Save Our Water; Emergency Power in Utah Constitution

Emergency Poweres in Utah stop hb150

Our original report on HB150 can be found here:

Video available on:


Keven Stratton
House Rep. Keven Stratton speaking in a committee hearing for HB150

It’s time to start governing them folks….  They’re breaking the law….  and they know they’re supposed to be accountable to us through the Utah constitution.


Contact your representatives:


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  1. Please, for those of us who lead busy lives, if you could provide smart links that help us contact our local representatives. That would make it much easier for us to get our voices out

  2. You might want to try the amplify app. down load it then in a few short steps you can locate all you senators and represent ivies and school board members. After that you just click on their picture and and then you can text, call or email them right in the app. It is supper easy.

      1. It is also FiscalNote too and a few others as well. They just won’t show school boards, local government officials, or law enforcement (sheriff). I and our teams are in the works on this currently.

  3. I spoke about this in the public comment section at our city meeting last Thursday night, these people are clueless. What can I do to help and get involved. I believe my life has been preserved for a time like this. I’m down in Sanpete county, a city employees said “it will never happen“ I told him he didn’t understand where this is all coming from and his group of farmers will have no say so in the matter if we don’t stop this BS!

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