Full Presentations Released – 2022 Summer Health Symposium Speakers

On July 15th, 2022 Defending Utah organized and then hosted an amazing lineup of speakers, bringing you the hardest hitting “real solutions” content for health tyranny.

The full presentations are now released in it’s entirety.


Full presentation posted on Rumble:

Also available on BitChute.

Hard Politics, Real Truth, and Real Solutions – on the Cutting Edge!

Amazing Guest Lineup!

Robert Scott Bell – Radio Host and Natural Healer
Your Master of Ceremonies for the evening

Host of the popular radio show, the Robert Scott Bell show. Scott has been teaching people how to “Unlock the Power to Heal” before most of us started questioning our first establishment doctor.

Dr. Scott Bradley, Constitutional PhD
“The Fauci Facade”

Scott, the amazing bottomless pit of constitutional wisdom, will break down the politics of the medical fraud of the past two years from a global level, to a national level, to a state level, all the way down to the local hospital level.  Plus, Scott will give us unsettling insight into what really happened to him in the hospital. You will not want to miss this.

Jordan Gundersen, Master Herbologist
Cassidy Gundersen, Doctor of Nutrition
“The Miracle of Herbalmectin”

Their intimate private healing clinic, Health Saves, started an unexpected revolution when Jordan divinely stumbled across a formula as “an alternative approach to covid”. After testing his discovery and then publishing an article in December of 2021, this duo has been sharing their formula for free and giving hope to a sick world ever since. Hear the amazing backstory and miracle healings that have come as a result.

Health Independence Alliance
“Build an alternative, healing-focused, medical system”

Presidential candidate, Dr. Ron Paul referred to a long past era when he said “It’s easy to forget that for decades the U.S. had a health care system that was the envy of the world. Patients received high-quality, affordable medical care, and thousands of privately funded charities provided health services for the poor.” Now we pay doctors to make us sicker and charity has largely been replaced with government assistance programs that hurt everyone and remove choice.  Health Independence Alliance, a grassroots team of medical professionals, will begin the discussion of how we-the-people can build a new medical structure in our communities to restore healing to it’s rightful place, instead of being monopolized by a corrupt system where illness, obscene profits and government control reign supreme.

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  1. I don’t care what is in a vaccine. No vaccines were ever needed, necessary or good, so just shun all vaccines, and for that matter, all injections period!

    If you still think that viruses are real and cause disease, just go away. I am not listening to anyone who does not know this.

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