YouTube BANNED Video: Utah’s Digital ID

YouTube doesn’t like the truth getting out and block many video’s like the one below that simply discusses legislation and what is being attempted by the Utah legislature. Check it out and share!

Dr. Scott Bradley and Ben talk about FEMA in Utah, Digital ID’s and vaccine passports
Contact your legislators


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  1. Passports……

    1940’s Nazis required people to have “passports” and “papers” to prove their right to merely exist in their own countries and homes and to travel anywhere or buy food and basic needs to live, or rent a room to live in….

    Sound familiar? For those who continue to live in denial of the situation, not that any such persons are likely to visit here to read this warning, but for those that live in denial of the situation, we live in a communist overthrown country. Which communists, are implementing all the atrocities and evils of Hitler’s Nazi regime. And yes, for those who have been told otherwise, the Nazi regime was a split off of, a variant of, communism. I know, some mooks who call themselves historians have painted it otherwise and their propaganda has stuck with the majority of the history books. And yes, the communist usurpers “ruling” over us today have already committed mass murder and intentionally killed hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of americans using the fake plague as cover for their crimes. Still, most americans /seem/ to be in denial about it. I guess the realities are too uncomfortable to acknowledge for many. Hmmm… of course, that denial only makes it easier for the cretins usurping our government to continue their evil plots and schemes and murder more of us, take more inalienable rights away.

    Here is a message from me to those thinking they can implement a passport as a means to nullify the constitution and the God given, inalienable rights that cannot be taken away or nullified by man. If it comes to obeying you and your unlawful legislations and mandates, or obeying the law of the constitution, I choose the constitution. But even if you burnt the constitution and declare it obsolete, along with its declarations of inalienable rights given by God… if it comes to that, I will obey the natural law, the law of God, that gives me the right, when you have destroyed the law, to then exercise my God given rights to destroy you who have destroyed the law and usurped authority, and gone against the natural law, and the law of God. If you declare our just laws obsolete and pretend to make new law, that is antithetical to our established law, then the whole law is obsolete. If you pretend you dont have to obey those parts of our constitution that you prefer to throw out so you may seize unjust powers to oppress the American people, then we American people do not have to follow the law to abstain from destroying you criminal usurpers and unconstitutional legislatures who have broken law and gutted the constitution and personal liberties guaranteed by that constitution. The law is based on equity. If you dont obey it, thinking to oppress others thereby, then the oppressed do not have to obey the any portion of the law, and we may go about putting the oppressors down like rabid animals. I know your bellies are filled to overflowing with the thirst for, and addiction to, what you consider to be /your/ power, but you really ought to rethink any further missteps before you go too far.

    I’ll get off my pulpit now, partly because I know none of the people who I would preach to are likely to be people who come to this website of truth, and the other part because no one that comes here for truth wants to hear me rant on in such a manner. But i do hope that the latter will be enticed and aroused more in the defense of their liberty, knowing that with every inch we yield to the enemy, they will only want a mile more tomorrow and they will hardly yield back an inch in return. There is a time to take a stand. We are rapidly approaching a point where we must not only make our absolute refusal to capitulate known, but also do something about it. When enough of us speak as I have done, and issue warning to those who think themselves arbiters of the law–to undo inalienable rights with pretended justifications–then when these usurpers and law breakers see enough of us all warning them, they will back away and cease their open attempts to overthrow the basic tenets of our just law. I hope we all will consider that, and realise that perhaps the ONLY way to avoid a coming civil war that results is mass bloodshed will be us all declaring, unequivocally, that we will not tolerate any further encroachments on our civil liberties and basic human rights, especially not for a pretended plague.

    1. Elder Oaks wouldn’t like you saying this. Got to obey the government. Wait! The scriptures say “obey the law of the land” not the corrupt government and corrupt LDS church overlords. As AB says, we will obey the Constitution, not our totalitarian enemies. It doesn’t matter what they are called, “communists”, “nazis,” “socialists,” “elders.” they are all intent on exercising unrighteous dominion and denying man’s agency.

      Sorry Dallin for our “silly” opposition (as you recently described it) to your beloved covid regime.

      I had this guy for trust law at BYU law school. He was truly the most boring teacher I have ever had. He was beyond being the “sure cure for insomnia.” After attending his class for about three sessions I never attended again until the final exam. Talk about phoning it in. Managed a C as I recall with the help of a Gilbert’s summary of trust law. What a waste, and they probably paid him a bundle to do it.

  2. You should move to Rumble. They may not do livestreaming yet, but they will, because they are working with Trump’s coming Truth Social. You could live stream it at youtube, then upload it to Rumble so you’ll have it there when stupid YT takes it down.

  3. These bills are preparing FEMA camps. The rounding up of citizens to be placed in “Green Zones” and exterminated.

    When you discuss these, call them what they are. The wording is not hiding it!

    It is time for Utah to rise up in mass against this!

  4. * Picture of dead skeleton. *

    Caption: Me waiting for LDS Church leadership to support liberty and oppose the satanic Gadiantons and their Great Reset agenda of depopulation and enslavement.

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