BYU Downfall. Genderless Jesus.

Downfall of BYU Genderless Jesus

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(Note: BYU’s specific accountability on this subject is explained here.)

BYU was once the hope for the LDS world, that our children at least had a safe place to go to be part of a “peculiar people” after we were done guiding their youth.  That dream has been on a rapidly increasing decline, with no light at the end of the tunnel.

In new developments, a recent interview by Greg Matsen, which exposed a class teaching about a “Genderless Jesus”, has been viewed over 17,000 times in the past five days (as of writing this article).

Only a few months ago, BYU shocked the conscience of the LDS community by allowing student groups to celebrate children being exposed to drag queens and extremely lewd behavior in public, with BYU having created the environment for this to thrive and indirectly supporting the groups as described in this article where the BYU Drag is also fully exposed.

Regardless of where you get your BYU news, it is clearly a confused institution. We invite you to join the hundreds of concerned students, parents, staff, and alumni that have signed this petition. There’s still time to sign before it gets delivered.

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Here is the Genderless Jesus video from the Cwic media channel.

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Visit the CWIC Media website.


16 Responses

  1. Tithing money is used to support BYU. Tithing is sacred money! This teaching is mocking God and is an absolute abomination. A serious house cleansing needs to occur.

  2. Is the church a political social-reengineering activist organization? Or is it a democracy that makes decisions based on petitions for how they should operate and behave?

    Isn’t the Church supposed to follow God, against the ways of worldly lusts and harmful practices? And do they need to be told by their members how to behave, or should they already know?

    But the church, whether it follows God or not, is not The Light we are to follow. There is One Light. We know what That Light is, do we not? Any church can depart from That Light. And when they do, they become as damned as any individual who departs from That Light. The D&C is evidence of this kind of damnation of a church becuase of the members and leaders turning to the world and away from god.

    And we see now that there are a multitude of evils this Church will embrace. From giving money to communist organizations to promoting Sodomy and child abuse.

    It makes one see this supposed religious entity in a new light. That for decades they kicked students out of BYU for having private, yet normal sexual interactions, but to promote the open abuse of children and promote sodomy and the blasphemous de-gendering of God. But this isnt the beginning of their sins and it wont be the last. Each follower of God will have to decide for themselves, whether they will be followers of God or followers of the corrupt church, lead by wicked men who will sell us out to the devil.

    If that is hard for you to accept, I would suggest you cease building your faith and testimony on the Church, and reposition your foundations upon God. Which, if you do, even if you are tortured and murdered, you will be sure of that salvation that only comes to those who trust in God, and not in the world. But following a corrupt church may make you feel safe for a time, but when that promised salvage never comes, you will be left more destitute than those you helped victimize so you could escape a temporal death.

    1. Exactly AB, this is far deeper corruption than masks, distancing and the jabs. The church is deeply infiltrated.

      It is appalling that church members as a whole have been trying their best to follow God, but are being deceived beyond imagination.

      I have left the church. I posted my letter. I am so relieved that I have.

      Heavenly Father revealed Ezekiel 14 to me to help me get over leaving.

      I pray for the good church members to wake up.

      There is spiritual life after leaving the LDS church.

      Ezekiel 14 and John 14 helped me leave. John 14 states that actually all 3 members of the Godhead make their abode with the Christian.

  3. Recently there have been formal breaches or schisms within well known Christian churches, it appears there are enemies within the Latter-day Saints church as well who have infiltrated with the objective of disrupting this eduational institution that had very lofty goals in its beginnings. It is a very painful thing to watch for those of us who have loved and supported the mission of Brigham Young University to educate our youth within the confines of the restored gospel. Certainly the Board of Trustees must be aware of what is going on. One wonders why more is not being done to stop the spreading of idelogical cancer so contrary to our beliefs. We all need to learn to think critically, but that requires the presentation of true facts, not brainwashing vulnerable minds. May the Lord strengthen those called to clean up house with the valor needed for the task, and in these difficult ending times.

  4. These bad actors don’t represent the church, so let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water. Most of the transvestites and this professor will likely leave the church and join A B and the other ex-church members within 10 years at most, so be sure to welcome them when they do. This kind of thing has happened before in the 70s when church leaders had to let some BYU professors go for teaching false doctrine. I believe Bruce R. McKonkie’s talk, entitled The Seven Deadly Heresies came out of that situation. The church does take action when matters get out of hand, but they do seem to try to avoid micro-managing or acting like the Gestapo, monitoring a person’s every move. Keep in mind the parable of the wheat and the tares. Also, Christ is the light, but He also is inextricably connected to the church He has established. He even describes His relationship with the church as a relationship between a bride groom and a bride. Paul says we are built upon a foundation prophets and apostles, Christ being the chief corner stone. Christ isn’t separate from that foundation. He is the most important part. He spoke to His apostles of a city set on a hill, and a light not to be placed under a bushel. In Isaiah and the Book of Mormon, we read, “Nevertheless, for my name’s sake will I defer mine anger, and for my praise will I refrain from thee, that I cut thee not off…. For mine own sake… will I do this, for I will not suffer my name to be polluted, and I will not give my glory unto another.” We don’t need to jump ship. The church in Paul’s day had lots of problems too, and he had his hands full in correcting them. Also, contrary to what has been stated, BYU didn’t support the transvestite celebrations. Those students acted entirely on their own, off campus, without the approval or aid of BYU. Official statements have made that very clear.

    I agree that these things are an abomination. However, if you were in charge, how would you solve it? Would you start a system of witch hunts as the activity goes underground, or would you teach correct principles and allow people to govern themselves, taking disciplinary action on individual cases when individuals cross a line of sexual activity?

    If you want to understand where all this is coming from, read the book, The Return of the Gods. Jonathan Cahn makes the case that the Old Testament gods, Baal, Ishtar, and Molek have returned (they are evil spirits, not gods) because we have kicked God out of the public square. Worshipers of Ishtar would put on transvestite parades in the month of June, and wear colorful apparel. The symbol of Ishtar was the rainbow. The priests would castrate themselves and wave the instruments in the air to show off what they had done. Ishtar was the god of transformation who would turn women into men and men into women. None of what we are seeing to day is new. Society as a whole is possessed, or surrounded by evil spirits, and people are being swept up in the spirit of the times. We need to be careful to what spirit we list to obey. We need to censure which media we expose ourselves to lest we get softened up to accept and tolerate abomination.

    I have every confidence that this issue will get resolved in time, so let’s not rush to judgement or make knee-jerk reactions. The scriptures and prophesies are clear that there will be a division. There will be those that are wise and those that are foolish, those that are sincere and those that are hypocrites and enemies to truth.

    1. BYU has supported this, to say they have not is wishful thinking. It is clearly explained in the section “BYU Connections​” in the article referenced:

      What can be done to solve this is very simple, and spelled out very plainly and reasonably at Nobody is suggesting gestapo tactics, nor are they needed or wanted. The offenses and violations of principle are very public. The church can take BYU back and make it a light again, taking some very simple but major steps. As elders in the church we all have a duty to speak our mind from time to time, or else we are unwise stewards and slothful servants.

      Duties of the priesthood (teacher office) D&C 20:53-54: “watch over the church always… see that there is no iniquity in the church…”

      1. Enoch,

        It appears I am a little out of date on this issue. There has been a more recent development where the “first-ever BYU approved demonstration of love and support for members of the LGBTQ community at the university” has occurred. At least, that’s according to The Daily Universe.

        The event was held in accordance to the restrictive policy located here.

        I get the justification for this — trying to help people who feel like outcasts feel accepted as children of God — but I think it ill advised because it emboldens the gay agenda and normalizes it.

        I’m still not fully convinced that all this stuff is as approved by BYU itself as your articles suggest. The U of U has strict guidelines for when teachers may say they are representing the University vs when they are expressing their own opinions. Much of what has been cited regarding BYU faculty falls under the latter category as far as I can tell. However, whether or not we agree on this point is really a matter of nomenclature and is besides the point. The point is that all this stuff going on is wrong, and you and I are on the same team as far as that goes. My emphasis on my last comment was simply to defend the church from those with an “anti-” mentality who seem all too pleased to use this issue to promote their anti- sentiments. As a final note, I was not suggesting that the issue would be resolved without encouragement from concerned citizens. I was accounting for that in my prognosis.

        I applaud your efforts and agree that BYU should become independent from federal funding. The sign of the rainbow was originally a sign of God’s promise. It has since been co-opted by the Adversary to become a sign of the occult. Displaying that symbol can only give more power to wicked influences. I hope this movement to clean up BYU is successful sooner than later.

        By the way, the drag queen dances in front of children isn’t a BYU issue as much as a legal issue. Lewdness in front of a minor is a crime, is it not? I think that avenue ought to be pursued. I’ll contact the legislature to see if we can pass legislation to ensure this drag queen business falls within the scope of the law.

        1. “the first-ever BYU approved demonstration of love and support for “… [fill in the blank]

          It all equates to: First ever church-approved demonstration of love and support for sin; for iniquity. It would be every bit as wrong if the blank was filled in with unfeeling abortionists or with mass murderers or with child molesters, or adulterers, who would be just as pleased to be accepted despite their iniquity and bad examples and have such demonstrations for their sinful ways of life.

          Such a demonstration is a way of enabling the evil these people do by showing them support for their evil deeds. This act is the act of loving and supporting not just sodomy and child abuse, but generally evil that directly comes from the evil ones of that demonic realm.

          The inclusiveness agenda of the Church in regards to sodomy is the same thing. It’s meant to accept those who refuse to cease accepting evil so they can keep their standing in the church AND their standing in identifying as sodomites. So this begs the question: Why is the church, of which BYU is an arm, loving and supporting evil?

          Separation of the wicked who refuse to live the more basic principles of Jesus’s Gospel is a tradition that goes back far before the founding of Christianity. It was practiced by the Jews of the Old Testament, Early Christians of Jesus’s day and the churches since, the righteous peoples detailed in the Book of Mormon, and in the Church of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, down to this very day. It is literally Mormon Doctrine. From the D&C prescribing when and in what manner of circumstances people are to be cast out, to the call to come out of Babylon, this tradition is one of separating the righteous from those who would corrupt the righteous and their society. It is not, by itself, a bad practice. It is the separating the acceptance of evil that will corrupt and penetrate the rest of the faithful, and ultimately the church and society until it brings ruin.

          Ostracizing those who practice the great evils of sodomy and all the hell it brings is not wrong, but good; both for the church and for the sinner. Jesus sent away individuals for far less. Those sinners who come _earnestly_ seeking to be better and put off the lusts of the flesh are not included in this, but they are also not those who need and want to be celebrated, honored and accepted for their sinful way of life, such as we see in these kinds of demonstrations by BYU and in the Church generally for acceptance of those who practice sodomy and their recent acceptance of the corruption of Marriage. To say nothing of actually participating in the evils with them, and forcing it on children to teach them the ways of sin. Jesus became violent when they defiled the Temple with money changers, how much more would He be angry with a church that defiles Marriage and help sinners defile the sanctity of the God-given gender of our mortal temples?

          It isn’t us who needs to show love and acceptance for those who practice sinful ways. It is the sinner who needs to lay off their corrupt behaviors, abandon everything to do with those ways and identifications, and come to God to love and accept the Gospel and the principles of truth, and join with those who love and follow those principles. Not the church, but the true followers of the Gospel, which is not a “church” as you define the word. Jesus’s Gospel transcends churches, which are organizations of men on this earth, meant to point to, and teach men of, the Gospel, which is universal to both our world and the others.

          I’m sorry you cannot see the truth behind this whole affair and sickness in the church, and in at least some of the church leaders. Making a plethora of platitudes to justify it, or rationalize it away as the acts of individuals rather than the Church itself, was perhaps well meaning, but we do know how the saying goes about good intentions and where that leads to.

          Keep thinking, and keep sharing your beliefs and your opinions. But be open minded enough to see that the same falling away and destruction of the early Christians in the old world, and the similar falling away and apostasy of those in the Book of Mormon, in addition to the warnings to the Church in the D&C are more than 100% proof positive that even this church can also fall away. We may dispute as to where it is in that process, but we seem to agree that it is in process. If it weren’t, we wouldn’t be discussing these issues now.

          And perhaps you should afford those who have separated themselves from a corrupted Church, in order to hold to God, with at least as much regard as you do the unrepentant sodomites who need to be accepted by the Church despite their sinful lifestyle. The latter is a sinner seeking to be accepted for sin, the former is one who puts sin and corruption off to remain with God. Which is better?

          You’ve attempted to imply I am the model apostate. I am not apostate, but the Church is apostate. We throw out the baby because the filth isn’t just on the baby, but the baby itself, which is more dirty than the bathwater at this point. By their fruits ye shall know them. Does a sweet fountain bring forth bitter water? It has become a church of men, led by the wicked. A falling church. That doesn’t mean it and all associated with it are bad people and wholly corrupt. It is not at that point by a long shot.

          If you don’t agree that it is compromised, that is your right. But I’d rather be accused of falsely leaving a true church to stay with God than following a false church because I had more respect for an institution of men than I did for God. If you cannot accept the Church is fully capable of apostasy, not just the people of it, but the Church itself, then you deny your own Church’s doctrines, and by doing that, you deny your own church.

          Regardless, I care not for the false judgements of men. Any may think evil of me or persecute me, but I am living my testimony. And my testimony is that God is greater than any church, and greater than all churches. Any light they have is only by the grace of God, and the church deserves no glory of its own. When God’s light ceases from that church, that church is nothing. I can leave any church and still know God, but one cannot remain with a corrupt church after their eyes have been opened to its true nature and still remain with God while observing the iniquity that church demands. I know God. And I know the Church. I choose the former by the judgement God gives me. Perhaps God calls me to a different path than he does you.

          No matter. I am not upset with your judgement, just disappointed that so many Mormons think the ultimate devotion to God is diverting their devotion to a Church led by fallible men who tell them they must give their devotion to the church because the church is the only way. Jesus said HE is the only way. So obviously right there is proof something is wrong with your church. If you cannot let go of the church in this world, how can you enter heaven? The church doesn’t exist in Heaven, something far greater than the mortal observances exists there, so obviously there is something wrong with how you perceive a church’s relationship with God. It is but a vehicle, it is not the destination.

          1. A B,

            I’m sorry if you feel persecuted. Let me assure you. We disagree, but no one is persecuting anyone. So, there’s no need for either of us to adopt a martyr’s mentality. I don’t consider you to be the model apostate, because I don’t know what that would be. I do consider you to have “anti” sentiments, but I think you would agree with me. I do distinguish between different kinds of “anti” behavior. There are those who purposefully use lies and misinformation to deceive people. I don’t believe you to be one of those. There are also those who don’t lie, but simply claim the church is false. Then there are those who also don’t lie, but believe the church is evil. I believe you lie somewhere between those two endpoints. You are not trying to deceive people; you just honestly believe the church is not true, and to some extent may even be evil. However, feel free to define yourself in your own words.

            While I agree with you on your opposition to the gay agenda, I disagree with you on a number points. I think it is very clever to describe BYU as an arm of the church, because it makes it easier to leap to the conclusions you make about the church. I quite disagree with you though. I think these are marvelous leaps of logic. I think you are using broad brush strokes. But there it is. We are just going to disagree on that. I believe you to be as deceived as you believe me to be naive.

            As far as the church being separate from God, I disagree on this point. Jesus knew his church would fall away in the past. However, in the last days, He, as a bridegroom would meet His church. Those in the church who are prepared to meet Him will be invited to the marriage feast. To Latter Day Saints, the Church of the Firstborn is something that will exist in the hereafter. The Bible talks about this, but then Christians read the Bible many different ways, don’t they. In many ways, Latter Day Saints derive their doctrine from modern revelation, and then find support for that doctrine in the Bible after the fact. Even Peter received revelation that it was time to take the gospel to the gentiles, not by reading the Bible, but directly from God. William Lane Craig, world renowned Christian philosopher, said that if there is an apparent contradiction between the Bible and the Holy Spirit, you better go with what the Spirit says. After all, for those who believe in the Trinity, the Spirit is God. Can someone be deceived by “personal revelation?” Yes, but that problem is not unique to revelation. People can also be deceived by how they interpret the written word of God. As Ezra Taft Benson said: The great test of life is to do God’s will; the great task of life to learn God’s will. So that’s where we’re at. We all have the responsibility to discern the truth for ourselves. We must do this, even amidst controversy and when things get messy. That’s part of life. You’ve discerned one way. I’ve discerned another. Logically speaking, we can both be wrong, but we can’t both be right. We’ll find out soon enough. In the hereafter, if one of us is right, let’s shake hands and congratulate the “winner.” Shall we?

            Oh, by the way, I’ve never really liked that quip about the road to Hell being paved with good intentions. I don’t think it has any practical use. I suppose there is some truth to it given a very narrow definition of what constitutes a good intention. However, it’s largely a matter of semantics. Also, it ignores that the road the Heaven will also be paved with good intentions, unless we assume God will only save those who have evil intentions. Those who are saved in God’s Kingdom will undoubtedly be people who intentionally did their best to do God’s will, and yet still fell short of the Glory of God and received of His grace.

            Some points to keep in mind. The church has drawn a line in the sand. Gay marriage will not be accepted by the church. The church received the most persecution of any organization I know when they encouraged its members to campaign against prop 8 in California. The church has been clear that same-sex attraction is not a sin, but acting on it is a sin. The church also, for a time, denied baptism to minors who had parents that had gay marriages. This did cause heartache for those faithful parents whose spouses left the church to pursue gay marriage. The faithful spouse still wanted their children to be baptized. Eventually, the church adjusted its policy. (Having loved ones who decided to leave the church due to the church’s original denial of baptism stance, I am aware of the controversy and all the relevant arguments on both sides.)

            On a different note, I have contacted Ken Ivory of the legislature. I’ll include a different post on that.

  5. I contacted Ken Ivory of the Utah Legislature. I also informed him of some gay agenda, grooming language in my daughter’s World Civilizations book. He was pleased to be informed of this. He is working on a bill to eliminate this type of thing from Utah schools. He was interested in this BYU activity. If someone can reach out to him with some hard facts, it may help him to craft the legislation. Also, I suggested that he craft the legislation in a way that will encourage schools to proactively protect their brand and distance themselves from the drag show activity and grooming of youth.

      1. Nonetheless,

        He is working on a bill with or without your input. This is your chance to influence him. After it’s written, it’s too late. Even legislators you don’t align with often respond to the right kind of diplomacy. If you can show how you are allies on one touch point at least, communicating with him may prove helpful.

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