The Fauci Facade & What Happened to Dr. Scott Bradley

Dr. Scott Bradley speaks on what he calls the complete “Fauci Facade”, looking at the story of the Fake Pandemic from four different perspectives.  The global level, the national level, the Utah state level and his personal experience in the hospital. This is a complete, top down, expose on the Fake Pandemic, or as we will call it Global Medical corruption.

Hear the true story behind the scenes on what happened to Dr. Scott Bradley when he allegedly got “sick” that you won’t hear anywhere else.


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  1. Dear Mr. Bradley, Sir,
    I’ve listened to you before and as I did, I said, to myself, ‘ this man is confirmation from God that my deepest feelings and that are most correct.
    I am a raised member of, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. My church roots go way back to when the first Mormons arrived in the state of Mississippi, in a very rural area, where my grandfather deeded a portion of hus land fir the building of the first Mormon church and cemetery in that area. Which that area was of a people I am related to.
    It’s been of great disappointment to ne that the leaders if the Church promoted and encouraged its members to be vaccinated. I felt strongly in the first beginnings in the depths of my soul that covid 19 was of an evil nature. As I saw people masked up walking into the local wal-mart, I Saud to my daughter, look around all these people in mask, I feel as though a dark cloud hangs over us. Thus feels and looks like communism, nit Ameruca. As I spoke thise words, it was as if I knew, as God was showing me. I know the gospel itself us true but I feel we have at the head if our Church, an elite who has fallen as the scriptures warns us. To listen to BYU freshmen and beyond feel betrayed by their church leaders and could no longer attend BYU unless vaccinated, my heart broke. I remember when Oresident Kimball spoke at a conference where I lived, he spoke of the secret societies, etc he gave us warnings, he gave us signs to be aware of. When Covud hit and then the vaccines I could hear the words of president Kimball, president Bensin, I was fully aware if what exactly was happening.
    I just wish I knew the answers to this tyranny. I email, call my Senatirs for the last 21/2 yes to get the sane response which states,” I can assure you I am doing all in my power to protect the citizens and families of our state. Emails, calls and have not otiduced any change, yet I’m constantly emailed, messaged by these sane senators to donate, to vote for them. I will do neither as they have let down not inky people of my state, but Ameruca as a whole. I was hoping you can help me to know hiw we can stop this tyranny, the great reset? Or are the last days now sitting upon so we strengthen our spirits and out physical bodies to prepare for the trials and tribulations that are soon to come.? Do you believe this will be stopped by some means through God? I look at my children, my grandchildren and I feel my body sink and I fear for them to the point sir, I make myself sick. I begin to feel overwhelmed, sad,
    helpless and depressed.
    I hope you can share some hopeful thoughts, ideas, answers as yo whether you believe thus NWO will be complete. It’s quite hard for me to believe that God would ever allow trabshumanusm or oeoples free agency to be taken. If free agency is taken. How then could Heavenky Fsther judge fairly judge us on judgement day? As it is through outr free agency to make decisions, choices, whether good or bad that we are judged by.
    May Gid continue to bless you. This us thd first time I’ve heard your horrible story of your illness and very close call to death. This , your story dhould and needs to be heard all over the world.
    Gid bless your sweet wife fir loving you and never giving up. Yes the power if the laying on imof the hands by the Elders is indeed a great blessing and surely strengthens our personal testimonies of out Heavenky Father and Savior Jesus Christ. You sir are a walking miracle of Gid and I feel strongly you are doing what Gid has called you to do.
    Thank you so much fir a great presentation and you are in my prayers for continued healing.

  2. Thanks for that great response, Cindy. I have posted hundreds of comments on this subject, mainly in the initial post in Defending Utah made on or about August 12, 2021 concerning the 1st presidency proclamation that the vaccines were “safe and effective” and our leaders encouraging the vax as being “wise and thoughtful,” and then more posted in the story started on July 13, 2022 regarding Fauci’s lies.

    One of the posts I made was a copy of an editorial by Wayne Alan Root. This post will be easy to find. In it, he links to about 100 studies showing how the vaxxes are ineffective and not safe.

    Haven’t listened to Dr. Bradley here yet, but will do so soon; he made a great presentation in the initial response to the LDS leaders’ endorsement of the vaxxes in August 2021, definitely worth listening to. I look forward to hearing his what he has to say here.

    In my speaking with a family member who lives in SLC, she says at least 3/4th of the people around her, people who have been rock solid believers, etc. have either left the church or just joined the roles of the “less active,” the LDS euphemism for “inactive.” SLC activity was bad enough before this, probably hovering for years at about 20% active, but now SLC county activity must be even lower. I suspect the church will try to keep as much of this as possible under wraps.

    Very sad what this presidency has done and is doing. I don’t know what the convert baptisms are for this year but the decline must have the leaders scratching their hoary heads. In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s the convert baptisms were around 500k to 600k per year. In recent years the numbers have dropped down to around 200k and lower. 2020 saw only 60k, only 1/10th of the peak years. I imagine numbers have bounced from 2020 the lockdown year, but the numbers were terrible even before the lockdowns.

    With all this said, I am still a believer. I can’t state that I support the first pres as prophets, seers and revelators, so I cannot present myself for a temple recommend. I have been most critical of RMN. However, I must say RMN’s talk on Sunday morning in conference was a great talk. Where does that leave me? I still feel very negatively against Nelson and his counselors. And generally most of the higher ups are all on the same page. They all know where their bread is buttered. No way are any of them going to oppose the “prophet.” I think Abraham found more righteous people in Sodom and Gomorrah than general authorities with the moral courage to oppose Nelson.

    1. Did you miss President Nelsons talk where he said that in the coming days it would not be possible to survive spiritually without the constant guidance and of the Holy Ghost?

      Did you miss the talk President Nelson gave about “Hearing Him” where he asked if we are willing to “hear Him” (the Lord) above ALL OTHERS?

      If you heard and heeded those conference talks you would have had no problem ignoring his words to get the jab as you would have had the Holy Ghost telling you not to. You would have “heard Him”.

      Family members chastised me for not “following the Prophet” and getting my Vax. I fasted and prayed about it. “I” followed the prophet and heard the Lord through the Holy Ghost telling me not to take the Vax. Apparently you didn’t take the vax for some reason…was it the Holy Ghost? Was it because you “hear Him”? If so, what’s the problem? Maybe you passed the Lords test. Don’t punish the Prophet. He told you what to do before he urged us to get the shot. He isn’t perfect just like you and I. Who knows why the Lord let him follow his allopathic training? Maybe to test if we have been listening?

      1. Well said, Dawna, but for me, I believe on a matter of such worldwide importance, I can’t give RMN a pass on blowing it. You are so right about him following his allopathic training, and isn’t he to be an inspired prophet, seer and revelator first and a doctor (retired for what, forty years) second?

        My first impression of your post was that your defense of Nelson was satire. I was disappointed when I understood you to be serious in your defense of the man.

        All this past year I have had to listen to “high ranking” (not a good description, but you know what I mean) leaders and many others chastise me and others for not following the prophet, which, in Rasband’s and all the other such persons’ views, requires getting the vax. I think we can expect better from Nelson or at least from the first presidency. After all, he is not just a prophet, but also a seer and revelator, making him more than a “mere” prophet.

        Check out area seventy, Kevin Pearson, mocking members in SLC for opposing Nelson on the vax. It is no wonder so many faithful members are walking away. I will not, but I certainly understand why this is happening.

        Perhaps when Nelson gave his blessing to the vaxxes, if he had said, “this is my opinion as a doctor,” I would be much more lenient, but when the first presidency put forth such an unequivocable statement, I find it hard to give them a pass when they are clearly so very wrong. And with all these others promoting the vaxxes, and without any effort on Nelson’s part to walk back the impression that you must get vaxxed or you are not following the prophet, it is clear the Aug 12, 2021 statement was much more than Nelson’s opinion as a doctor. The 1st presidency were speaking as a body, and they must be held to a high standard on matters of such grave importance.

        1. Hi Mark,

          I am officially out of the church!

          I am so relieved!

          I am so tired of trying to understand the actions of the church. There is no excuse for it at all. You are right, they will never back off.

          So I have. Everyone is spinning everything to defend a faulty system.

          I am forgetting that system and clinging to God, the Jesus of the Bible and just following the Holy Ghost.

          I may not belong to the LDS Church, but I Do belong in the “body of Christ”.

          I am clinging to John 14. All three members of the Godhead are making their abode with me.

          I do not need a “man” to guide me when God can direct my paths HIMSELF!

          Proverbs 3:5 & 6 He is able to do what HE has promised! I trust HIM.

          This whole “church” thing wears me out.

          GOD HIMSELF does not wear me out, but lifts me UP!

      2. Good point. I hadn’t thought about it that way before. It may also be a test as to whether what “voice” one may have heard.

      3. Hello again , Dawna. I suspect you will not see this, but I am writing to say I have come around to your way of thinking.

        Throughout this phony pandemic I have expressed my disappointment in the errors of church leaders, particularly RMN. My faith in the restored gospel, Joseph Smith, Jr., the Book of Mormon, etc. has never wavered, but my faith in church leaders has been tested.

        But, as you have said, (and contrary to what I repeatedly hear from Church podia) RMN is not perfect. I have always understood the fallibility of church leaders, but, as I wrote in my initial response to your insightful comment, I did not believe that a true prophet would be so wrong about a matter of such importance, particularly the kill shot vaxxes.

        From the time I heard about the vaxxes, I knew that taking any of them would be foolishness. That my decision was correct is borne out by the overwhelming evidence of the failures of the vaxxes.

        I don’t know why Nelson and all the church leaders have been in lockstep in support of the “safe and effective” killshots and of our “wise and thoughtful” leaders. But with a review of statements from Joseph Smith, Jr. on down, it is clear the leaders will make mistakes. The rank and file members will not recognize this and so will blindly “follow the prophet” because this is what they have been programmed to do.

        Through this process, I have hoped to have the satisfaction of a “mea culpa” admission from Nelson, et. al. I now understand that no such admission is forthcoming and I will never have my own pride satisfied by any such admission where I can gloat and say, “I told you so.” I have hoped to see the many LDS members (who chastised on a weekly basis those of us who did not follow the prophet to Walgreens for our free, government-approved and often mandated injection) finally eat crow and have their false beliefs concerning the infallibility of the prophet thrown back in their faces. My hopes for this to happen were clearly based upon my own pride.

        In the end, as members and believers, we must follow RMN’s admonition to “hear Him,” meaning to hear God and Christ through the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Ghost.

        When most people leave the LDS Church (And I reject Nelson’s admonition to always state the full name of the Church for the same reason we do not call it “The Priesthood After the Order of the Son of God,” which, as Joseph Smith, Jr. taught, is called the Melchizedek Priesthood to avoid the overuse of the name of Deity. How could Nelson miss something so fundamental? Because he is an arrogant, proud and far from perfect man who managed to keep himself alive longer than others around him so he could get his hands on the tiller of the Church and remake it in his own image.) they do not leave it to join another church; they just abandon organized religion. But the difficult truth in all this is that there is no viable alternative to Mormonism. The gospel as revealed through Joseph Smith, Jr. is correct. I believe apostates, when they leave the Church, as Gordon Hinckley quipped, will not leave the Church alone, but continue to attack the Church because they are trying to convince themselves they made the correct choice in leaving. Unfortunately, once a person has come to have been enlightened by even a portion of the gospel as revealed to Joseph Smith, Jr., no other religion can satisfy.

        I do not know why RMN and the 1st Presidency put forth their manifesto in support of the vaxxes and government leaders. Some suggest it was done to help us understand the fallibility of the “pope.” Perhaps. It is not my place to “steady the ark”; it is my place to receive truth for myself and my family. And if that truth is contrary to the advice of church leaders, then it is my prerogative to follow that truth as I “hear him.”

        So Dawna, I apologize for my initial response to your post and thank you for helping me to reconcile the problems I have experienced. We are all entitled to personal revelation. I will try harder to live in a way which allows for me to receive such revelation, understanding that others have the same right.

  3. Everyone, this is much deeper than getting the “jab”. See Ezekiel 14:9-23. The “prophet” is deceived and thus leading everyone down the wrong path! The church has joined in with the Globalist system!

    God wants us to follow HIM directly!

    I have left the church because I have not signed up for what it is doing. Can everyone not see that it has joined in with the secret combinations of the UN? The shots are part of a depopulation agenda.

    I will have NO PART of the LDS churh ever again! They are not decerning the evil we are facing!

    I am back to the Bible only! I know that source! I can trust GOD and the Holy Ghost.

    Forget following men!

      1. The BOM has some great and true concepts in it for sure. I can hold on to the good of it for sure.

        It is supposed to be a second testimony, not the primary.

        However, the church itself has lost my trust! The leaders are all supporting a lie that can cost it’s members their lives, and they do not seem to care at all!

  4. I go to churches to worship. I still keep the sabbath holy. I am deeper into the Bible than ever! I know that God is with me.

  5. The day that they became a part of the agenda by bending over backwards to appeal to the world is the day that their fruits turned evil.

    Safety and peace in no longer in the LDS church. Truth and trust is no longer in the LDS church. Because anyone who brings up that the VAX is not safe is exxed.

    That the “prophet” is wrong is TRUTH.

    They do not want the TRUTH.

    So, I have warned them, but they do not want to listen.

    The UN is a communist organization, working with Bill Gates and other Demons to depopulate the earth with poisons, war, famine, financial ruin and more evil than we could imagine.

    They are too much in the world and in PRIDE.

    GOD HIMSELF will fix this all in HIS WAY.

    I pray for all of the deceived saints that they can wake up and shake off any evil control of systems that enslave them.

    GOD is not an enslaver.

    HE has allowed all of this for a purpose. And for me it was to shake off a “church” and follow HIM.

  6. The ‘Church” is not GOD.

    The “Prophet” is not GOD.

    Jesus is the only Saviour. The only way. Follow HIM, not a man or men.

    For a man or men are NOT GOD!

  7. Because the church and the leaders are not acknowledging the evil, there is a lying spirit there. A lying spirit of omission. On either their part or the part of the people they are following or pleasing.

    The fruit of the church is both good and evil. Look at Revelations 2:18-28. Be an OVERCOMER!

    Ask HIM how and what to do.

  8. It is like in Jesus’s day. He followed God, not religion.

    It is the time to do the same as HE did.

    Follow Jesus, God and the Holy Ghost.

    Not men’s religions.

  9. Let’s not discount the BofM, for it warned us of this very day and what is taking place within our own church. A church on the path of destruction, by an obviously misguided prophet and leadership. I too am standing on the firm ground of following the spirit and not the prophet.

    That is what made a true prophet Joseph Smith so unique for his day, as he taught to follow only the spirit and not even him, as a prophet. No ecclesiastical leader had ever spoken that way before. Pres, Young, McKay, Kimball and Benson also spoke like this. We are at the point however where our current leadership has been deceived into combining their efforts with Babylon. It is ever apparent. Just look at what they’ve done.

    1. Pres Nelson declares on many occasions that we must become “good global citizens”. This is the mantra of the illuminati. The creed of the one world government lie! We should be the worst global citizens we can possibly be. As the first motto of the United States was stated: “Disobedience to tyrants, is obedience to God”.

    2. Many thought it was inspiration that the church devised only months before the plandemic, a study at home Sunday school program. However, its obvious church leadership knew from the inside planning of this scamdemic the church would be closed for a long period of time.

    3. Calling and promoting throughout the whole of the scamdemic a poisonous clotshot as “safe and effective” was of incredible deception. Supporting the deep state’s genocide agenda as something we could trust is now haunting the church at every turn. For Pres Nelson to personally post that CV-19 clotshot was a “Godsend” that he and Wendy had prayed for showed the depth of confusion in this man’s mind and no amount of explanation by the apologists can ever correct this completely misguided direction from a man that claims to be a prophet of the restored church of Jesus Christ.

    Do the lives of the saints mean so little to Pres Nelson and the Q12? Is their political aligning with the ever apparent UN/Communist agenda mean more to them than the obvious backlash that would ensue from the faithful, wise and educated saints that see through all this genocide propaganda?

    The Q12 and other GAs are paid for life to keep their personal opposition to themselves. However, they each were in on this secret combination agenda 2021/2030 and even preached it from the pulpit of GC. More proof from their own mouths they were some how connected to this from the get go.

    4. A talk given in Oct 2020 GC titled: “Sustainable Societies” By Elder D. Todd Christofferson Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, had the audacity to even give a supporting speech in GC concerning what Pres Benson called the most wicked organization on the earth, the UN! Shockingly he likened this wicked 2030 UN agenda unto the city of Enoch!!

    Had to reread this talk several times in disbelief, in case I got it wrong the first time I heard it. The clotshot is very much a part of this “Sustainable Societies” agenda. In the mad minds of some of those supporting this evil UN 2021/2030 agenda is genocide to reduce our earth populations. In their sick minds, if we reduce world populations, in other words, kill most of its people, “Societies will be Sustainable”. Their bioweapon of choice is the killshot. Are we somehow misinterpreting UN 2021/2030 agendas? Don’t think so, as there is too much evidence to support that’s their goal.

    Our Heavenly Father knows how many of His children this earth will support, so we trust in Him to know, by how many He chooses to send to this beautiful world He created for us to have joy. Our joy can only happen if we have liberty, which is the very meaning of Jesus Christ’s name. For only He frees us the captive, not any man or even prophets. I do long for the days of Pres Benson, for he really knew about all these secret combinations and warned us over and over to do something about destroying them, just as the Nephites once accomplished. My prayer is for us to make His pathways straight, in preparation for His 2nd coming!

  10. Look, once you understand that the virus is a made up thing: a construct, you will see that not only is the “vaxx” ineffective, it has nothing to do with diseases whatsoever. You maybe haven’t heard that the virus has never been isolated. Not only has it not ever been isolated in the pure sense if the word, it has never been shown to cause anything. Of course, one must isolate first before you can prove it is doing whatever it is supposed to be doing.

  11. How much more death from these vaxxes has to happen before the powers that be admit that the vaxxes are killing thousands? How long until the purveyors, promoters an apologists for the vaxxes are brought to justice?

    If I were RMN I would awaken each morning, wondering when the torches and pitchforks will appear on the grounds of the church office building, calling for my scalp.

    I am calling upon Russell M. Nelson to admit his error in urging the vaxxes and to resign the presidency of the LDS church.

    I am calling upon the members in April conference to not sustain him as the church president.

    From the Epoch Times: (Hope I’m not violating a copyright)

    From a New Zealand mortician:

    A funeral director from New Zealand says that 95 percent of the corpses he has been seeing had received a COVID-19 vaccine within two weeks of their passing away.

    “Ninety-five percent of the people who have passed away through the work that I’ve done have been vaccinated within two weeks,” Brenton Faithfull said.

    Faithfull has been working as a funeral director for the last 41 years and has been running his own mortuary business for the last 26 years. He recently spoke out about the apparent relationship between the COVID-19 vaccines and the deaths he has been observing.

    “It’s very obvious, they die within two weeks of receiving the vaccination, a lot of them … almost appear to have died from anaphylaxis, almost a reaction straight away to the booster.”

    Anaphylaxis is an acute reaction of the body to an antigen, such as that of a bee sting, or an injection.

    “They die the same day, the following day after receiving the COVID-19 vaccination. This isn’t a one-off case, this is the majority of cases that have come through our facility,” Faithfull said in an interview.

    UK Funeral Director
    Similar data has been discussed by funeral director John O’Looney in the UK and Richard Hirschman from Alabama, previously reported by The Epoch Times.

    “From the very moment these injections went into arms, the death rate soared beyond belief. They labeled them all as COVID deaths, but the reality is they were almost exclusively the people who were vaccinated,” O’Looney told The Epoch Times.

    “We now see record numbers of deaths in the vaccinated and in record numbers of young people. They die from a mixture of sudden very aggressive cancers or blood clots, which cause heart attack and stroke,” he added.

    Doctors Comment
    Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, who has been informing the public on the dangers of vaccines for over two decades, weighed in on Faithfull’s testimony:

    “On Dec. 2, 2020, UK regulators granted emergency-use authorization (EUA) to Pfizer’s COVID-19 shot. Within a week, MHRA [Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency] Chief Executive Officer June Raine said in a statement that ‘Any person with a history of anaphylaxis to a vaccine, medicine or food should not receive the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine.’ She went on to say that ‘allergic reactions had not been a feature of Pfizer’s clinical trials,’” Dr. Tenpenny told The Epoch Times.

    However, Tenpenny further noted that anaphylaxis was the “first identified risk.”

    “Pfizer was forced to release their findings by a Texas federal judge in January 2022. Within that first tranche of documents, you will find Table 3–Safety Concerns–on page 10 of this document [pdf]. The first identified risk is anaphylaxis. In a risk survey … conducted between Dec. 1, 2020, and Feb. 28, 2021, a mere three months, 1,833 cases of anaphylaxis had been observed and four individuals died from anaphylaxis on the same,” she said.

    The Epoch Times reached out to Pfizer for comment.

    In certain cases, Faithfull and his staff try to get the coroner involved.

    Faithfull shared one instance where a man insisted that his father should not get the vaccine, but his sister pressured their father. When the father conceded and took the shot, he died four days later.

    “When I started counting in August of last year, it was one after the other, after the other, after the other, and when I got to 20, it was 19 who had died within two weeks [of getting the vaccine],” Faithfull said.

    “So the first 20 days, I counted 19 of them—that’s 95 percent,” the funeral director explained. “The next number was 100 percent of the people who died had been vaccinated within two weeks.”

    Dr. Sanjay Verma is a cardiologist practicing in California who has been seeing a dramatic increase in heart problems since the rollout of the vaccines.

    “Previous work by Dr. Gundry demonstrated an increase in cardiac inflammatory markers after COVID-19 vaccination. Interestingly, from Dec 2021 thru Jun 2022, 100 percent of the patients needing urgent cardiac catheterization for heart attack had been vaccinated, many of them with booster doses. More than half had been recently vaccinated (within a few weeks). In a county where 60 percent of the population is vaccinated, this trend was worrisome,” Verma told The Epoch Times.

    “There have been 31,470 deaths after COVID-19 vaccination reported in VAERS. The vast majority of them are clustered within seven days after vaccination. Additionally, there are some other worrisome trends. Data from CDC indicate there were 60,000 deaths in Sept 2019 and Sept 2020. However, in Sept 2021 that number surged to 90,000. We also have numerous social media posts on people, especially athletes, who ‘died suddenly’ with no apparent cause,” Verma said.

    Verma believes that any unexplained death within a few weeks or even months after vaccination should be “investigated with a thorough autopsy,” specifically evaluated for spike protein in the brain, major blood vessels, and heart.

    “We know the spike protein is toxic to blood vessels, causing endothelial dysfunction. The spike protein is also toxic to heart muscle, causing myocardial injury. There are also case reports of autopsy proven vaccine-mediated encephalitis (inflammation of the brain), myocarditis, and vasculitis, all of which can cause death,” Verma added.

    Enrico Trigoso
    Enrico Trigoso
    Enrico Trigoso is an Epoch Times reporter focusing on U.S. politics, health news, social issues, and a wide range of topics.”

    1. Oh yes, Mark and the LDS church is raking in the $$$ from it’s big pharma investments!

      They do not care about the people of the earth who are paying the irreversible costs with their lives!

      Enjoy now church, for your days are numbered!

      I found a new church home with people who are standing up against this insanity!

      It is the LSD LDS church! It is on LSD!

      The church of the lost soul derision!

        1. The prophet of the Lost Soul Delusion church!

          I really care about the saints, but their unrealistic following of the “prophet” is a strong delusion leading to their destruction! They are under a strong derision!

          WAKE UP! WAKE UP my friends! I am in sorrow for you!

  12. Think about this.

    Just as now the cabal government is revealing how evil it is, so the LDS Church is showing who it really is and what it is capable of doing. Which is contributing to Bill Gates, the UN an investing in the genocidal shots.

    Who are they really serving?

    Not God’s agenda, it just is an appearance of good.

  13. What upsets me so much is that the saints are trying so hard to do the right things to please God. And they are being led astray in spite of it!

  14. To see the true effects of the COVID19 Vax.

    Sign up on telegram.

    Go to Covid BC.

    There you will see daily severe effects of the jab that the LDS Church is so fond of!

  15. Great article linked below. The Covid Nazis are now seeking redemption from the mistakes they made. And as you read the article, if you are LDS, ask yourself if your prophets weren’t complicit in the lies, the errors, the vax cheerleading, the mandates, etc. There is only one honest answer. And then try to figure out how these men, who are so venerated by most of the faithful, could have been so very wrong and now refuse to at least acknowledge their errors and ask forgiveness of those who followed them.

  16. We need the Republicans to take control of congress and the senate to get the hearings going on all the corruption surrounding the vaxxes. NON-STOP HEARINGS TO EXPOSE THE TRUTH!

    Senator Ron Johnson has been holding hearings but nothing will be effective until the GOP takes control.

    From a comment to an Epoch Times article:

    Senator Ron Johnson is leading in the polls. If he gets re-elected and the Republicans take control of the Senate, he told me HE WILL HOLD NON-STOP HEARINGS TO EXPOSE THE TRUTH.
    Republicans’ anti-mandate battle cry could save the US from Covid tyranny

  17. Here’s on excerpt from the above-linked article, from Wayne Allen Root, a fellow Las Vegan:

    Wayne Root reported that 33 guests at his wedding who are now sick or dead were all vaccinated. The punchline: virtually all his guests were unvaccinated. So that’s unexplainable. He wrote: “It’s important to note, I’m a conservative talk show host who has warned LOUDLY of the dangers of the vaccine since day one. So, my friends are overwhelmingly conservative and unvaccinated too. Yet the few friends I know who did choose to vaccinate are almost all dead or ill.” And he said, “Among my friends and family who are unvaccinated, not one of them has died or been sick since my wedding eight months ago.” The article has a list of 8 headlines from TMZ of serious injury/death and then he points out: “These were all headlines in one day this week!” So Wayne isn’t just having bad luck. Bad luck is in the newspaper.

  18. Along with many politicians and health care people, I’m sure certain LDS leaders (you know who is at the top of my list) are hoping we just all forget about their complicity in the covid responses (lockdowns, masks, anti-social distancing, Fauci-worship, trusting in the arm of flesh, “vaxxes,” denial of free speech, etc.). I can only hope we will not forgive and forget.

    Here’s a fine article describing for many of us our response to those who want covid amnesty.

    1. The church’s corruption is far deeper than just the vaxxes. They are joined in with the whole UN Agenda! Globalists church.

    1. Thanks Mark. I am sharing this as much as I can. Great find!

      I agree, much more damage than good he has ever done. Not to mention all the vaxxes the church has funded through their investments in big pharma.

      Not to mention the 2 billion doses the church as given to GAVI.

  19. Excellent article from the wise Dennis Prager on why our “experts” are really fools whom we listen to and follow. Essentially our experts are expert in only one very narrow area, such as a specialty in healthcare, but they know very little in other areas. They lead us astray because they consider themselves wise due to 1) their expertise in one narrow field and 2) our willingness to believe their limited expertise carries over to other areas which they know little about but which their arrogance convinces them that they do know enough about to tell us what to do.

    The arrogant Russell Nelson is the perfect example. And his acolytes are so convinced of his wisdom in all areas that they refuse to recognize his gross errors in dealing with covid, the vaxxes, masks, etc.

  20. I thought the vaxx mandates were dead, but not so at JetBlue. Get a load of this story from TownHall:

    “JetBlue is coming under fire over the airline’s refusal to hire unvaccinated pilots even as it takes violent, convicted felons under its wings.

    John Perrys came on board as a “pilot trainee” and has been a “crewmember” since July of 2022—eight years after he was released from prison for breaking into a judge’s home and violently attacking his daughter, with whom he had been previously engaged to, a Daily Wire report details.

    “John Perrys committed a heinous crime, he broke into the home of a judge and brutally assaulted the judge’s daughter in the shower with a metal baton, she fled the home bloodied and naked,” explained DW investigative reporter Luke Rosiak on Fox News. “When he was arrested, he was found wearing a bullet proof vest and in his car he had knives, handcuffs, parachute cord, and most disturbingly a shovel.”

    Perrys, a former Air Force captain, remains on felony probation until 2044.

    This comes as JetBlue clings to its COVID protocols in the name of safety, requiring its nearly 21,000 employees and all new hires to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

    “Whether it’s requiring masks, or many of the other health and safety protocols we’ve had to navigate during the pandemic, all of these efforts have been focused on making the workplace and air travel safer for you and our Customers,” JetBlue says in its job applications.

    Perrys is reportedly training to fly the Airbus A320, though many instructors refuse to fly with him, according to the report.

    In introducing the segment, Fox News’s Tucker Carlson couldn’t believe it was even a real story. ”

    There seem to be numerous stories of many pilots with severe heart problems following the vaxxes; many airlines required vaccination. I don’t know if there are studies done on this possible correlation but there seems to be at least anecdotal evidence that there has been an unusual increase in pilots with heart problems.

    Full story here:

    1. Just saw a story how the FAA has lowered the standards for pilot’s heart health status in order to be allowed to continue flying.

  21. Comprehensive article on how the vaxxes have killed and disabled. There is no denying the truth of these statistics. It is only a matter of time until the lid blows off the top of this scandal.

    I hope RMN lives to suffer the consequences of his arrogance.

  22. Analysis of off the charts increases in deaths of young people and athletes. There was a small increase in overall deaths in 2020 when covid began but these were among the old, sick and obese and they died because the powers that be prevented access to proper treatments resulting in the manufactured panic the vax purveyors wanted to sell billions of their killer doses. Also many of the deaths attributed to covid were normal deaths from flu and other such maladies. Remember how in 2020 there were virtually no flu deaths.

    With the rollout of the vaxxes in late 2020 and then in 2021, the excess deaths began in earnest. And it was and is the young and healthy who are now dying in excess numbers. The increases in these deaths is statistically impossible without an intervening factor. And what could that factor be?

    Why are so few people getting the boosters? Because they know the vaxxes do not work and result in death and incapacity. The rolls of the incapacitated have expanded by 3-4 million since the vaxxes began.

    I’m sure the LDS leaders who promoted the vax and covid party line are hoping their adherents will give them a pass and forget the whole thing.

  23. The wolves in sheep’s clothing were supposed to protect the flock. They will answer to God for what they have done.

  24. Today I checked the number of vax injuries reported on “” under “covid-19 vaccine.” This is the global equivalent of the US VAERS report.

    There are now more than 10 million vax injuries reported and it is well known that these databases under reported by a factor between 1 and 2, i.e. 10 to the first power and 10 to the 2nd power.

    I reported long ago of how my dentist chastised my wife, while she was sitting in his dental chair, for not getting the vax. He also stated to her that “everyone knows Mark is a conspiracy theorist.” (Just received the book about Utah’s secret combinations!)

    Anyway, it was just a matter of a few weeks following his own receipt of the “safe and effective” jab that he suffered a retinal detachment which nearly ended his career, took four operations and other procedures to correct, and kept him out of work for months.

    The Vigi Access report now shows 153000+ eye disorders following receipt of the vax, of which now more than 1,600 are retinal or vitreous detachments. There are also more than 5,000 reports of unilateral or bilateral blindness.

  25. If you want to see the proof of the extent of the LDS members drinking the prophet’s kool-aid, read the attached article, which is just one person’s approach to dealing with the cognitive dissonance associated with the vaxxes; but more telling are the comments which are probably 99% in favor of getting the jab, regardless of the consequences.

    The last comment was Jan 2022, about the time the full consequences of the jabs were beginning to emerge.

    I really struggle associating with the members these days.

    1. Mark,

      I have been out of the church since the 4th of September. My revelations from Heavenly Father have not stopped, the Holy Ghost still prompts me, and I have greater peace.

      Heavenly Father has been working on me even though I was in the LDS Church. He told me that all of spiritual growth was always HIM and HIS doing, not the church.

      Just to even read that article sounds like total insanity to me now!

      Praise God and the Holy Ghost for leading me away! They saved my life!

      No true prophet of God will lead the sheep to the slaughter!

      The LDS Church leadership is!

      Now, we need to sit back and see how God deals with it. Like in Ezekiel 14. He says HE WILL deal with it.

      1. Mark my words: when the truth of the horrors unleashed by the vaxxes comes to be too obvious for even the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN and MSNBC to deny, the last people to accept the truth will be the Latter-Day Saints, and what’s more, a majority of them will continue to defend Nelson to their graves.

    1. Yes! And DeSantis has launched an inquiry in Florida. The truth will be widely known and disseminated in the not-too-distant future.

  26. Two Las Vegas high school students died of cardiac arrest this week. One a healthy senior, headed for the military on graduation and the other, a female while playing flag football.

    Here’s an article describing the huge increase in these types of deaths, beginning in 2021 and continuing into 2022. We can only hope that as people come to realize the danger from the vaxxes, they will continue, as they are now, to refuse the shots and boosters.

    1. Amen Mark.

      It will be a relief when all the liars have been exposed about the jabs! It is the saddest thing that people trusted the liars with their lives and are losing their lives because of misplaced trust.

      Especially persons who have claimed to be shepherds to God’s flock!

  27. Here’s another interesting story. A well-known investment adviser in my area sent an email at year-end to people on her email list. She reported that she had struggled this year from two bouts of anaphylactic shock. Those of you who are paying attention know that this side-effect is very common among the recently vaxxed. Amazing how this person is likely clueless of the source of the events. So out of the blue she has two bouts with anaphylactic shock. Don’t have any idea how this could have happened. Sure.

  28. Despite the MSM efforts to try to convince you to not believe your lying eyes that athlete deaths are happening all the time, the analysis shows the rates of death are elevated from 2.45 per month in years 1966 thru 2004 to 45 per month from April 2021 thru the following 12 or so months.

    One very interesting point made is that people are dying in their sleep because adrenaline increases the risk of cardiac problems and adrenaline becomes elevated in our sleep to get us ready to awaken and get going in the new day. This elevation is usually between 3 am and 6 am. Go to bed; wake up dead.

  29. When the LDS 1st Presidency came out in favor of the vaxxes on August 12, 2021, this website, Defending Utah, posted an article in opposition to the 1st Presidency’s statement. If you go to that post you will see that there are more than 1000 comments on the post, more than half written by me.

    In my efforts to build a record, I made hundreds of comments to that article. On numerous occasions I mentioned my opinion that the truth of the vaxxes would come out after Trump wins the GOP presidential nomination. I postulated that the mainstream media, in their efforts to ensure Trump’s defeat in 2024, will then blame the vaxxes on Trump and will lay at Trump’s feet all the deaths and other mayhem resulting from his “operation warp speed.” I postulated that this is the MSM’s “ace in the hole” which will guarantee Trump’s defeat in 2024.

    Attached is the first article I have seen which predicts, as I did a year ago, that Trump will be the scapegoat.

    When Biden tried to take “credit” for the vaxxes, Trump walked straight into the MSM’s trap by proudly stating that he, Trump, was responsible for operation warp speed. Those words will be easily used against Trump once he receives the nomination.

  30. Some readers may be familiar with the “radium girls” who suffered horrible disfigements and death from licking their paintbrushes as they applied radium-infused paint to clock and watch dials.

    The attached article lays out the similarities between the efforts to tie the radium girls’ injuries to the radium-infused paint and today’s efforts to show how the vaxxes have caused innumerable injuries and deaths.

    The primary difference is that there were perhaps only 50 radium girls, but there are billions who have received the vaxxes and boosters.

  31. Here is a link to a treasure trove of information concerning the “plandemic,” the vaxxes, the coverups, etc. The evidence is building and the “dam” will burst. I fear for so many who have and will suffer from this poison. I can only hope and pray the adverse effects will be limited to a few months following receipt of the jabs.

  32. I have written numerous times of my fear that if Trump wins the GOP nomination for president that the left will torch him with the vaccines, that the deaths and other mayhem caused by the jabs will be laid at Trump’s feet in August or September 2024, likely a few weeks after the nomination but, and Trump’s chances of winning the presidency will be jeopardized.

    Here is what Wayne Allen Root has to say on the subject and what Trump must do to mitigate this threat. I don’t know if this strategy will work but Trump must do something because of his vulernability from the vaxxes. “Warp speed” may sink him.

    By Wayne Allyn Root

    “The latest Harvard-Harris poll came out days ago. After months of negative media, slander and demonization of Trump by the mainstream media, social media, Democrats and Republicans…and after a raid on his Palm Beach estate by the FBI…just as I predicted on my national TV and radio shows, Trump is still leading by a landslide for the GOP Presidential nomination.

    Trump is not only beating DeSantis by 20 points, he is leading President Joe Biden by 5 points. DeSantis only beats Biden by 3 points. So much for the argument that DeSantis is “more electable” than Trump.

    As I’ve predicted over and over again for many months, Trump will be the 2024 GOP Presidential nominee. Period. End of story.

    But the question I’m dealing with here is…how big will his landslide be…how can he clinch the GOP presidential nomination right now (today)…and what can Trump do today that puts him in a formidable position to win the 2024 presidential race versus anyone Democrats nominate.

    I have the perfect plan to “ice” it all for Trump TODAY.

    Let me start with 2 stories about the Covid vaccine everyone should hear. Two personal gut-wrenching stories from two of my fans.

    First comes a story texted to me by a Pennsylvania firefighter who listens to my national radio show every day. Here is his story from just days ago…

    Firefighter “Dave” buys lottery tickets once a week at his neighborhood gas station in Allentown, PA. The cashier who sells him the tickets is Melisa, 36 years old. For weeks she has been complaining about sharp pain in her legs after taking the Covid jab. She regretted ever taking it.

    Last week Dave pulled into the gas station and saw ambulance and police cars. Dave texted, “Wayne, hysterical co-workers just met me outside the store. They said Melissa was waiting on a customer and she just looked over at the other cashier with this weird look, and her eyes rolled up in her head, and she fell to the floor. One of the customers started giving her CPR. Unfortunately, she died right there on the spot. Melissa was such a sweetheart. And now she’s gone. The government needs to do the right thing and stop all these jabs immediately!”

    Another fan of mine is a doctor. He wrote to tell me, “My patients who took the Covid vaccine are very ill. Several have died. So many are very sick. The ones having the worst problems are those who have gotten the booster. Two healthy patients developed ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) right after being boosted. I’m seeing so many heart attacks, strokes and cancer. A 38-year old paramedic just ‘died suddenly.’ The terrible stories keep coming. It breaks my heart. I’m overwhelmed. Something is very wrong with this vaccine.”

    Whether you agree, or not; whether President Trump agrees, or not; the American people believe the Covid vaccine is a disaster…a tragedy…a massive failure…and it’s causing thousands of “sudden deaths.” In particular, Trump’s base of voters believes something is very wrong.

    This is DeSantis’ only advantage. But Trump can neutralize DeSantis and win the GOP presidential nomination by 50 points if he just announces these 2 things…

    Upon election as the 47thPresident of the United States, Trump promises to immediately issue an Executive Order banning any federal lockdowns, mask mandates, vaccine mandates ever again. And he needs to make it clear, with him as President, no American will ever again be forced to take any experimental vaccine for any reason. Period. “Your body, our choice.”
    Even if Trump personally approves of the vaccine, and thinks the Covid vaccine is a life-saver, he must acknowledge the questions, debates, controversies, and fear swirling around this vaccine…and for the good of the country, ask the GOP House to immediately open a Congressional Investigation into the Covid-19 vaccine, to once and for all settle this issue.
    Congress must investigate whether this vaccine prevents Covid; prevents the spread of Covid; prevents hospitalizations and deaths from Covid; directly causes terrible side effects and adverse medical events such as cardiac arrest, myocarditis, strokes, blood clots, “turbo cancer” and most importantly, “sudden death.”

    Congress must investigate whether the American people were misled and fed propaganda about this vaccine by Dr. Fauci, the CDC, FDA and Big Pharma.

    Did the FBI order media and social media to silence critics of the vaccine? Did they prevent the mention of any warnings or negative death and injury data about the Covid vaccine? Did the FDA ignore trial results showing death and injuries? Why did Big Pharma try to seal trial results for 75 years? Did the FDA ignore VAERS- the vaccine early warning system? Did federal government agencies pay media to prevent any negative discussions about the Covid vaccine? Is there a coverup of Covid vaccine death and injuries by the media?

    Despite President Trump supporting the vaccine, and believing it has saved lives, if he promises to use Executive Action to cancel, ban and prevent all mandates forever…

    And calls for an immediate fair and honest Congressional investigation to present the truth about the Covid vaccine to the American people…

    President Trump will clinch the GOP presidential nomination…beat DeSantis or any other challenger by 50 points or more…and become the instant formidable frontrunner for the 2024 presidential election.

    This is how #45 becomes #47 without ever actually changing his views on the vaccine.”

    The summer of ’24 is only 18 months away. The left will attempt to keep support for the vaxxes going for 12-14 months, then as the nomination approaches, cracks in the “safe and effective” narrative will appear, and within weeks following Trump’s nomination for president, the dam will break and we will hear nothing but how Trump, due to “warp speed” in getting the vaxxes approved, is responsible for the mayhem and death unleashed upon the world. (I wonder how this might affect another president.)

  33. This link includes some excerpts from the book made up of 51 separate analyses of Pfizer’s own test results. More than 3500 seasoned scientists have contributed to these analyses. You can get the entire kindle book for $9.99; these excerpts are excellent.

    It is known that Pfizer petitioned to have their test results sealed for 75 years! Why would they do that if the test results supported their claims of “safe and effective?” They knew their vax was very dangerous and they didn’t test it long enough to know that what protection it may have provided diminished rapidly, whereas natural immunity is very robust and persistent.

    One example: There were 270 pregnant women in the test group. Pfizer only kept track of 32 of these women, but of the 32 they followed up with, 28 had miscarriages. How many more miscarriages were there among those not followed? It is possible Pfizer saw this horrific result and chose to not follow up with the 238 others.

    With the waiver of liability granted to Pfizer, they figured they could introduce the vax, make billions and get away with it. Their lawyers certainly knew the risks, that if it can be shown Pfizer committed fraud, the waiver of liability is voided. Who could have ever given these vaxxes the green light?

    I predict that Pfizer will be held liable and will be bankrupted by the trillions of dollars in claims awarded against them in the next ten years. This will dwarf the asbestos and tobacco litigation. I also predict the Pfizer officers, employees, etc. who perpetrated this fraud will be brought to trial much as the Nazis were at Nuremberg.

    Governments will wind up paying for the damages once Pfizer is ruined. Once the test results were revealed, further promotion of the vaxxes should have stopped immediately. Once the test results were revealed, governments and other organizations (churches?) were complicit in the promotion of this fraud. Which means you and I will be paying for it with our tax dollars.

    I suspect those law firms which are expert in bringing class action lawsuits are already putting their cases together.

  34. This article has so much food for thought. Helps explain the risks we now face from the huge blunder made in injecting billions of us with a gene therapy.

    You might not be able to read this if you are not subscribed to the Epoch Times.

  35. From Wayne Alan Root on more evidence of death from the vax; data shows your chance of death goes up 7% for each shot you take, so one shot increased chance of death is 7%, 2d jab increase is 14%, third jab (booster) puts you at 21%, etc.

    The loss of life due to the vax will have terrible consequences. Despite what the Great Reset people will tell you, people are the world’s most valuable asset. Losing so many now in the 19-64 age group will have terrible repercussions.

  36. Met with a client this week; has had 5 jabs. With the fifth he got atrial fibrillation. Does not realize the correlation between the jabs and his heart problems.

  37. In the pro golf tournament this week at Pebble Beach, a young healthy caddie collapsed on the course. His life was saved by an off duty policeman who administered cpr until getting him to the hospital.

    Happens all the time, right? Nothing to see here.

    1. In 1999 Fauci made the following comment: “Now let’s give it [a new vaccine undergoing clinical tests] to thousands of people, and then you find out that it takes 12 years for all hell to break loose. And then what have you done?”

      There was a time when the powers that be recognized the long-term risks of vaccines, and the only way to quantify those risks was to study the effects over 5 to 12 years. The covid vaxxes are not looking good. How long it is until the mainstream media honestly report on the danger of the vaxxes is anyone’s guess. But recognition of the danger will come.

      So now we watch and wait, hoping and praying that all hell will not break loose, though for hundreds of thousands, it’s already too late.

  38. 49% now believe the vaxxes may be responsible for increase in deaths.

    Damar Hamlin, the Buffalo Bills player who collapsed on the field, when asked what he thinks caused his cardiac address said he would not comment. He knows he can’t take the risk to say “the vaccine.”

  39. Requests of amnesty for the covid crimes. “We’re really sorry and it was the proper scientific thing to do and and we had no way of knowing that Covid-19 would not turn out to be the plague or the danger of the vaxxes and all we did was for your own safety because you need us experts telling you what to do and we did all this out of the goodness of our hearts because we love you.”

    Here’s a rebuttal:

    Gosh, I wonder why I, a 70 year-old, did not fear Covid, why I determined the masks were of little help, and why I was not going to take a vaccine that had at best only four months of clinical rests? The reason is, the truth was out there but the totalitarians did not want to waste an opportunity to test the limits of their power. Unrighteous dominion, anyone?

    Amnesty my eye.

    I hate every one of them for what they have already caused and for what I fear is yet to come.

  40. So here’s the question: hoping to direct the narrative toward amnesty, certain covid nazis are trying to get out in front and not wait until the pitchforks come out. But the last person to apologize, the very last, is a person who sees himself as God’s spokesman. And he will NEVER apologize because, in his own mind and in the minds of his acolytes and apologists, he is infallible.

    1. They are all trying to give Nelson a pass. He only “urged” us all to take it because it was “safe and effective.” Maybe the missionaries can work that into their door approach!

  41. I knew baseball legend, Hank Aaron died about two years ago. What I did not know is that he had a video of himself receiving the shot, the purpose of which was to encourage the people of Atlanta who were reluctant to take the jab.

    17 days later he was dead.

    Yes, I know, anecdotal. But come on, people.

  42. Great article by Jeffrey Tucker at the Epoch Times. How life has changed, how much people and institutions gave up with lockdowns, mandates, etc. And maybe there is hope the tide has turned. He points out that we have all been changed greatly during the last three years. My biggest change is my ambivalence toward the LDS church and especially the leaders, ranging from RMN all the way down to the Primary President giving a Sunday talk.

    I find camaraderie now in people who oppose the vaxxes, oppose the government’s efforts to mandate masks, oppose mask wearing, etc. I have found the LDS members too much like the Jamestown Kool-Aid drinkers in their unquestioning obedience, many even admitting they did or will take the shot regardless of the safety or efficacy! Along with the churches, we have lost faith in most of our institutions, leaders, etc.


    This weekend, under the auspices of Brownstone Institute, two dozen writers and scholars—lawyers, doctors, essayists, scientists—gathered to come to terms with what happened over three years. At some point, all of us realized that no one in the room is today doing anything like what we were doing three years ago. Most everyone there had changed jobs, moved, adjusted their outlook, and otherwise taken a new direction in life.

    It’s happened to countless millions in this country and all over the world. The upheaval has been astonishing to experience and watch, both in its most grim elements but also in the way we’ve all learned to survive and thrive in the post-pandemic era.

    We spoke about the future, yes, but we are nowhere near done with coming to terms with the recent past. It seems like a blur, which is a reason why it is valuable to focus in on the details of what we’ve been through. We recounted the silly things (one-way grocery aisles), the brutal things (closed churches and gyms), and the tragic things (friends and family members dying alone in hospitals and buried in Zoom funerals).

    Each person had a story of confronting authority in their own realm and being astonished to discover how many people were willing to go along with all the nonsense.

    A ubiquitous feature of these new times is the end of naivete. Trust in whole institutions and sectors is gone. Those who once hoped that something like the New York Times was biased but ultimately reliable have learned otherwise. It was this way with the whole media, which almost universally became a propaganda megaphone and still hasn’t admitted it.

    Our technologies that had promised a new age of information and personal emancipation revealed themselves to be captured tools of surveillance that used and manipulated us rather than served us. Politicians proved gutless. Our friend circles and communities turned out to inhabit obsequious servants of ruling-class lies.

    We never doubted our family doctors but then they started telling us things we knew were not true and asking us to engage in behaviors that were clearly bad for our health. Government officials whom we implicitly trusted with grave responsibilities have shamelessly lied to us for years now. If we only doubted their credibility in the past, now it seems like the whole business of government is nothing but deception.

    The courts that we thought were there to defend our rights fell too, not meeting at all for months, deferring to executive power later, and only after nearly two years started finally to act to strike down the most egregious impositions on our liberties.

    The pharmaceutical companies that have built up a good reputation over decades suddenly threw themselves into experiment shots backed by obviously implausible claims. When the public began to doubt, they took recourse to pushing for hard mandates that ended up forcing medicines on people who did not want them, in complete violation of the spirit and letter of international law. Now we are surrounded by resulting injury and death and yet the manufacturers hide glibly behind their indemnifications from liability as provided by law. Then they took it one step further to force the shots on kids to perpetuate their legal immunity.

    The industrial sector also proved far too willing to go along. This is because some of the biggest out there saw that they would benefit from lockdowns, even as small businesses were being crushed. It was genuinely appalling how few leaders in industry were willing to stick their necks out to say the most obvious things, such as that the lockdowns and mask mandates—to say nothing of the vaccine mandates—were inconsistent with free enterprise.

    It’s devastating to discover how much the prospect of free money and subsidized profitability causes truth to be buried. Big Tech thrived, as did streaming platforms, digital educational tools, and other adaptations of lockdown-era technology.

    One example is Peloton, a company that truly drank the lockdown Kool-Aid. In our society today, people had long come to believe that health is something that you buy, not earn through better behavior. So in this capitalistic ethos, consumers pay for pills, doctor visits, gym memberships, and fancy workout clothes but don’t actually eat better and exercise.

    Peloton capitalized on this with outrageously expensive exercise bikes that people bought with their stimulus checks, all with the intention of using them to stay healthy in lockdowns. They would spin away in their apartments alone and expect the working classes to drop off their groceries at their door. In reality, the new equipment just became yet another thing to take up space and a symbol rather than the reality of health.

    Peloton expanded dramatically as their stock price hit $167 at the height of lockdowns, only to fall all the way to $16 today. The company and its employees truly believed that the good times would last forever. But they did not and the company is now massively bleeding money. Like everyone else in this sector of the lockdown industry, they are cutting as fast as possible.

    Epoch Times Photo

    The playbook is the same for all these once-high-flying companies that are now suffering. There is a turnaround plan, mass layoffs, and C-suite upheaval. This same thing is happening to industry across the board. For the prior 15 years with zero-percent interest rates, capital chased return in speculative ventures that were betting on long-term return. But then the long term suddenly stopped. The investment proved unsustainable.

    The silver lining in an industrial sense is the killing off of ESG/DEI, invasive and bloated HR departments, and wildly inflated payrolls that had turned corporate America into an enforcement engine of woke ideology. There is a strange poetry unfolding here as the post-pandemic period is wiping out whole sectors of fakery that had come to dominate corporate culture and society for years.

    Nearly every sector of society is undergoing transformation in light of the loss of trust. This includes education, media, technology, religion, and even geographic demographics. Big cities like San Francisco, Seattle, and New York are in shambles as small towns and red-state metropolises are thriving.

    At Brownstone’s event this weekend, we reflected on the darkest of times but also on how the light has begun to dawn in every area of life today. It’s been painful, far too much and with zero justification, but we are headed now into a new area of reality and truth. As usual, politics will be the last to adapt but adapt it will in time. Meanwhile, there is plenty of work to do in every other area of life to build a new renaissance from the rubble of the last three years.

  43. Overall life expectancy in the US has DROPPED by 2.4% from 2020 thru 2022. The reason it is impossibly high is due to premature, vax deaths in younger people. People dying 30 years sooner than their normal life expectancy, e.g. young males dying of myocarditis, have a much more significant effect on average life expectancy than do excess deaths among old people in nursing homes.

    1. I meant to write that life expectancy in the US has dropped by 2.4 years. This is unprecedented other than in times of war when young people are dying.

  44. Even the NY Times is publishing pieces about how worthless the masks are, etc.

    But don’t tell your church leaders that. 100% compliance (other than me and sometimes my wife) at church meetings. But they are all infallible, so you will never hear otherwise.

  45. Articles linked below on the worthlessness of masks. The truly devastating analysis comes from the science of physics, which proves the impossibility that a mask can have an effect on something as small as a virus.

    But you will never convince the public otherwise.

    As Mark Twin said, “It is easier to fool someone than it is to convince them they have been fooled.”

    People will proudly point out that they wear the N-95 mask, which they believe offers real protection. But the N-95 is worthless as well. The N-95 was designed for workers on construction sites for protection against dust, made of particles which are literally thousands of times larger than a virus.

    The physicist explains that a virus is a “quantum particle,” and according to Maxwell’s kinetic theory, atomic sized particles at room temperature and normal air pressure move at a rate of 400 meters per second. Their movement is not linear; they move quickly in a very small space but they can be contained only by a barrier tight enough to prevent the passage of quantum particles, i.e. atomic sized particles. Such a barrier would be like a high grade plastic. Even a balloon cannot hold atomic sized particles for long. Consider how quickly a helium balloon deflates. Can you wear a mask made of balloon material? Not if you want to breathe something other than what you are exhaling with each breath. And even such a mask would allow the transmission of a virus.

    The physicists could have told you 100 years ago that a mask is silly for stopping the movement of a virus.

  46. Will the covid tyrants be brought to justice? Let’s hope. Excellent article. Here are some pull quotes:

    “I used to wonder as a child how extreme fanaticism, such as Nazism, could gain footing among any educated population. I am now convinced that the internationally coordinated propaganda campaign around COVID that we all recently witnessed for nearly three years makes the Nazis look like amateurs.

    Please don’t take this as a typical “this thing I don’t like is Nazism” kind of comparison, but rather, think honestly about this for a moment. It took decades of propaganda to inflame the German people’s hatred of European Jews such that they’d become second-class citizens unworthy of the simplest of rights, such as dining in a public restaurant, and eventually unworthy of even receiving medical care.

    In a matter of only two years in the supposedly free West, we had mass swathes of people (or, at least the appearance of mass swathes of people on social media) openly wishing hardship and death upon their countrymen that simply chose not to inject a new, frantically concocted, unproven drug into their bodies to offset a risk that was and is, for the vast majority of people, scarcely more dangerous than the common cold or flu. Not only did restaurants refuse service to these people as a matter of policy in places like New York City, but these people were fired from their jobs, and hospitals in some places began openly refusing life-saving services to patients if a particular individual had the audacity to not have goosestepped to the local pharmacy for not eins, but zwei doses of the new drug.”

    “This South Korea data was discussed by Dr. David Katz in the New York Times on March 20 of 2020 as an appeal to not commit to lockdowns in the United States. He recognized that reports from South Korea showed that deaths were “mainly clustered among the elderly, those with significant chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease, and those in both groups.” Prophetically, he warned our nation of the dangers that laid ahead if we remained committed to the lockdown strategy in order to “flatten the curve” as had already, by that time, been prescribed by Dr. Anthony Fauci:

    A pivot right now from trying to protect all people to focusing on the most vulnerable remains entirely plausible. With each passing day, however, it becomes more difficult. The path we are on may well lead to uncontained viral contagion and monumental collateral damage to our society and economy.

    Indeed, monumental collateral damage has been inflicted upon society and the economy in these past three years, along with the effects of uncontained viral contagion. Thankfully, we’ve reached a point where the former is discussed more commonly than the latter.

    Lockdowns have been a disaster on a global scale, but there has never been any convincing evidence to substantiate their efficacy in the first place. The sober, rational people who were saying that at the time were heavily censored by early April 2020, if not erased totally in the interest of promoting preferred digital propaganda of the government, media, and corporate interests.”

    It is likely the Covid responses, i.e. lockdowns, masks, vaccines, vaccine passports, vaccine mandates, censorship, etc. have wreaked more havoc upon the world than any other single event, and likely more than most extreme events combined. That the “smart” and “inspired” people at the top made such horrible mistakes is very alarming.

    Link to the full article:

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