“Family-Friendly” Drag Shows – CANCELLED!

To all of the parents, patriots, and protectors of children who showed up to protest “family-friendly” drag shows, well done! Particularly those who showed up in Provo, UT at the beginning of this month. Immediately after the videos and images of cross dressers showing too much skin and lewd dancing in front of children went viral, two shows in Idaho were cancelled.

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It seems likely that Utah, with a predominantly Christian/LDS population, made enough noise to make Idaho, a similarly predominant Christian/LDS state, listen up.

The Boise Pride Festival has canceled its controversial “Drag Kids” performance, and at least five sponsors have withdrawn from the event, while other sponsors have publicly condemned the performance.

The festival organizers released a statement on Thursday announcing the “difficult decision” to “postpone” the performance involving minors “due to increased safety concerns.”

The Daily Wire previously reported that Zions Bank publicly withdrew its participation from the event on Wednesday, citing concerns over the drag performance involving children as young as 11. Since then, five additional sponsors have dropped out for the same reason, including Idaho Power, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (DHW), agribusiness company Simplot, Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU), and CapEd Credit Union. Based on the sponsors’ levels and the pricing brochure, Zions Bank committed to an $18,000 sponsorship, Simplot pledged $6,000, Idaho Power committed $3,000, and CapEd Credit Union and ICCU both pledged $1,500. DHW had more than one Orange Level sponsorship and committed at least $18,000.

Soon after, the Southeastern-Idaho Pride drag show in Pocatello, Idaho was also cancelled. According to the marketing material, “The free event aims to bring the fun and inviting spirit of drag to those who aren’t typically able to attend shows in their traditional setting (bars, clubs, etc.).”

Their official statement says that they have cancelled their show due to “misinterpretation of marketing material”… If you’re also confused by this reason, a popular social media page that has been tracking “family-friendly” drag shows created a nice illustration of the point here.

Once again, GREAT JOB!

We have a responsibility to protect the innocent from exposure to lewd, sexual things like drag shows. Fortunately, this counter-movement has swept across the country as more LGBT groups try to push “all age” “family-friendly” “child drag” shows. Here are some examples:

Families fought back in Denton, Texas against an “all ages” drag show.

Jasper, Indiana calls off their “family-friendly performance” drag show.

A high school in Tuscon, Arizona was set to host a drag show earlier this year.  THMS employees behind the event were Zobella Vinik and Sunday Hamilton, both THMS counselors that also lead the LGBTQ+ student club, “Q Space,” in which students learn about LGBTQ+ history and are encouraged to explore their identities. Before the event could happen, however, the school counselor helping to organize the event was arrested for having a sexual relationship with a 15-year old student. Thankfully, the show never happened.

Keep up the good work. Keep protecting children. Keep holding twisted individuals accountable. Keep sharing the petition! www.CleanUpBYU.org

We have more work to do – read here.


4 Responses

  1. This is absolutely disgusting but so grateful for parents and all who stood against this protecting children.
    It us our duty as parents, citizens, church members regardless of religion to prayerfully stand against all immoral indecent groups, businesses, schools, college’s, events that choose to indoctrinate our children with anything that goes against Godly teachings and principles.
    It’s my humble prayer that our Fatger in Heaven will give us the strength to always be faithful to him , to our Savior Jesus Christ, that we always have the spiritual, physical and mental strength to stand against Satan especially during these times and challenging times ahead. Much love abd Gid bless you all.

  2. I think the LDS Church needs to call participation in, sponsorship of, or support of such events apostasy and grounds for being ousted from the church. Like they do with support for, paying for, or participating in abortions.

  3. There is another family friendly drag show happening this Thursday at the gallivan center in salt lake city called the quorum of the queens. Be there.

  4. Has anyone else read this and thought to themselves “gee, why the heck are all these organizations (some taxpayer funded & government entities) financially backing sex related events in the first place? To say nothing of it being utterly degenerate, lunatic and revolting tranny shows for children.

    Zions Bank, Idaho Power, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (DHW), agribusiness company Simplot, Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU), and CapEd Credit Union…

    What business do any of them have supporting any manner of sex related event? Would it be better if they were funding porn videos? or funding 16yo wet t-shirt car-washes? or funding child sexual mutilations? If they support drag shows for kids openly, what are they supporting that we do not know? Are they actively raping children in Epstein-level child trafficking pedo rings? Because nobody normal would support this crap unless they are pedophiles themselves. No, not even if they thought children weren’t involved. Who the heck in their right mind and correct spiritual standing would support the mentally ill and sexually confused deviants performing their mentally ill acts in public or anywhere else? Nobody, that’s who. Only the mentally & spiritually ill support this crap. And we shouldn’t be giving one red cent to any of these businesses, close any accounts we have with them and send their leaders letters telling them how awful they are both personally and as a business for funding such depravity.

    Excuse me as I go throw up now. But we should all be asking ourselves, at what point is righteous violence acceptable, or even demanded? If not in our current situation, then what and when? Will we wait until the enemy has gone so far, gained such power and done so much that our children are lost and we are the last generation with any sanity and spiritual strength left?

    We have some small reason to rejoice that these evil organizations withdrew their perverted support this time, but what about the rest of the country? I read that the FBI is doing away with investigating child sex abuse and focusing on “domestic terrorism” of conservatives and trump supporters. Is now the time for violence? They have innocent people locked away without their constitutional rights in prison for simply going to the capitol, the DOJ investigates parents for complaining about porn in schools, our ‘leaders’ in Washington are talking about using the military against conservative Americans for standing up for our nation’s principles and voting republican. Is it time for violence now? Or should we wait until they have enough time to put every implement against us to overcome us entirely?

    The founders went to war over FAR less.

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