BYU: Princess Culture Helps Boys Overcome Toxic Masculinity

This is the video that got us shut down for a week on YouTube

In this report, Defending Utah discusses a BYU study on “Princess Culture” and Israeli data on the vaccinated and “infected”


12 Responses

  1. I loved the round table style because it’s conversational and more casual. Otherwise, I just feel like I’m watching the news, which I watch all the time anyway, just not the mainstream stuff.

  2. The best way to put this and I’m not the one that came up with this but it’s perfect. “If you don’t take your vitamins my vitamins won’t work”!

  3. This was awesome! A good mix of serious and comedy and then just plain informative. Round table is nice and causal. Good job!

  4. We need to keep this in context. Brigham Young told Karl Maeser β€œYou should not teach even the alphabet or the multiplication tables without the Spirit of God.” When I went to BYU, we called it the Lord’s university because we thought that, like the church itself, it was guided by divine revelation, all the time. If not all the time, then it becomes a hit and miss, guessing game of when and when not inspired and it loses its status as something special, something better than other religious or secular schools. If we excuse the actions of BYU and the church in general as being “fallible humans” then what makes LDS different from any other organization? The point is this: Active LDS have to face the hard choice of is BYU (and the church) unique in getting divine revelation, or is it not? The growing WOKE, progressive, inclusive nature of BYU, reveals the mind and will of Jesus Christ, as requested by BY himself? How about the church leadership with regard to masks and vaccines?

  5. Yes, PLEASE do this again! I loved listening to all three of you! I learn so much watching your videos! Thank you for the good work you are doing to educate us!

  6. Defending Utah,

    I was wondering why you do not ever mention the involvement of the Jesuit order in the conspiracies and the covid 19 scamdemic?

  7. Love the round table discussion idea! πŸ˜€ Great minds working together is excellent!
    Hm… how about… Knights Hemplar, or UFJo’s, or The Duffenders, Chillumanati, TriniThree…? ok, all bad.
    Round Table is great! 😁😁😁

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