The Evil Genius You Never Heard of who Changed Your Life

Defending Utah has spoken much over the last decade on Regionalism, and how it is the central governance tool used in the new global communism. You will want to hear even more about where this came from and the evil genius you’ve never heard of, at the upcoming Red Pill Expo Utah.

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In this short video, Mark Herr of the Center for Self Governance explains the content of his presentation to be delivered at the upcoming Red Pill Expo in Salt Lake City, November 12 and 13.

We have all heard about John Dewey and the roots of Progressive Education, but hardly anyone knows about the man who changed, not the curricula of education but the strategy for altering the structure and function of government. He is the man behind what is called Regional-Government. You will be amazed at how much damage one man can cause.

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Featured Speaker: Mark Herr of the Center for Self Governance.


3 Responses

  1. Whomsoever may concern ~

    Re: America or Communism? 

    Whereanent these traitors? 

    Soviet Negro Republic should’ve been destroyed!  Yes.  Funded and protected by International Socialist Organization thru Jewish Communist Billionaire Cartels they have expanded militarist political power.  

    Corruption within Republican Party purposely turning blind eye to traitor Communist Rockefeller Fabians led our nation into disparate political quandaries.  NPR, Newscorp, AT&T, Comcast, Disney, Pentagon, U.S. Universities all penetrated.  Blacks had more wealth, land, freedom in early 1900s per population capita then in 2022!  This is opposite of direct assurance by Black Churches which promoted Communism.  Yes. Rev. Raphael Warnock,  Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Jeremiah Wright,  Rev. Al Sharpton are small minority of Soviet Negro Republic infiltration in Black Churches.  Indeed thereafter heroin flowed like water.  

    George Soros, Claus Schwab Rothschild, Sergey Brin, Michael Bloomberg, Steve Brock, Mark Zuckerberg, Bennett Goodman,  Laurene Powell Jobs, Bill Gates, countless other baal worshippers thru “The Giving Pledge” are funding countless Marxist terrorists throughout United States and its allies. United States never defeated Communism. Dissolving federal agencies corrupted by Communists and bringing back cold war thru State enacted legislation is are only hope.  

    175 + socialist foreign embassies in Washington D.C along with 700+ dignitary offices nation wide adding stipends by corporate promoters to Generals & Admiral parasites paraded around world like movie stars whilst enlisted men might see a flag officer once in 20 yrs is exactly how Pentagon became compromised.  Oh,” I forgot to mention all 501 (c) (3) pro Communist sympathizers, and U.S. corporate allies.  

    Understand Illegal immigration is an ancient war tactic used to overthrow domiciled populations dating back to King, Caesars and State.  

    Selective immigration for next 50 yrs.  Yes. Shut borders down.  All applications thru U.S. State Department/U.S. Embassies thereby blocking subversives.  It is illegal for a Socialist/Communist to hold public office in the United States.  Yes.  Foreas they cannot take Article 6 oath of office in good faith. 

     Come, Ye Children, Listen To Me.  I Will Teach You The Fear Of The Lord” ~Psalm 34:11

  2. Many years ago, while living in Utah County, I had at least one neighborhood family who, despite being members of the church, reveled in the communist future they claimed was inevitably coming and claimed to be part of. After a few years, I got a job in Lehi, working security. They hired a lazy, immoral black man who boasted he was a communist and part of a communist underground working to take over America in some inevitable future event that would see millions dead.

    It’s easy to brush people off as eccentric and ignore their works of darkness, but evil left to build evil and destroy good will inevitably become a real threat. Communism must die, and those who join & fight for it must die so communism can die. The only other option is allowing evil to do its vile works, corrupt our kids and grow its ranks with them. History has never changed. Every nation, every people, every age… destruction is inevitable when the majority of people turn toward evil or embrace or tolerate the enemy within their communities. Believing the modern age makes old truths obsolete is the height of delusion, which too many of us have indulged in. Too many Hollywood movies have created what is called plausible deniability, and made real efforts to erode our way of life seem like ridiculous fictional conspiracy theories.

  3. David Martin and a group were in court in Utah to commence action against the Gene Therapy perpetrators, and their site was I have been unable to access that site, and hearing David speak today, I suspect something went sideways. I would like to know what the outcome was of that first trial. Can you send me information? Thank you.

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