SB31: Op-Ed on New Utah Flag Erasing Culture Denied in Deseret News

New Utah Flag being pushed

SB31 – the Utah Flag is going through the legislature right now to change Utah’s flag in pursuance of erasing Utah’s heritage of liberty and changing our story to one that no longer embraces liberty.

We’ve written previously regarding a Conspiracy to change Utah’s Culture.

As of this posting the bill has passed the Senate and next needs to go through the house.


The following Op-Ed was posted by the Facebook page Save Utah’s flag in defense of our culture, but was rejected by the Deseret News.

OPINION: The New State Flag is About “More Than A Flag”
Andrew Young Badger
Last week Senator Mike Lee voiced his support for a new state flag in this paper. As many may know, this proposal is currently up for vote by the state legislature.
If approved, Senate Bill 31 would make official a new state flag chosen by a 9 member task force.
Senator Lee makes valid arguments about the simplistic design of the new flag and the relative complexity of the seals and lettering on our current one.
The problem is however that the fundamental push behind the new flag is not driven by aesthetics, but ideology.
From the get-go, the few politicians pushing Senate Bill 31 have emphasized it’s about finding a new flag that supposedly “represents all Utahns”.
On their website the Utah State Flag Task Force claims, “this effort truly is about more than a flag, it’s a chance to have a conversation about who we are today and the importance of choosing a 21st-century flag to represent us all”.
Emphasizing this point, the motto of the task force is: “More Than A Flag”.
It is because of this underlying motive that many who oppose the new flag label it “woke”.
Wokeness is an attempt by an ‘enlightened’ few to revise history to conform to 21st century political standards, often on a false pretense of greater ‘inclusion’.
The only problem is these politicians are wrong: Utah’s current state flag does indeed represent us all.
Symbols tell stories. And our flag, the most important symbol of our state, tells the story about fortitude in the face of adversity.
It commemorates the founding of Utah and the brave souls who endured unspeakable hardships in doing so – from the year “1847”, when the pioneers first settled the Salt Lake Valley, to the sego lilies which provided sustenance to the settlers facing starvation (all symbols & references to our unique cultural heritage that would be lost in the new version).
This story of fortitude is one which all Utahns can indeed share.
Far from dividing us, our state flag therefore binds us together. It’s a literal and metaphorical thread which connects us to the spirit of our founding. It’s a thread that is sanctified and strengthened over time as each generation of Utahns shares it with the next.
Once we open the doors to casually modifying these symbols to meet the political trends of the moment, we can easily fall into a never ending cycle of historical revision until one day we wake up and find our story so diluted that, over time, it becomes lost.
Our state flag is indeed about “more than a flag”.
I would urge our state legislators to drop this expensive endeavor (which is estimated to cost over half a million dollars at the least) and focus their limited time & resources on the issues that are truly important to improving the welfare of our state.
Ahead of the final vote in the house, likely this week, I would also urge readers to voice their opinions to Utah’s state representatives as well.
Additional history on the flags of this territory (pre-Utah statehood) can be found in the article: History of the Deseret Flag


8 Responses

  1. Every single Utahn needs to contact the state legislators and protest this disgusting proposed action to cancel the current Utah flag right NOW! This is purely cancel culture in action to erase our history. Keep the current flag and be proud of it for all it represents!!
    What’s next on the cancel culture agenda? The American flag? When will we as a people say enough is enough?

  2. Though I live two states away from Utah, my heritage goes back to my Great Great Grandfather and a wagon train in 1848. There is a long history of flag changes in the state of Utah, which in my opinion doesn’t help the present situation with supposed simplified design up for a vote. I prefer the flag at the link which is the 2011 to present design. If I was voting I would vote for tradition over another needless change to what presently represents the real and visual history of Utah when compared with the rather plain redesign..

  3. There has got to be some Satanic reason for changing the flag. You would think they would have better things to worry about. Sometimes I think we have nothing but teenagers at the State level.

  4. Deseret News is 100% Gadianton all the way. They will NEVER oppose the UN/WEF agenda of depopulation and enslavement and stand up for individual liberty. They will only ever be cheerleaders for exactly what will eventually lead to the wrath of God coming down upon Utah and the USA and the world. They push ALL lies and narratives invented by the Satan-worshiping Gadiantons.

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