Watch the Full Presentation: Dan Fisher and the Black Robed Regiment

On May 13th, 2022 Defending Utah hosted Dan Fisher speaking on the Black Robed Regiment which you can read about in this announcement.

We now invite you to watch the whole thing yourself!

Restoring Lost Knowledge:

The Critical Role of Religious Leaders in the War for Independence According to the Founding Fathers

Friday, May 13, 2022, at The Towne Hub in American Fork, UT

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4 Responses

  1. Entertaining and Educational. Inspiring too. Thank you DefendingUtah.

    Stand ready brethren. Prepare your minds and hearts. Heed the call of God’s spirit, when the time comes to fight with armaments, and lay our lives in the hands of God, whether we pass through the fight unharmed or are sent to fight from the other side of the veil.

    We fight for God, but we also fight with God, who will be by our sides and help us win. Whether we fight with lead, or to rise as God-fearing leaders, or simply to stand and say “this isn’t right”, every man must do his duty, and not listen to the voices telling us to fold and capitulate, or to bow to the beast.

    1. Fantastic A B!

      I saw this acted out in person. Absolutely fantastic! I pray that we can fight this with peaceful means. Truthful information.

      I had stated that we need to stand up against the communists by not complying with their mandates. I was censored by the ward Relief Society and the Bishopric. So, my question is REALLY, is the church on Liberty’s side, or just pretending to be.

      Why is the Salt Lake Distribution Center for our garments renamed the “Global Center”? Why are we told to be good “Global Citizens”? The church is standing with the “Globalists”. GLOBALISM IS NOT LIBERTY!

      1. Thanks Judy Ward.

        The constitution was based in local powers that stemmed from the people themselves, not extensive federalization, and certainly not globalization.

        U.S. 10th amendment: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

        But that never meant even a State would control the people’s individual lives like an authoritarian monster. Hence the “or to the people”.

        The state powers were subject, too, to a republican form of government. Such a government is based on the powers of the people. US Constitution, Article IV, Sect 4: “shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government.”

        And we know the people were to police themselves, in their own communities. Hence we have local authorities, not a federal police force or one directly controlled by a dictator (despite the corrupt institution of such organizations in the FBI, NSA, etc.)

        The 2nd Amendment states clearly the people were to form Militia (citizen armies) for security. The original constitution made no mention of Police. The founders understood the dangers of allowing a small group, controlled by elite leaders, to exercise authority over others summarily, because they suffered under them in the old world. Their express intent was to take away powers of the few over the lives of the many. They intended the people to police each other (via militia and local authorities) and judge each other (via trial by Jury). Despite this, corrupt forces established the first policing department a couple years after the last founding fathers died.

        Regardless of anything, the precedent for almost 250 years has been a republican form of government, the people having all the power. And of the power of the government: only when delegated for the express purpose of securing the rights and powers of the people.

        “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men” –Declaration of Independence.

        This recent push to radically change the order of things is not done in ignorance. As I stated, the precedence is rock solid. These people, be they church leaders, politicians, or any other, are attempting to change the basis of our system. They cannot be doing so ignorantly, because our system has been around for a very long time, and is our just law. Their pretenses and excuses and feigned innocence is as evil as it is offensive to our sensibilities of reality.

        But the Mormon church is not alone in this. There are many other religious organizations who are going along with this. They have been almost overtaken by evils. And when enough of their leaders have aligned themselves with the evil spirits, the organization itself begins to appear evil; its members afflicted and manipulated, by their once respected leaders, into committing sin. As has been said: the blind leading the blind.

        But we must all remember this truth: that despite whatever a church or its leaders teach, God never said give your devotion and worship to a church. Your devotion and worship must be to God-ward. Insofar as a church advocates for another way, they lead themselves and their members equally far from God. And any voice telling you to give devotion to church/men, above God, is not a voice that sins ignorantly. By this, you will know them who serve the evil ones.

        To those concerned about how to reconcile their church membership with the incorrect actions/teachings of their church or its leaders, I would respectfully say: be not concerned for your standing with your church, or your standing with those who attempt to pressure you to things that, not only, you know to be wrong, but which stand against the correct principles of your law and society.

        You dont need a church to have a relationship with God. You dont need a church to inherit what God has in store for you. If that were the case, then the vast majority of the human race would be damned to an eternal hell, regardless of how they lived. But if and when your church membership becomes a hindrance to your progression or your physical, spiritual or mental health, it is time for you to undertake the pains of separating yourself from that organization. At least until they have repented and again become a place that benefits your progress.

        Everyone must discover what is right for them, but you wont be overcome by satan for exploring your real relationship with God on your own. Indeed, you might find that your church has been holding you back from a greater relationship with God, or decreasing your happiness and ability to see, as many others have discovered.

        I am not telling anyone what to do. Each must discern what is right for themselves. But I often have seen in the LDS church, how inter-member and priesthood-leadership pressures are used to coerce rather than help individuals find truth for themselves or enhance their relationship with God. And, like you have expressed, Judy, such influences have often been used to slowly turn hearts over to incorrect principles and evil.

        If, however, you feel like your association with the church is causing difficulties and offenses to your conscience, it may be time to seriously consider a separation so you can increase your spiritual connection to God himself. That separation need not be a permanent one. Simply refraining from association with church programming may be sufficient to give yourself room to grow and remove bad influences pressuring you to sin. And likely increase your happiness considerably.

        Regardless of what anyone decides, we all should continue to reexamine our standing with God, and consider every church requirement, to see if it is in opposition to God’s will for us. Churches are systems to point men to God. When they steal divine authority or undertake to oppress the soul, they have outlived their usefulness; salt that has no savor.

        God Bless you in your efforts, whatever choice you make.

        1. Thank you AB! Amen! A time out until things turn around is exactly what I am doing. I cannot sit in church and pretend that everything is OK, while everyone praises the leaders. My presence and silence would be my consent. It is like each temple in the past, Solomon’s and the temple in Jesus’s time are the models of what is now occurring.

          I really appreciate your input here. It is like Revelations 2:18 where the letters to the 7 churches are.

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