The REAL Reason Mitt Romney Should’ve Been Booed

At the Utah Republican party state convention Saturday, May 1st 2021, grassroots members of the party came together booing the carpetbagger Willard Mitt Romney. There are many reasons this was the nicest thing that could’ve been done to Romney that day.

Every month Defending Utah hosts, with The Ezra Taft Benson Society, a presenter on the topics of liberty, threats to it and action items we can all take to stand up for freedom. In April, we gave an extended edition of our popular “The Conspiracy in Utah” presentation. A portion of that presentation goes over Romney’s record, associations and leadership in a little known secret society called the Alfalfa Club.

Watch the segment revealing the facts about Romney below. We hope you will help us in exposing Romney by sharing the link to this page or to the YouTube video itself



3 Responses

  1. When that Boston interviewer asked Mitt Romney in 2007 if he’d heed his Church’s prophet about political matters, I was eager to hear him give a great response about how he had great respect for President Hinckley, and would make all of his decisions both prayerfully and carefully; instead, he quickly denied that God had spoken to anyone on Earth since Moses. That interview left me with concerns about his personal virtue, just as my investigations into his record left me with concerns about his political wisdom. From increasing political regulation of firearms to advancing the same-sex “marriage” agenda to enacting collectivized medicine to allowing Presidents (not Congress) to declare war to denying accused criminals their Constitutional civil liberties, Mitt Romney has taken the wrong side on many pressing issues of our era. I couldn’t conscientiously support him in 2008, nor in 2012, nor in 2018 as he sought to become Utah’s newest U. S. Senator. We Utahns don’t need to send Massachusetts values to D.C. Connor Boyack also provided an excellent appraisal of Mitt Romney’s political record circa 2010, which was characterized by support for fee hikes, state-mandated health insurance, both “gay rights” and elective abortion, gun restrictions, abrogation of civil liberties, interrogative torture, foreign interventionism, central banking, and possibly the TARP bailouts. I’m grateful for him and you and others publicizing these things.

  2. We really appreciated that presentation on the secret combinations that exist in Utah. It was eye opening! I wish we had more time to learn about what these clubs represent.

  3. Romney is even worse than that, he is a mass murderer, one needs to examine his past, such as he was deeply involved with Monsanto regarding Agent Orange and the spraying of thousands of both North Vietnamese, South Vietnamese, including US Troops, which goes on today with the spraying of cancer causing Round Up.

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