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Did you see this teaser below on social media?  Then you’ve come to the right place. Have you heard of the BYU dragshow?

On Sep 3rd, 2022 – We covered a drag show event targeting children in the name of BYU through various BYU affiliated groups. The public event happened at Kiwanis park in Provo, just barely off campus.

Too many wouldn’t believe it if someone didn’t document it.  So here’s the full story with tons of details. Sign and share the petition to BYU at the bottom of this article.

Defending Utah, exercising our first amendment right to freedom of the press, assigned three journalists to the crowd working together at this public event.  The group putting on the drag show, the “RaYnbow Collective” (The Y is to claim their representation of BYU homosexuals) claimed this would be a “family friendly” drag show.  That’s difficult to do, since the nature of cross-dressing itself is not family friendly (the reason why the LDS church hasn’t even allowed it for employees at Halloween parties). Sexual fetishes have never been considered family friendly anywhere and as one protestor from Utah County put it, “Drag is a sexual fetish”.

But still, our intent was to give the benefit of the doubt and neutrally observe as journalists and report facts.  If the show was truly benign, we would report it as such.  But instead, the evidence shows the “family friend” intention is a complete lie. Instead, the evidence points strongly to suggest it’s intended to expose children to sexual content at inappropriate age levels.

BYU Connections

UPDATE: We’ve added this section for clarity based on feedback. This article already explains the various connections to BYU, but this summary paragraph is to put it into one place, because some people need to see it in one place, not everyone reads the whole article.

1. The drag queens themselves were both BYU students and BYU alumni doing the child grooming on stage, according to students and alumni that Defending Utah interviewed.
2. The Official Sponsoring Group was the “RaYnbow Collective” (it’s their screenshot above).
3. The group was raising money at the event, which they labeled for six different purposes. Some of those purposes are activities known to happen as part of the BYU experience.
4. The group uses the BYU “Y” logo, transformed into a rainbow. BYU does
not stop these unofficial groups from using their branding and implying
some level of endorsement from the university.
5. They’re supposedly an “unofficial” BYU group, as if that’s an excuse to distance this behavior from the university, however this is not a real excuse:
a. The same group is reported to hold other events on campus, even if this one was slightly outside campus. Students see them as a part of the university and the university culture.
b. Faculty do attend the meetings for this group, so they have faculty organizational help in their activities.

6. BYU professors have openly declared their opposition to the proclamation on the family, and they teach this to students. Read that article here.
7. BYU has a dozen or more groups that fall into the gender dysphoria category, some are official and some are not (listed below, and on the petition), and the same circles of students, alumni and staff may rotate between the groups. BYU provides money and resources to some, but not others. So picking and choosing which groups do the controversial things is only a dishonest way to hide that the university is supportive of the agenda as a whole.
8. Color the Campus – A related group is one of the most famous for “coloring” the BYU campus, they do events on campus, as their name even suggests.  The only difference is there is no child grooming on campus (yet).
9. See the video linked below of a walk through of BYU’s sociology department, to see how widespread this is at parts of the school.
10. Some other examples we’ve exposed about BYU professors engaging in anti-family behavior:
BYU: Princess Culture Helps Boys Overcome Toxic Masculinity
BYU Professor Pushing Removal of Family Proclamation
BYU Professor Attacks Teachings of the Church

11. Even if this one wasn’t, previous drag shows have actually been on campus.

Disclaimer - What is right and what is wrong?

This is NOT about people’s rights, or being nice to people that are different. It is about the rights of an entire generation of children who are being targeted for exposure to sexual content at far-beyond age appropriate levels. This amounts to nothing other than sexual grooming.  It is the behavior of the pedophile mindset.

Under the principle of free agency, adults may choose whatever pursuit of life, liberty and property they wish as they learn from the consequences of their actions.  Defending freedom for all mankind must honor people’s individual choices so long as they don’t infringe on the rights of others.  But when those choices do infringe on the rights of others, such as children, then the situation changes and good people must defend the defenseless.

When a religious institution, such as the LDS church, has loyal members that serve in and fund that institution–with the expectation that their leaders are building up its gospel and not tearing it down–those leaders need to take action in a situation like this for the institution to continue to function properly.

Shock Coming Below; Here's a Summary First

At this show, children were directly exposed to an entire cast of men dressed up as very feminine women with the following important highlights that the public should know:

– Bulging private parts
– Nude-mimicking clothing
– Sexual dance moves
– Failed attempts to shield the sexualization of children from plain view
– BYU branding all over the event and the social media pages of the people involved. This is clearly a part of an attempt to fundamentally change BYU, and church culture itself, which even has the cooperation of BYU.

It’s time for members of the church to demand real action from ecclesiastical leaders who spend our tithing money at BYU, whether directly connected or not. In defense of the gospel, and the family proclamation, the people must boldly speak their minds or we are just as accountable as the leaders that have let this situation get this far with no real action.

Shocking Photos Say it All

Are you wondering if these photos are being taken out of context? Our media channels have video footage included. You can keep reading the article for the story, or watch the video for context of the images.

Dumb SJW excuses to defend the grooming behavior

On the BYU Conservatives’ instagram page, LGBT supporters claim this is no big deal.

This was not a gymnast or athlete during a game where somebody can pause a video and take the photo out of context.

This was also not just one quick slip-up or wardrobe malfunction.

This was repetitive behavior by multiple dancers, who didn’t have to choose to wear what they were wearing, with very intentional dance moves, that held those positions aimed towards the children, after the children were targeted as an important part of the audience.

Are they violating the law?  Decide for yourself.

Does this fall under “Other acts of lewdness” ?

Read the Utah Legislative Code on the subject and form your own opinion.

Targeting Children on Purpose

You don’t need to expose children to adult sexual fetishes in order to teach them to be kind and loving. “Family friendly” is a cover term for targeting children.

If you’ve seen the videos online where this has happened in other cities, you know it’s resulted in exposing children. Take a look at how it’s gone down in other cities before it came to Provo.

Here a hand puppet shows the intentional targeting of a child audience.

BYU Drag Queens: Men Teaching Little Kids Sexual Confusion through their Actions, Seeding Gender Dysphoria

Drag Queen tells other Drag Queens to Stop This

It’s so obvious how wrong this is, that even other drag queens are telling drag queens to stop doing this.

Children Being Delivered into the Grooming

Trying to Block Public Documentation

Event attendees went to great lengths to cover up the controversial association of their drag queens with little children from the eyes of protestors and journalists that weren’t on their side.

Most of the children were up in the front, and that’s where the inappropriate content would be most exposed to them. Based on the crowd’s behavior of keeping anti-pedophiles away from the front, this may have been a goal of the attendees.

See the video at the very bottom of this article for footage of these scenes.

Police had to tell this attendee to leave the journalists alone.

These human walls were formed which shielded the grooming evidence from the protestors’ plain view for a time. Click photos to enlarge.

After blocking journalists didn’t work, attendees tried to intimidate them as a last resort. Even the Tribune ‘s reporter seemed to keep aiming his camera into the face of one of our journalists for an extended period of time.

Anti-Pedophile Protestors, Supporting Children

SLTribune, Pro-Child-Grooming Spin

The protestors did not engage in any kind of “anti gay” behavior as the Tribune accuses in their headline. What these protestors did do is spread “anti-pedophile” or “pro-children’s mental health” messages hoping to appeal to the consciences of the adults– namely parents– in the crowd.

Our reporters only heard protestors yell things like “Take care of your children” and “Take your kids home” in support of parents doing the right thing, or “Pedophile”, which we’d consider an accurate label for those who deliberately expose little children to sexual content. This is nothing that could be considered a “slur”.  Whereas, we did see LGBT supporters yell at the anti-pedophile, children-defending protestors. Here’s a quick example:

At the bottom of this article, see the video footage of the following scenes:

Hear anti-pedophile protestors shout in defense of the defenseless:

“Pedophile” to the stage
“Take your children home” to parents of children.
“Get your kids out of here”
“Be a better parent”.

Note that nobody is telling them they don’t have the right to privately live whatever lifestyle they want, they’re only defending children. The Salt Lake Tribune’s claims are completely baseless.

Are We Overreacting with Pedophilia Claims?

A movement to add “Pedophilia” to the LGBTQ…P?

Various sources like Reuters have claimed to officially debunk this is happening.

One example of an incident which makes this a real question is the appearance of a meme that went viral after “LGBT News” on facebook published a meme saying ‘age didn’t matter’ even when one of the ages was a child of ten years old.  After it went viral, they took it down and claimed they accidentally posted a joke meme that someone made, at least according to the various apologetic comments that were found.

They later posted they would never allow this. Note that “MAPs” is the term to normalize pedophilia as “Minor Attracted Person”.

But do your own research. Law enforcement has warned for years that there’s a community of pedophiles that want to be out in the open.  They started their own organization called NAMBLA decades ago to become accepted as pedophiles in society. I’m purposely not linking to it directly– you can research it on your own if you want. The agenda is clear, and it’s slipping out, little by little. Even if younger “LGBT…” members don’t know the history.  It’s already accepted in elite circles, which PizzaGate and the Jeffrey Epstein cases blew wide open into the general public.

This article has a lot of history of the “sometimes accepted” and “sometimes rejected” back and forth that goes on between pedophiles and the LGBT… community.

4th Grade School Teacher Celebrating

This is a teacher from Jordan School District at Butterfield Canyon Elementary school who attended the “unofficial” BYU club’s Drag Show. Does your child go to his school?  Do you know what he’s teaching your children?

I wonder if he ever dresses up with high heels at school like his friend here.

BYU institutionalized support of the full agenda?

Stories on the web that illustrate widespread confusion and issues

  • A student who washed away the rainbow chalk on campus and said a slur is presumably kicked out but students who put drag queens in front of children are allowed to stay!?
  • This girl wrote about her appointment with the honor code office. Her bishop and stake president support her dating people of the same gender and gave her a temple recommend. So when she got accused of romantically having a girl sleep over in her apartment, she asked the honor code advisor why that was a problem if she is temple worthy still….
The entire sociology department at BYU is a den of insanity.

Brigham Young University (all three campuses) supports many groups that are contrary to gospel doctrines including The Family: A Proclamation to the World

A long trail of clubs that BYU Hawaii, Idaho, and Provo are being associated with:

  • Affirmation (advertised as an official BYU Provo resource)
    “A small group of students and faculty looking to create an LGBTQ support group at Brigham Young University-Hawaii joined forces with Affirmation to reorganize the chapter for the island. Their first event attracted over 45 LGBTQ Latter-day Saints and their allies and their Facebook group has surged to over 100 members and counting.”
  • Affirmation Hawaii (BYU-H chapter)
    “Communities of safety, love and hope to affirm the inherent self-worth of LGBTQIA+ individuals as they define their individual spirituality with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”
    [What does the PLUS stand for?]
  • Encircle (An official resource advertised by BYU Provo)
    “Builds safe spaces for LGBTQ+ youth, young adults, and families”
  • Listen, Learn, and Love (An official resource advertised by BYU Provo)
    “A Latter-day Saint LGBTQ resource center”
  • North Star (An official resource advertised by BYU Provo)
    “Explores the complexity of sexual orientation and gender identity within the context of faith”
  • The OUT Foundation
    “A nonprofit organization empowering the LGBTQ+ alumni and current students of BYU to achieve their professional and intellectual potential”
  • USGA at BYU
    “Understanding Sexuality, Gender & Allyship. A non-BYU sponsored group of BYU students, faculty, and guests who wish to enhance the BYU community by providing a safe space for open, respectful conversation on LGBTQ & SSA topics. They have weekly club meetings and other activities.”
  • Progressive Student Society in Rexburg (Supporter of Rainbow Day on BYU campus)
  • Rainbow Days (all 3 campuses)
    “A day that rainbow-wearing students stand on campus and hand out LGBTQ flags, pins, resource pamphlets, and fliers while students and invited guests speak to crowds that form. These days occur either once per semester or once per year at the beginning of ‘Pride month’.”
    “This also includes more dramatic shows of “pride” such as lighting the Y with rainbow flashlights and chalking the campus sidewalks full of LGBT propaganda.”

Other clubs that use the BYU logo and claim an affiliation, but the school does not recognize as an “official” club.

Solutions: Calls to Action

BYU has a pattern of promoting drag shows in the past. That’s right, this is not the first time and they’re getting worse each time. It won’t stop unless everyone demands that it stop.

Students and staff who invite children to sit in front of cross dressing, risqué dancing, drag queens should be held accountable. Loss of employment and expulsion should be considered.

To members of the LDS church: Are you going to allow this to become accepted in your lifetime with the approval of a church school where you give sacred tithes to support such school?

To repeat myself from above:

When a religious institution, such as the LDS church, has loyal members that serve in and fund that institution, with the expectation that their leaders are building up its gospel and not tearing it down, those leaders need to take action in a situation like this for the institution to continue to function properly.

If you feel that it’s time some real cleanup happened at BYU, to restore and then protect BYU so future generations can experience what our ancestors did, then we invite you to do the following.

    1. Read the list of demands to BYU and sign the petition at


      (If you don’t want to sign the petition officially, but still support the cause, you can sign up for our mailing list for updates on this and other news and events)
    2. Call and email BYU’s Honor Code office to demand discipline of those involved in this event.
      Provo: (801) 422-2847
      Email: [email protected]
    3. Call and email BYU’s Office of the President.

      Provo: (801) 422-2521
      Email: [email protected]

      Demand that Honor Code administrators and staff do their job and discipline or expel all students and staff connected to this drag show event.

      Present your feelings on this drag show event and discuss from the full list of demands in the petition that you feel strongly about.

    4. Call Church Headquarters
      Main, Salt Lake City: (801) 240-1000
      Communication Staff: (801) 240-2205

      The church has employees whose job it is to hear what the members think, so you be the other part of that equation.

      Present your feelings on this drag show event and discuss items on the petition that you feel strongly about.

      Present your feelings, on if the church must absolutely force BYU to stop these programs, disband BYU’s Office of Student Success and Inclusion, and quit using tithing money to fund such activities, whether directly or indirectly.

      Present your feelings on if BYU does not radically change, then sacred funds should stop being used to support the institution, and perhaps a brand new institution should be created.

Video Report with Context and Footage


14 Responses

  1. The very fact that MY tithing funds might be used for this disgusting, NOT family-friendly display of abomination worthy of being struck down by the Lord, and GROOMING CHILDREN in order to be acceptable in their perversions, make me EXTREMELY ANGRY!! If this is happening at BYU then ALL OF THEIR FACULTY, ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF AND ANY OTHER PEOPLE OF INFLUENCE MUST BE REPLACED!!! NOW!!!

  2. Allow me to borrow a soap box once again; a message to those who feel their faith is harmed by the mistakes of men or the church.

    With respect to those who mistakenly believe the church is the ultimate authority and that its leaders are not capable of selling their souls to hell, I ask you to repent and turn to God and his truth as the ultimate authority, and listen to the spirit of truth more than you listen to the church and its leaders, or other earthly voices. The scriptures also say that these men are imperfect and capable of falling into damnation.

    To those who don’t believe the church to be incapable of failing and falling or that the church never was the ‘true church’, i say that the God of truth is real, regardless of any religion. And whether the church was ever true or whether it fell, God still is true, if it be not the gods of men, but the true God of right and truth.

    Whichever side you come from, know this: men are fallible, capable of evil, and may fall and turn from righteousness and turn to savagery and evil. Any man or woman who allows themselves to be drawn away may fall, and most often it is vanity and pride that is the precursor to such falling, or else the lazy unwillingness to learn for oneself and just accept what other men tell them is truth. A prophet or holy man may fall. The scriptures have multiple examples of that. Even if you do not believe in christianity, the God of truth is real, and will visit you in your own temple: your heart, your conscience and through the working of the spiritual to know between good and evil.

    For chiristians, even mormons, there should be no doubt that church leaders, and the church itself, can fall from grace. Lucifer himself was a son of the morning, a creation of God before he fell and became the devil because of his rebellion and choice to make evil a part of his character. Do not think mortal men, who call themselves prophets, are not capable of doing the same on earth: that which a powerful angel did while still in heaven. The D&C is full of condemnations for the church and its leaders for their wickedness and slowness to do right. Are current leaders better than they? The early church fell into darkness shortly after Jesus left them. Can not a church fall away today?

    Too many times have I heard from church leaders the story of the snake or the scorpion who asked for help getting across the river, only to bite or sting the one who carried them. The Church embraced sodomites. They decided it was the right thing to do to trust and carry filthiness and evil upon our backs. And when that evil bites us, or infects our children, our communities, our way of life, what shall we do? Will we ask “why did you bite me, now we will both drown?” Whether they say it or not, we knew what they were when we picked them up and placed them upon our backs.

    Inclusion…. inclusion… inclusion…. Accepting into your midst that which is cast out for living agianst our way of life. No longer are the fallen prophets with the God of truth, if ever they were not fallen. And if such as they turn from the true God, can they then be luke warm? They are not middle ground between good and evil, but are become the agents of hell. These trust not. If they ask you to include evil, listen not. Cast out evil, that in losing fellowship, it may learn to live correctly; to know the difference between the fruits of the gospel and the fruits of the wicked ways.

    Even back in the 1990’s when there was a great push to bring homosexuality to the open, when all this gay rights nonsense started heavily expanding to mainstream, I never knew anyone to have beat up a person for being gay or oppressed them or hated them. I have always, myself, opposed sodomy with the strongest of feeling and effort. Despite this, many of my friends over the years have been gay or lesbian. They listened to the messages coming out of society, believed they were persecuted and oppressed. And oppressed and persecuted they were, but only by their own decisions and their own self loathing.

    While I had a number of gay friends, I made it known to them how I felt about that practice. They did not feel I was persecuting them, but they felt persecuted by society, had low self esteem, and often showed their great unhappiness. Nevertheless, and though they were friends, I set strict boundaries, so they would know I would not place myself in a position where their sexual behaviors or expressions thereof would be exposed to me or those around me. These boundaries were necessary, without rejecting the person, letting them know I was there to help with appropriate needs, but that their moral choices was what was unacceptable to my way of life; that I could not accept the sin, but still accepted them as friends with boundaries. This practice was not what I would call “inclusion”. They knew I set strict boundaries, and why I set them, and how I felt about their choices, but I did do it with kindness and a willingness to accept appropriate interactions with them on a limited basis, and help where appropriate. They understood why and accepted those boundaries.

    But those boundaries would prevent me bringing them home to interact with children or to accept their behaviors which I believed to be wrong both socially and spiritually. None of my gay friends ever hated me, and I never hated them. But we had boundaries that those friends had to accept. They knew I could not accept the expression of their chosen sexual behaviors.

    The church isnt doing what I did. They are openly embracing those who have chosen to live in a fashion that diametrically opposes the ways of God and our way of life. The church may have some boundaries, but not all the appropriate boundaries that would prevent those who’ve chosen to live in wickedness from infringing upon the rights of the obedient and the vulnerable and the young.

    Allowing gays to attend church is a certain thing. Placing them to be accepted for their wickedness and in a position to be influential to others is well beyond appropriate boundaries. Giving them callings and allowing them to receive rites intended for the faithful, while they are unfaithful, is breaking down the very purpose of religion and the church.

    But why would someone who choses to oppose the foundational principles of the gospel (or a church) want to attend that church? They attend for acceptance. They want to be accepted in their rebellion. And by that standard, should be excluded even from church attendance until they are ready to start living the true principles that the church should be teaching. Churches have always been a fellowship of those who choose to live the principles of the gospel and have always been meant to exclude from that fellowship those who intentionally choose to live a different way from that church, because those who live opposite of that church break that way of life down, even as the gays are breaking down the Mormon/LDS church today. That is the purpose of a church. A church is meant to point men to God’s principles and way of life and exclude those who refuse to live them until they come into a willingness to comply.

    But these kinds of things are not new with the church. I was aware of great sin in the church stretching back decades. Some venerated leaders in the church going back a very long time have engaged in all manner of evils. Some worship devils. Some torture and human trafficked women and children. The homosexual lifestyle is a sin that even prophets have lived in and used their positions in the church to cover up. Child abuse among church leaders is far more prevalent than anyone who doesnt know better would imagine. I’ve sadly seen it myself and in the lives of family. The church is not innocent. And they refuse to repent as a church or as church leaders. They think they are above the rules and need for grace, pretending they are the unimpeachable inheritors of God.

    Church leaders have placed themselves in the stead of God. And I have watched as faithful members have pronounced their surety that some of these wicked men are true prophets and men of God. Even those who I personally know to be evil men.

    Nevertheless, condemn not the truth in the gospel. Condemn not all for the sins of some. And even if the church weren’t the one true church, it can still be beneficial to those seeking salvation. But such benefits are ever dwindling as the church embraces more and more evil. As it openly and actively supports the evil organizations trying to destroy God’s works. As it steals tithing for the interests of wicked men and their evil and corrupt agendas.

    So what is my message? It isnt a recommendation to necessarily retreat from a church or a religion. My message is to remind you that all men, and all that men build, including religion & churches, are fallible, susceptible to corruption and great evil, and may lead you away from the God of truth and right. Place your faith not in men and their ‘true’ churches, but place your faith and devotion in the true God. And if you do this, and embrace true principles… the same true principles God is built upon… then you will receive God’s help, and His blessings. Though you’ve been told otherwise, salvation is not found in empty performances, or being touched by other corruptible mortals, no matter how many times you repeat them. Neither is salvation found in that which is built by the hands of corruptible men. But if you will become as God is, make the principles of Truth your path, incorporate them into your being, and become Truth as God is Truth. God’s truth is not built by men, nor bestowed by men’s ordinance, but bestowed by God and the principles He is built upon. Let God touch your heart and bestow that Truth unto salvation.

    And if you do this, even the fall of the whole church will not shake you from the true path or hollow your spirituality out one whit or disturb you into joining with the fallen when a false faith is eroded. Because your house–which house is a metaphor for your faith and your knowledge and the truth upon which you have entrusted your being–will be built upon a sure foundation. And that foundation will not fall because it is the bedrock of all truth and right. It is incapable of falling, but only a rejection of a sure foundation can bring your fall after you have received it. But such a fall comes not easily, as do the fallings of those who foolishly build their faith on the sandy shores of men and men’s religions and churches. If you build upon the sure foundation, you will lose mountains of doubts, of pains, of fears, and only a willful choice to turn unto damnation can make you fall from that sure rock.

  3. Why would ANY parent subject their children to this sick and disgusting display of sexual lunacy? These people are demented and are practicing the very acts that prophets and apostles have denounced for generations. Perversion and derangement to a T.

  4. An Open Letter To The BYU Honors Code Department:

    I demand that Honor Code administrators and staff do their job and discipline or expel all students and staff connected to this drag show event.

    As a former employee of the Botany and Range Department and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and a federal taxpayer, I feel a sickness in the core of my soul. Why? Because I am a conqueror of childhood sexual, physical and satanic abuse. Yes, I was groomed. This occurred between the ages of 3 to 6 at the hands of a man that was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, held the priesthood office of Elder, served a mission to the British Isles and was sealed to his wife in the Logan Temple. If he does not repent of all of the abuse that he and his “friends” performed on many little children, I will not see him for another 1000 years. I thank God The Father for the Atonement of His Son, Jesus Christ, so that I can be fully healed and that my perpetrator can repent and enjoy The Millenium.

    ~ As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I am appalled at the misuse of sacred tithing funds for the promotion / execution of the “unofficial” drag queen show.

    ~ As a federal taxpayer, I am appalled that funds from the United States government received by BYU for the promotion / execution of the “unofficial” drag queen show.

    ~ As a former employee of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Botany and Range Department at BYU, I am appalled at this misuse of time and mental capacity of the faculty that organized and took part in the “unofficial” drag queen show.

    Alma 47:38
    “Now these dissenters (certain faculty and students of BYU), having the same instruction and the same information of the Nephites (covenant keeping members), yea, having been instructed in the same knowledge of the Lord, nevertheless, it is strange to relate, not long after their dissensions they became more hardened and impenitent, and more wild, wicked and ferocious than the Lamanites—drinking in with the traditions of the Lamanites; giving way to indolence, and all manner of lasciviousness; yea, entirely forgetting the Lord their God.”

    These modern day dissenters will become as the Nephite dissenters in The Book of Mormon: more hardened, more impenitent, more wild, more wicked and more ferocious.

    Don’t try to groom me. I’d rather be refined as silver and gold by my Savior, Jesus Christ.



  5. Letter to BYU and the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints

    7 September 2022

    I am a forty six year member of the church, having converted to the church at age thirteen. As I grew up, got married and had children one of the churches great attractions for me was it’s unswerving devotion to traditional family values. Imagine my shock when I heard about a “family friendly” drag queen show. For the record there is no such thing as a family friendly drag show.

    I am writing to express my extreme disappointment and frankly disgust, at the drag queen event in Provo recently. This was an event aimed squarely at children. All you have to do is look at the photos of the children in essentially front row seats with a wall of adults behind them to make sure the kids can’t be distracted or leave.

    I was profoundly disturbed to find out that BYU could attach itself in any capacity, no matter how cleverly constructed, to what was clearly a pedophilic grooming event. I am stunned that the leadership of not only the church but of BYU would choose to remain silent on so vile an event that was tacitly advertised under the BYU banner.

    Having watched some video, viewed numerous photos of the event and familarised myself with the grotesque defense of the event by local media, I can only say how appropriate it was that the groups defenders used white sheets to cloak their vile sexual obsession with children. The fact that many of the sheets were deployed in the form of angels wings was as large a middle finger to decent folks as I’ve ever seen. As I watched video of the event Isaiah 3:9 came to mind “The look on their faces testifies against them; they parade their sin like Sodom; they do not hide it. Woe to them! They have brought disaster upon themselves” I would add that they don’t limit destruction simply to themselves, they also choose to destroy the lives of innocent children. They do so proudly.

    In Matthew 18:9 Jesus warned “But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” I believe that promise applies equally to those (pedophile, parent or prophet) who would allow those same children to come to harm in the name of “tolerance” or “diversity.” The tolerance taught by the Savior does not include sacrificing children to adult lust. It is tragic that no one at BYU or in church leadership seems to know this or if they do, are to afraid to speak out against this.

    By endorsing this sexual assault on children (however obliquely they want to spin it) BYU, a once great institution of higher learning, has degraded itself to the lowest standards of Sodom and Gamorrah for nothing more than the approval of base men. That church leaders would remain silent on this degrading event risks indicting the church itself as a participant in the blatant sexualization of children.

    Abraham Lincoln is often quoted as saying, “ The dogmas of the quiet past, are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise — with the occasion……we cannot escape history. We … will be remembered in spite of ourselves. No personal significance, or insignificance, can spare one or another of us. The fiery trial through which we pass, will light us down, in honor or dishonor, to the latest generation. We shall nobly save, or meanly lose, the last best hope of earth.”

    Few would argue that our children are not our future and anyone who does is at best short sighted. What happened that day in the park was, as an English friend of mine would say, positively beastly. Silence on the part of those who should reasonably be expected to defend children is beyond beastly. That is evil on display. Period. End of discussion.

    All students identified participating in this clear grooming event should be expelled.

  6. I can only say how saddened I am to think our church has turned a blind eye to this perverse behavior. There is no excuse and words cannot express the sorrow I feel to think how low we have slipped as a beautiful people. If we are to representatives of Christ I would think we have a lot of things to change starting with our places of higher education. How many young testimonies will be ruined before we put a stop to this degenerate acceptance? Love for all of our fellowmen is one thing, but acceptance of their vulgar behavior is entirely different.

  7. The church has also given millions to distributing vaccines that have killed millions worldwide and called them “safe and effective” when they’re not remotely safe nor effective. Only effective at killing people and ruining lives and happiness.

    So what do we do if they keep squandering tithing money on doing the will of Satan and the Gadiantons? Wish I knew.

    God wants us to pay tithing, but then they spend it on murder and and sexual degeneracy promotion – both of which are part of the depopulation agenda etc of the Gadiantons (WEF, UN, etc).

    1. Read the scriptures directly on the law of tithing thoughtfully, pray about what it means, and seek your own personal guidance on how to best align with your desire to follow God’s will.

    2. Hi Katie.. appreciate your comment.

      MANY have stopped giving our money to the church. We give it to those in need, therefore still paying an honest tithe.. Not to get onto now, but the church has not taught a proper tithe, and as you’ve stated an honest one!! (For instance, no poor should have to choose between living, health and eating, so they are NOT required to pay! Also, we are to only pay 10% of our EXCESS, not gross not net!)

      Anyway, Blessings ✨️

  8. I find it very troublesome the stuff that has come out of BYU lately. The school seems to have been infected with the woke madness that has engulfed most other colleges and universities in this country. BYU is supposed to “be in the world, not of the world.” Where is the outrage with this type of perverse behavior in which young children were involved??? These types of activities are not acceptable at a Church-run school and I’m deeply concerned that there appears to be little pushback on woke activities that are going on campus. If BYU is to remain a school above the rest in terms of high standards and moral values, then these activities need to end. BYU needs to “do what is right, let the consequence follow.” In this day and age we need to take a stand against the forces of evil that are currently threatening Christianity, our families, and our children, plus so much more.

  9. I am Larry Jarvis, I speak out and against the drag queen influences and the people the believe in and promote the degenerating conduct. Sweet is the peace of the Spirit that moves the willing to improve and change to a different and more enjoyable ways of life and of greater happiness.

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