HB117 Forcing YOU to Get THE Shot Before You Can Buy Food Or Go To Work

As Defending Utah and Dr Scott Bradley reported last week, HB117 was an attack on health freedom. In this update, Dr. Bradley and Defending Utah discuss the third version of the bill which codifies into law that businesses can require you to prove you’ve been vaccinated before shopping with them or remaining employed.

Lines 50 & 51 read:

Nothing in this section prevents an entity described in Subsection (1) from
requiring a patron or an employee from providing vaccination verification by other means.”

The amendment that brought this atrocious language was passed 7 minutes after being introduced, giving the public and the legislature almost no time to vet the language change and alert the public to have their voice heard on the changes.

The rest of the bill is simply fluff to hide the fact that the legislature is working to pass a bill that is implementing mass vaccination through economic intimidation. HB117 has passed the house and is headed to the Senate.

You can identify and contact your legislator via the state website here.


20 Responses

  1. I have, fir the second time, contacted my legislator on this bill. I do find it frustrating I cannot see the recorded votes on the legislation for my legislator has not responded to my emails where he stands on HB117.

  2. On this in the context of lines 50 and 51 this seems scary, but if you read the context before these lines you will find that this is a neutral bill and basically takes the state of Utah away from having to state if someone has or has not taken the vaccine….that is not a bad thing itself and im someone who is anti vaccine…..none of us want anyone to force us to have something injected in our body that we dont want…..i own my body, businesses or people have no right to force me to take anything that i find dangerous to me or my family.

    1. The Govt leaves it up to businesses to decide? Then, like with masks, the health people go out and tell them to do it. Next thing you know, you won’t be able to walk down the street without it. I do hope some decent attorney that believes in civil liberties actually fights this.

  3. If you want to raise public awareness and or influence public opinion about any subject, what you need is Signage! Now if you are rich that is no problem, just throw some money at some billboards & its done. But if you have little to No money, people can band together & Make Their Own! I PROVED this in 1991 when as a group here in Weber County we made our own Billboards at my backyard Painting parties & got 30,000 votes for Col. Bo Gritz here in Weber County. Now about Vaccines & such, If each person in the Patriot field will just fund say 3 small yard size signs, get Blank signs at your Hardware store & paint in red letters on them, (to simulate Blood), slogans such as: “VACCINES R POISON” or “COVID IS A FRAUD”, or “DON’T WEAR the Mask of SATAN” and place them everywhere all over the state! The word would get out to everyone & Fast! Of course some would be taken down, but you just Put Them Back Up, and Keep it up as long as it takes to get the message out! The Jack Booted Thugs couldn’t stop such an uprising if thousands of people would just each make 3 signs! And keep them up or move them around on every street corner! Get with it folks and DO something for your future!

    1. FYI, there are 30 actual Human Rights. If things are forced that is a violation of our human rights. This comes straight from the United Nations it is called the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, do not tread on these. You can read all 30 rights on youthforhumanrights.org

    2. We could also put signs on bumper and car, social media is the equivalent to signs now but the attention span of people now is like 30 seconds.

    1. Exactly right.. the CIA does this in other countries already… government creates the problem, action and solution.

  4. the bill doesn’t prevent…. but it also doesn’t approve….I believe, unless under another line… although some might twist it into whatever is desired… I suppose you could certify by affidavit that you’ve been ‘vaccinated’ by whatever means or with whatever substance… maybe an angel came down and administered to you.

  5. This Bill disgusts me. Vaccines disgust me. Everyone who advocates and pushes vaccines disgust me. Not one vaccine has ever proven to be safe or effective. Not one! The brainwashing of the populace is evident by the number of people willingly lining up to get these toxins injected into their bodies. Christians who promote vaccines are promoting abortion through their willful ignorance of the ingredients. No, the use of human tissue in vaccines and vaccine trials did NOT stop decades ago. That’s what big pharma and google want you to believe because human trafficking is the biggest money maker in the world. If you get a vaccine you are complicit in the murder of pre-born children and you disgust me. Dr Stanley Plotkin revealed the use of aborted fetuses in vaccines and vaccine trials to a Congressional Hearing. Look it up. Project Veritas blew the lid on big pharma sending shopping lists to Planned Parenthood for human tissue along with the required extraction methods which required the child to be living! Vaccines have never been proven to be safe or effective. Prove me wrong.

  6. dude read the whole bill. it truly is amazing that many hold a degree, or claim to be intellegent then cannot go in and actually read the whole thing before making an article.

    surely the fool is the one who tells the half truth, and half ass give information on a article before string something up, that needs to be explain in detail before posting.

  7. This is not a neutral bill imo. It allows a business or service a way to require vaccination by other means, rather than the state (see the exclusion). We all know how this is going down. If government doesn’t/won’t mandate it, then businesses and employers can, and that is what the verbiage is all about. It is a loophole. That verbiage needs to be taken out.

  8. Have contacted Sen Ron Winterton and he cannot see anything wrong with line 50 & 51. I have written him again with the concern over this amendment. I’m at a loss as to what else to say to him. Deeply disturbing.

  9. I emailed Mike McKell with the point that the verbiage looks like a loophole, plus I am all for medical freedom. He responded back: “This bill is being amended. Thank you for your feedback.” Not sure what the new wording will be or what that means.

  10. What if you have a rare disorder that allready has issues with its RNA’s making this vaccine one that needs more study, research and time to reassure its safety. What about those that can’t take the vaccine due to allergies? Honestly how is this even ethical? No one knows the long-term effects. Im not saying I am against this I am simply saying we need more time before allowing a bill such as this.

  11. Businesses will likely be forced to require employees be vaccinated or they’ll risk losing all business-related insurance coverage; general liability, workers comp, commercial auto, health, etc. At the very least, those who refuse will pay exorbitant rates until they all fold.

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