PayPal Globalists Scared of You

The following is selected text from a message posted on the “Coronafraud Update” Telegram channel, by local investigative journalist Daniel Newby

In its insatiable lust to dominate and terrorize humanity, the Communist-Globalist Cabal again pushed the envelope via another of its financial tentacles: the PayPal corporation.

PayPal’s handlers inserted a “damage” clause into its user policies. Essentially, if customers in any way “violated” PayPal’s elitist, effeminate sensitivities, they agreed to allow PayPal to seize $2,500.00 from their bank account. Per violation.


With PayPal stocks now tumbling and users cancelling in droves, its handlers are desperately attempting damage control.


When I canceled my account today, the following Crocodile Tears rolled down my screen:

“An Acceptable Use Policy update recently went out in error that included incorrect information. PayPal is not fining customers for misinformation. We’re sorry for the confusion this has caused.”

Paypal Back Peddles on AUP Misinformation

Notice how [in their arrogance] they cling to the loaded term “misinformation.” They didn’t put it in quotes like I just did. These cult fanatics can’t hide their deep disdain and contempt for their own customers even when compelled to vomit out a fake “apology.”

They would have us believe their Orwellian clause snuck in without alerting PayPal’s ravenous host of attorneys, officers, and other employees. Nice try. You cabal [sellouts] got caught red-handed. Feigning ignorance and squealing won’t save you.

The modern-day how-to manual for opposing tyranny, Total Resistance, by Swiss Major H. Von Dach (edited by USAR Colonel R.K. Brown), offered advice for those resisting the destruction of their nation, culture, and People:

“Maintain a list of all atrocities committed by each official of the oppressors for the ‘Day for Settling Accounts.’ (Through posters, leaflets and rumors, you have to make sure that everybody, even the enemy, knows about this. This knowledge will keep many an official from committing himself).” (page 83)

Thus in this post, it has been well documented for posterity, which side PayPal/Venmo is on.

Another channel the Utah Beacon had a great suggestion for everyone…

Defending Utah has been moving to disconnect our paypal account for some time, slowly transitioning off of it. If you’re one of our donators still using it, we invite you to cancel those donations and set up on our shop instead.



3 Responses

  1. Their claim that it “recently went out in error” is about as obvious a lie as you could ever come across.

  2. Hahahahaha! I didn’t get that notice the when I closed my account on the afternoon of the release of the new TOS. Now if there would be spill-over into Venmo (owned by Paypal) accounts as well, this would be a huge win!

  3. I started using paypal very many years ago, long before it was known as a liberal insanity enforcer. Shortly after I signed up, I began to notice the leftist tilt of the company. After several occurrences of their pushing liberal ideologies in the mainstream news, I decided they didn’t fit my standards of behavior and weren’t worthy of my patronage. So i closed my account.

    Or at least tried. I still get emails concerning my closed account to this day, years later. They recently threatened to close my account unless I take some kind of action. I think once the devil gets a claw in you, it doesn’t want to let go. I wish I could get them off my back.

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