Half of US Mormons Saying NO to the COVID Jab

Recent reports show that half of the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are either hesitant to get the COVID vaccine or they refuse to get it. In this episode, Defending Utah breaks down the history that makes this such an interesting development.


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  1. Interesting article Ben! Anti-vaxxer: a person who trusts their own immune system more than they trust pharma companies, career politicians & corporate media. Sadly my elderly Uncle Paul Edward Carroll of Golden Okla died April 26 2021, less than a month after his covid jab, and currently my 83 yr old mother in law Alice Lynn of Oregon City is dying. Yes, she received vax approx 6 weeks ago. A new friend, Brand Thornton of Nevada (he blows the sacred Jewish Shofar at People’srights.org & other pro US Constitution rallies) recently mentioned he has had 2 family members die from vax. My next door neighbor, (strapping young man age 21) took the first covid shot before he found out THE TRUTH- he said he endured a painful baseball size lump under injection arm in pit area and his side down to waist was bruised. He refuses to take second & most lethal injection! Thank you for all you do Mr.M. God bless you brother-🔯 PRAYING mightily in Jesus Holy name that others, Mormon or not will learn the truth about this genocide. PS: join us at the Utah State Capitol!

    1. when someone advocates to others which they have strong influence over something which can kill or main them seriously, isn’t that a capital offense like those the Nuremberg Code was created to prevent?

      1. Great point. It’s a complete disaster to use your leadership position, and the fact that many think you speak for God, to push your terribly ignorant OPINION that everyone should get a liability-free barely-tested side effect-causing concoction (one of the side effects being death) put forth by psychopaths who want depopulation, world communism, and to abolish your family and your church.

      2. My question exactly! Especially when the disease the vaccine allegedly “cures” has a 98-99% recovery rate…

  2. The fight against corrupt mandatory liability-free vaccines has nothing to do with opposing science. It’s all about opposing tyranny and the idea that someone else owns you and can dictate to you what you may and may not do.

    Somehow the leaders of the LDS Church appear completely clueless about basic principles of liberty. I apologize to anyone offended by that, although it’s true. There is no way they should be supporting slavery.

    Government is supposed to be founded upon the consent of the governed, not the force of the non-consenting governed. If you can’t opt out of what they want to do to you, you’re a slave, plain and simple.

    The reason they calling people “anti-vaxxers” who oppose mandatory vaccines or are at all hesitant about barely-tested liability-free vaccines that aren’t really vaccines at all according to the definition used prior to Covid-19, is due to pure dishonesty.

    Again, just because you believe in liberty and not being a slave, they hate you and want to punish you severely. This is a hall mark of psychopathy by the way.

    1. when a vaxx is marketed without testing to assure its safe, that’s not science but pseudo-science

    2. Sorright. Astounding lack of forethought by the majority of lemmings..all racing to that cliff edge but pointing that big finger at the enlightened ones along the way.

  3. violating church policy must cause some cognitive dissonance in members….. maybe a loss of belief in their leadership. seems those authorities are agents of ‘THE GREAT AND ABOMINABLE CHURCH OF THE DEVIL.’

  4. I may have a somewhat different opinion of the Brethren. In an era of big government or more appropriately big brother, government organizations are continually monitoring churches, businesses, or other organizations for the slightest infractions of their agenda. In the early days of the Church persecutions were brutal. It would not surprise me that if church leaders did not get the vaccine, we may have been labeled a defiant organization and “appropriate” actions may have been taken. So, to me, the Brethren are truly saviors on mount zion. President Nelson said nothing about manditory vaccines, he did encourage. To me there is a difference between encouraging and mandating. Being a 30 year member of the armed forces, I attended schools for biological warfare as well nuclear and chemical and though I do not claim to be an expert, I still questioned the protocols used and not used during this “pandemic”. Always seek personal revelation in your search for truth. God Bless all of you and God Bless this great country and our great state of Utah.

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