How to Not: Wear a Mask, Get a Shot, Take a Test… Anywhere

Say not to masks

Mask Nazis with falsely assumed authority are on the rise again. Mostly we’ve heard stories from hospitals and government offices around the state of Utah forcing this on people again. It’s important that we-the-people never allow this to gain any comfortable foothold of legitimacy in Utah, even where the establishment thinks they can railroad people.

Successfully push back against people unlawfully telling you what to do. Here’s one good way to shut down the argument. Even in the tough places, a strong exemption based on spiritual beliefs has the power to break through the mind control that some people have.  At least enough that you’ll be left alone without argument. If not, then now you can get some help in new ways that you couldn’t before.

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  1. Yes, let’s address the false prophet who has led the sheep to the slaughter. Oh, yes, the LDS church has invested in the big pharma!

    1. Do you mean Ezekial 14: 9 “If the prophet be deceived…I will…destroy him.”? Regarding the shot endorsement He showed me Isaiah 28, 29; and when I asked for a second opinion Matt 23:13. Doctrine of Christ is not being taught. Rather an alternative way to heaven takes the place of what is in 2 Nephi 31-32. Yet in Ezek. 14:21-22 There is hope. After the 4 sore judgements of sword, famine, noisome beast, and pestilence, a remnant, people who qualified to be called “sons and daughters” will show their “ways and doings” to be good fruit. It will be awesome.

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