to get a judicial order to pursue the matter. By ignoring consent of the residents of Utah, the State Health Department and the Executive have issued orders to force testing on many groups of people.

Genetic Testing Privacy Act has been completely ignored

It is absolutely illegal in Utah for any employer to force any employee to undergo a genetic test or to disclose the results of a genetic test to keep their job, and the COVID-19 PCR test is a classic case of a genetic test. All the mandatory testing being done right now violates the little-known Genetic Testing Privacy Act. This means that they cannot also require the employee to show proof of any mRNA vaccination, as that comes under “genetic privacy” as well.

Utah Code 26-45-103 – restrictions on employers under the Genetic Testing Privacy Act


Individuals have the final say, in their medical treatment

Most of all, Utah statute is also crystal clear that individual rights are protected with regards to any therapy or treatment, and both vaccinations and testing would fall under the category of therapy.

Utah Code 26-1-33 protects your ultimate right to your own medical choices


For all these reasons, all residents of Utah can firmly deny their consent to a genetic test (such as a COVID-19 test) and to vaccinations. Health care workers and seniors in homes must absolutely be made aware of these rights.

Take Action

MOST IMPORTANT ACTION: Download, print, laminate, share. Non-Consent document available at the Utah Central Committee document page document 2020-13.

If you use this document to push back in the government schools, exercise your 4th amendment right and demand they get a warrant in order to request your saliva/blood samples and genetic information. Schools are part of the executive branch of government and they are limited by this constitutional requirement.

Other follow up actions:

– Join with other concerned Utahns defending each other’s rights under the Utah Central Committee.
– Join Defending Utah and support our work, and become an engaged Activist Member.

– Join organizations seeking to defend your right to uninterrupted commerce so you can continue to feed your families
– The Utah Central Committee and
– The Utah Economic Coalition.
– Post these signs on your businesses to let your customers know that you support their rights, and to put the health department on notice that they’re not welcome to violate your rights, or to even come on your business’ property.
Order stickers or print your own.
Donate to defend businesses and push back against government overreach that’s destroying our economy.


11 Responses

  1. I have a question about this: The new mandate states that high school athletes MUST get tested every other week in order to participate in competitions, games or meets. And so the students are being tested at school- without any parent consent forms being signed by the way- so that they can compete. I called the school district and asked for a waiver and was told there is not a waiver, no exceptions. I informed the lady this order violated the constitution, HIPPA, Nuremberg code, etc which she admitted hadn’t even crossed her mind. She was simply following the governor’s orders and the orders state there are no exceptions. Since HS athletics are not mandatory, they felt they could get away with this. Now my senior swimmer is no longer allowed to compete because I do not consent to the test. How do I get around this? We home educate by the way, so we are not ‘in the system’ as it is.

  2. I cannot say enough good about what you guys are doing. I appreciate your dedication to Liberty. You inspire me. You have put your faith into action. Thank you for all your hard work.

  3. This did not work at my place of employment, was told they have the right to require the test and I have the right to decline the test and if I decline the test they can send me home without pay until I agree to the test. They wouldn’t terminate me but they won’t allow me to work or to be paid.

    1. Staying home and not getting paid permanently, is de-facto termination. They’re really terminating you because you’ll be home indefinitely, which means it’s the same result as if you’ve been fired. This can be legally argued as the exact same thing, and still a violation of the law.

    2. I’m not a lawyer. This is something I’m investigating as well but you can look into conditionally accepting offers. What your company is doing is making you an offer. You can accept that offer on the condition that they can prove that the vaccine is safe, doesn’t contain any heavy metals, foreign toxins, aborted fetal cells, etc.; also that they accept full liability in case adverse affects or injury.

  4. I have to get a covid test, even though i alrady had covid, in order to have gasro-intestinal procedure and colonoscopy. Can i refuse to do it, and still get the procedure done?

    1. This is probably too late for you but I just went to the hospital (by way of ambulance). In the ambulance they put a mask on me which I promptly removed by pulling down under my chin and nothing was said. When I got to the hospital Jordan Valley, I was wheeled into a room and the nurse (?) pulled the mask back over my mouth and I told her I am exempt and pulled the mask back down. I spent about 8 hours in emergency while I had various x-rays and MRIs. etc. During that time I took the mask off and threw it at my son whom was with me. It dropped on the floor and the nurse picked it up and threw it away. No mask was given to me after this. I was told that the doctor would not see me unless I wear a mask. I was taken into a hospital room around 12:00 a.m. The nurse there asked about a mask and I told her I was exempt. No fuss. The doctor came in that late morning, didn’t say a word. I saw 3-4 doctors and not one said anything about my not wearing a mask. I stayed in the hospital a full seven day week without a mask. They may have put one on me during back surgery but I am unaware if they did.

      I hope this helps anyone out there that has an unexpected surgery such as I did. I just kept saying, “I’m exempt”. If they did as why, I ignored them.

      1. Good going! I haven’t worn a mask this entire year, because I do as you. It is your face, your body, your health. But even more so, we as a people are in this position because of compliance. We are in a free country with laws protecting us from tyranny, and yet no one asks questions, no one resists, no one shows others how easily it is to walk around without a mask. The submission, compliance, and sheepliness, is what has invited this tyranny, and welcomes the demolition of our country. Know your rights; know what the CEOs of stores have said about their entrance. Walmart, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Lidl, and others, have stated that they will not deny entrance to mask refusers. If you are not equipped with that knowledge, you will obey the cookoo fake covided-loving power-hungry kid at the door. Carry the statement in the door. Carry a covid exemption card you can get online. Or just say “No Thank you” and continue on. Most aren’t brave enough to get in a confrontation with a customer. “I am exempt” is good. “I have a medical condition” is good. Even if they get huffy, they don’t do anything.

  5. Amazon (here in Utah) is requiring all unvaccinated persons to wear a mask. And vaccinated persons do not have to wear one. Also they will be wearing a colored badge to showcase weather they have been vaccinated or not. What can an employee do?

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