Author Julie Behling, Interview, Book: Beneath Sheep’s Clothing

Julie Behling is a Utah mom who has published a book about communism coming from her real life experience in dealing with the culture of what happened behind the Iron Curtain.

Defending Utah gives Julie the designation of being a True Utah Defender of liberty, as she is someone who is working to make a difference in her community, and has spent her time publishing this book to help wake up the sleeping population.

Her book also has some great insight into not falling for the communist left/right (divide and conquer) tactics, that have infected our culture, making us play right into the hands of the communist strategy.

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4 Responses

  1. A lot of us know that communism is taking over in the USA but don’t feel like we can do much about it. So many people are super gullible and don’t know what’s really happening and have been trained to label truth and facts, easily provable, as “conspiracy theory.” And to declare that all is well when it’s NOT. They will not deviate from mainstream media and narratives, trained exactly like members of any cult.

  2. I’m sure Mrs. Behling is doing much more to restore America than I am. But what I found to be so sad in the interview was her need to profess her love of everyone, i.e all the regular grievance groups. And why? Because in the world today it is a given that if you are “conservative,” you are immediately presumed to be anti-everyone, you are a soulless automoton, who wants to disenfranchise and oppress everyone who is not white, a college graduate and Christian. The left has been so successful in characterizing us this way that Mrs. B found it necessary to profess her acceptance of all people. Until we learn not to apologize, the left will continue to define the narrative.

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